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so just recently i hit 1k followers and i’m kind of speechless that, that many people follow me tbh?? idek how this happened because i’m not even a consistent gfx/gif maker either…but thank you so much for following me until now;; i’m externally grateful for every single one of you okay, and just know that you’re all so very lovely ♥ i’m especially thankful for the wonderful people i’ve met here, and even if we’ve talked like once (or not at all sobs), you guys are honestly wonderful, precious lil cherubs!! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) & if i missed anyone, here is my blogroll~

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Frank always knew. He knew every single moment spent with Karen Page could (and should) have been the last. The smiles, the “get away from me” speeches, the stolen, almost anxious looks. He didn’t give a second thought when it came to killing, kicking, bleeding, his revenge was already a part of what he was, but Frank wasn’t ready for someone who was able to understand him the way that she could. He wasn’t ready for another smart, beautiful, blonde woman in his life. He didn’t want a fighter, a survivor, a lionhearted girl who wouldn’t stop trying, searching for the truth, even though that’s exactly what he needed. So every time he got the chance to be near Karen Page, he’d silently say goodbye. He didn’t want to hurt her, but if he dind’t then she would never let him go. And he had to. So for Frank, every moment was the last. The last time they shared a look, that one time… God, he wasn’t expecting it to hurt so much.