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Supercat. Kara realises her feelings for Cat when Cat's beautiful ex girlfriend visits National City for a few days and she can't quite hide her jealousy

“I’m sorry, do you have an appointment?” This isn’t the first time that Kara has had to face down someone determined to make it into Cat’s office, but something is different about the woman in front of her. There’s a confidence to her step, an unconscious ease that few carry with them when facing Cat Grant.

“I’m afraid I don’t, but Cat always said I’d be welcome to drop by,” the mystery woman says with a smile and wink, not bothering to hide a searching glance up and down Kara’s figure. “If I’d known she’d finally hired someone decent, I might have stopped by sooner.”

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hello tia ;) I got this inspiration a while ago, so why the hell not to try asking for a scenario from the best writer I know because I believe you can :D How about Aomine scenario doing video streaming(or live video on instagram) with his little son while his wife is away for business trip or smth and all of gom members watch them. Theen, surprise! She's joined too cuz she missed them so much. Sorry if this too detailed, I can't help myself. Thank you so much❤❤

Hi sweetie!! Of course I can write this for you!! It sounds really cute and interesting! So i hope you like what I came up with !!! :D (Btw, from now on, any son Aomine has will be named ‘Daisuke’. because I’m too lazy to think of different names xD)

“Dammit.. how do you fix this thing?!”

The little boy laughed, a hand on his belly as he watched his father scramble to fix the camera, preparing for their recording.

“You’re hopeless, old man! You should’ve just asked auntie Satsuki!”

He growled, turning to look at his son, “Shut up Daisuke! She’s not able to come over today, and I didn’t wanna wait for her! Why aren’t you helping me?!”

He raised an eyebrow, both hands on his hips. 

“Dad.. You never asked me.. Besides, you’re too proud… and you only want me to watch…”

He blushes, turning around and sighs heavily when it finally co-operates with him. He grabs the basketball, throwing it at Daisuke, before holding a finger over the start button.

“Are you ready son? We’re about to begin.. And everyone’s watching!”

He nods, quickly running over to the laptop, making sure everyone’s arrived.. All the gom were currently online, as well as their respective families.

“Aominecchi better prepare himself! Daicchi will kick his ass!”

“D-Dad! Don’t swear-ssu.. It’s not nice!!”

He laughs, giving them a wink, before  running on the court,  slowly dribbling the ball.. He watches his father, who is in a defensive position, and tilts his head.

“Dad.. Why is it so important for everyone to watch us playing basketball?”

He frowns, unsure of how to respond… It’s true he wanted to spend some quality time with his son.. But he didn’t want to admit missing you so much, and secretly hoping you’d be watching with everyone else.. He shrugs, looking at the screen before looking at him again.

“You need to be prepared for try-outs son.. Just because you’re my son, doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a spot on the team..”

Daisuke doesn’t like how that sounds, so he makes a face, moving slowly closer to his dad. He barely sees his mom from the corner of his eye, but doesn’t make an effort to smile. He knows you’re going to surprise his dad, giving him an advantage to score, so he narrows his eyes, determined to pass Aomine.

He doesn’t understand why his son’s demeanour changed, but he prepares himself for anything.. It wouldn’t do him good to underestimate his own son. Though he felt his veins throb when the rest of his ex-teammates began cheering for his son.. 

Tch..  They’ve gone soft..

He sees the opening, and just as he lunges for Daisuke, he feels weight jump on him, causing him to crash to the ground, as he looks at you with wide eyes. W…What… What were you doing home so early?!

His lips are covered with yours, and a blush immediately overtakes him, having remembered they had an audience. He’s too stunned to respond, watching as you pull back, giggling at his dumbfounded expression…

God, he was so cute!!!

“Nice tackle mom!!!”

You laugh, pulling your son into a hug, before kissing his cheek, grinning when he makes a face, wiping his cheeks.

“EW! I got mom germs!”

That seems to snap him from his daze, and he stands up with you, swallowing the lump in his throat.

“_-_____! When did you - ?”

“I got released this morning!” you respond, rubbing his shoulders. “I was going to call you.. But I figured you’d be spending time with Daisuke, and I didn’t want to interrupt that… So I figured it could be a surprise!!”

You wrap your arms around him, snuggling into his warmth.

