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You mentioned having some violent experiences escorting/sugaring and I'm really sorry to hear that. I was wondering if after your experience you noticed any tell-tale signs that the man was going to be violent or aggressive? Is there any behavior or specific verbatim they used before you met that you thought after the fact might have been a red flag? Any red flags in general that you can think of?

I love this question. Safety precautions are my specialty now.

There were absolutely signs that were virtually undetectable until experience taught me to look for them.

1)If he doesn’t pay you in the beginning of the session, he’s up to something. No money, no honey.

2) The FIRST thing I do when I get there, I ALWAYS ask to see the entire premise of the selected location. Open EVERY SINGLE door, whether closet or bathroom. Make sure there’s nobody there. Approach each door with mace/pepper spray. If he objects to you making sure the premise is private and secure, RUN. You’re in danger. There might be someone else hiding to gang up on you. RUN.

3)When you get to the location, casually mention you need to text your friend to let her know you’re okay. I say something along the lines of “Hey, do you mind if I get the donation? I need to let my friend know I’m okay or she’s gonna freak out if I don’t answer her. Sorry if I seem cautious, I’ve met less than ideal people before.” *insert shy smile here*

Watch how he reacts. If he gets defensive, it’s a red flag. If he’s concerned about his address being released say “Oh definitely not, she’s only going to log into my location app if I don’t check in with her to know I’m safe.”

If he continues acting strange, leave immediately. Any normal man would be understanding that a young female needs to be safe.

Note: If you’re not advertising as Independent SW, claim you have a driver who dropped you off. No guy is gonna mess with a pimp’s “property”.

4) If he chooses a shitty motel in a bad area, don’t go.

5) Get the specific ADDRESS early on so you can check.

6) Observe how he interacts with you, non-sexually. Try to ask questions about he feels about chivalry and values. It should be a gauge for you to see how considerate he’ll be later on.

7) For sugaring, stay away from short-tempered men. There’s a reason they’re not dating normally. If his anger is the reason, that means normal women don’t have a reason to stand the abuse. Stay away from that type of man.

8) Be wary of any man asking for personal info. Don’t be put in a position where you could be blackmailed.

Request: Monsta X Reaction to someone flirting and you being uncomfortable


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On Shownu’s day off you had decided to have a date in the park, walking around and just spending time with each other. The weather was slightly warm, so you stopped and sat at a bench. Shownu left your side for just a second to grab you two some drinks. Sitting waiting for your boyfriend to return a man sat directly next you on the bench. You shift uncomfortable, but the man only scooted closer. “Your the prettiest girl here, you know.” He told you. You tried to stand up and walk away from the man, but he grabbed your wrist causing you to panic. “I would let her go if I were you.” You boyfriend Shownu said giving the man a death glare. “Woah dude I meant no harm, she said she didn’t have a boyfriend.” He said raising his arms in defense. You quickly ran to your boyfriend who embraced.

 “I was about this close to beating him, Don’t worry about people like him because I’ll always be here to protect you.”

I.M (Changkyun):

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Changkyun had left to the bathroom while you were at the club. He had left the dance floor leaving you with your other friends. Getting lost in the music you notice your friends had moved somewhere else in the crowed leaving you alone. Before you had a chance to find them a man grabs your waist pulling you towards him. “Dance with me sweetheart.” He said in your ear. You tried to push the man away, but his grip only tightened. “Let me go!” You yelled only to cause the man to begin laughing at your struggle. “She said let her go, if you want to grind on something I would be more than happy to grind your face into the floor.” Changkyun said grabbing the mans shoulder. The man scurried off at Changkyun threat. 

 “I guess I should take you to restroom with me next time.” He joked


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Jooheon would be a little more aggressive then the other guys. He was very protective over you. (Not in a bad way.) You had gone to the bar to get drinks for you and your boyfriend. As you stood waiting for your drinks a man approached you flirting with causing you to become uncomfortable. Jooheon would act in one of two ways, show the guy that you are his pulling you close or get up in his face. (Maybe even start a fight if that’s what he had to do)

 "I would do anything to protect my girl.“ 


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 Minhyuk seems like the type of boyfriend that when you were together it was as if you two were attached by the hip. He would always be with you by your side. Seeing the one time he left your side and saw someone making you uncomfortable he would instantly be by your side confronting them. 

 "Excuse me you are making my girlfriend uncomfortable please leave.”  


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I see Kihyun as the type of guy that would have a calm reaction. He would see you uncomfortable and be by your side and look at the guy with a face of “Are you serious?” And tell the guy to back off. If the guy refused Kihyun would not be afraid to go off the guy, having no shame when it came to protecting you.

 "As you can see she is not interested, but it would be in your best interest to leave.“

 Wonho (Hoseok):

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 Hoseok would be the type of boyfriend to get very touchy when he someone else making you uncomfortable. As soon as he saw your face, he was by your side wrapping himself around you to show the person you were his. He would be very possessive over you in a situation like this, especially if the person had made you feel in any way threatened. He wanted you to know that he would always be there for you. 

