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Things My Sister Said While Watching Return Of the Jedi For the First Time

(Imperial officers stride around in their little hats)
Alayna: “Damn those Germans….”

(a camera lingers on the “bounty hunter” in a suspicious way)
Alayna: “Luke?? I think that’s Luke. They walk like Luke.”
(it’s Leia)

(Han & Chewie are reunited)
Alayna, warbling: “Cheewwiiee!”

(Luke attempts to scale something)
Alayna: “Yeah, scramble on up there, in your jeggings.”

(Luke is upset about something)
Alayna: “Oh no! Oh he’s so bothered.”

(Luke decides that his secret twin sister is surely the only girl he knows, is right)
Alayna: *makes that Kristen Wiig face again*
Alayna: “Whaaaaaaat.”
Me: *laughing*
Alayna: “Oh god but they kissed!”
Me: “Yeah, it’s—“
Alayna: “Eh, it was only once.”
Me: *laughs more*

Luke: “Ask me again sometime.”
Alayna: “Ask me. Again. Sometime.”
Alayna: “Ask me again sometime.
2 minutes pass

Alayna: “Can Chewie sense another furry thing?”
Me: “Sure that’s probably how that works, right.”

(the gang is captured by Ewoks)
Alayna: “It’s ok, Leia’s probably their queen now.”

(Emperor Palpatine complains about not being able to “feel Luke”)
Alayna: “Why should he? Is he gramps or something?”
Me: *snorts*
Alayan: “I mean EVERYONE IS APPARENTLY RELATED, I’m just trying to catch up!”

(Han gets huffy & jealous that Leia has a life outside him and goes to storm off, then comes back and apologizes to Leia instead)
Me & Alayna, in the exact same tone: “Wow!”
Alayna: “You’d think more men would have learned, watching this.”

Alayna: “I bet I could speak Ewok.”
Alayna: *pretends to speak Ewok*
Alayna: *continues to pretend to speak Ewok*
Me: “Oh my god.”

Me: “Oh god, Luke, your actual Biggest Weakness is ‘caring too much’.”
Alayna: “That and power converters.”
Me: *loses it completely*

(Ewoks inexplicable kick ass)
Alayna: “Yeess!! The Minionns!!”

Alayna: “God, look at him. With his jeggings and his knee-high boots.”
Me: “I think those are just…leggings.”
Alayna: *laughs*
Alayna: “Yeah, they are.”

They were, and they were So Fashion. Previously: Episode IV, Episode V

{one of my favorite parts of ‘82 is the timelapse of the city at the very end}

“So this makes how many times that you’ve broken into ENCOM, Alan?”

“Not now, Sam. Besides, I think you’re the record holding delinquent, here.”

“Ouch,” the younger man says with a sarcastically hurt tone. “What about the malware on your left, huh? Pretty sure he’s got the longest rap sheet of anyone in this elevator.”

Tron cuts in with “That’s not a nice word, Sam,” at the same time that Ram counters with “Doesn’t count if hacking’s my function.”

“Alright, alright, we can compare criminal records later,” Alan placates. “And we’re not breaking in, we’re… visiting. After hours.”

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I was tagged by my three favourite sisterbros @winchestersinthedrift @anotherwinchesterfangirl and @fingersinsamshair so I guess we’re fuckin’ doing this!

Standard disclaimer that I skipped almost-duplicates.

1. You already saw this today - I took it at the bus stop this morning to illustrate to Fingers that weather cold enough to make frost form on your hair is a real life struggle that I am currently facing.

2. This was a makeup-check selfie, I was about to have some photos taken. That’s my Ninja blender in the background. It’s dope.

3. I was particularly proud of this omelette (chevre and homemade ratatouille) so I took a picture to memorialize it.  Then I made it look unappetizing with my total lack of photography skills. It was delicious.

4. No makeup, air-dried hair, flannel pajama pants, Ninja Turtles t-shirt.  Meet your Smut Khaleesi in her true form.

5. This is actually kind of a fun one - I had my first costume fitting for Pericles the other night and this was to send to the director to see if she was happy with it.

6. The face and paws belongs to my cat, Gabe.  The hands and jeans belong to my boyfriend, Kevin.

Is it okay if I don’t tag anyone? I think just about everyone I’d want to tag has been tagged already.  Say tag a few more times, Lauren.

       so there’s a lot of shit going on about bellamy being completely OOC & if you think that it’s totally cool.  i don’t play bellamy so I obviously don’t grasp his character as much as people who have tapped into him before, but i thought i’d throw my perspective out there bc there was no murphy so i need to talk about something lmfao.  i don’t think bellamy was COMPLETELY OOC????  like pls don’t sacrifice me to the underworld or anything but

       i know one of the biggest things may be the fact that he’s looking to pike as a leader, & it seems OOC because since the beginning Bellamy’s always been able to step up to the plate & take charge, back when he was the s1 asshole & when he developed into someone more unselfish.  but think about what happened?

- he co-lead with clarke in the mountain & helped kill hundred of innocent people to save his own, and what happened?  clarke left HIM to stay help run things.