“I’ve missed you, Daiki…”

He coughs, awkwardly rubbing the back of his head before returning the embrace, sighing softly.

“I’ve missed you too ____…”

‘A lot….’

There was a muffled cough, and it only dawned on him the livestream was still recording… With everyone still watching.. And that made the happiness he felt melt into one of mortification and anger.. He stalked towards the camera, preparing to break it, when his son jumped, grabbing it and showing everyone what he looked like up close.

“I hate to interrupt this touching reunion… But we wanted to see you get your ass handed to you by Daisuke, Aomine.”

He flustered, opening his mouth before you kissed him, giggling at the ever-growing blush.

“Sorry everyone!! I didn’t want to be OUT of the video!” you giggled, scratching your head, “Guess i crashed it huh?”

“Not really… You’re gorgeous as ever ____-san.. And it was quite funny watching you tackle Aomine-kun like that..”

He flustered, glaring at the screen, “S…Shut up Tetsu!”

“If all we’re going to see is Aomine acting like a shy teenager, I have much better things to do nanodayo.. It was nice seeing you ____.”

“OI! Watch your tongue Midorima!”

They heard snoring from the other end, making them laugh.

“You put Murasakibaracchi to sleep Aominecchi!! You should’ve started sooner!”

he growled, “I’m gonna kill you, Kise!”

“Daisuke, control your moronic dad! i have to do that with mine!”

“SO mean!!”

He threw the basketball at  his dad, huffing at being  ignored.

“This is boring.. I’m heading to my room to nap.”

“OI! Get back here brat!”

“Let him go, Daiki..” you purred, leaning up to nip his ear. “I want to show you just how MUCH I’ve missed you..”

He blinked, before a smirk curled on his lips, and without a second thought, picked you up and ran inside the house. Screw everyone else. As long as he had you to hold,  to sleep with every night, he didn’t care…

He did have to beat his son in a one-on-one though… 

I realise I’ve talked a lot about Made in Abyss since I discovered it but really I’m very sorry but it’s not going to change anytime soon if that first episode is anything to go by.

I mean, I really like the story and world and characters from the manga, but I will admit that it contains some veeeeeeeery unfortunate scenes.

The anime has so far not only switched around the scenes a bit for better pacing, but it’s also brandishing some of the best character animation I’ve seen in a TV anime (Riko’s movements throughout the episode are adorable and fluid as all heck), and some of the best backgrounds, plus the soundtrack is beautiful. And with all these changes, they even got around to removing the naked tied-up twelve year old, instead relegating it to an implicit reference within the dialogue, helping to build the world without the abhorrent imagery being a distraction or a turn-off from the excellent writing.

And this is a very different world. The people here are ridiculously tough. Even the kids. Especially the kids.

I’m babbling; this is a great story to begin with, but the anime has actually taken the story, taken out the pap, shifted it around and created a fantastic premiere. This is how you do an anime adaptation.

I don’t want to jump at anything yet because we’ve still got twelve episodes to go (and I know some of what’s coming up) but if the quality carries on like this we’re definitely getting the Bokurano-esque adaptation rather than the Elfen-Lied-esque one.

and i am so happy

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Hiii Sea! I don't know if you have talked about this but I still find really interesting the album artwork Harry has for Harry Styles. There's no name, no logo, you can't see his face. If you are putting out your first album, it makes sense for you to put you highly recognisable name next to your highly recognisable face. Do you think he wanted to kinda distance his household name from his album? I'm sorry if this has been talked about a lot or something. I recently (finally!!!) got my vynil! xx

Yay for getting your vinyl!

Neither the SOTT single cover nor the HS1 cover have words, and neither show his face. 

Here’s Sign of the Times:

And here’s Harry Styles:

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Heyhey, i'm such a trash for mamamoo but i can't find many mamamoo blogs, do you maybe know some good mamamoo blogs? Thank youuu~ ^_^

Heck yeah I do

@mmmoofic - they post links to mamamoo fics on aff and ao3 (i think they’re still in the works tho)

@monommm - moomoo artist her fanart is really cute and amazing pls check her out im not even joking pls go and follow

@queerbyul - her gifs are so good and they’re mostly wheebyul (i scream)

@platumoon - mamamoo/moonsun artist semi-realistic-ish fanart which really makes me want to cry and how good it is

