sorry about the word retard there

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Hi! Sorry to bother you but I was wondering about something translation-related in the newest chapter. When we got that glimpse of Sangwoo's thoughts and he was freaking out Bum will write something stupid he calls him "dummy" (in his mind) and it seemed to me oddly delicate way of calling someone dumb. Like, he could use the word "idiot" or "retard" as he did before. Was it harsher in the original version? (I Just want to believe that there is itsy bit of fondness while he's faking it all...)

Heh, @getmetherapyplease just asked the same thing.

Sangwoo calls Bum “jo mongchongiga, or “that idiot.” It’s not a particularly vulgar or vicious thing to say. You might call a close friend that. For all you weeaboos out there, it’s on the same level as calling someone “baka.”

Time to start some shit

Assigned Male is one of the worst fucking webcomics I’ve read. Edgy old posts aside, I don’t give two tits and a donkey if you’re transgender. Not my beeswax. But every single page of those comics is either spreading false information, showing how fucking retarded Sophie really is, or something innocent happens and its forced into “MUH PATRIARCHY” territory. You can tell how fucking far the author’s head is up their own ass with every passing fucking comic. Most of this tripe can be described as *legit point about gender and biology that proves your points wrong* “ur cis so shut up” “ok :(”

Yes, don’t take the word of the professionally trained doctor who spent years of their lives studying basic biology and anatomy because they don’t fir your skewed world view ignoring the fact that babies aren’t fucking intersex unless
a.) They’re so underdeveloped they don’t even have genitals yet

b.) They’re born with some birth defect

Actually, this has nothing to do with transphobia, you went completely against this guy’s sexual preferences and betrayed his trust and when he called you out on it, you just cry “MUH TRANSPHOBIA”. I think this classifies under fucking rape

Joke or not this exemplifies how brat in a hat here can’t go 2 fucking seconds without thinking about “grr patriarchy” or “grr death to all peepees!!”

Oh shove it up your ass with your “human decency” shit when all he did was respectfully ask a legitimate question and you just go “GRRRR CIS BAD FUCK YOU”. And yes, it is a fair comparison because you’re bitching and moaning about “Muh oppression” while being a hypocrite and talking down to people for being comfortable with their penises.

The pure hypocrisy of this comic is astounding. Yes, it is xx and xy. All of these bullshit made up “genders” don’t fucking catch on to the fact that their genders always involve male and female. Whether it be your gender fluctuates when you take a shit, it still involves male and female. The 2 genders. Of course unless you’re one of those retards who prefer to be referred as “Xis” or some shit

Ah yes, the “muh normal” comic. Sorry pal but your “cis” friend has a point. He doesn’t suffer from gender dysphoria (a mental disorder) so why would he need a special word when everything checks out upstairs. Also bonus points for “MUH PRIVILEGE”. And don’t take this as “Not Normal=Bad” thing because it’s not.

Now I can go on and on about this comic, but frankly there’s hundreds of these wastes of code on a screen, and i’m too lazy to look for more shit to dig up. But you should get it by now, they’re all the same shit. Let me reiterate, I don’t give a fuck if you prefer to have a dick over a vagina or vice-versa, but if you’re gonna be a crybaby twat who tries to make everything about you then you can kindly fuck the hell off. 

tl:dr don’t be a hypocritical brat

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! LOVE! DVD Specials - Vol. 1 Drama CD Translation

If you still haven’t got a copy of the Drama CD and want to listen along, message me! Please correct me if you find mistakes; my listening ability is vaguely shocking and I find Wombat’s way of speaking particularly difficult to parse. Take this as a fairly liberal translation.

