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Crazy About You

Prompt:  The reader is in a relationship with Jerome and during a fight his psychopathic tendencies shine through

Prompt Request # 13: Anon - “Who do you think you are?”

Pairing: Jerome Valeska X Reader

Warnings: Domestic abuse (Verbally and physically)

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“J-just who do you the h-hell do you think you are?!”

You yelled out with a cracked voice and watched as a sinister smile crept onto Jerome’s face. You pondered exactly what it was that caused this sadistic reaction? Perhaps it was the glint of fear in your eyes? Perhaps it was the fact you were trembling on the cold ground before him, sitting at his feet like a dog. But, more than likely, it was the swelling red hand print on your cheek. Looking up at the man who had striked you down your stomach turned into a knot as he triumphantly waved his hand in the air.

“What was that?!”  Jerome chuckled in delight and took a dramatic step towards you, making you stumble backwards. “I’m so sorry but would you mind repeating yourself, I couldn’t quite hear ya over that little stammer!” 

There was a madness about him - it was always there.  Truthfully, it had been what had drawn you into his arms to begin with. A confident charismatic guy who wasn’t afraid to live. He took what he wanted and didn’t take any shit from anyone! That, with the dashing smile, strong touch, and the ability to make you scream his name behind closed doors you had become quite smitten with Jerome.

But, as you had been noticing for a while now, he was growing bored with you. With boredom came frustration and with frustration, well, with Jerome frustration brought violence. You were quite aware that he was capable of horrific deeds when you got into this relationship but you never imagined he’d turn on you like this.

“Well?!”  Jerome barked as he reached down and took a tight hold of your ankle, squeezing just enough to make you squeak in pain.  “Baby, I thought you had something to tell me?”  The room filled up with his thunderous laughter as he got on his knees, joining you on the floor.

His hands roamed up your legs until they arrived at the zipper, that same sadistic smile plastered on his face.  Without speaking he mouthed the words, ‘Say it’.

“Who the hell do you think you are?!” 

Holding your ground you held up your shoulders, trying to mask the fact you were very much afraid of him. The moment that followed after you yelled out at him was tense. But then, like clockwork, his smile faded into a more familiar and comfortable one, the face of the man you loved so desperately.

“Why little ol’ me?”  Jerome’s porcelain hands roamed up your shirt and rested on your stomach calmly. His fingers gently tapped on your shivering skin.  Melting to his touch you stared over at the red headed fool.

“I’m no one…”  Crawling up and adjusting his legs so there was one on either side of you, Jerome stared desperately into your eyes.  “Just little ol’ Romey.”

Taking in a deep breath he pressed his lips to your neck, making all the fear you had felt moments ago melt away into longing, longing for his touch.  “Who are you, Y/N?”  He murmured against your skin, waiting for you to reply.

“I’m yours.”

“That’s right.”  Taking a hold of your wrist Jerome roughly dug his nails into your skin, surely drawing blood.  

“And don’t you ever forget it.”

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4, I am sincerely sorry about your losses. It's not easy to lose people you love and keep up with life. It's not easy to be strong for others. I admire you so much for all you do for us, and it warms my heart every time I see you on my dash. Take all the time you need, and don't feel bad. It's ok to cry and scream and feel weak. We're human. I love you so much and I hope you take care of yourself, dear. I send lotsa hugs and smooches and ice cream <3 ~Doot (fuck this character limit tho)

Thank you my darling, I appreciate it very much ♥

It’s true that emotions are just a part of being human but growing up I’ve just learned to not feel at all at points- I’d rather feel empty than feel like I currently do;

But thank you for your admiration, I don’t truly deserve it since what I do to myself is very problematic and very destructive;;; But I do try to do everything I can to be strong for everyone around me, including all of you ♥

So thank you for the support and thank you for the hugs, smooches, and ice cream, I send them all right back to you, because you deserve them as well ~Admin 404

How u make up after a fight

Requested: Yup. This anon requested it.