@pokoppang - another moomoo artist that makes fricken cute art that can save lives with how good it is tbh

@byul94world - her tags are funny and she’s really nice (even tho we’ve never talked lol i want to talk more with other moomoos)

@mamamooheadcanons - this place is like a gold mine constantly churning out fic ideas and some of the posts are really funny so pls follow them

@mmm-smukk18 - will save your life im serious they post very regularly about the girls fanvids and anything related to mamamoo and the content is always A+++

@hanahakis - just found out abt this recently its more like a collab blog for 2 amazing fanfic writers i love them they write so well (and there’s jeongmi which is as rare and hwasun)

@tgcxmmm - on hiatus but she’s done a lot for the fandom by helping to translate memos and we all respect her as senpai

@flowerization - moomoo artist and meme af. her art is super meme i love her a must-follow blog pls go and follow

@birbyonce - draws moonsun but not also draws for other fandoms like cosmic girls (wjsn) and they’re all so good

@captainhwasa - makes gifs and edits 10/10 recommend u to follow

@wheeinthisish - super funny sometimes i die laughing because of her gifs are amazing i cry

@ahyejin - her fanfics can heal your soul and she writes for all mmm ships and she’s a hwasa stan her positivity for the maknae is infectious pls follow her

@wheeimple - calls herself old and a granny but her sense of humour is so on point i wish my grandma was like her. makes gifs (amazing ones) and is a translator at @mamamoo-trans which u should also check out btw

@light-giver - moonsun trash always screaming in gay for mamamoo shes wonderful

@karoumamoo - legendary mamamoo fanfic author her stories were what inspired me to write along with every other moomoo writer here f o l l o w her

@mumoos - makes a lot of gifs and edits i dont even know where to start go and check her blog out

@velvetmoos - essential to follow. legit. this blog can save lives. extremely well-organised and just i have no words except follow them

@paperheart-amber - posts about other fandoms but is also 100% mamamoo trash her tags are proof of that

@sun-byul - always screaming in ghei for moonsun also her tags are entertaining to read they make my day

@nnnechu - hhhNNNNGGGS HER ART makes me speechLESS ok its good enough to be put next to the moan of lisa 100% quality content

@moonbyulismine - wise af and her tags save my cats from going extinct go follow her pls

im pretty sure there’s a lot more but im just tired from school and i need to rest cuz im sick too so maybe next time (i hope i didnt misgender anyone and if i did im so sorry) PEACE OUT 

Magic, Racial Tensions and Archaeology in Rivers of London

So I want to talk about some themes I keep seeing popping up. I have no conclusions I just want to talk about them (some THT spoilers). This also went very school english essay, sorry. 

Urban fantasy is a fairly new subset of the fantasy genre, and it is significantly different from modern fantasy cities set in an ahistorical past like Minas Tirith, Ankh Morpork, King’s Landing etc. in that it is set in a recognisable modern city. Urban fantasy cities have more in common with Charles Dickens London and his ghosts of various tenses in that it often exists to point out political and cultural failings. By using magic, urban fantasy strips its narrative of the quotidian that serves as an easy distraction from the issue the story wants to highlight to make it easier to process. 

This has a long history in English literature, with Shakespeare setting many of his plays that comment on Elizabethan society in Italy, while modern examples include A Song of Ice and Fire’s message of the pointlessness of petty political squabbling when faced with serious issues. Urban fantasy uses magic in the same way, except by setting it in a modern city it creates a sort of circus mirror through magic - everything looks almost the same, but modern anxieties are reflected and writ large. Rivers of London uses magic in particular to create a magical analogy for racial tensions.

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Wilden Theory

We now know that Wilden was involved with helping Charlotte. We know they went to Cape May together with Melissa, someone else still shrouded in mystery.

According to Jenna, Wilden saw Ali the night she disappeared.  We still don’t know what happened with that.  See this post
We know that Wilden helped cover everything up from that night, but this meeting would have happened before anyone was hit or buried, as it would have been when Alison was wandering around rosewood meeting with everyone. So why don’t we know anything else about this yet?

As a cop Wilden would have many opportunities to plant evidence and lead investigations off track.  He had access to resources to find out about everyone and conduct surveillance. We know there has been tons of corruption with Rosewood PD.  

