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listening to the adventure zone for the first time. I realized at ep. 21 that I wanted to compile some of my favourite qoutes (not just from characters). so here’s that (in no particular order. not even in order of appearance):

  • “abraca-fuck you”
  • “i’m really getting this cleric shit aren’t i”
  • “I’m not a nerd so I don’t know-” “we’re on a D&D PODCAST”
  • “let me tell you the story of the time an orc punched me so hard I almost died”
  • after griffin has been complimented for the quality of the campaign. “let’s wait and see how it ends, though, ‘cause lost seemed pretty good too”
  • “no i’m a flesh boy”
  • “i just don’t understand why me understanding the basic rules of dungeons and dragons is like an unfit way to spend our time”
  • every time taako mocked jenkins not using spell slots
  • “I have a beating heart! i’m- i’m multidimensional! i’m a fully realized creation. Fuck.”
  • let me promise you one thing- are we out of the zone of truth?” “yeah you’re long out of it” “everything’s going to be fine”
  • “my names not jerry its…. jereeeeee”
  • barabra telling taako (as jerry) he’ll walk him to the bathroom
  • “the second ruffian-” “give them names” “c-craig…ory?”
  • “magnus’ quest for vengeance just… ends” “and OURS BEGINS”
  • “there’s no vine you’ll never be able to not fuck”
  • “let’s try that again, and you say yes to my fucking bit”
  • “hot diggity shit, this is a baller cookie”
  • the entire section where they kept talking when mushrooms were giving off spores at the sound of their voices and kept having to roll constitution saving throws.
  • “that is your last thought as a two armed man”
  • everything starting with justin going “i’m going to cast a spell called eldrics black tentacles” and ending with “MY NAMES KRAVITZ”
  • ^side note: kravitz why did you actually give him your name when that was what he was asking
  • kravtiz “what the fuck is wrong with the three of you” when taako eats that crystal piece
  • unrelated to the above event  “oh no it’s a vore thing!”
  • “tell julia i said i love her”
  • “how’s elvis?” “…still alive”
  • “it sounds like you’ve given me an even better lesson- a new mystery to solve!” “oh fuck”
  • “blizzard can you get off my nuts for a second!”
  • “it’s seventh level……necromancy” *slightly distant, loud laughter*
  • “what was the last thing you said?” “i said i love you jules”
  • but it’s not… what julia would want. so i’m gonna have to pass”
  • the entire section where justin is being given the left or right choice and everyone is losing it bc he was literally told earlier in the arc
  • “this figure in the red robe… is you”
  • the entire section of taako convincing garfield to sell the sword to him for a useless item. (especially griffins “oh my god”s when he realizes what’s going on, and a quieter one a few seconds later)
  • “[….] he just looks like a smaller taako” “griffin- a taquito?”
  • “i’m gonna say the pocket workshop can only sustain 2 boys at once though, because i don’t want you to have an infinite bag of boys that you can just put boys inside”
  • “welcome… to the monster factory!” *laughter*
  • “flipping off is a free action”
  • griffin describing taako transforming, before saying “and turns into… a tyrannosaurus rex”
  • “i’ll be having my body back, you undead fuck”
  • “okay… you pee while holding two flame throwers”
  • “listen… light them the fuck up”
  • huh… i feel sad.  and he kills you”
  • “our capacity for love increases with every person we cross paths with throughout our lives and with each moment we spend with those people. ”
  • “it delighted in your company, magnus, and it still does.”
  • “today is going to be one of those memories”
  • “if she were to look under the table, she would see that his legs are visibly trembling in absolute panic”
  • “you are home… here… in cycle 99″
  • “sometimes there aren’t right decisions sometimes there are just… decisions.”
  • “when someone leaves your life, those exits are not made equal” (and on)
  • “this is it…. this is it”
  • .”Those are the arms that have held my wife”
  • “i have nothing, and i don’t give a shit. the world is ending, and i don’t care”
  • “hell yeah, dungeons and dragons is back”
  • “no i’m gonna leave all that in” “no griffin no”
  • “should i talk slower so everyone who’s been complaining about us not playing d&d has time to nut?”
  • “You’re dating the grim reaper?!” 
  • “i’ve got magic powers.” “was that supposed to be some big reveal?” (and on)
  • “it’s upsy… your lifting friend” *laughter*
  • “i’m a wizard, my name is taako, and i’m pretty- well- fucked”
  • “no dogs on the moon”
  • “i’ll take one taco, with extra destiny” *laughter* “yeah, fuck it, i’ll teach taako how to make a taco”
  • “thanks for not ripping my arms off, magnus”
  • “whats up ghost rider”
  • “it says thanks for reuniting it with it’s kids […] and it says, you’re even”
  • the entire section of  “and __ walks over to __” during ep 68
  • “but that stops here”
  • “hear that babe? we’re legends”
  • “and then… you see john smile”
  • “i’m allowed to ask the dm one question, and he has to answer honestly” “alright go” “did you have fun doing the adventure?” “yes” “okay!”
  • “you know the best part of the fantasy costco? free samples”
  • “much like the best science on earth, you’re double blind”
  • “i reach into my fucking bag and grab my immovable rod. i’m not going fucking anywhere”
  • “you hear a voice through this rift say, you’re going to be amazing
  • “and then… light”
  • “Johann was right! We won!”
  • “i know about the silverware”
  • “sorry, so you want to be earl merle?”
  • “not just because you saved the world, but, because i know how hard you’re trying”
  • “we see you one last time, as… magnus rushes in”
  • magnus’ entire speech to carey
  • “that was the world you made, that was the ending you earned”
  • “the story of four idiots who played d&d so hard they made themselves cry”
rant. sorta. hiatus.

I’ve just found out that some people here think I’m using my blog for the wrong purpose, that I’m cliquey, and that they dread being associated with me. That’s completely fine but that’s not who I am.

I talk to everyone who talks to me. I have trouble reaching out to people because I don’t want to bother anyone. I don’t think everyone wants to talk to me or anything similar, so I don’t reach out to people. I have mutuals that I adore, but I’m too scared to talk to them because I feel like I’ll be bothering them. I still feel annoying when I message some people, for example @noona-la-la-la, who I’ve been following from day one, let alone when I message people I’ve just met or that have just followed me.
As for the cliques … I have a couple of writer friends. I talk to a lot of writers, but it’s about our stories and it’s basically mutual fangirling.
I think it’s extremely unfair of people to talk about me when they don’t know who I talk to and they can’t see my inbox. I talk to a lot of writers who are just getting started, I just don’t promote people because I don’t want to get used for that. If everyone on my blog asked me to promo them, this would become a promo blog and I don’t think you guys are here for that - this is a fanfic blog. I think anyone can understand that. Besides, I’d like to think that the people whom I talk to aren’t here to get promoted but are here because they like talking to me, even if they are considered “smaller blogs”. That’s so subjective and depends on so many things like how often you post, what members you post about, how long you’ve been on this site, what time of day/week you post, who reblogs your stories etc. Notes don’t mean quality.