It’s even hard to imagine Ashton and you fighting. I mean he’s such a marshmallow. So when you guys did fight, it was without the yelling and stuff. He was saying dumb stuff and you were saying dumb stuff. At some point he always insulted you and you would give him the silent treatment. Sometimes it went as far as you smacking the door on the way out of your shared apartment. He would just let you go wherever you needed to go. Sometimes you went for a stroll in the park beside your apartment, sometimes you just went into the bedroom and watched your favorite show. And when you were ready to see his sweet face again, he would stand with whatever you needed. A movie, tissues, flowers… sometimes even just a hug. And you would run into his arms. You were about to say sorry, but he cut you off. Then he started apologizing and you would just laugh at him because he fumbled with his words. “I don’t wanna hurt you. “ He said. You kissed him with a smile – well knowing that he wouldn’t hurt you.

So you and Calum would unfortunately fight a lot. It wasn’t serious most times. Normally you would fix it with a kiss or a joke. Sometimes it would take more of you guys. You would have some really big fights. You would both yell at each other, standing in each side of the room while throwing things at one another. It wasn’t like the lampshade would hurt him – you would always purposely miss. It was really different on how the fight stopped. At times, you would be mad at him for days and you were both too stubborn to do anything about it. Then one night as you were lying in bed, sad and mad at Calum, your phone ringed. You took it quickly and heard Calums tearfully voice you couldn’t help but miss him. At first the line was quiet. Sometimes it would be in minutes before one of you started talking. Then he would start saying “sorry” repeatedly while you were repeating how much you missed him.  None of you would stop until Calum hung up and 30 minutes later, he would be at your door. When you opened it he would just dash into your arms. You wouldn’t say anything. You just took his scent in and enjoyed it was over. Because you loved him – even though it was difficult at times.

Luke would never make a big deal of anything. He hold his feelings to himself. You wouldn’t yell and each other often. So when Luke brought a thing up that annoyed him, you didn’t mind. But that thing, turned into two, and those into three. And while you were sitting on the couch, feeling bad, he would walk back and forth raising his voice. You would eventually mumble something and he turned his head towards you, asking you to speak louder. And then you would yell. And he would yell back. It was a side neither of you have seen before. You guys kept yelling till on of you broke down. So when you leaned against the wall and fell to the floor, Luke came rushing towards you with widen eyes. The tears were rolling down your cheeks with a rush. You were done. “Do you still like me? “ you asked Luke nervously. The side you just saw didn’t show much affection. Luke looked down, clearly hurt. Then he looked you in the eyes, took your hand and whispered with tears filling his voice. “I love you. “

Omg Michaeland you would just casually yell at each other for fun. So when you were about to start a fight, he didn’t realize at first. He just yelled back, making it all worse. Your eyes would widen as he asked you if you were serious. And then hell broke loose. Michael always said the wrong things at the worst timing. You would instantly start yelling things you had been hiding for a long time. At first he would kinda be quiet, because he knew he needed some kind of comeback. So he didn’t really listen. But when he started raising his voice it got intense. You then stepped up on the couch because he kept interrupting you and you felt looked down on (literally). So you were standing and scolding him for whatever. But when you were done and waiting for him to say something against your argument, he just smirked. Then you realized you were only a few centimeters from his face, you mumbled “Fuck it. “ and kissed him. And the problem were never brought up again.

A/N: So yeah… this was requested. Sorry some of it are gonna be crap in the start. Michaels was kinda sort, so sorry about that. But I liked Michaels the best, soo whatever. I’m trying to make daily writings. Also… GREEN DAYS NEW  SONG!!!



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Draxler is so attractive hands down

time for an unprompted julian draxler appreciation post!! 

ps this is my favorite photo of him ever bye and lol @ all the people that think he’s lanky @king-gotze 

how is drinking from a bottle even hot wtf

how can u grimace and still look good? while running? again i repeat what the fuck

…..i liked them a lot together ok bye

and the last gif of course has gotta be one about his skills because every time he gets near the box and does his usual tricks my heart flutters i mean the german media even described him as a player with the face of an angel and dribbling skills of a devil i love it

this would be longer but i’d rather not clog up your dash lmao

QUEERBAITING w/ Dan and Phil

can i just say something? 

people are accusing dan and phil of queerbaiting with the vegas video stuff, but like ya’ll are the ones that assume something happened between them that is phan related while in vegas in the first place. 

for those of you who may not be familiar with the vegas stuff… dan and phil went to vegas for dan’s 21st birthday. in this video, phil says “dan’s posting a whole day in the life vegas extravaganza, so you can look forward to that” and proceeds to tell of the awkward spa experience they had. when they got back from vegas dan procrastinated on uploading the footage and eventually it became a thing, and then he said he actually lost the footage after a while. 