 "She taken, so please see yourself out.”


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 Hyungwon would probably be the most sassy about it. Seeing how uncomfortable you were as this strange man approached you, he would walk up behind you wrapping his arms around you placing a kiss on your neck. Looking up if the guy was still there, he’d say something around the lines of 

 "You’re still here because??“ 


Authors note: I am so sorry I know this was trash, but it is my first time doing reactions. REQUESTS ARE STILL OPEN! (We now accept smut requests see rules to request) 

 -  Admin Wei Wei

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Some post battle (like any random battle) solangelo where Nico is stabbed badly in the stomach or something and Will being Will and like they're still in the early stages of their relationship sooo maybe some nightmares for Nico and Will taking such good care of him. Ugh I know there are like 50000 other solangelo fics on similar lines but it's been 37485 years since I read some good solangelo so pretty pls? I'll totally understand if you don't wanna though, you're great, thanks xD

Hi :) Thank you, it means a lot to me. Sorry it took me this long to write. I haven’t read a single Solangelo fic (yet) in my life, so I went purely by my knowledge of the characters and by their relationship in the books and the stuff I read about them here. I hope you’ll like it:)

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Hello:) This might be a strange ask and if you don't want to answer it that's okay of course. So you've mentioned a couple of times that you don't like Galadriel because she's racist. And that's okay of course, you can like and not like whomever you want to, but since I personally don't know what to think of her yet, I wanted to ask if you might be able to explain why you think this of her:) She is a very difficult character and it'd be very interesting. Have a nice day:)

This is now apart of my racism in Tolkien series! You can find the link to the Masterpost here!

It’s not strange at all! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to answer this, I’ve just been thinking about ways to approach this.  Before I continue (and this isn’t to you anon, this is to people who may be looking), this will have a bunch of social justice and talk of racism in it, in relation to Galadriel. And if that offends you then I advise you not to read below the line. I’d like to not start an argument because my opinion differed from someone elses. If you disagree, please just look elsewhere. This is a very personal response, so it’s not likely that my view on her is changing.

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Imagine getting into an argument with your Dad, Rafael Barba

(A/N: For @supercarricat who requested this. Hope you enjoy this and that it meets your expectations. Also, sorry again for my scatter brain yesterday. Hope you all enjoy this.)

Continuation of the storyline and ideas in these two past imagines here and here  

(Not necessary to read but situations explained there are alluded to briefly)

Imagine getting into an argument with your Dad, Rafael Barba

“Lieutenant Benson?” you said hopefully down the line, you could only pray that she was there

“Y/N,” she responded, strangely you could hear relief in her voice, “Where are you? We’re all worried sick about you. Your Dad has being looking for hours. Where are you?”

“What do you mean?” you asked, confused.

“We’ve been trying to get a hold of you.” She informed.

“You have? My phone died. I was…” you went to say.

“And your Dad says you were supposed to be at the library with your friend but he went and you weren’t there after you didn’t answer your phone.” She interrupted to explain.

“Yeah,” you sighed, already feeling guilty “I lied about where I went tonight. I went on this date and then I ended up at this party but not for anything…”

“Y/N.” She sighed, mirroring you.

“I’m really sorry. It’s just that I knew he wouldn’t let me go and then everything went bad and now…” You stuttered your voice cracking, you were on the verge of crying at this point, “God, I’m so stupid.”

“You’re not stupid. You’re actually one of the smartest people I know.You made a mistake. You’re allowed to do that. You’re only sixteen, Y/N. “ she reassured, her voice soothing, “Now, where are you?”

“I’m in a phone-booth. I’m somewhere in Brooklyn.” You began to panic, tapping your foot rapidly and trying to shake off tears.

“I need you to stay calm, okay Y/N?” she coaxed, “So you’re in Brooklyn?”

“Yeah,” You nodded, “ that’s where the map said I was before my phone died.”

“All right, do you know the street name?” she asked.

You rattled off the name that you picked up after you stumbled on the street, hopelessly lost at that point. She quickly found out where you were by rattling off store names that were on the same street you were. She said she was coming herself to get you and bring you back to the station.

“Are you going to tell my Dad?” you asked, as you heard her over the line get up and get ready to come and get you.