Wombat: Well then, having come to the second season of ‘Binan Koukou Earth Defence Club LOVE!’, I would like to hold a training course for your licenses to heirship of the throne of love.
Yufuin: Hold on a sec.
Wombat: What is it, Yufuin-kun – non non non, Flashing Prince?
Yufuin: Was the earth defense club a licensing system?
Wombat: YES, IT IS. You have to do OK in the training course and pass an exam every time there’s a new series.
Kinugawa: Um, going back to the original topic, it’s not like we started doing this because we wanted to.
Wombat: Puhyo, what are you blabbering on about? Aiyah, shaddup, Piercing Prince! It’s the second season already; why are you bringing this up now?
Naruko: Excuse me, can we not get a licence?
Wombat: Do you think I’ll accept that, Roaring Prince?! You’re lacking in resolve, retard! [T/N: Sorry. Wombat uses a outdated, discriminatory word. It’s actually prohibited on-air.] I’m giving you special training!
Naruko: Eh?! S-spare me.
Zaou: Being given it without asking, then not being allowed to return it…it’s more of a curse than a license.
Wombat: Damn you, Thrilling Prince! I’m giving you special training, too!
Yufuin: Ehh. You’re into this, aren’t you, Wom-san.
Wombat: Be sincere! Special class for you!
Kinugawa: Eek.
Wombat: Whispering is banned! Special class for you!
Yumoto: Here, here! Mr. Wom-san! I have a question!
Wombat: Yes, Sparkling Prince? What ish it? :3
Yumoto: What do we do in the training course?
Wombat: Good question! I shall answer: Firstly, we’ll explain the rules which have been added or revised since the previous season. Then we’ll watch a video; finally, we’ll have the real training test.
All: Ehhhh.
Wombat: What are you all 'ehhhh’ over? Were you all being heirs to the throne of love with that sort of sloppy resolve?
Yufuin: Like we said, it’s not like we wanted to –
Wombat: There’s a phrase in this world: noblesse oblige. Do you know it?
Naruko: It means that the nobility have a responsibility that extends beyond mere entitlements.
Wombat: Precisely as you say, Roaring Prince! The spirit and power that has been given to you was given for the purpose of being useful to society!
Yufuin: Somehow, it seems like it’ll drag on even longer if we argue. Let’s pretend to listen and get this over with.
Kinugawa: Good one.
Zaou: I have three dates lined up after this, you know.
Kinugawa: You poor thing! Let’s finish as quickly as we can.
All: Mhm.

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A family member recently used the r slur (retard) and when I asked them not to say that word anymore they got mad at me. Then they said "in my defense it was an actual medical term in the 70s and 80s". I was too upset to think of something to say back to that. Can you help me think of something to say back to that? Yhey've used that excuse before. I don't think it once being a medical term makes it ok especially since most of the people who use the word now use it in a negative connotation.

Personally, I’m in favor of snark here.

“Well, if people were saying it 40 years ago, then I guess it’s groovy to keep saying it now.”

“In the 70s a googol was just a number, but if you use google that way now people are justifiably confused.”

“That means it stopped being an actual medical term before I was born, and now I’m old enough to argue with you about it.  Maybe you should get with the times.”

Literally any time they use words like “internet,” “cell phone,” “Instagram,” etc., just pretend to not know what they’re talking about because that word didn’t exist/wasn’t widely used in the 80s.  Watch them get frustrated.

Research medical terms from the 1800s and use them in everyday conversation.  Recommend ridiculous outdated things like leeches when this family member gets a headache.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize you stopped learning new things after you turned [however old they turned in 1990].”

Followers, any other suggestions?


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Wanted to reblog and follow you after your Rick and Morty and WoW crossover artwork. It was very good. But you used the word "retarded" in your tags. Very disappointing. As a person who is technically "retarded", it's upsetting to see people behaving like that in your favourite fandoms.

oh god I’m so sorry!!! I didn’t mean to insult or upset anyone, and my english still bad so basically some words I take from translator (if it’s about wrong word)
I would change the tags, but I don’t know what word can suit to the case of Morty right:c

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Hey, I love your art and comics and reblog them frequently! I also think your recent long Halloween comic with Loki and Thor is really cute! However I feel like I can't reblog it because one of the captions says "oh no, he's retarded." The word "retarded" is a pretty bad slur and I wasn't sure if you were aware of it. I'm not saying you had bad intentions! I'm just trying to spread awareness. It won't let me include a link here, but you can google "retarded slur" and read about why it's hurtful.