At the end of the day, I am who I am. I may come off as mean to some people, but I know in my heart I’ve tried to be the best person I can. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’ve been through a ton of shit this year, starting from a breakup of a 4 year relationship to getting diagnosed with a disorder (which I don’t want to get into because it’s TMI and it’s personal). I like to keep my things private and I think people tend to forget they’re not the only person that follows me and that I’m a real person with real problems and feelings. Right now, there are about 28 000 people on my blog. To me, that number is INSANE. This isn’t me boasting or bragging about it - I don’t think my blog deserves that many followers at all. I don’t deserve that kind of attention. There are people that are so much more talented than I am that don’t get enough attention and I don’t think I’m better than anyone. I don’t even know what most of the followers are doing here since a lot less people interact with me than before. But realistically, if anyone thinks I can talk to a hundred people daily and answer all the asks I get and write and work and deal with personal shit all the time, I’m willing to give them my password and see them try to keep up with it. It’s hard to deal with your own life and then come to tumblr and get messages about people asking you to help them overcome depression and suicidal thoughts, asking advice about a breakup, asking help about tumblr stuff, about uni, school etc. I’m not a machine. When someone sends me a message saying they want to die, I feel like shit because I know nothing I say can help that person and I try to come up with the best answer possible to give them some comfort and try to get them to ask for help. So if I don’t reply to an ask asking about when I’m updating something, it’s because I tend to prioritize the asks I get, if I even get the time to go through them.
This is tumblr, not the real world. It isn’t something serious, it doesn’t mean anything, it doesn’t change anyone’s value as a person. I DON’T THINK I’M BETTER THAN ANYONE HERE, especially not based on notes and follower count. Personally, I felt happier when I had around 1 or 2 000 followers because I knew they were all here for my stories and not for whatever reason they are now, and I talked to a lot of them on a daily basis and I still do. Now I don’t even recognize most of the usernames that like and reblog my stories because that would just be impossible. It’s easy to preach when you’re not in this situation, I think.

If you’ve ever felt ignored, I’m sorry. I’ve tried to reply to every ask and message I got, but a couple of months ago, I was going through something and I let them pile up. And then I just didn’t have the mental strength I needed to go and answer the asks so I let them pile up and I hated logging on. Then I had a literal breakdown and I deleted the 4K messages that were in my inbox because they were just adding to my already insane anxiety. They were stressing me out and I felt horrible for not being able to reply to all of them and they just kept piling up and I wanted to delete the blog and everything that came with it, but the problem wasn’t this blog or the asks or the questions - it was me and my anxiety and I’m aware of that. If that makes me a bad person, I’m a bad person.

To the people with the mean comments - I wish you all the best. I hope you get a lot of followers, lots and lots of them since I’m being judged based on that, and when you do, you will see that it isn’t as amazing as you think it is, and it isn’t easy to keep up with everything. If you’re offended by this post, I’m sorry. That was not my intention. I just want to give my opinion since I’m being judged without anyone even talking to me or addressing it directly instead of behind my back. I’m a person, not a robot behind a blog. When I find out someone’s talking about me behind my back, it hurts, despite this being virtual and despite these people not really knowing anything about me. It hurts because it’s not fair. But the world isn’t fair and I’ll deal with it.

To everyone else, thanks for your support. You guys have helped me a lot without even knowing. I’ve posted about my personal issues through my stories a bunch of times because it was my way of dealing with those things and the conversations I had with you guys about my stories have been so pleasant and some of them have helped me a lot. Thanks for being here and for reading my stories. Conversations with you guys have helped me deal with the problems I have. Like I always say, you’ve made Tumblr my happy place. I know it sounds corny, but a lot of times I would feel horrible and this was the only place I had, and you made it great for me. I loved logging on and talking to you and just being here in general. 💗
I’m going on hiatus because of my master thesis, but also because I keep getting dragged into childish drama that I don’t want to be a part of. I don’t want to log on and see posts about me, posts shading me, or trying to make me feel like shit. I don’t think I’ve done something to deserve that. This is a social media site, not my life, and it shouldn’t be anyone’s.

anonymous asked:

HI, can I request one with RFA+Saeran+V, like moments that they would have with their kid/kids? Maybe taking their kid/kids to work, coming home after a long day but even though they're tired, they still play with their kid/kids. These are just some examples and the kid/kids could be any age(as long as they count as a kids.) Thank you for all the Headcanons, some of these have helped me got through my depression and I am way better now because of you guys. *BIG HUGS FROM MY SIDE OF THE WORLD!*

So glad we could make you a little happier! *GIVES BIGGER HUG FROM OUR SIDE OF THE WORLD* Hope you enjoy these~


  • His daughter had been spending way too much time with Jumin’s son
  • So, Zen wanted some quality time with her, at least for one day
  • He wakes her up one morning and takes her out for breakfast at a little coffee shop
  • They have a cute little breakfast while they talk about life and school
  • Zen pulls out his phone and takes a bunch of selfies
  • His daughter may have picked up some traits from him and joined into his selfie shenanigans
  • They use so many filters, and her favorite one is the wolf one, since Zen makes so many jokes about him being one
  • It’s all going great until her friends from school happen to pass by
  • “You didn’t tell me your dad was so…hot.”
  • Thankfully, Zen had been paying for the  meal, so he didn’t hear, but his daughter was mortified
  • She hurried Zen out of there when he was done
  • For most of the day, they visited different shops and walked around town together
  • When they got home at night, they put on masks together and put on a movie–that Zen wasn’t in
  • Zen fell asleep in the middle of it, and his daughter took the advantage and took a bunch of pictures and selfies
  • Zen looked ridiculous with the mask on and his mouth hanging open
  • She sent several to her mother for both of their amusement


  • He had a day off and it was a rainy day
  • Thankfully, he had an entire playroom for his little boy
  • Yoosung had recently bought this huge foam blogs and several packs of them
  • So the two of them spent the entire afternoon transforming the room into the boy’s little house
  • There were walls that separated off a tiny living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom
  • He dragged Yoosung along in all the rooms
  • The first stop was the kitchen, complete with fake food and fake pots and pans
  • He made Yoosung a plastic omurice before serving him in the dining room
  • Yoosung plays along for the whole hour, even though his knees are killing him from being on the floor the whole time
  • The kid gets really excited and tries to run into another room
  • Unfortunately, his excitement causes him to run into one of the foam walls
  • A domino effect later, the whole foam house is on the ground and the kid is crying because he messed everything up
  • Yoosung tries to calm him down, “No, no! You’re just super strong. Like Spiderman!”
  • To cheer him up, Yoosung changes his son into a spiderman onesie
  • He then lifts him up in the air and lets his son pretend he’s flying
  • The kid is doing the spiderman thing with his fingers while Yoosung jumps from place to place around the house, the kid in his arms
  • Eventually, the kid gets tired and so does Yoosung, so they just take a nap together