the vegas video is an inside joke with dan and his subscribers, he has never insinuated that anything phan related happened while in vegas. it was the phandom shippers that theorized they ‘got married’ or ‘got drunk and had sex’ and that ‘there was too much phan stuff in the footage when they reviewed it to post any of it’. 

i want to remind you all that the vegas video for dan is a joke, much like his twitter icon and how it became a thing. when he mentions the vegas video it has nothing to do with phan, but with the joke at how long everyone has been waiting to hear what happened. if he includes stories about what happened in vegas in the book they are not going to be OMG PHAN!!1!!, they are not going to suddenly announce they got married or had sex, it is going to be more funny stories like the awkward spa experience and other weird dan and phil moments. 

saying that you will find out “what actually happened in vegas” in the book is not queerbaiting because it is the phandom shippers that have ‘added the gay’ to the vegas trip, it is the phandom shippers that have turned the vegas trip into this heavily theorized phan secret, not dan. for dan and his subscribers the vegas trip and the vegas video are jokes about his procrastination. it became a joke, a thing to laugh about and tease us with. 


** you may feel like arguing ‘yeah but dan knows that the phandom believes all this secret phan stuff happened in vegas and therefore he knows what mentioning vegas will do for sales of the book”, to that i say there is no way in hell dan and phil are going to announce phan in their book (regardless of whether it is real or not). if you stop for a second and think about it all, i’m sure dan is aware of this, rational people are not going to expect them to say ‘yeah all your phan theories about what happened in vegas are totally true’. stop waiting for this big announcement that phan is real because it is not going to happen regardless of whether they are together or not. you do not have to buy the book and, if by some miraculous force, there is an announcement of phan in the book then rest assured people will post about it here so you do not have to buy the book unless it is something you really want. 

stop finding ways to demonize dan and phil. are they perfect? nobody is perfect, but they are not queerbaiting and they deserve more respect than they have been getting from some of you. 

shipping phan and discussing theories can be fun, but keep it respectable and always be nice about it. dan and phil know people ship phan, they know people have fun doing it, they know that all their little looks and touches are going to be analyzed but what can they do about it? they tried distancing themselves, remember 2012? no one enjoyed that, not even dan and phil. they are just being themselves and being friends and if they have to joke about phan in order feel comfortable doing that then that is fine by me. i mean, it has got to be stressful worrying about every tiny interaction and how it can possibly be interpreted as phan in their videos, if they just point out the phan bits themselves (like they have been doing ex: ~50 shades of phan~) then at least they can feel like they have some control over it, they can laugh about it. i don’t think any of the things they have been doing is actual queerbaiting, and they have both said in the past that phan is not real and that they are just friends, they shouldn’t have to repeat that every time they touch each other to ensure people don’t think they are queerbaiting. 

i think that is all for now, i could go on but you won’t read it because this is already way too long. sorry for clogging up your dash, i am not putting this under a read more. feel free to reblog this and add your own comments but remember #NicerInternet. you can have different opinions from others but always be respectful to others, and be respectful to dan and phil. 

yes i added their main tags, ya’ll need to read this <(^_^)>

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(1)i'm the anon who asked about the harry girls & war thing. i just wanted to reply to the other anon who said that it's okay to not like his hair. yup, it's ok not to like his hair, but the point wasn't that. the point was that they stop being fans of him immediately when harry doesn't look/act like they want him to act, which is just plain wrong imo. they are kind of fickle and superficial when it comes to harry. many don't like him for who he really is, they like their own idea of him, which

(2) is just wrong and sad. because i agree with all of you, who think that harry is the most amazing, caring and sweetest person ever. he isn’t a bad person, there’s not a single bad bone in him. it truly makes me sad that there are people who cannot appreciate him for who he is. he deserves to be loved/liked for him. this turned out quite long and i probably repeated myself a couple of times. sorry about that.

–Your answer is perfect and your first question was perfect too. I hope you know I wasn’t sassing you, I was sassing what was all over my dash. I was incredibly annoyed with what people were saying and posting, so I went into sassy!Erin mode. It’s a bad mode! 

Harry should be loved for who he is, exactly!