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Buffy the Vampire Slayer + Tumblr Textposts (pt. 1/?)

1D Hiatus: Day 615

* Harry will be interviewed by Nick Grimshaw and perform in front of a live audience in Manchester for a one-off show on the Beeb called ‘Harry Styles at the BBC’ this autumn

* Alex de Mora who photographed Louis for Highsnobiety posts two outtakes from the photoshoot on his Instagram story

* Niall attends the Tottenham vs. Chelsea football game at Wembley, meets a fan

* Liam posts a video on Instagram

* Bebe Rexha follows Harry on Instagram

* Steve Aoki mentions Louis and them making music together again in a recent interview

It’s Aug 20th, 2017.

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take your t h r o n e, pump your veins with gushing g o l d // black mambo

[TRANS] 160317 He Jiong’s assistant’s account of sitting on Jackson’s lap

Wang Jia Er is truly very cute, he saw that I didn’t have anywhere to sit and insisted I sit on his lap, and there was nothing to be done, it was for sure I had to sit there for a moment since he was so ardent. But looking at the photo now it feels especially like a large pig being hugged. It doesn’t matter, if I’m able to sit I’ll quickly sit, or else it’s not for sure there will be an opportunity again in the future. The photo comes from the name on the bottom right.