sorry about the word retard there

why do some directioners have to be so fucking disgusting??? …This is inaccurate, because if you’ve been paying attention, Justin has been breaking records, winning so many awards, and selling singles like crazy so that’s bullshit. But more importantly, how fucking awful do you have to be to make a joke about the death of a little girl with cancer???? Not to mention, the word “retarded” is offensive as hell. I get that directioners are bitter that Justin has been really successful lately while their faves are on a downward trend, but this is so fucking unnecessary. It’s just an album, none of this affects you or your own personal success. You can stand by your faves but you don’t need to drag others down, especially with some shit like this. Please grow up and think before you post. Directioners like this need to be held accountable. This is just pathetic