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Suopea “Sulo” Sydänpuoli

Translation from Finnish: ‘Auspicious’ ‘Grace’ ‘Half-heart’. Sulo (Grace) is a Finnish name, others are just substantives I use as proper nouns.

Originally my Bloodborne character, but I have different variations of her character now for different settings. In all settings, I imagine her practicing medical stuff. Because “Tohtori Sydänpuoli” sounds cool. Kinda.


Gillian Anderson & Jennifer Nadel on BBC Breakfast


A ravager and his Twig

Ya know this is actually going to be submitted as part of my uni work. Because I’m at this stage where no fucks are given > < The eye searing colours are intentional; one thing I love about GOTG was how colourful everything is. So this gets to be colourful too. The Zeus with a lightning bolt look is intentional because whenever Yondu puckers those lips I feel like the tide of the battle has turned. He is kind of a one man army by himself. Was going to add Rocket on the other shoulder but yeeeeah > <

*Whispers I’m exhausted T T And also I did promise a process sheet last time. I am sorry and also not sorry about the huge ass watermark, like I can’t be bothered chasing down reposters but I will slap my name everywhere instead.

@chemicalnimu asked me to draw very flustered Julian for her birthday present, so I deliver! It turned out great, if I can say so myself, I’m proud of the result. And I had lots of fun doing it.

As it’s a pretty suitable piece for a bootleg merch, I added a watermark, sorry about that. NO BOOBS FOR THIEVES! Nimu, I’ll send you a version without it, it’s bigger too.

I couldn’t find a good quality version of the Japanese intro to the Moomin cartoon/anime so I decided to cut my own from one of Kissanime’s episodes (sorry about the watermark)

The Japanese intro is absolutely the best in my opinion, so of course ONLY the Japanese version of the show got this intro and every other country got the other intro which I don’t like as much at all. They don’t even use the same lovely visuals! They use like a clip show of episodes to make the other intros with! It’s really annoying!

If I could find a raw I’d upload that but it seems very hard to find without torrenting like an entire season. And I prefer the BBC dub of the show to the original Japanese. (I own the whole show on DVD with the BBC dub) so I don’t want to download the entire show just for a minute of footage.

I’ll remove it if anyone has any copyright complaints u.u;; I just like it a lot and there’s no nice version I can just link to.

Even you who always tries to keep strong
Will have moments when you need to shed tears.
In those moments, just cry your heart out
And you will find that the sadness quickly disappears

Come here to where I am.
Come and hold out your small hand to me.
I shall take you away to the world of dreams
As long as you have an honest heart, everything will be ok.

“She’s got a smile that’ll melt yer heart..”  

Posting this in honor of the Chapter 3 trailer releasing today!

This started off as a doodle and considered using it as line-art practice then thought why not try coloring it? Then there was an attempt at shading (not too knowledgeable in that area but whatever)  I really had fun with this and I hope to make more complete-like work in the future. 


Jared on Joker’s view of Harley :)


So I went into a trance at about 10pm last night and when I woke up these were on my Cintiq. D&D AU content barf in which Nirroc is a shy metal boy who plays bass in a band and Geoffrey is the smol nerd boy whose heart is stolen <3