  • It was bring your kid to work day at C&R
  • Jaehee really didn’t want to bring her seven year old daughter, but there was no school that day and she couldn’t find a babysitter
  • So she brought her along
  • Her daughter was in awe by the place and kept asking Jaehee questions about what she did
  • Jaehee didn’t want her to get bored while she was doing paperwork, so she gave her little tasks of her own
  • She took a big pile of junk paper and set beside the shredder, teaching her daughter how to use it
  • The girl was fascinated with watching the paper shred into little tiny pieces
  • “Mom, this is so cool!” 
  • “Yeah, honey, it is–No! Not that paper!”
  • After that, Jaehee gives her the job of putting stamps on envelopes to be mailed
  • It killed her pride, but Jaehee wanted to do something special for her daughter
  • So she asked Jumin to award the little girl with a certificate
  • She didn’t expect Jumin to give an entire speech in the conference room about how there has never been a better paper shredder in the company
  • What made it worse is that her daughter has this huge admiration for Jumin now


  • One of his business deals went through and the client gifted Jumin with this huge Lego Star Wars ship
  • It was an odd gift, but Jumin thought his ten year old would like it
  • So, he gave it to him that night and promised to build it with him as soon as he got home from work the next day
  • The son was so excited
  • He opened the set and separated the legos by color and type and waited patiently for Jumin by the coffee table
  • As soon as the keys jingle from the door, the son is darting forward to greet his dad
  • Jumin keeps his word and they get to work
  • He didn’t expect it to be so complicated…
  • Jumin is so confused by all the instructions…and why they are pictures instead of written words
  • “Hey, Dad! Look!”
  • Jumin slowly lowers the huge paper and sees his son one-fourth of the way done
  • Eventually, Jumin tries actual building, but his long fingers make it difficult to put the tiny pieces together
  • The kid crawls in his lap and helps his dad as they build certain parts together
  • Hours later and they finally finish
  • Jumin is so proud, since his son managed to figure out the foreign language of instructions and finish
  • He wants to take a picture, so his son stands on the couch and does a little peace sign next to their creation
  • Jumin goes out with his son and buys some more smaller lego sets
  • MC comes home with her living room full of Star Wars spaceships…


  • His eight year old daughter came home from school a little pouty
  • She tells him that she has a science fair soon and she needs to build something for it
  • He suggests a solar system, and she responds by pulling a disgusted face
  • “Space is boring though!” 
  • Seven gasps loudly and promises to show her she’s wrong
  • Knowing he can get a little extra when it comes to projects, so she emphasizes that she only needs the simplest thing
  • He tells her to go draw a picture of the solar system and he would help with coloring or something
  • She brings it back to him and he just spreads it across the table, “Great! This is the blueprint.”
  • Knowing she can’t stop him, she just goes along with whatever he has planned
  • They spend the day building with whatever equipment he has in his house
  • He gives her a bunch of space facts as they’re building the planets together and putting together the rods
  • When it comes time to a snack break, he takes her out to the store and buys some HBC and Dr. Pepper
  • “I use to live on this when I was younger,” he told her.
  • He sees sparkles in her eyes when she first tries them together and he’s so proud
  • They finish the project together throughout the week, and both end up really liking spending the quality time together
  • And she doesn’t hate space anymore, which was a plus
  • But then he gets a call from a teacher the next day voicing their concerns
  • Apparently, a solar system complete with lights, moon phases, and a robotic orbit implied that she might have cheated
  • Seven didn’t care that she got disqualified, and he took her out for ice cream to celebrate anyway


  • Unfortunately, Saeran’s six year old son had the same health tendencies as his father
  • That meant he got sick pretty often and had to stay home from school
  • Saeran saw he was getting pretty bummed out about it
  • So he decides to make that sick day as fun as possible
  • He brings a bunch of books to the bed and lets his son pick one out
  • He reads as many as he can, but in the middle of one, his son requests a puppet show
  • Saeran is hesitant, but he can’t resist his son when he looks so pale and tired
  • So he builds a little theatre and draws faces on some old socks
  • He begins reading from the book again, this time with the puppets talking
  • “And then the king said–”
  • “No, Daddy, you have to do the voices!”
  • “Oh…sorry…Ahem.” He proceeds in a higher pitched voice
  • He actually does finish the story–voices and all–and the kid is laughing by the time he’s done
  • Saeran will put on his son’s favorite movies and move him over to the couch
  • He melts a little when his son snuggles up to him for warmth


  • He takes his daughter to the playground since it’s a nice day
  • But she’s very shy so she ends up being alone on a swing at one end of the park
  • He feels bad, but he doesn’t want to make her uncomfortable and push her at the other kids
  • So he joins her
  • First he takes to slides, but she’s too scared to go down the really long slides
  • So he sets her on his lap and goes down with her–even if he hits his head a few times
  • He plays that game where he pretends he’s in trouble as he’s lying backwards on the slide and holding out his hand while she pulls him up
  • After awhile, she’s not scared anymore so she tries to impress him by walking up the slide
  • But she ends up slipping and going straight to the ground, and he has to get wood chips out of her hair
  • The other kids are attracted to the fun the two seem to be having
  • V somehow ends up as a jungle gym with children climbing him and asking to play with them
  • By the time they leave, his daughter has made quite a few friends, but she looks up at V and grabs his hand, “I had the most fun with you, Daddy!”

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Requested by anon: The Wonwoo fic and Taeyang fic are so freaking cute and they are so well written too omg! Please write more fics for the both of them as they’re my favourites (: Wolf!au? Thank you ((((:

Requested by anon: Wolf!au for wonwoo or woozi! Thank you and I love your works!!

so i got the same au request i hope both of these suited your taste! LIKE I SAID I HAVE OVERWHELMING FEELS FOR WONWOO SO THIS IS PROBABLY LIKE THE LONGEST HEADCANON I’VE EVER WRITTEN THIS IS SUPER LONG OMG BUT I HOPE YOU ENJOY EVERYONE!!!! BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE WONWOO IMAGINES :)))) if you weren’t satisfied please send me another request!

  • I was lying in bed and was just like “hm you know wonwoo really resembles a wolf????”
  • I love jeon wonwoo anyways
  • You lived near a very dense forest with your grandpa
  • Since it was a small town, there could only be so many things that could happen before word travels
  • Ofc nothing ever happens in your small town the most eventful thing was when the local market ran out of your favorite potato chips like honEST TO GOD
  • But as of late there’s been more signs of wildlife in the forest and everyone is lowkey freaking out like what is this we haven’t even had livestock in 80+ years????
  • Thanks to the dense forest there’s been showing a steadily increase in deer population yay!!!! But also what!!!!
  • With deer ofc comes…………
  • Wolves
  • Packs and packs of them
  • You’re worried for your life what if a wolf is gonna attack you one day since you’re right next to their habitat!!!!!
  • Your grandpa is just like lmao y/n chill i was a hunter back in the days we’ll be fine
  • It was a chillier day than usual in the winter and temperatures were dramatically dropping

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It Takes Time (Gang au)

A/n: I figured out how I want to do this series for now which is introducing each member on their own. So heres Jungkook first. It’s not very climatic right now. Also I’m sorry it’s so short I just wanted to get something out because its been a long time since I’ve last updated this whoops plus I’ve had some anons rushing (which I understand, I mean its literally been months.) Enjoy!