- recklessly went out of his way to save clarke from roan by & what happened?  she refused to come home to her people & stayed in polis with lexa.

- he trusted a grounder & left mount weather ill-armed to the self-destruction.


       all of these decisions he’s made has only lead him to either make more mistakes or make him feel like a FAILURE with no one to tell him that’s he’s doing his best.  clarke ran away, then stayed with lexa.  octavia mentioned not fitting in.  gina’s gone.  

       all bellamy has ever wanted to do was keep his people safe, & after the events that have happened, HE DOESN’T BELIEVE HE CAN, ANYMORE.  so he’s going to back up someone who CAN ; someone who has IMMEDIATE answers because the faster they move the faster Bellamy believes he’s MAKING UP for the tragedies he blames himself for.  someone who can tell him you fucked up, here’s how you can fix it.

       & honestly?  why is it so hard to believe that Bellamy would be so DESPERATE?  because he’s a nice guy who always did his best to protect people?  because he’s always putting others before himself?  because on the mountain jasper was DEFINITELY leading the other 47 and doing HIS BEST to come up with plans & elongate their survival as much as he could.  clarke has ALWAYS done her best to save as many people as she could.  yet we’re so eager to admit all their fuck ups.  but when bellamy does something really dumb it’s OOC?

       if you guys think bellamy’s above the terrible things tragedy can do to a person then idk what to tell you tbh?

TLDR ; yeah bellamy’s OOC but not 1000% OOC????


I was tagged by @anotherwinchesterfangirl to post my last 6 photos on my phone. Which was hard, so I cheated and posted my favorites and let me tell you about it:
1. Me during a very warm summer day, after a beer, pretending to be a model.
2. An art thing about Simone de Beauvoir, who I love and is my favorite woman, writer, feminist, in the world. Author unknown.
3. Another art about Frida, another woman I love and have grown more interested in during the past few years. I still want her diary! Shame it’s expensive, I will have to give it to myself as a bday present in May.
4. Some relaxing, doing some reading and eating some cheese while listening to Belle & Sebastian’s If you’re feeling sinister.
5. Me, hello, that’s my face, trying out Kat Von D’s Underage Red, it’s gorgeous.
6. My newest tattoo, David Bowie’s lightning bolt, as made famous on his Aladdin Sane almbum cover!

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Rules: Bold all the things that apply to you!

I am in high school

I am in college/university

I’ve graduated college/university

I like my job

I’ve worked a job I’ve hated

I’ve never had a job

I am shorter than 5’5

I wear glasses

I have a tattoo

I have more than one tattoo

I don’t have tattoos but I want some

I’m vegetarian

I have allergies

I’m self-conscious about my body

I’m sarcastic

I’m shy

I’ve been called over-emotional

I have a strange sense of humour

I’m atheist

I have red hair

I have blonde hair

I dye my hair regularly

I wear a piece of jewellery at all times

I am an only child

I have more than three siblings

I have a niece

I have a nephew

I’ve failed a class

I couldn’t choose a favourite song

I can play an instrument

I can speak two or more languages

I’ve hugged someone in the last 24 hours

I’ve kissed someone in the last 24 hours

I have a best friend

I’ve known my best friend for more than 10 years

I have met a friend from the internet

I’ve kissed someone of the same sex

I’m in/have been in a long distance relationship

I’ve had a one night stand

I’ve had sex in the past month

I’ve been dumped more than I’ve dumped someone (sadly)

I’ve cheated on someone

I’ve met someone famous

I’ve been out of my home country

I’ve spent more than six hours straight online

I’ve done volunteer work

I’ve won a prize at school

I have friends who are married

I have friends who have children of their own

I have been in a wedding party

I’ve ridden in a limousine

I am a morning person

I am a night owl

I like anime

I like Disney movies

I like comedies more than action films

I like action films more than comedies

I always order dessert

I hate fast food

I can’t cook (and I hate it)

I enjoy puns

I enjoy being alone

I read for pleasure

I don’t play video games

I believe in ghosts

I believe in aliens

I enjoy conspiracy theories

I’ve been somewhere considered ‘haunted’

I’ve stayed up all night for no reason

I’ve had a Skype call with more than four people

I can’t keep secrets

I’m good with children

I’ve cheated on a test

I’ve watched an entire season of something in one day

I am wearing something green right now

I am wearing something yellow right now

I am wearing something purple right now

I’ve never tried alcohol

I’ve had alcohol while underage

I’ve played a drinking game

I’m scared of snakes

I’m scared of heights

I’m scared of spiders

I’m scared of clowns

I collect stamps

I collect comic books

I keep old bus/train tickets

I have more than three keyrings on my keys

I don’t know the words to my national anthem

I’ve been to a professional sports game

I’ve had my hair cut in the past month

I’ve cosplayed

I can’t swallow pills

I miss someone right now

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Stydia / Teen Wolf Tag Questions - 1. Favorite Stydia Scene 2. Favorite Stydia Quote 3. Moment you think Lydia fell in love with Stiles 4. Favorite Stydia episode overall 5. Favorite song that reminds you of Stydia? 6. Favorite character other than Stiles and Lydia 7. Favorite quote Stiles says to Lydia 8. Favorite quote Lydia says to Stiles 9. Favorite McMartinski scene 10. When do you think Stydia will officially be canon?