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External image

ive been asked before by multiple people how i get my drawings to look the way they do so here is a thing! this is the process ive settled on after a several years of trying to figure out digital art. i still have lots to learn but i hope this is helpful!!! 

please click through to read all the steps and get a better view of the drawings! i know i kinda wrote a lot/all over the place… im not sure how legible my handwriting is, so if opening the images in new tabs doesn’t help then i’ve typed up the plain text on a google doc here.

a few other notes: 

  • i use sketchbook pro 7 for digital art
  • i alternate mostly between a tweaked version of sbp7’s ‘hard pencil rough’ and 'pencil 4’ (with the weird crosshatch-looking texture on it).
  • i have a bunch of other brushes i have made/downloaded for effects, which you can see examples of in the title panel, but not in the main drawing.
  • i used a paper texture on color burn between the last panel and the finished piece.
  • in this case i started with an off-white background from the get-go, but with doodles i usually use plain white.

thanks for reading (owo)b

NaLu Fluff: When She Smiles

A/N: A little present for my waifu @giupear because she’s been feeling a little down lately. I love you, my dearest Pear; I hope this message from me to you cheers you up! *hugs* ;w;

To everyone else: Before you can complain—yes. This is fluff. By me. Which means it’s not your typical sunshine-and-rainbows fluff. My fluff is different; you all know this, yes?

…Okay, awesome. Enjoy the read! :D

Rated: T
Genre: Friendship/Romance
Character(s): Natsu, Lucy
Pairing(s): NaLu
Synopsis: There is always at least one person in your life that makes you smile for no reason at all, and you love that more than anything else in the world. That means that you’ll go to whatever lengths to protect it—even if that person doesn’t feel that they’re worth any of what they mean to you.

Natsu sighed into his pillow.

“Ugh, I don’t want to get up today…” he moaned as he rolled over onto his back and stared at the bare ceiling listlessly. “But it’s too hot to stay in bed…argh…” He raised an arm and rested his forearm against the bridge of his nose as he exhaled sharply. “Why does everything have to be terrible in the afternoon…?”

Well, more like “whenever he woke up”, because Natsu was never awake before noon on the weekends if he could help it. It was technically the world’s fault for making him love sleep so much—every damned thing about it seemed to be purposely crafted to exhaust him…not to mention that he really had nothing better to do besides moan about his life on the weekends because there really wasn’t all that much to celebrate about it.

He felt a sudden buzz next to his head (well, technically next to the pillow, but who cared about technicalities), so he felt around for his phone, picked it up, and checked the screen.

Incoming call…

Lucy Heartfilia

Natsu blinked once in confusion and sat up, feeling utterly bewildered. Lucy was calling? And he hadn’t been expecting it? This was new.

Natsu realized that he’d been staring at his phone screen for way longer than what was normal, so he quickly swiped the screen to answer the call. He lifted it to his ear and spoke into the phone, “Hello?”

“Natsu?” sounded her familiar voice on the other end. “Hey, I—I didn’t think you’d be up right now…sorry if I woke you up.”

“Nah, you’re good,” Natsu yawned as he tousled his messy head of salmon-pink hair, grinning to himself. “So, why’d you call? You hardly ever call me first…” He paused and let his smile slip into a frown, awkwardly pulling his black wristband onto his right wrist. “Actually, I think this might be the first time. Is something up?”

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Six Sentence Sunday (SSS) - On the Threshold

I posted the first chapter of OtT on Katniss’s birthday two years ago. Obviously, I never intended to be working on this story for so long. I’m sad to say it has also been over a year since I’ve updated. Writing has been strangely difficult this year, and unfortunately I still don’t have the next chapter ready. :(

That’s not to say I haven’t been working on it here and there when I can - I have about 54 pages written, and a good twenty more bouncing around in my head that relate to the current arc of the story. I will probably split that up into multiple chapters, but I can’t finalize what I’ve already got until I make sure things line up with what I’m currently working on. I’m really, really sorry for the wait.

The best I can offer at the moment is an extended scene. Ages back, I posted a teaser where Katniss and Peeta are knocking on Haymitch’s door. This is the entire scene, and it’s the only segment of sufficient length I can share that isn’t too spoilery:

“Still, the day isn’t over yet. Is there anything else you need help with?”

Peeta looked at her appraisingly. “Actually, there is something. But I don’t think you’re going to like it. I was mulling over whether to ask you, and I never really decided.”

“Whatever it is, I want to help.” Katniss took his hand in hers. “We’re a team now.”

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Request: Yes yes I’m interested in a meta version. Lots of angsty Dean/Jensen feelings and all please?

Word Count: 4,001

Warnings: Angst! Maybe a dash of hope, but definitely heavy on the angst. Also a handful of curse words made their way in there.

Author’s Note: Eeegh, sorry about the long wait! I totally thought I would have this done and wrapped up days ago, but then I hit a stride and wrote 2.5k more, gracious.

Your name: submit What is this?

“You, my dear, are perfection. That heavy ache in your chest? I can fix it for you, you know.” The blonde man collapses gracefully next to you on the bench, smile expectant.

“I’m sorry?” You ask, slowly setting your book down in your lap, surreptitiously reaching for your purse. At a bar, with a few drinks in you, you might have found him strangely charming. He’s handsome enough and has… fashion sense, though it might not be what you would call ‘good’. But joining you, uninvited, in a park, and spouting some line about knowing you’re suffering from heartache? He’s either a sleaze, or he isn’t human.
In your line of work, you’re willing to bet he’s not human. 

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