Prologue, Part 2

He threw you into the room and you landed on the cold floor. “Now stay here until someone comes to get you,” he turned and laughed, “if someone ever comes to get you.” Jimin shut the door and left. Out of sight out of mind for him. You backed up to the corner of the room, not staring up to meet the other girls. “H-hi I’m Neni but everyone calls me Pip-” Jimin barged back in and threw a piece of cloth at you which you realized was a dress. 

“Wh-what’s this?” You asked him. 

“Your new uniform!” He said cheekily. 

“Here? In front of everyone?” You asked softly. 

“Well yeah?,” he laughed, “do you see any other rooms? Unless you wanna change out in the hall? But if someone comes out I won’t stop them from touching you.” He looked down at you and grin. “So what’s it gonna be girly?“ You pointed to the door. 

"No-” Neni started saying but was cut off by Jimin, “Hey! Shut it!” He lifted his hand up to her to make her flinch then put it back down, “That’s what I thought. Now come on girly let’s get you changed.” He grabbed you by the arm and pulled you out. “Go ahead don’t be shy.” He shut the door behind you. You started taking off your shirt when Jimin started running up and down the hall slamming and banging against the walls yelling, “Fresh meat! Fresh meat! A cute little gal! Get it while it’s hot!” You realized you made a big mistake when men started coming out of their rooms. 

“Hey what’s all the ruckus?” A brown haired man asked as he rubbed his hair looking as if he just woke up. 

“Well Hobi and comrades, we have a new one with us today. It’s her first day, in fact, it’s her first hour.” Jimin answered. 

“So the freshest of the fresh I see.” An evil smirk popped up on his face. “Guess I better get to it before they do.” He walked faster towards you along with the other men. You quickly put your shirt back on and backed up against the wall at the end of the hall. Tears making their way down your face. All the men looked down at you like a group of hound dogs ready to attack. 

“She’s very pretty.” One said. 

“Yeah look at that hair.” Another spoke picking up a sliver of your hair. 

“Look at her curves. Wooh, mami let me getta slice of you?" 

They all kept saying sexual things about you, making you crying even harder. "Alright alright alright alright, that’s enough pigs. Go back to your room.” A man got in between you and the crowd but none of them listened. “NOW!” He yelled making everyone drag themselves back into their rooms and slam their doors.

“Man, Jungkook you’re no fun.” The guy named Hobi said while putting his hands against the back of his head and walking away nonchalantly. 

“And you’re a dick.” He said back, “Jimin she’s coming with me.”

“We gotta take it up with Namjoon first though?…" 

"I said she’s coming with me, so that means she’s coming with me.” He hovered over Jimin with his teeth clenched. Jimin put his hands up in surrender.

“Whatever man but if he comes by, I’m blaming you." 

"Yeah, yeah whatever wimp. Now come on.” He turned to you. “Stop crying and let’s go!” He waited for you to pick yourself up and wipe your sleeve against your face. You looked up at him to see his still face. He twirled back around and headed down the other side of the hall then took a right. You guys walked to the third door then entered. He closed the door then sat at the edge of the bed. You stood there, confused on what to do. “You could sit down if you want.” He said patting the bed. “If you wanna lay down take your shoes off okay?” You nodded in response. “Your not much of a speaker are you?” You shrugged making him chuckle. “Hey it’s okay, it’s just me. Jungkook! I just saved you, well kind of.”

“Kind of?” You questioned softly. 

“Even if I didn’t step in, Jimin wouldn’t have let anything happen to you. I mean I hope.” He put his head on his hand as if to think about it. “Nah, nah, he wouldn’t have. Well I mean if you haven’t done anything to him but I heard you’ve only been here for an hour so I don’t think you’ve fucked up already. Have you?” You shook you’re head furiously. “Didn’t think so. Waah you’re so pretty. What’d you do to get down here?" 

"M-my brother got into some trouble with another gang, a smaller one. They wouldn’t leave him alone and I didn’t know what to do so I tracked down Namjoon to help. I told him I’d repay him back for the damage but I couldn’t gather up all the money. So here I am, for exchange of my brothers freedom really.” Jungkook just stared at you with wide eyes. 

“That’s the most you’ve talked and your voice is so light and pretty.” You smiled and looked down. “Well I’m going to shower… don’t try to escape okay? It’s much worse out there than in here.” He grabbed a shirt and pajama pants from his drawer. “But if do escape, don’t get caught. They’ll take care of your family in front of you then you after… trust me, it’s not something you want to see…” he looked down and slowly walked to the bathroom that was connected to his room. He shut the door and ran the water. You took this as a chance to change your outfit and look around. There wasn’t a closet, just a drawer with a tv on it and a nightstand. The window above the bed had bars. 

“I’m being held captive…” you looked outside only to see crates next to crates next to crates. Behind them all was just forest. You took a peak into Jungkooks nightstand and found a small picture. It was of a lady with an older woman next to her and two kids in front of them. “Oh. That kind of looks like Jungkook.” You set it down and kept looking. Not much was in there and all the other drawers were filled with flimsy clothes. You’d think for a gangster they’d have better quality clothing but I guess this isn’t a fashion business. You heard the water shut off and quickly jumped onto the bed, sitting on the side closest to the wall. “I see you’re ready for me.” He smirked as he walked into the bedroom. “I’m just kidding I know Jimin had you wear that.” You nodded your head making it known you heard him. “So what do you wanna do?” He asked but all you did was shrug. “Uhm you wanna watch tv? Here.” He handed you the controller.

“No thank you.” You handed it back. 

“Okay then I’ll watched tv and you could just sleep?” You nodded. “Okay cool.” You laid down, not going anywhere near Jungkook. “Here.” He handed you a blanket. 

“Thank you.” You said softly.

The last thing you remember was falling asleep as Jungkook watched tv and now here you are up while he’s sleeping. You sat up a little and looked out the window, curling your knees up to your chest and hugging them. “I’m sorry mom. I’m sorry dad… I’m sorry Jay. I wish I could’ve done better for this family. I should’ve done better for this family. I got Jay away though… I hope you can look after him okay?” You felt a warm stream roll off your face. They wouldn’t stop coming and you started to breathe heavier. You couldn’t stop yourself from crying frantically. And that’s when you felt the body next to you start moving. He shifted his weight towards you. 

“Can you keep it down?” He said in a harsh tone. “I said shut it!” He raised his voice but you couldn’t stop. “Goddamn it! I’m trying to help you! But I can’t if you won’t let me sleep! I have to work tomorrow…” so you tried. You really did but all the loud sniffling and small squeaks irritated him. “That’s it!” He grabbed you by the back of your neck and slung you across the bed onto the floor. “You’re going back to the flower room!” He got up, still having a grip to your neck, squeezing it so you wouldn’t get out of his hold. He opened the door and walked down the hall. 