No one seems to have known Wilden until he was already older and out of school (Cape May time).  All we know is he attended Rosewood High. He could have a connection with someone (maybe Bethany) that we don’t know about.

Speculation that he was part of the NAT club.

Mary and Rollins used a Wilden mask to terrorize Ali with- WHY? Ian would be so much more relevant considering she even pushed him off that bell tower. Why in the world would they choose Wilden? There were also the pictures of Wilden in Rollin’s burner apartment. Maybe that’s how they got the mask made BUT it’s quite interesting that when Alison was seeing “Jessica” it wasn’t a mask at all, it was just Mary.

Wilden is Alive – He Faked his Death.
Marlene has said that someone stole the game from Mona in season 3.  We know this was apparently Charlotte, but with the reveal that Noel had been helping her all along I think it’s reasonable to theorize there were other helpers. Wilden died at the end of season 3 and his body was found in the season 4 premiere.  Could his death have been a way for him to devote all of his time to the A game? I personally get the feeling Noel has been blackmailed the entire time and I wouldn’t be surprised if Wilden was helping Charlotte dig up dirt on him.

There’s a great theory that Wilden visited Mona in Radley in Season 3 – see here

Alison and Mona’s deaths were successfully faked in this show and we had Mary show up after hiding out for years – a cop should definitely have the know-how and resources to do the same

The A text the girls receive right after his body is found – See this post

Around the time of Wilden’s death is when A was baiting Toby with information about his mom. A police officer would have had access to information about Marion’s death. Charlotte’s reveal left major plot holes around Marion’s death, which I believe is because that story was not true.

Who got framed for Wilden’s death? Ashley Marin. Why would A all of a sudden target a parent like that? Other parents have been targeted but not for something so serious. Who did Wilden have a grudge against? Ashley Marin. It’s perfect for him to try to get back at her by pinning her with his own “murder’.

He was always sure to give Hanna trouble because of it as well. I think that WILDEN KIDNAPPED HANNA earlier this season. They have led us to believe that it was Noel instead of Rollins, but I don’t think it was Noel either.

Garrett Connection:
In season 3 Garrett was framed for Ali’s murder.  Wilden and Garrett were both cops, it would probably be easy for Wilden to frame him. Wilden was also dressed as a Queen of Hearts on the Halloween train when Garrett was killed. Garret was probably getting suspicious of him and realized he was breaking all sorts of rules on the job and involved in something sketchy.

Holbrook Connection:
When Cece/Charlotte was arrested for Wilden’s murder, she somehow escaped right after she was interviewed by Holbrook.  I think she told Holbrook that Wilden is alive.  She either blackmailed him so that he wouldn’t tell and would help them, or he decided to join their side for some reason.

After this, Holbrook seemed to do a 180 change in personality and started to get closer to Alison (visiting her house, kissing her at the Ice Ball). I think he was then being blackmailed by Cece and Wilden or something and doing their dirty work.  

After he got suspended from the police force he gets mad at Hanna and says it is all Ali’s fault – that he did her dirty work and then got dumped.  But this has never been brought up again! I think he told Hanna it was Ali’s dirty work but really it was Charlotte’s.

He even could have ruled Mona’s death a homicide to help Cece and Wilden move their dollhouse plan.

Does Catelyn Stark really love all her children?

Yeah, so I read my good friend starkfish’s post shaking her head at the idiotic ask about Catelyn Stark in which the questioner referred to Bran as being the only child Catelyn openly loved. (To be fair, even the person responding to this ask, who admits to NOT REALLY LIKING Cat, calls this statement out as false.)

But, love her or hate her, I can’t see how ANYBODY can think this from reading the same books I did. I don’t have time to grab my Kindle and look up specific quotes about Catelyn’s love for all her children right now (of which there are MANY), but I feel compelled to give just a brief example of the evidence on how she not only loves, but intimately knows and appreciates the individuality of each of her babes. 

In the interest of time, I’m skipping Bran, since apparently even this particular questioner acknowledges she loves him. (Sorry, Bran. I love you, too, sweet boy!)

