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A Father.

 I owe some people here a drawing of Papa Solas ( @raynnromantica & @warsonghold I’m lookin at chu 👀) and here he is, with a special appearance of his and Athelas’ baby daughter, Elvathiel, or short, Elva. I’m still developing the little pup, but I think I have roughly finished her design.

Looking at this drawing myself, makes my own heart swell and almost teary eyed. ;_____; Solas you deserve happiness.


Jared on Joker’s view of Harley :)


Iconic “Gilmore Girls” quotes (according to @gilmoreguysshow​): part 2 [part 1]
↳ bonus:

Introduciiiiing Ruby!  Otherwise, known as “Cheeky!”  I didn’t want an overly complex design, so I went the simple route.  Plus, I just need a Ruby who wears pants, also crop tops ftw!

Despite her nickname, Ruby is far from cheeky, in fact, she’s the opposite.  She has a compulsion with needing order and stability.  Which she.. sometimes tends to derail herself due to her explosions.  Plus she serves White Diamond.


So I went into a trance at about 10pm last night and when I woke up these were on my Cintiq. D&D AU content barf in which Nirroc is a shy metal boy who plays bass in a band and Geoffrey is the smol nerd boy whose heart is stolen <3