“No no please!” “I don’t want to go back there!” “My neck! My neck! Let go!” You shrieked, trying to grab at his hands. All your screaming woke some of the men up. They peeked their heads through their doors looking tired and disoriented. One caught your attention. You guys stared at each other for what seemed like a while but was only mere seconds. You were in too much pain to actually see any features to the male other than his eyes. 

“Brought her back already? Poor thing wasn’t up to your standards? Aish Jungkookie, maybe you need to stop being so rough!” Jimin smirked as he opened the door. “Let the bitch in.” He said with a slight bow and his hands gesturing towards the inside of the room. 

Jungkook threw you down on to the floor only to leave with one phrase, “I tried.”

[Two-shot] Eighteen Hours (Saeran x Reader): Part 02

Summary: [Two-shot] He had eighteen hours more, on a flight next to the girl whom he had given his window seat to.

Eighteen hours more.

Without shifting his head, Saeran glanced wistfully at the dark window from the corner of his eye. In the distance below the plane, the city was twinkling with dazzling golden lights, like little stars on the ground as they flew up into the dark veil of night amidst the low rumble of the plane’s engine. He wished he could get a clearer look of the diminishing city beneath him, to see as it grew smaller and smaller till it vanished into thin air, past the heavy fog and dark clouds.

The only thing was, her head was in the way.

With a soundless exhale, he turned his attention back to the blank screen in front of him, and pulled the headphones that rested around his neck up to cover his ears. He closed his sore eyes, relaxing into the soft, quiet instrumental that was playing. He never really liked midnight flights, but he hadn’t had any other choice, since she had chosen to be on this one.

He resisted the urge to peek an eye open to glance over at her, forcing himself to keep his head in place and to keep his eyes screwed shut. But that only reminded him again — this was probably the sixth time — of the face that she had made when she laid her eyes on him.

She had been tired, evident from the dark circles beneath her soft eyes, her eyebrows pressed down slightly in a tiny frown as she tried to wrestle her heavy bag through the tiny aisle without hitting other passengers, her lips pursed in a thin line as she tried to keep from yawning.

She was plain. Ordinary. There wasn’t anything special about her bare face, nor her soft mutterings of “Excuse me” and “Sorry” as she squeezed past several other passengers. She was just a normal girl. Like any other he could find on the street or in the park.

And yet, she wasn’t.

She made him feel nervous in a way he had never felt before, and he didn’t know why. His heart had beat a little faster when she had arrived, bag in tow. And it had gone even faster when their eyes met, and her eyes flickered in recognition.

She remembered him. Clearly, from the way she stared at him for a solid three seconds before shaking her head in disbelief and an embarrassed, shy smile graced her lips. “What a coincidence,” she had said, by way of greeting, before he got up to help her get her luggage in the overhead compartment while she slid into her window seat.

Or more accurately, the window seat he had given her.

It was strange how compromising he was being. He absolutely hated flights when he didn’t get the window seat. There was just nothing to do. Watching movies gave him a headache, made him feel queasy on flights. Not to mention, he could easily download those movies and watch it on his own computer at home in far better quality.

The window seat was the best place to be. He could sit there and watch the clouds go by for hours, look down below and try to spot mountains and hills if it was a clear day, admire the rich, golden sunset closer than he could ever be on the ground on a normal day.

And yet, he had just given up the window seat for a girl he barely knew. For a girl who loved window seats just as much as he did.

For a girl… who was kind of weird. Like he was.

“Yeah, what a coincidence,” his rather cryptic reply had been. That had earned him a rather odd, questioning look from her, before she lowered her gaze and turned back to the window, to look out at the dark night.

Sure, you could call this a coincidence. Just one that was a little more… deliberate.

He heard her shift in her seat, and then there was a quiet little breath of air.

It was hard to fight down the upward twitching of the corners of his lips as he resolutely kept his eyes shut.

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Vitae & Mortem

Dystopian AU - Read previous chapters

Part Four

There was something unfamiliar about the way Harry slept. Calm, unfazed, untroubled. His slumber was deep, and I could almost see him dreaming of a life he’d never had. I could see him dreaming that he was someone else, with a roof over his head, a family, an education, a home. It was only thing that could explain such a deep sleep.

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Fakiru Week 2017
Day 1: Silver

So, for Fakiru week this year, I’m doing a 7-part modern Pride and Prejudice AU I’ve been thinking about for some time now.  :3 I hope you’ll enjoy, and I’m sorry that each of these chapters are late :x

Also, this is all self-indulgent so like.  I’m sorry :x

Ahiru and her sisters weren’t born with silver spoons in their mouths.

On the contrary, life with the Featherbottoms was more like giant ice cream scoopers, aprons stained with crepe batter, and a limit to only two free samples per customer because running a parlor was expensive business.

… Ahiru thought it rather silly to limit them to two samples each, since barely anyone ever came in anymore.

Their little ice cream and crepe parlor sat on the eastern end of a dismally failing outdoor mall.  Most stores sat empty.  Other lots housed some random boutiques and the occasional rug store bound to be out of there by the next quarter.  Ahiru swore she saw tumbleweed brush past the glass paneled doors at least once a week.

Her parents, well-meaning and ridiculous as they were, insisted that their big break was coming—that Rue’s balletic talent (“her one redeeming quality!” they’d say, much to Ahiru’s chagrin) would carry them off into comfort and riches eventually, and persisted with keeping this little shop going as long as possible (if only so they wouldn’t lose the apartment).  Not without cutting corners, though: they swapped out fresh strawberries for preserves, removed avocado from all their savory crepes, convinced Ahiru to make smaller scoops per order, and other such minor details that soon coalesced into one giant mess of a business.

“Rue!!” came the shrill sing-song of their mother’s squawking, “Let your sisters handle the shop today!  You must keep to your lessons!  I’ve heard from your instructors that you’ve been focusing far less lately!”

Rue frowned impatiently, stubbornly pulling her thick hair into a tight bun.  "Ahiru will be left alone here.“

"I can handle it!” Ahiru said brightly from her spot in front of the display glass, wiping at the window above the bins of ice cream.  Though her parents saw Rue’s dancing as a way out of their struggles, Ahiru knew that her older sister genuinely felt her happiest in her pointe shoes.  "I don’t think it’s gonna get busy!  And Pique and Lilie are coming in this afternoon, that’s what they said!“

Rue gave Ahiru a withering stare.  

Ahiru’s expression wilted.  "O-Okay, so they’re not coming in.  But still, it’ll be okay, won’t it?  I know how everything is done!”

“Heavens, no!” Mrs. Featherbottom gasped, utterly scandalized, “The whole place would fall to pieces, and we’d be left with absolutely nothing!  We’ll be forced onto the streets: beggars!  Spinsters!”

