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It’s been ages but I have reached a follower milestone, so I thought I should do one of those legendary follow forevers… Why not? 

It’s been quite a year so far. Wish it was better for many of us. I myself cried and grieved and some days didn’t want to wake up. But there were times where I laughed and felt like the world isn’t so heavy for a moment. Anyway, I’d like to thank you and wish you all happiness, health and a lot of strength. Be forgiving and kind to each other. Unless someone’s piece of shit to you, then fuck them up! 💕

A special thank you goes out to my friends, some of whom I have just gotten to know, you’re all wonderful people and I’m happy I had the chance to meet you:

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And thank you all of rest of you for filling my dashboard with content to reblog, whether it’s beautiful graphics or memes or funny animal pictures, as well as anyone who has ever sent me a nice message or supported me in any way, wrote me when I was feeling down and just liked and reblogged my posts. Stay awesome!


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sing-along songs - the playlist for when you’re home alone and want to sing along really loudly to good music

the killers - mr brightside / fall out boy - thnks fr th

mmrs / blink-182 - all the small things / queen -

bohemian rhapsody / oasis - don’t look back in anger / the 

smiths - there is a light that never goes out / lady gaga -

bad romance / keane - somewhere only we know / arctic

monkeys - i bet you look good on the dancefloor / blur -

song 2 / marina & the diamonds - primadonna / blink-

182 - what’s my age again / the beatles - twist and shout



Oh, am I talkin’ too loud?
Sometimes I get over excited, shoot off at the mouth
I never had a group of friends before
I promise that I’ll make y’all proud

fueled by ramen and decaydance gang fo lyfe yo \m/ (or: a collection of songs that remind me of deancas from bands that I love with al my heart ♥ ♥ ♥)

if these sheets were states by all time low | nicotine by panic! at the disco | addicted by simple plan | just one yesterday by fall out boy | I can’t not love you by every avenue | the world has its shine (but I would drop it on a dime) by cobra starship | the only exception by paramore | the run and go by twenty one pilots | walls by all time low | w.a.m.s. by fall out boy | I’m the fool by new found glory | only place I call home by every avenue | hurricane by panic! at the disco | ass back home by gym class heroes | stay by mayday parade | crush’d by say anything | when I’m with you by simple plan | going away to college by blink-182 | only you by cartel | you belong to me by cobra starship | it had to be you by motion city soundtrack | I don’t love you by my chemical romance | we are broken by paramore | kiss me again by we are the in crowd | must have done something right by relient k | the truth is, you should lie with me by say anything | our song by the spill canvas | need you by travie mccoy | say you like me (acoustic) by we the kings | hurricane by the hush sound | [listen]



First of all I would like to thank all my followers and people I follow. I joined this website almost five years ago, but you guys still keep surprising me. Thank you for filling up my dash with wonderful edits & gifs, creative poems and for all the support and nice messages through the years. I love you!! xxx 

and now, traditionally (and because everyone change their urls so often that I don’t know who is who anymore) I will just list all my mutuals. If your url is bolded - we’re fine. If not - I can’t recognize your url/I don’t know who you are please message me. Thank you for filling up my dash with your awesome posts. I love you guys and Merry Christmas!

a.             b.             c.             d.             e.             f.

@aheardgifs @angelinasjoli @ancress @ariashastigs @aliiciavikander @augstusswaters @allisonaergint @avngresv @alyciadebnamcarcy @avengurs @argetnallison @arteamisia @blackcanari  @beauxrcves @bravelyclara @caitlinsnows @claraowalsd @claraoswinoswald @clarkegirfin @clarietemple @crystolreed @chenaults @clarkegriffons @collinsdobrev @colouringtherainbow @doctorsafraid @darkastered @desecending @docorwho @daylightspeaks @drunkyjared @doubrev @deanwinchter @dylans-sprayberry @daisyridley @derekihale @dragonnladies @dracoumalfoy @duchvony @ervditte @enchantedtea @emiliaclarce @emmakenneys @emlybetts @fearwakes @funkybieber

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a simon monroe fanmix {listen on 8tracks}

