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5s*s stans are so fucking gross and nasty towards one another that their drama is just them tearing each other apart…. it’s not even about 5s*s and their drama it’s about fans fighting over who’s right and who’s wrong…. 

Shoutout to the bookish people who;

  • Can’t afford special editions.
  • Don’t have fancy bookshelves with Christmas lights around them.
  • Are male, older, or poc.
  • Can’t afford a monthly box, like YA or Owlcrate.
  • Don’t even have a room full of books, or shelves worth, maybe you just have a handful stacked somewhere.
  • Prefer eReaders.
  • Might only have worn down, or mass market paperbacks, because they’re cheapest. 

Because regardless, we all love the same thing. We’re all here for the same thing. Stories. 

So, there’s this relatively new member of our team who’s a gossip fanatic, she’s always around chatting everyone up and then reporting the juicest news and hot details she’s given, which is a demeanour our main client is pretty bothered by, therefore she always makes sure to shut up and behave around them.

Two coworkers of mine, me, the Big Boss and our client were arranging and planning a few things, when she burst into the room, not noticing the BB and the Client, who were at that moment having coffe behind the door and she went “ooooh, you know what they say about Louis Tomlinson not actually being the father of his child? Looks like it’s true after all, even though it’s been ages!”

We didn’t have time to gesture to her, that my client appeared from behind the door all frowny and straight faced “yeah, the same ages it took you to dig this oh-so-shocking information up, with that quick, sharp rate of yours you’ll have to start working on the next campaign tomorrow morning if I want it out before 2036″.

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do you ever think about how when even was manic he said 'we're so going to get married' and then when he was depressed he said 'in another universe we're together for all eternity' and cry

I cry more about what that turned into actually??? They started off talking on such a grand scale, “man of my life” and “married” and “eternity”, and while that might be romantic… I feel like that didn’t serve Even particularly well? If you’re living life as a film, you might make the big gesture and let the curtain fall. If you’re living life thinking of all the parallel universes, you can comfort yourself that one of them is getting it ‘right’. What I really loved about season three was that it wasn’t too precious about anything, Isak and Even enjoyed all the talk about the infinite and du er mannen i mitt liv but it wasn’t what ended up actually meaning the most to them. 

What wound up being the most important thing was you and me and this bed and now. And then ‘move in with me because I want you and your dirty socks and your elbow next to mine on the kitchen table’. The everyday, every day. The “now” means more to me than any hypothetical forever and they’re giving everything they could right at this minute. That’s what gets me more than anything with them, seeing them take such good care of each other because they aren’t counting on anything else. Because life is

there comes a time in every fan’s life where you just decide “fuck it, I’m not going to pretend to defend why I’m allowed to like A Thing even though everyone thinks it is Bad Art. I’m just going to like it and anyone who wants to judge me for liking A Thing without a detailed mea culpa Explanation should try this instead: I like A Thing because it makes me happy or brings me silly joy and that is all the Explanation I care to give. liking A Thing does not have to equal an endorsement of A Thing as Good Art or Model Writing. maybe it’s even garbage, but it’s My Happy Garbage, so peace out sailor.”

need to come to terms with the fact that not everyone is made for you. everyone who comes into your life will not be permanent and you can’t spend your time feeling sorry about it, it’s just the way it goes. accept the lessons people teach you and thank the universe for the time you got to spend with them. release negative emotions, wish everyone well and keep your heart open for the next.


So many tomatoes in this strip

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Auston: “Mitch, I’m definitely the better dresser.”
Mitch: “Better dress- Better- Bob, Bob, tell him he’s not a better dresser. Look at that suit! It’s plaid.”
Bob: “I’m not getting involved Mr. Marner.”
Auston: *smirks*
Mitch: *grumbles rest of the way to the dressing room*
(vs. PIT - 12/17/2016)

after missing out on three consecutive HP-related days of celebration (20th anniversary, Harry’s birthday, and 19 years later) due to long work hours and poor health, i must admit I feel like a sort of failure as a fan artist. let me seeth in my self pity and sense of isolation from the rest of you partying folks with a doodle of Albus doing the same thing

@arabian-batboy said: Can you write something where Bruce comes across Jason in an alley after his resurrection but before Talia took him in & since he couldn’t talk at that time (& because he’s supposed to be dead) Bruce thinks it’s just a hallucination and just leaves him?

It had been a long time since Bruce was afraid of ghosts, mostly because they never left him alone. If this one seemed more real than usual, hey, it had been a rough day.

Always was, this time of year. 

April 27th. Bruce liked to think he was getting better— maybe some year he wouldn’t find himself lurking in Crime Alley on today, the anniversary of Jason’s death— but he wasn’t there yet.

It made sense. How was he supposed to forget Jason? That was what it would take, Bruce knew, to leave the guilt behind. Every time Jason crossed his mind, it all came crashing back: the grief and shame and pain in his chest. 

Flashbacks, sometimes. Hallucinations.