Ahiru blinked owlishly.  "Spinsters?“


"Oh.”  Was Ahiru really that bad with the store upkeep?

Rue turned her nose up, her lips pursing, and to their mother, she might’ve looked haughty.  But Ahiru caught the subtle slump in Rue’s poised shoulders.  "Mother, I’ll stay here until Pique or Lilie comes to relieve me.  I’ll make up the lessons on my next day off.“

"Well, be sure that one of those two comes here soon!  The darlings—they work so hard and have such hefty schedules!  But we must balance our priorities, after all!  And Rue, you cannot have your talents go to waste!”

Rue took her spot at the crepe station while Ahiru sampled the strawberry flavor.  Minutes passed.  No customers, as expected.

So, Ahiru bumped the volume on the speakers and skidded across the tile floor, a mop her guitar and an ice cream scooper as a microphone.  Rue gave her that same, tiny smile, the one that said, “you’re so silly, I love you, little sister,” and rose to the tips of her non-slip shoes to twirl into a dance behind the counter.

Working wasn’t always that bad.

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Family Matters - Elias Lindholm

for anon

lowercase intended

word count: 1791

warnings: none

a/n: i am so sorry about the wait for this one and the quality. i’ve been struggling with writers block lately:/

Originally posted by nhl-canes

you’d always thought that you’d be more nervous than elias when he finally met your family. you’d been way more nervous when you met his family. hell, you always worried about things more than he did; he just calmed you down.

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joannalannister  asked:


Okay I had started to write this earlier today but then I realized I was nearly doing a complete writeup of this class on the history of art patronage in Italy in the 15th and 16th century that I took for my bachelor’s, and while I personally think it’s a fun subject it *can* get a little meandering so… this is the short version (which is telling, lol).

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Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Part 1/?

Description:You have always been a busy person from the very beginning and you haven`t realised your surroundings.You go to meet your life-saver  uncle but soon you realise someone who has been keeping an eye on you for a while.

Genre:Fluff+some confession


Dear reader x Chanyeol

You looked at your phone and continued to run towards the bus.You were in a big rush and missing the only bus you knew wasn’t going to help you at all.Luckily,you managed to catch the bus and a sigh of relief left your lips.You watched as the rain poured all of a sudden.You loved rain.After 10 minutes you got off of the bus and walked towards the metro station.When you managed to avoid all the crowd and sat down,your phone rang and you saw “ 내 꺼 hero hero”.You couldn’t help but smile.You answered the phone.

‘‘Yes my hero.”

“Where have you been?”

“On my way to your place.”

“I told you it isn’t my place and you gotta hurry or u’ll miss me cause the boys have somewhere to go and we need to hurry up.”

“Ok,but I thought you said you would be there until 8pm.”

“I was planning on staying but the boys wanna go somewhere and i couldn’t say no.”

“Obviously.” A deep sigh left your lips.

“Be quick or u’ll starve for the rest of the week.”

He ended the call and you couldn’t help but smile.He wasn’t your family or relative but he managed to help you whenever you needed.He loved you even though he didn’t say it and you knew it.He was your ajussi.Your life-saver.When your father died 4 years ago he was the one who helped you when you needed and stayed by your side.He helped you more than your mom did.When your mom abandoned you 5 months ago and told you that you weren’t his daughter anymore,he took you from your mom and helped you to stand on your own feet and he was still helping you.He was your hero.

You hurried to the exit since he told you to hurry up and be quick but soon you realised that you were wet.It was pouring down again but you didn’t mind because it reminded you of all the things you managed to overcome until this day.You ran into the SM building all wet and for the  first time since your mother abandoned you,you felt like you were truly alive.You opened the building’s door to see a bunch of young men dressed in black and they all had masks which was making it obvious that they were idols.This building was rather a secret one as nobody knew about it except the idols and their managers and it was used as a meeting place.All of the masked men looked at you but most of them already knew you even tough you had no idea who they were.Your beloved ajussi was basically their manager and you had seen them at least 5 times before but you weren’t used to it.

Your eyes searched for your hero as he started to walk towards you and you wanted to hug him but you couldn’t as you knew it would look weird a 20-year-old foreigner hugging a 40-year-old korean man.You smiled at him and he just continued to pout.

“What happened to you again?”

“It was raining and I didn’t have an umbrella.”you said trying to calm down your breath.The fact that you were speaking in english and he was answering in korean was odd enough and you felt a pair of eyes on you.You looked up to the side where men was talking and joking with each other and a pair of eyes caught yours.He was the tallest between them and he was wearing all black just like the rest of the group.”They look like a bunch of well-skilled korean gangsters.”you thought to yourself.

“…….and I also want to give you the chocolate I bought from overseas.Hey,you listening?”

“Yes of course.”you said as you realised you almost dozed off.”I would love to have some chocolate!!But I want the money first.”

He smiled widely and gave you a envelope with the money in.He sometimes gave you some money just to make sure you were good and didn’t need anything.He also called you every day and bought you everything you asked for.Since you were living by yourself,it wasn’t easy to go to school and work and he was helping you out.

You took the envelope and smiled as brightly as you can.He looked up to “the boys” and nodded.Your eyes caught the same curious ones again.You looked at him.His eyes got smaller which was a sign showing he smiled since you couldn’t see it because of the mask.Another small men looked at you and took off his mask as he drank water and you were sure you saw his face before.Multiple times.Your ajussi realised your eyes becoming wider as you saw the familiar-looking face and he said that they were leaving.You hummed a small ok as you started to walk out of the building and you felt the same pair of eye on you again but you didn’t care as you didn’t have time to care.You waved at your ajussi one last time and started to run towards the station.

As you arrived at your small studio you started to get ready to create another piece but you couldn’t help but wander about the man who kept his large eyes on you as you talked to your ajussi.

(2 weeks later)

You felt yourself getting more and more tired as you continued to walk towards your apartment.You were out of the library you were working and now you had to go the orphan  kindergarten to cook something for the kids there.You had too many jobs for one person but you didn’t care because you loved all of it.You rushed to your apartment.Fed your cat,watered your plants,ate a sandwich and got ready to go.Just when you were about to live you phone rang and once again you saw  “ 내 꺼 hero hero” and you wandered why would he call you since he had some work to do.


“Hey kiddo,sorry if i’m interrupting and i know you’re busy so am i but i have to ask you something.There’s this company party on saturday and everyone brings a date.I know i’m freaking old and stuff but i wanted you to come with me so you can have some quality time.”

“Ohhh I see.Well,I have to go read some books at the kindergarten on saturday  so i’m busy,plus i do have quality time on the library!”

“Look.I know you’re working hard and you are busy but you really have to come.I promise it’ll be funny and you were the one who told me library was like a dad grandma who forgot to die last month.”

“Hey! I love the library.I won’t come.I said i’m busy.You can take jeongha unnie tho.”

“She hates me so much.She won’t come.Come on!!!”

You looked down at your watch and realised you were almost late.A loud sigh left your lips.

“Ok i’ll come but you have to hire someone to read the book.”