firstly,i’m really sorry that i have used a word that might made you or anyone uncomfortable,it wasn’t my attention,i won’t use the excuse that english isn’t my first language,but in here we just use the word when we are really annoyed by something that went really stupidly,i apologize again,and thank you for understanding that i didn’t use the word to hurt anyone

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Hi Red! You tagged a post about tumblr's error message with the word retarded and I thought maybe you did it without thinking about it a lot? You recently made a post about people with autism, but the word "retarded" has really bad connotations with a lot of neurodivergence and especially with autism. I personally have uncomfortable experience with it myself. I guess I'm just asking if you could keep the word out of your tags. I really love your art and your blog and I want to keep following you

My bad. Sorry if I caused you any pain or distress. I had no idea it could hurt others if used when referring to “inanimate” things like a website or something of sorts. I’ll keep it in mind. 

Thanks for your message and sorry once again. Hope you have a lovely day!


Here, have a post about what Sangwoo says after pouring porridge in Chapter 2 because that was a surprisingly difficult translation to explain… This is a long post.

I will also say that I am translating things that you will never learn in a structured Korean class. I am translating them because it is a part of the language as it is used colloquially and in the comic. This post contains an explanation of expletives and ableist slurs, but I ask that you do not read this post with the intent to use them. They are important in understanding a language, but there is never a need to use them.

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I’m honestly, sincerely sorry for the offensive language I am about to use, as I do not usually use such words, but…


like.. i always choose the wrong one, I always fall for someone I shouldn’t, i always fall into their trap, and become their puppet basically, just accepting and approving of everything they do (or don’t do), and I become a complete fucking idiot. why can’t i just A) STAY SINGLE AND HAPPY???! B)FIND SOMEONE I CAN ACTUALLY BE NORMAL WITH??!!!??! 

why do i always have to pick the ones that are not meant for me???!!


matched with a guy who was cute,  totally my type. had some surprisingly decent conversations for a few weeks and we planned to meet up soon. he invited me fairly last minute to a small comedy show, at a venue he knew i had never been to. never the one to make assumptions about who’s paying for what, i brought cash to buy a ticket at the door  (where i live at least, most small events are pay at the door).

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Okay- no this post is absolute shit.

Feferi doesn’t say she’s sad- she says she’s depressed (mocking an actual mental illness and making it trivial).

She treats people’s emotions like entertainment, and that goes beyond this. When she and Sollux are in the pile, and Sollux expresses that he doesn’t want anyone else to hear, she openly tells Kanaya what Sollux is feeling and invites Karkat over to hear too. Sollux calls Karkat a true friend for refusing to listen- because he doesn’t want other people listening in on what he’s confiding in with Feferi.

If you want to talk about ableism? Feferi uses the word retarded and is very ableist as well. All of them are. And you know, that might have to do with the fact that they’re all ignorant 13 year olds???

Karkat has his faults, but making fun of Gamzee’s religion??? His oppressive, murderous cult of a religion??? Are you fucking serious???

Karkat had expressed genuine concern for his friends, and felt sorry about bad things he’s said about them on multiple points. So yes, he’s sweet.

Trying to share Terezi? Yes, awful. Not Karkats best moment. But again- he’s young and stupid. It’s his first relationship in his eyes.

You have to understand that homestuck has really rounded characters and they don’t only have the one or two traits you’re pointing out.

PSA: what people say and what they should say

“I’m so antisocial!!" 

antisocial refers to the mental disease that has to deal with manipulating others, having a lack of empathy, and violating others. It usually correlated with criminal acts. 

do you mean asocial?

asocial refers to the lack of motivation to be with others or to prefer to be by yourself. 

"I’m so OCD about that!!”

OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) refers to the mental disease in which people become obsessed with a specific thing, and compulsively act upon it. It’s usually portrayed in the media as someone who thinks about germs and whatnot (obsessive) and cannot stand it if they cannot clean (compulsion). 

do you mean organized? 

being organized refers to having things function in a formal and unified way. 