He wasn’t particularly surprised to see his dead son lying on the cobblestones. It was bound to happen today. 

Bruce took a deep breath. It was time for another hell ride through his own subconsciousness. What would it be this time?

Older, he thought— this Jason looked older, the age he would be if he had lived. That was normal; Bruce spent a lot of time imagining Jason alive and growing up. This Jason looked like he had been on the street for a long time, and Bruce could explain that too; they’d met on this spot when Jason was young and homeless. Of course he was remembering that day. 

Bruce blinked away the image of Jason, small and defiant, sprinting towards the mouth of the alley with his tire iron. Who hit the Batman with a tire iron? Jason did. Jason was…

Well, Jason was dead. Jason had been extraordinary— brave, bright, explosive, kind— but he was gone, and the illusion on the pavement was just that: an illusion. A memory. Bruce’s mind playing tricks.

The punishment he deserved. He could feel it beginning like it always did, his heartbeat pounding in his ears, his fingertips, his chest, rooting him to the stone underneath him until he couldn’t run— not that he should run. He hadn’t saved Jason. The least he could do was feel it.

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i don’t understand why people think deh doesn’t handle mental illness well like the people who say this shit are majorly the people who’ve contrived a plot using the first sentence of the goddamn wikipedia page like. listen to/watch a show before you come after it without knowing jack shit

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Ugh unpopular opinion, but I really wish Jensen and Misha hadn't high fived and joked about brokedown spn. Now if the show never follows through I'm going to feel kinda hurt. It's one thing to feel like a network is purposely playing with my queer heart. It's another thing to think that some of my favorite actors are knowingly doing so as well. I know that probably makes no sense. Because they must know what they are doing but for some reason them acknowledging it like that is different to me

Well, I mean. Hm. I’m sorry that you’re hurt by this, first of all.*

But they aren’t making fun of us when they do that. They aren’t making fun of the story, or Destiel, and they aren’t exploiting us for views.

They’re laughing at themselves.

“Yeah, bro, a little bit homo.” You know? Misha and Jensen have run into this before and instead of being offended by the implications - two married guys, gay for each other? not on my Very Manly Watch!!! - they’ve decided to own it. “Hell yeah, Brokeback Supernatural. We look good and we are aware of the subtext here. You see us bothered? Haha ilu, dude.”

Did this high five offend you, too? It’s ok if it did, I’m just trying to understand what makes these scenarios different from each other. (This was during cheers for Jensen and Misha’s Teen Choice Award for Best Chemistry.)

If Destiel never goes canon, Misha and Jensen won’t go down in history as making fun of delusional fans. They’ll go down in history as being in on it. And of course if Destiel DOES go canon in its own way (which seems more likely than ever, to be honest), Misha and Jensen will go down as some of the coolest actors in television.

I hope that makes you feel a little better? You are of course entitled to your “unpopular” opinion, I just hate seeing people sad in a space that’s supposed to be fun!

* I also cannot stress enough that if you were not there in front of them while this happened, reading this situation in a tweet is very different from experiencing it either firsthand or even in a video. Try not to get too wrapped up in things you did not personally witness and are thus unable to interpret for yourself.

I don’t wanna be the one but i guess i’m gonna be the one

What the fuck is going on with nonbinary people whose relation to cisness is way closer than a lot of us could EVER wish for drawing both trans women and trans men as these horrible… almost monstrous obnoxiously exaggerated caricatures that almost always are at least slightly sexualized and that somehow always end up being the main thing you draw?

Like i’ve seen, with my very own two eyes people who were calling out rcdart and stuff when that came up who right after went to draw their own weird ass fantasies of how trans people somehow look either like some muscle-y clown girl-thing or a guy with gigantic tits, a 0′‘ waist and hips way too wide for it to even be real.

And always the 2 main arguments seem to be “they’re trans too!!11″ or “there are real trans people who look like that!!1″ and like 1. they are often so close to cisness that they can easily enact both transphobia and transmisogyny in a way that would hurt others and not them 2. the fact that you think that someone who is trans can’t be a transphobic shitbag shows your knowledge of trans politics is pretty much limited to tumblr 3. yes there might be trans people who look like that, guess what? it still makes it a disrespectful fetishisizing way to view trans people when not only do you present us consistenly in a sexualized manner but also that’s the only way you’re ever willing to draw us and on top of that it’s stylized in a way made obviously to highlight features often associated with the gender we are assigned at birth.

Then there’s the “it’s just an style” and like if your style is literally drawing people as some horrible anomaly among cis people, guess what? you’re transphobic and should go get a new hobbie while you think of your actions.

And hey maybe just maybe, while you reblog those post about how wrong is the representation of trans people on tv and animation or when you decide to reblog that callout for some random artist, take time to analyze, study, view closely and compare your representation of trans people with that one artist you oh so badly “are above of” because somehow your art of trans people is inmune to this because i can assure you most often than not you’ll see there will be something that you could fix before someone has to go on to call you out on it or whatever.


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