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German farming village aesthetic

I wanted to do this too because of my passionate hate/love for this hellhole.

You leave the house and all you see are yellow fields.
To the left, fields, to the right fields, in front of you and behind you, all fields.
You can swear there are houses too but they are swallowed by corn fields.

In the summer you can’t go outside because wearing shoes is too hot. Not wearing shoes results in blisters on your feet after one minute. The asphalt is melting. Some kid lost their bike in in. The asphalt swallowed it whole.

You go to bed at 11 pm. The sun just vanished beyond the horizon. All you hear are crickets and a tractor. Somewhere a dog is barking. If it even is a dog. Could be anything as well.
When you wake up at 3am because of the intense heat and the need for a shower, the tractor is still there. The fields are just too big.

In the fall there are intense storms and every county except yours doesnt have school today. You sigh and look for your canoe to go to school. Again.
Busses just aren’t cut our for those masses of water.

Your classmate and his siblings live right next to a graveyard. They swear that they saw the Grim Reaper one night. You shrug. Seing the the Reaper isn’t shocking but you are worried about the weird yellow lights that are coming down the hill at night.

Sometimes the bell in the church rings at the correct time sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it rings thirteen times. No one is worried about that but you can’t shake the feeling that the world becomes quiet for a few minutes then.

You go by car to town. You pass a field and a field and a field and a field…

Stores are closed on a sunday. Everything is quiet then. As a child you made enough noise to ignore it but as you grow older the more eerie this silence becomes. The fields are swallowing every noise on a sunday.

You pass an old woman. She smiles and waves at you. You wave back.
You pass this woman for over ten years now every day on your way to the bus stop. She is wearing the same clothes as ever and hasn’t aged one day.

You go to the woods. It is nice there. No people and you can escape the heat for a moment. The only annoying thing are the traps and a hunter now and then. And that you can’t seem to shake off the feeling that the church is always in your field of view.

You pass by a house. It is of a light blue colour. When you pass by the next day, it’s red. No one lives in that house for ages since the owner commited suicide.

There are fields everywhere.

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Nickname? Matt. Or chandler

Birthday? February 12

Star sign? Aquarius!

Gender? Non-Binary

Height? 5'5"

Favorite color? Purple

Current time? 7:57 pm!

Average hours of sleep? 2-6

Lucky numbers? 19, 4288

Last thing you googled? “Summit place Kia mt. Clemens parts”

Fav fictional characters? Booker Dewitt, Elizabeth Comstock, V, Batman, Terezi Pyrope, I can’t think of many more

Fav books? Hearts in Atlantis, Scott Pilgrim, Lost at Sea, Seconds, Paper Towns.

Fav bands? Streetlight Manifesto/Toh Kay, Nirvana, Radiohead, Daft Punk

Song that is currently stuck in your head? Watch it Crash-Toh Kay

Last movie watched? Oh boy. Um some lesbian romcom that was absolutely awful on Netflix

Last book read? The Hobbit (currently reading)

Dream trip? Europe

Dream job: Writer, teacher, detective

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1. Why did you choose this url?

The longer I’m in fandom, the longer I associate myself with the name Moonlight and so I wanted something with that in it.  And “Dream” is my favorite arc of the Sailor Moon manga, so finding a free username with that combo eventually led me here.  Plus, I just think it sounds nice.  :)

2. What’s your middle name?


3. If you could own a fairytale pet, what it would be? 
Hmm.  A magical cat, I think.

4. Fave Color?
Black, maybe a sapphire shade of blue depending on the day you ask me.  I actually really like colorful things, but there’s nothing black doesn’t go with.

5. Fave Song Right Now? 
Wind’s Nocturne from Lunar Silver Star Story.

6. Top 3 Fandoms?

Sailor Moon, Tolkien’s Legendarium, and… depending on the day you ask me, the MCU or Hannibal or Naruto or YowaPeda or KuroBasu.

7. Why do you like tumblr?

I like the activity of it, I like that it’s given me more stuff in fandom than I’ve ever had before, I like that it feels like a never-ending party post.  I really like that there’s always more to do, though, I dislike what a time sink it can be and I greatly dislike a lot of the culture that pops up on tumblr.  And, of course, it’s hard to make friends or have involved discussions because of the lack of properly threaded comments.  I do like that it encourages anyone to jump in, though, and I’ve felt a lot freer to jump into a discussion that wasn’t mine to start with than I ever did on LJ!

8. Tag all nine of your tumblr crushes or people you just think are cool as fuck to do this as well! 
Anyone who wants to do it.  What a cop out answer, I know, I don’t care!  :D

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hey, i saw u @ me on that post about the lesbian quizz and im sorry for my mess and my tags, as a bi girl i shouldnt reblog this kind of stuff. im gonna try to pay attention to my mistakes now on (and correct them). sorry again.

thanks for your apology

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Name: Vilma
Nicknames: Vilmi, Vilmis, Vilm and team mom
Birthday: 14th September (Oh My Gosh! It’s in two weeks!!!)
Star Sign: Virgo
Gender: It’s an ongoing question at the moment
Height: 169cm
Sexual Orientation: Demipansexual
Favorite Color: Amber and beige (because I’m boring)
Hours of sleep: 8-9
Lucky Number: 3 for some odd reason.
Last Thing I Googled: Fear of having your eyes covered

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Today, I stayed home from school. And I’m glad I did. I had a bad feeling about going.

I know why now. During the course of the day, the kids would be doing health activities like zumba, golf, running. Simple stuff like that. All of it was okay according to my friends, except for one.


What happened was the school brought a real f**king marine to the school and let him treat the kids like crap. There was no water, it was in the sun, and there not allowed to stop. If one kid got it wrong, everyone else had to do the exercise again. 

One girl had a serious asthma attack and she could not get her inhaler. Two kids were crying, but he just yelled at them to keep going, to work harder. Now, the students were 12-14 years old. TWELVE TO FOURTEEN YEAR-OLDS WERE FORCED TO PARTAKE IN STRENUOUS EXERCISE WITHOUT BREAK OR WATER FOR FORTY-THREE MINUTES.

Not only that, but they had to do it PERFECTLY, and if one kid was a tad off, everyone had to do even worse exercises for a longer period of time. There was no care given by any of the adults, and the kids were treated badly. The marine they brought in yelled and refused to help the kids who couldn’t do it.

I don’t know about anybody else, but this pissed me off when I was told about it by many other students. One even stated it was so bad she didn’t know how to put it into words.

Reblog if you think this was wrong. I’m trying to make a point to my school now so that they don’t do it again next year.


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