“sorry, I’m just being retard!!" 

retardation refers to the mental disease in which a person has significant impaired cognitive functioning skills. Deprived it’s original meaning, to delay, mental retardation can delay speech development, also causing difficulty in social, memory, problem solving, and self-care skills. 

do you mean being an ignorant ass?

ignorant ass refers to anyone who thinks its okay to use the word retard as a synonym for stupid. 

Leafy Rant

seems like all the drama has been settled, but i’d just like to give my opinion on it.

All the people that have made a video about this and “stayed neutral” always pointed out the wrongs in LEAFY, but no wrongs in H3H3′s argument and then they have the nerve to say they’re staying neutral and that they’re not favoring one over the other. Shut the fuck up, I can see it from space that you’re stepping onto H3H3′s side and praising his side of the story and completely ignoring Leafy’s. Hell, this even goes the other way around in RARE cases.

I have to give my props to home boy Pyrocynical, for actually STAYING NEUTRAL and pointing out the wrongs in both stories.

  • “Now Leafy made a video about an autistic guy.” YES, ETHAN. Make it look like he just knew the guy was fucking autistic and that he attacked him. Calvin didn’t know poor Tom was autistic; and if he did he definitely wouldn’t have made a video about him.

  •  “Now, it might seem like I’m throwing Leafy under the bus…” Yeah, it does look like you’re throwing him under a bus. Mostly because y’all are “friends” and literally do the exact same kind of content - but you decide to criticize him for the kind of content he makes and make it look as though HE MADE PEOPLE send Tom death threats when he didn’t. At least not intentionally.

  • “He attacks kids. Pick on someone your own size Leafy!” Those kids he picks on? They make millions of dollars and they’re WAY bigger and more well known than Calvin is. You think MattyB cares if some 20-year-old dude made a video about him? Hell no! That kid could buy Calvin’s YouTube channel if he wanted, so why would he, Mark or Jacob even care? They can just rap their ABCs lmao

  • Yes, Calvin did fuck up and he generally feels sorry for the discomfort his words and the death threats caused to Tommy. He definitely could have done more research but he was blinded by the fact another youtuber already criticized Tom.

  •  It’s not Calvin’s fault that 45% of his fanbase is filled with retards who take it upon themselves to threaten the said YouTuber(s) in the videos. They think Calvin is seriously calling out on these people and they just go to their channels and spread the not-at-all-positive vibes.

 It’s not bullying, it’s satire comedy. Crude, dark humor. Some people really don’t understand that and it doesn’t even take a genius to see that h3h3 and Leafy are doing the exact same thing but to different kinds of people. Ethan surely takes a different approach to it but in the end it’s all the same.

P.S: I love Ethan’s content but the fact he was trying to get people to pile hate on Pyrocynical for no reason is really making him look fucked up to me.

P.P.S: Gg for trying to get people to expose Pyrocynical, a channel that is way smaller than yours.

They get blamed and pushed around, so who’s the fucking villain now?

rant over.

go give Tommy some love, he deserves it. congratulate him on 100k and do something nice.


Apparently Stephenie Meyers had not read many vampire books before writing Twilight. Vampire Lestat was an exception and Meyers probably took the vampire tips from Anne Rice - special skin, extraordinary beauty, no need of, well, toilet - but Rice was not impressed. She noted:

”Lestat and Louis feel sorry for vampires that sparkle in the sun. They would never hurt immortals who choose to spend eternity going to high school over and over again in a small town — anymore than they would hurt the physically disabled or the mentally challenged. My vampires possess gravitas. They can afford to be merciful.”

Hm, I´m not sure what to think about that, as a sister of a mentally disabled woman. I´m happy she uses the words “mentally disabled” instead of “retard” and notices that her vampires would not hurt them, but oh, her mocking “How pathetic!” tone.

And all that sparkling? Well, Dracula would feel sorry for the vampires who burn in the sun. Vampire rules change. Personally I prefer the vampires who walk happily in the sunlight, fear garlic, like the graveyards and old, ruining castles.