Robb: Throughout the entire war campaign, she is constantly caught between her need to care for him, keep him safe, and give him guidance, and HIS need to be a man, a lord, and a true leader. She ALWAYS forces herself to consider his needs first, guarding her speech, and helping him to reach conclusions for himself rather than just giving him easy answers because THAT’S WHAT HE NEEDS. She constantly sees him as her child, but she makes herself treat him as the adult he must now be, and she takes immense pride in all the tiny ways he comes to remind her of Ned.

Sansa: Um, this ridiculously honorable, duty-bound woman basically commits treason to exchange the Kingslayer for her daughter–not sure what other evidence you require that she loved her daughter. But, I also love her entire speech to Brienne about Sansa–with all its little details pointing to how well Catelyn actually knew her daughter. My favorite part is when she says that Sansa may have her look, but will grow to be a woman far more lovely. She says this without ANY ENVY AT ALL. (You think Cersei wants Myrcella to actually be MORE beautiful than herself?) Catelyn honestly wants all the best things for all of her children. Whether she behaves wisely or foolishly in any given situation, she is motivated by the fact that she thinks more of them than she does of herself, and this line is simply one tiny indicator of how true that is.

Arya: The absolute agony she feels over not knowing where Arya is or even whether she’s alive or dead is palpable in her POV segments, and I’m not certain how anybody could miss that. Again, when she speaks to Brienne of her daughters, she reveals an extremely clear understanding of who her younger daughter is and what makes her tick. Cat haters like to focus on the “Arya must be considered a trial” line as evidence that Catelyn didn’t appreciate her second daughter. As a mother, I’m here to tell you that every child is a trial at some point, some more than others. Acknowledging that never means you love, understand, or value them any less. Children consider their parents to be trials at times, as well. To me, the most telling line in her words about Arya here is “Forbid her anything and it becomes her heart’s desire.” Catelyn UNDERSTOOD Arya. Arya isn’t primarily motivated by a need to be a boy or a love of all things masculine over all things feminine, but she is inherently independent and chafes against being told who she can be and what she can do. It’s an admirable quality in many ways, but one which can be very dangerous to a female in Westeros. (Look what happened when Arya stood up to Joffrey by the Trident–both Lady and Mycah ended up dead and Nymeria banished. The fact that Arya was justified didn’t change that.) Catelyn KNOWS how her world works, and understanding her daughter as well as she does, she knows Arya will struggle in it and desires to do all she can to guide her in that struggle.

Rickon: Catelyn is the one to recognize that her three year old son is a bit wary of the direwolf pups and to accept that as perfectly fine even if her lord husband feels he should get over that quickly because “Winter is coming.” In the Eyrie, when faced the tragic little Robert Arryn, it is Rickon she thinks of–noting that he is only half as old, but twice as fierce. For all that her baby might have had a twinge of fear upon being presented a direwolf pup, she knows perfectly well, even at this very young age, that her youngest son is one fierce little guy. And in spite of that knowledge, when she dreams of her children, she dreams Rickon again a babe at her breast–where she can hold him close and keep him safe as she as been unable to do in this life. And that breaks her into a million pieces.

Nah, you’re right. Catelyn never thinks about or loves any of her children except Bran. Not one bit.

Emergency Commissions

So first of all, I want to say I know I owe a lot of people. I know it and I’ll work on them since I’m finally home.

But let’s see what we have here.
As some of you knew, we were working for more than 4 weeks with @vivynek0 at a place, well….It was like hell came to the surface.
They treated us like dogs. And of course not in the good meaning.

I personally got hurt, my old illnesses came back, such like tendon sheath inflammation //on both hands// and osteoarthritis of my knees. I told my bosses about these and they looked at me like I was lying. I wasn’t even able to walk normally at the end dammit.
And we’ve had enough after these 4 weeks and we decided to quit. We went to the boss to tell her and what did she do? Slam the door on us after we said what we wanted and started laughing with the others in the room.

LONG STORY SHORT: after all this drama and everything….they didn’t pay us off.


I don’t know how it is in America, but here, 300 dollars transferred to huf means a lot of money for a student like I am, and I didn’t work 8 hours of physical work //plus many overwork// a day for 4 weeks and got emotionally exhausted for nothing!

They said they’ll send the money on Monday. We’ll see. But I’m sure they’ll pay much less money than what we were supposed to get.


So this is why I need your help. I was counting on that money and so did Vivy. We’re kinda in a money trouble now.