01. i might even die. whatever, i will be done. 02. i’ve got the spirit, lose the feeling, let it out somehow. 03. where do bad folk go when they die? they don’t go to heaven where the angels fly. 04. every whisper of every waking hour i’m choosing my confessions. 05. sit and drink pennyroyal tea, i’m anemic royalty. 06. sorrow found me when i was young, sorrow waited, sorrow won. 07. the needle tears a hole, the old familiar sting. try to kill it all away, but i remember everything. 08. oh mother, i can feel the soil falling over my head.

bbcthree bbcamerica #saveintheflesh

Hey guys, sorry about the extremely shitty graphic I made it on picmonkey bc I don’t own/can’t afford photoshop fight me. I’m just grateful for all 850 or so of you who follow this trashy blog, and here is my second ff! Happy holidays! Mutuals // favs

**Edit: it forgot to italicize a bunch of ppl on mobile! blame tumblr lmao it’s a hot mess. Anyways if I forgot you or something let me know so I can add you in! Thanks again guys i love you all!


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ok i’ve been putting this off for like 3 weeks but i finally got round to doing my follow forever! sorry about the shitty graphic i literally made in like 5 mins on paint lmao

super amazing irl friends !! (yeah u get an entire category)

pixieprep // bonzibuddi

cool as hell mutuals!! (faves are italicised)


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i know there are probably loads of mutuals i forgot to put in here but these are the people i always see in my activity and on my dash !! if you don’t want to be on here just message me and i’ll take you off :) thank you to everyone that followed me in 2014 and hopefully 2015 is just as great x x 




“Hollywoodland explores the secret and salacious lesbian history of sixties German screen siren Kommissar Schultz (Birgitte Sorensen). While on set in California, she meets a young but rambunctious photographer, Beca (Anna Kendrick), who claims to be her biggest fan. Hedonistic and bored of her married life, Kommissar begins an affair with her naive disciple. But when Kommissar abruptly ends the clandestine liason, Beca becomes obsessed with regaining her affections, with deadly consequences”


ziallphobia - lauriehoran - fuckyeahzarry - acciozouis - zaynable - horankawaii - the1dblog - pleasemestyles - blueasloueyes 
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harry-zayn - styles-s

so apparently we’re doing follow forevers right now, so since i’ve never done one of these i thought it’s about time. 

some of you i’ve been following since the very beginning almost 4 years ago, some of you have turned into some of the best friends i’ve ever had, some i’ve only been following recently and some i’ve only been admiring from afar.

but thanks to all of you for making tumblr so amazing and keeping up with my crazy!! happy holidays!!

alexandersiddig altarsex amysantiaghost aryastarks arymartell bellamying cagedbirds cerseislannisters davosseaworths drunkcelestialmonstrosity durinssons farewellthorinoakenshield gameofalphas ghostofgaysexpast grumpybilbo hartohelbig heliocentrics

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roaringcersei roobbstark samwiseg sansastarkt sayidjarrahs stormborns snivllus thereandfeelsagain ttyrionlannisters tyrionlannistre tywinlannisters wandasmaximova whoistorule winryrockbells zonko



My dear Alex, tumblr wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t full our dashboards with your flawlessness ! Besides, you are the most incredible and sweetest girl in the world, you deserve the best in your life and I wish you could meet Kristen Stewart in the future so she can see how amazing you are ! Happy birthday babe, enjoy your day and your life like there’s no tomorrow. I love you very much sexy Alexy <3

My first ever Blog Of The Month!


- mbf “the ice cub

- Reblog to enter, you can like it to bookmark it or whatever you crazy kids do nowadays.

- Polls suck. Winner will be hand-picked by me!

- Fandom and Multifandom blogs only (You have a better shot at winning if your fandoms consist of one or more of the following: Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, Star Trek, Harry Potter, or Merlin)

- Ends 8:00 ESTDecember 10th

- There will be 1 winner and up to three runners up (or runner-ups, whatever floats your boat)

I'll be looking for:

- A nice URL and icon.

- Organized, easy to navigate theme.

- A nice blogger.

- Possibly original content.

Winners will receive:

- A link in my Navigation page for the whole month.

- A snazzy post announcing you won. 

- As many promos/votes/favors whenever they ask for the month.

- My love & friendship.

Runners-ups will receive: 

- A awesome group announcement post

- A maximum of 5 promos for the month of December (when you ask)

- Cookies and my eternal love

Happy holidays!