- Made this very quickly out of pure boredom - 

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Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. At the end choose 25 people to be tagged.

Last drink: Non-alcoholic: Water, Alcoholic: A shot of straight vodka I think?

Last phone call: ???? what are phone calls. 

Last text message: “is it because of that teacher that was unprepared the first day of school.”

Last song you listened to: what is music. 

Last time I cried: I don’t remember tbh


Dated someone twice: No

Been cheated on: No

Kissed someone and regretted it: Yeah, that was a long time ago tho

Lost someone special: Yes

Been depressed: I don’t know if I’d count it as truly being depressed but yes I’ve felt really down sometimes 

Been hungover: No


Made a new friend: yep

Fallen out of love: No

Laughed until you cried: Of course!

Met someone who changed you: No haha

Found out who your true friends were: No

Found out someone was talking about you: Nah


How many people on Tumblr do you know in real life: Like, maybe 6?

Do you have any pets: A golden retriever mix. :) 

Do you want to change your name: Nope

What time did you wake up this morning: 7:00am

What were you doing last night: Hanging out + doing my homework

Name something you cannot wait for: To see my family again at my cousin’s wedding & for the semester to be over with tbh, and possibly to live in an apartment instead of a dorm

Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Yea

What’s getting on your nerves rn: My fckn physical science class. It’s a mess.

Blood type: Uh idk tbh

Nicknames: I’ve got none unless you count Hannah Banana. Or mija/mijita (from my mum & aunties). 

Relationship status: Single 4eva probs

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Pronouns: She/Her

Favorite TV show: Agent Carter/DareDevil/Jessica Jones/Supergirl/Star Wars: The Clone Wars/Star Trek

High School: It was fine. 

College: More difficult than high school in some ways. But it’s also fine.

Hair color: Brown.

Long or short: Medium :)

Do you have a crush on someone: No.

What do you like about yourself: …….I honestly don’t know lmao. 

Tattoos: None, but I’d like to get some. That’ll have to wait till later though, my parents would kill me. 

RIghty or lefty: Righty


First surgery: Wisdom teeth, which was literally just last summer. 

First piercing: When I was 11

First best friend: A girl from preschool, we were friends throughout elementary then she moved away. She came back in 7th grade. We’re ex-best friends now, though.  

First sport you joined: Softball

First vacation: I don’t know??

First pair of sneakers: Tennis shoes probably??


Eating: I just ate an energy bar just now, but nothing else so far. 

Drinking: Water

I’m about to: go bowling later tonight (actually just to mingle tbh)

Listening to: nothin’

Waiting for: a friend to come over

Want kids: Yup. How many?? I don’t know. At least 3. 

Get married: Yes. How I’m going to meet my future loved one is beyond me, though. 

Career: Right now? I’m a Teacher Assistant (TA) in a class & lab + Instructional Student Assistant (ISA=tutor). 


Lips or eyes: Eyes? Unless it means lips as in smiling, then yes. 

Hugs or kisses: Hugs.

Shorter or taller: Taller

Older or younger: Older

Romantic or spontaneous: Uh…. .not sure

Sensitive or loud: Sensitive? But in a good way. 

Hook up or relationship: Relationship

Troublemaker or hesitant: Troublemaker, more fun *smiley demon emoji*


Kissed a stranger: Kinda? 

Drank hard liquor: No

Lost glasses/contacts: No

Sex on first date: No

Broken someones heart: Yes

Been arrested: No

Turned someone down: Yes

Cried when someone died: Yes

Fallen for a friend: No


In yourself: I try lmao

Miracles: I dunno

Love at first sight: No

Heaven: Yes

Santa Claus: Nah 

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Today, I stayed home from school. And I’m glad I did. I had a bad feeling about going.

I know why now. During the course of the day, the kids would be doing health activities like zumba, golf, running. Simple stuff like that. All of it was okay according to my friends, except for one.


What happened was the school brought a real f**king marine to the school and let him treat the kids like crap. There was no water, it was in the sun, and there not allowed to stop. If one kid got it wrong, everyone else had to do the exercise again. 

One girl had a serious asthma attack and she could not get her inhaler. Two kids were crying, but he just yelled at them to keep going, to work harder. Now, the students were 12-14 years old. TWELVE TO FOURTEEN YEAR-OLDS WERE FORCED TO PARTAKE IN STRENUOUS EXERCISE WITHOUT BREAK OR WATER FOR FORTY-THREE MINUTES.

Not only that, but they had to do it PERFECTLY, and if one kid was a tad off, everyone had to do even worse exercises for a longer period of time. There was no care given by any of the adults, and the kids were treated badly. The marine they brought in yelled and refused to help the kids who couldn’t do it.

I don’t know about anybody else, but this pissed me off when I was told about it by many other students. One even stated it was so bad she didn’t know how to put it into words.

Reblog if you think this was wrong. I’m trying to make a point to my school now so that they don’t do it again next year.