((What fandoms can you ask for))


Undertale(+AUs, OCs, shippings):

Dragons(I don’t include them to furries, just the anthro ones):

Steven Universe:

Pokémon((Yeaaah, they aren’t furries either, whatevs)):

Custom creatures((still not furries, you give me a description, and I design it for you)):


- I only do sfw atm
- I don’t really draw humans, I haven’t drawn them in a while
- I don’t do Robotic/mechanic things, I can’t draw those
- I can’t do too detailed backgrounds


My prices:

//I’m willing to lower them just tell me if they aren’t equal to my art’s quality//

//Now this is colored and shaded, finally. x3//

Single Icons: 

  • Doodle: $7
  • Colored + Shaded: $12


Sorry for the high prices, but I really need money.

Wanna help but can’t afford to commission me or don’t like my style?

That helps a lot either.

And for those who still would give me a little amount of money….

The name is SugarBatArtwork.
Any little amount of money matters! If you can only give $1, go ahead! It means a lot to me!

Thank you very much for those who helps me, I love you to pieces! ♥


Let’s start off with 5 people. 0 spaces are free at the moment.
They will release as I’m getting done with the commissions. :3

But you can still write to me, I’m doing a hand written list either so I won’t forget anything.

  1. @stevextony223
  2. @aitwobecky
  3. @dragaura
  4. @hachikato
  5. @thenormalgeek

On the waiting list:

  1. @midnight-dawns
  2. @scotskunk

If you want to commission me, IM me here on tumblr.

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Uh, hi. Wowww golly I can't believe I'm doing this! But recently I saw your Tokyo Mew Mew sketches and decided to leaf through your art and... Wow I really love it. I have a question I hope you wouldn't be too bothered answering (I'm sorry if you have already answered or if there's an FAQ or something ; - ;) but how often do you use your sketchbook? What do you put in it? What media do you use? What inspires you? uhhhh I'm sorry! Have a good day and uh thank you. :3

ahhHHh you’re too sweet!! thank you so much (●´□`)♡ there is no FAQ, unfortunately! but i will answer your question as well as i can.

*long artsy post under the cut*

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okay so i had a thought, based on what you said about the cohort being one generation. so i figure there are stores and things on alternia and i assume trolls could possibly volunteer to run a shop to make a quick cred. SO. i had the cutest and most hilarious mental image. Two sweep old Sollux and Aradia going into a shop, maybe having to psionic themselves up so they can see over the counter. They ring a small bell to get the clerks attention, and sitting on a stool is another two sweep old

This is pretty much exactly what happens.

(No, but really - this is pretty much exactly what happens. Generally they’re, um, fairly older, but ‘shops’ start springing up as soon as a troll with a talent realises that other people will give them creds for using said talent. Basic, shitty food - think MREs - can be requisitioned from the drones, but even on Alternia there are, like, herbs and shit, so anyone with a modicum of skill at making flavourful things and only rarely poisoning someone ends up rich as heck by Ascension. 

Then you get people like Equius, who specialise so thoroughly in expensive skills like fuckin’ robotics, and these nerds generally end up forming their own little economies of “well I have the stuff to etch a circuitboard so if you wanna transfer over some credit I’ll get it done for cost and a bit - oh, hey, and I know a guy with a 3D printer-”

And then you get entrepreneurs like Vriska, who look at the whole contained system of buying and selling and bartering and go, “You know what this needs? A middleman.”

There are lowbloods - Tavros, Aradia, even Nepeta - who don’t really bother with being a supplier of anything, because it is a big effort and a huge timesink and they’re happy doing their own thing - the basic credit stipend adequately covers average food and utility (water, electricity) requisitions plus a tiny bit extra, and if you can convince the system you need something for, you know, schoolfeeding it’s entirely covered, so Just Existing is something that is more than possible, even on the lower end of the spectrum.