“No problem.Thank you kiddo.You saved me.”

“You owe me.”

“You owe me your life so let’s not talk about what I owe you.

“Fine.See ya.”

“ 몸 건강해! “

(3 days after)

You called your unnie jeongha who always helped you when you needed and answered all your weird questions to help you get ready for the party.You looked up at the mirror and woah,who was that? You looked perfect.You couldn’t believe this was you.You thanked jeongha one last time and headed out.Ajussi was waiting for you and when he saw yo,he looked proud,like a dad.Tears started to form in the corners of your eyes but he wiped them off with his fingers and once again,you thought you were so lucky to have him.

You arrived at the party and soon you realised everyone was looking at you.You knew that it was hard being a foreigner in korea but that wasn’t the reason why they had their eyes on you.You felt happy as you were able to have some time to have fun.Your eyes caught a familiar-looking pair.”No”you thought to yourself,It can’t be.You knew this pair of eyes;the one you couldn’t erase from your mind for days.You looked at the men surrounding him.They were all looking handsome and smiling.He was staring at you still,You found the familiar-face of the man and you realised why he looked so familiar.They were super famous idols known as exo.You didn’t know much about them asn you barely had time for yourself but you knew them from commercials and brands.The man was still looking at you.You didn’t know what to do and it felt like he was eating you with his eyes while he was staring at your soul.

Thankfully,ajussi took you to meet some co-workers and you felt at ease.After meeting all those people and ajussi introducing you as his daughter,you were happy and tired.Not too long after ajussi took your hand and said that you were going to meet the last co-workers of him.He also told you that he knew them for a long time so you were excited to meet them.When you arrived where ajussi was heading,you felt your heart trembling.9 handsome man was looking at you with a big smile except one of them was looking at you more densely.You felt your legs shaking as you met each of them.They were also kind and smiley.You shook the hand of the person in front of you ad you looked up with a big smile but not too long after,your smile faded and your hands started to shake.You didn’t have any experience.You knew how it was supposed to be but you only saw it on the dramas 

“Hi,I’m Chanyeol.” he said with a big grin on his face.He was truly handsome.His brown hair looked really good with his suit.

“Hi,I’m (y/n).”Your voice was normal somehow considering your shaking legs and racing heart beat.

“Wah! It’s a really unique name.”

“Thanks.”You managed to say.

“It means the blooming flower of joy and peace in her language”said ajussi and you gave him a look but it was obvious that he was careless around these men.

“It’s beautiful.”he said and you smiled.Thank god you weren’t the blushing type or you would be red from head to toe.He was just about to say something but a model-looking man stopped him and said nice to meet you.You said the same thing and left them with your ajussi.There was a big balcony upstairs and it was the only place you knew here other than the restrooms.You went up to the balcony and realised how beautiful the view was as it was like you could see all over the city form the balcony.You heard footsteps from behind but you were sure the person wouldn’t come there.

“It’s the best at night time.”

“Uhhmm….” was all you could manage to say as you saw the glorious tall man from before and your heart raced again.”Yea,it’s.” you finally spoke.

“Just like your name..” he said while he was staring at the view with a calming smile.

”Just like you.”

Hi people!Hope y’all doing well ♡.So here it is.Hope you like it and please excuse my english,i’m still improving.I don’t really know how this happened but i’m planning on continuing.Good luck in your exams.Get rich ♡


It’s All Gonna Be Okay

Okay so my heart is ruined because I played Joseph’s route and got the bad ending for Amanda and y’all…that is my darkest playthrough. 

So I had to write about it because it broke me, and Damien is my favorite dad so why not. 

So without further adieu….the fic that nobody asked for! 


It’s all gonna be okay…

It’s all gonna be okay…

It’s all gonna be okay…

It’s all gonna…it’s not okay…

Louis sank to the couch. Amanda’s been gone for two months now. He hoped she was happy. She was happier than he was. After the graduation party, everybody fell back into their normal lives in the cul-de-sac. No one noticed the way he cleaned the remains of the party fighting back tears and repeating Alex’s words as a way to keep going, mostly likely they thought Amanda would stay back to help him. She left him, she kissed him on the head and said she loved him, but when she came back she didn’t talk to him, and they only exchanged one-word greetings in the morning. He knew their relationship changed when he was watching Masterchef, and she kept walking.

He told her the day she moved into her dorm that he loved her, she rolled her eyes and smiled and told him that she was going to be okay and that she was going to call him later.

He was still waiting for the call.

He wasn’t sure when watching TV became boring, or when exactly he stopped giving a damn about the way his hair looked. He always tried to at least tie it in a ponytail, but it was too much effort. He wore the same outfit for days now, the same gray sweatpants and white t-shirt stained with coffee. He wondered why even getting out of bed made him so tired, if he ever got up at all.

He left the house even less than before Amanda went away. The sunlight made him hurt because he wanted to go out and pet the dogs and drink coffee like before, but his bones ached and so he closed the curtains and cried. The mail came, but it stayed right where it landed when the mailman arrived. He checked his phone to see if maybe Amanda texted him. The last message she sent was “fine” when he asked her if she was alright. He hadn’t seen any of the other dads since the party, maybe they forgot about him, he wanted them to care but then he didn’t. There was an invite to yet another barbeque at Joseph’s house, but he couldn’t bring himself to go there and socialize and pretend everything was fine. Even worse, he didn’t want to hear everyone asking him if he was alright, if he needed anything, because then he would probably break down right there and that wasn’t right to Joseph. He ate, but then he ran out of bread, and then ham, and then after that he was reduced to eating cheese slices with mayo on it with a glass of water. He told himself to get dressed and to go to the supermarket but he couldn’t let anyone see him like that. He didn’t want everyone to know that he was hurting.

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ChowderWeek 2017, Day 2: Family Dinner

Bitty Doesn’t Know How To Use Chopsticks

[a reinterpretation of this]

If there was ever a moment Chowder felt that he was born for, this was it. This, right here, in his moment of utmost glory, is what he was put on this earth for. He’s even got the evil laugh to go with it. Everyone’s gotta have an evil laugh, okay? Everyone was staring at him like he’d gone mad with power, which, was not entirely inaccurate.

You see, it all started with almost-Christmas. According to Holster, Christmas means Chinese food (gotta love that Holster logic), so almost-Christmas means SMH family dinner at the Chinese restaurant off campus. Bitty, as if anyone expected anything less, whipped up some pie to bring for dessert, and this is important. This is Chekov’s pie, right here. Are you paying attention?

So there they were on their merry way, ordering up some fancy family style dishes to share. Walnut shrimp, kung pao beef, sweet and sour pork, stir fry vegetables, crispy tofu, mapo tofu, Lardo ordered a steamed fish, the eating of which is another story for another time, and winter melon soup. It was going to be a swasome dinner. And then Bitty did The Thing, he did That.

He asked for a spoon and fork.

Gasps, mock horror, chirps all around.

