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“My stubborn lass…”

Commission for @idoltina - an illustration of a scene from @initiala​‘s lovely fic “Dark Horse”. It was an absolute joy to work on this piece and bring this scene to life, thank you! <3

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Suopea “Sulo” Sydänpuoli

Translation from Finnish: ‘Auspicious’ ‘Grace’ ‘Half-heart’. Sulo (Grace) is a Finnish name, others are just substantives I use as proper nouns.

Originally my Bloodborne character, but I have different variations of her character now for different settings. In all settings, I imagine her practicing medical stuff. Because “Tohtori Sydänpuoli” sounds cool. Kinda.


Gillian Anderson & Jennifer Nadel on BBC Breakfast

Garnet Adopts! PayPal only - Sorry about the big ugly watermarks, but I want whoever buys them to have the only clean copy of their characters to use however they want.

Each set comes with a Sapphire, a Ruby and their Garnet fusion (+$2 per character if you want a weapon designed - if you only want one for the Garnet that’s cool too)

Set 1: Pink Sapphire + Star Ruby = Rhodolite - Sold
Set 2: Gold Sapphire + Sunset Ruby = Topazolite - Sold
Set 3: Mekong Whiskey Sapphire + Burma Ruby = Spessartine Sold
Set 4: Emerald Sapphire + Ruby Zoisite = Demantoid Sold
Set 5: Black Sapphire + Indian Ruby = Melanite - Sold
Set 6
: Red Sapphire + Pigeon’s Blood Ruby = Pyrope

If you’d like to adopt one of these sets just IM me with the set number/garnet name and your PayPal associated email and I’ll send a PayPal invoice to you, first in first served

Also! If you would like a Garnet with 4 arms instead, I’ll add an extra set of arms for free

anonymous asked:

I'm newer to the fandom so maybe I just haven't seen it yet, but I haven't really thought of Harry as a big drinker? I thought that was mostly Louis and his friends.

LISTEN you are missing out, my friend. harry is the sloppiest drunk and it’s beautiful but it’s been suppressed lately because they’ve been pushing the louis! lads! clubbing! stuff for a couple months. but harry! gets! so! sloppy!!

(it’s my head canon that he’s an incredible lightweight but what do i know maybe he drinks like a fish)

here’s a roughly chronological (based on hairstyle) post of the sloppiest pop star of all time THIS IS SO LONG BYE

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A ravager and his Twig

Ya know this is actually going to be submitted as part of my uni work. Because I’m at this stage where no fucks are given > < The eye searing colours are intentional; one thing I love about GOTG was how colourful everything is. So this gets to be colourful too. The Zeus with a lightning bolt look is intentional because whenever Yondu puckers those lips I feel like the tide of the battle has turned. He is kind of a one man army by himself. Was going to add Rocket on the other shoulder but yeeeeah > <

*Whispers I’m exhausted T T And also I did promise a process sheet last time. I am sorry and also not sorry about the huge ass watermark, like I can’t be bothered chasing down reposters but I will slap my name everywhere instead.