The higher end of the spectrum are spoilt as shit, though. Feferi, Eridan and Gamzee get more credit allocated to them than the rest of the cast combined - although that’s kind of cheating, since Feferi’s account is basically unlimited. (It’s like internet: unlimited until someone notices you are using way more than they expected. Karkat… has done some damage, with Feferi’s account and the army.) This was a deliberate choice: it basically trains the trolls early that being useful to a highblood = a better life. Highbloods, in general, do not comprehend the idea of not being able to do something because they can’t afford it. They spend lavishly, and getting a highblooded patron means that they will be spending lavishly on you

The weird thing about all this potential economic instability and ruin is that it doesn’t really matter, to the rest of the Empire. The credit system transfers over, past Ascension, but your personal requisition rights dwindle to barely anything. On Alternia, you can basically requisition anything you care to dream up - although you’re probably going to have to source the pieces and find someone who can put them together, if you’re doing anything even slightly obscure. Socialisation! In the Fleet, you can… choose one of several options for breakfast. Get someone to build something small you can keep in your tiny, tiny respiteblock. Upgrade your quality of pen! Anything complicated is linked to your position and provided for your position - so say you get deployed as an admin, but your passion lies in playing the pedal harp. Nope! Too bad! If your hobby doesn’t fit on the desk in your tiny spaceship respiteblock, you get to give that hobby up forever. The resources it takes to raise a cohort to Ascension are already dialled in - the Empire’s accountants have had a looooong time to get that particular forecast mostly correct and build up a nice safety net for those cohorts that like to blow the lid off things (thanks, Karkat). 


Marco's WAZ Interview (translated)
  • Interviewer: In 1996, Germany has brought a European title for the last time. Since you were seven years old. Do you remember something from this event?
  • Marco: Nothing.
  • Interviewer: Nothing?
  • Marco: No, I'm sorry.
  • Interviewer: Then comes your first EM memories of 2000 and 2004?
  • Marco: Exactly. At that time I was mostly traveling with friends. We have also seen some games as a kind of fan mile in Dortmund.
  • Interviewer: Germany was eliminated in both tournaments in the first round. It wasn't so bad in their first tournament in 2012 as a professional.
  • Marco: It was a difficult tournament because many players arrived late from their clubs. This wasn't an ideal preparation, because you just need a longer period together before such a big tournament, to play and to get used to each other. Until the semifinals we were well in the tournament, but on the day Italy was stronger.
  • Interviewer: You came into the tournament only for 125 minutes...
  • Marco: I haven't played the first three or four games, that's true. I got my chance against Greece, which was my first game. Furthermore, I was very happy that we have won, I have brought my performance and even crowned with a goal. Still, you had to go sit on the bench.
  • Interviewer: Still, you had to go sit on the bench. Afterwards it was said: With you in the starting lineup Germany would not be excreted.
  • Marco: Phew, that was four years ago... The national coach has decided that, so I had to accept that. Afterwards you know, how one else could have made it better. As they say:
  • could have, would have, bicycle chain.
  • Marco Reus about his role in the EM:
  • Interviewer: What role do you want to take at the upcoming tournament?
  • Marco: My claim is to play. I want to finish in the top eleven, the team wants to help and to show that I deserve this place in every game. In recent years, I have always played in the national team, I want to confirm. We have a very, very good team with many young players, who makes pressure. Only in this way we can be successful. It is important to start well in the tournament, to leave no doubt to us.
  • Interviewer: National team manager Oliver Bierhoff has said that players like you who were not there in 2014, are particularly important to maintain the success of greed after the World Championship. Do you agree?
  • Marco: The guys who are already world champion, will not subside. They want to automatically get the next title. And for the players, who were not there, there is an incentive to win the first title with the national team. This is my focus, such as others like Mario Gomez. Maybe we can actually propel that 2014 a bit.
  • Interviewer: You are 27 years old on Tuesday. How has your role changed in the national team?
  • Marco: We have experienced players who have already become world champion. But I need and do not want to hide. I have disputed a lot of experience and a lot of big games. They can benefit from us, also from my experience.
  • Interviewer: So far, you haven't won a major title with the Club, nor with the national team. How do you deal with it?
  • Marco: Calmly. Of course it is a dream of every footballer to win titles. I would be lying if that's not the case with me. But I can't change what lies behind me. Now it's time to look ahead, to set new goals again.
  • Interviewer: Your previous Dortmund team-mate, Mats Hummels moves to Bayern Munich after the European Championship. Not only, but surely because the likelihood of major titles is the highest. Could your desire for trophies also be so great that you leave BVB?
  • Marco: I don't make my personal happiness just dependent on titles. As a soccer player, of course I want to win this. But in real life – I am referring to - I am happy without a title, simply because I can exercise the sport, where I have fun. I always wanted to.
  • Interviewer: Earlier this year, very confidently you expressed that BVB gets contracts extended with the stars in question.
  • Marco: As a leading player at BVB, it is also my responsibility that I replace myself with those in charge, because I'm interested in the planning and because I want something bigger from this club. This is not simple by the disposals of Mats and - when it comes to - Ilkay (.. Gündogan, d Red), who also has an incredible quality. Therefore, I hope and expect that good players will come.
  • Interviewer: Do you have doubts?
  • Marco: I trust that the coach and those responsible have a good plan. But now, this is not my subject at the national team at all.
  • Interviewer: Your pal Mario Götze will not come back, he wants to assert himself in Munich. Did you know before the announcement of his decision?
  • Marco: Of course, we talked about it. And ...?
  • Marco: It is Mario's decision, he feels that way, so you have to accept that and so do I. He would like to go this way and he wants to go that way and he will do this with a hundred percent.
  • Interviewer: You are good friends: he asks you for advice at such an important decision?
  • Marco: No, Mario doesn't rely here on my advice, he can make important decisions himself. Of course he engages every now and again.
  • Interviewer: One fails, other's going. The departure of captain Hummels also causes a loss of team leadership. Do you feel ready to assume more responsibility?
  • Marco: I believe that in recent years I've risen steadily in the team hierarchy. That's my goal, because now I'm at an age where I wants and can help young players. I'm in the Club for four years, last season I was vice-captain. It will be interesting how this develops further with us.
  • Interviewer: When the captain ashore, the Vice on the bridge is called.
  • Marco: We will see that.
  • Interviewer: No big ambitions on the binding?
  • Marco: I think this is not the top priority, but of course it is an honor to enter the place as Borussia Dortmund's captain. If the opportunity is there, I certainly wouldn't say no. But I see the loosely. Much more important is that I am fit.
  • Interviewer: Currently you train only dosed, the adductor hurts you?
  • Marco: The problems occurred after the DFB Cup final. At 120 minutes, which is no surprise. I'm getting treatment every day, can do a few exercises. I think next week I can train normally again.
  • Interviewer: To treat of your recurring adductor problems, you consult regularly the Dutch Osteopathic Hub Westhovens. Why him?
  • Marco: He is a good guy, to drive several internationals. I feel comfortable with him.
  • Interviewer: What does he do with you?
  • Marco: It looks that in my body a wheel interlocks with the other. If this is not given, I get back problems. With the injuries that I had, that happens a little faster. Since I have to be careful
  • Interviewer: You will always have these problems?
  • Marco: I don't know. You can rest assured that I am doing everything, so that they don't come back. I had two severe injuries to the foot, thus the body changed and I must respond, where I try different things and see what is good for me. But you need time for this, but unfortunately in football it goes blow by blow.
  • Interviewer: Exactly how the body changed by the injury?
  • Marco: If I knew that. Unfortunately there is no faith healer, who can tell me that.
  • Interviewer: Do you do anything else, so you feel better?
  • Marco: I have my diet changed and thus I have less body fat. Although I am not the guy who balanced the weights by the weight room, but I have tried to continuously build muscles that are important to me. But the noticeable results through the change in diet takes time.
  • Interviewer: How much time?
  • Marco: It takes a few months. Generally my plan was to come in the second half to a level where I can participate and miss no training, no matches anymore. For this we needed the first half year, where I was to get out again. It is important that one is not crazy in these moments and adheres to the plan, you need patience. It takes just a couple of months until you get the first reactions of the body.
  • Interviewer: The body is one thing, mind another. How do you deal with the injuries and the consequences?
  • Marco: Injuries sometimes enters the brooding. But I can't help it, it can just happen, thing applies not only to me.
  • I work a lot prophylactically, the rest I can not influence and rather look positively forward.
  • Interviewer: You may influence but what the debutants of the national team must endure at the weekend as a ritual after their first international appearance...
  • Marco: You have the choice of torment: hold a speech or sing.
  • Interviewer: What were you doing at that time in October 2011?
  • Marco: I made a speech.
  • Interviewer: Significant words?
  • Marco: Oh no. At that time, I was still a young guy. I was mega nervous, because there were all experienced players. Something already occurred to me - but then I laughed anyway.