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[Fanfiction] Thank You

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon - Slightly Canon Divergence: Do Bong Soon x Ahn Min Hyuk

In this universe, Bong Soon doesn’t work at Ainsoft as game developer because I want to keep their cute relationship free of unprofessional boss-employee trope. And there is no crazy murder kidnapping sub-plot either. Just pure fluffy stuff.

Taking off the watch, Ahn Min Hyuk signs. He debates the idea of working out a sweat and then sleep like a log but decides to hold back until he completes the regression testing of the latest game. The last batch of added new features are going well but he wants to make sure that the established features don’t catch any bug as well.

They are only a week away from the launch of a new game and everyone is in frenzy. He made sure that the cafeteria is open 24/7 and convert two other board rooms into secured napping areas for female employees apart from the usual sleeping corner. But all the catering efforts can’t erase a harsh truth of the gaming industry: his staffs are slowly becoming walking cross-bred between panda and zombie.

So he told everyone to go home today and leave a small team who has not pulled all-nighter stay behind for emergency calls.

He also needs a break from all the office buzz.

Flipping out the cellphone, he is about to set alarm clock for 10:15pm, hoping to catch a short nap before seeing a new message from Bong Soon. His heart swelled at the flashing bright yellow icon but soon flops at the two-sentence message:

“I will stay with grandma for two more nights. I will call you when I get back.”

“Is everything alright? Should I come and pick you up?”

“I know it’s summer but keep warm, don’t sleep in your sleeve-less shirt”

“Send grandma my hello. I will come visit her next week”

Sleep tight Bong Bong!

<3 <3 <3

Looking at the three fluttering heart icons, Min Hyuk lets out another sign. He misses her, really really misses her. He wants to hear her calling him Minmin, wants to see her, hug her and kiss her. But seeing how the messages are unread, she probably deserts the phone somewhere. And he doesn’t want to interrupt her quality time with grandma either. She only gets to see her a few times a year. Not to mention, grandma is sick. Bong Soon could be sick too. And he feels anxious about the possibility.

Tossing the phone on the nearby table, he goes for a shower, hoping to get rid of the murky feeling.

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You Won’t Be Homeless

It all happened very fast for Jack.

One day, he was living comfortably with his brother and one of his best mates, the next they were packing boxes and cleaning the flat from top to bottom.

Conor and Josh were excited, talking repeatedly about their new places, but for Jack? Well the day that their lease was due to run out loomed over his head. Because he still didn’t have anywhere to live.

And that day was rapidly approaching.

Which lead to him moaning about it one night while over at Joe’s.

The two had originally planned to film a video, but then they started watching Planet Earth and making dinner, and that lead to a few drinks, and now they were sprawled across the floor of Joe’s living room, heads side by side, staring at the ceiling.

“I’m going to be homeless! Why couldn’t we just live together a little longer? Am I that bad of a roommate?” Jack rambled on, his hands moving in the space above him.

“You won’t be homeless,” Joe chuckled, his own hands resting on his stomach, smiling as he watched the younger man’s flail above him. “And you aren’t a shit roommate.”

“I never said shit. I said bad.”

“Same thing.” Joe shrugged. “Conor and Josh just want to try something new. Can you blame them? It wasn’t that different with Caspar and I.”

For some reason, the mention of Caspar causes Jack’s stomach to tighten uncomfortably. But he shook it off, and turned his head to look at Joe’s profile.

“I can blame them if they’re leaving me homeless.”

“Like I said, you aren’t going to be homeless.” The smaller man turned his head to face Jack as well, his eyes intensely blue as he stared over at Jack.

“Where am I going to live then?”


“Huh?” Jack blinked, surprised and slightly confused. Something about Joe’s eyes always made him distracted.

“You can move in with me.” Joe said casually, turning his gaze back up to the ceiling. “I have the space. So just stay here until you find your own place.”

“Are you sure?”

“I wouldn’t offer if I wasn’t.”

Jack felt as if he could kiss Joe at that moment, but he pushed that thought aside quickly, choosing instead to grin broadly at the smaller man.

Those type of thoughts seemed to pop up frequently for Jack, the ones he had about Joe. But he never let them stay for too long, because he didn’t want it to become a thing. There was no denying that Joe was attractive, Jack had fully accepted that at this point, but that was all he was. It was a normal thing to either think your good mate was a decent looking bloke or not. Jack had always been that way with all his mates, girl or guy. So when Joe had waltzed into his life, Jack had simply placed Joe into the good looking category and then moved on.

But as he got closer to the other man, Jack realized that there was other attractive qualities to Joe than just his looks. Such as his easy character, his sincerity, and the way he never failed to make Jack laugh. But the younger man never sat long on those thoughts of Joe, because they were just good mates.

Until they became roommates too. And Jack was suddenly around Joe a whole lot more, and that meant those thoughts were popping up frequently.

Within the first week, the two had become quite comfortable around each other. They already were prior to Jack moving in, but this time, it was a different comfort with one another. More intimate almost.

They learned how to move around each other without having to say a single word. Their nightly routine had become sitting together on the couch, computers on their lap as they edited. Joe was even teaching Jack how to cook, laughing softly as the younger man got flustered over preparing something properly.

It was easy. Simple. Casual.

Then it wasn’t.

Because Jack realized that his eyes had begun to linger on Joe, and that when they were sitting on the couch, he always had to be touching the smaller man in some way. From their arms or legs pressed together, to his feet tucked under Joe’s leg. And when Joe walked around without a shirt on, especially just after he showered, the towel hanging low on those slim hips, Jack could feel himself get warm and flustered in an entirely different way from when they were cooking.

Jack realized that slowly but surely, he was falling for his roommate. Who happened to be his good mate. And who happened to be straight.

So Jack tried to distance himself slightly. His search for a new flat picked up from where it had left off nearly three days after moving in with Joe, and he tried desperately to find something that worked. Anything.

But each place he looked at just didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel like home. It didn’t have Joe in it. So Jack kept searching, and he kept his distance from Joe.

No longer did he join the smaller man on the couch at night for editing, instead claiming he was tired and would retire to his bedroom. Then he would toss and turn, unable to sleep because he hadn’t gotten those few relaxed moments with Joe.

No longer did he cook side by side with Joe, their hands brushing together as they reached for ingredients. Instead, he would eat out or go over to Conor’s new place.

And no longer did Jack let his gaze linger on Joe. If he caught himself staring, he would tear his eyes away quickly, focusing back on whatever he was doing.

He had to stop.

“Did I do something wrong?” Joe stood in the doorway of Jack’s temporary bedroom, hands braced on the frame on either side of him. There was a small frown on his face, and his eyes shined with hurt. Jack looked up from his computer, where he had once again been searching for flat’s, to look at the other man.

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know.” Joe shrugged, but remained where he was. “I just feel like, this sounds stupid, but like you’ve been avoiding me.”




“So you have been?” Joe raised an eyebrow, but his body shifted, tensing as he gripped the frame.

“No. Yes. No.” Jack winced at his words, watching as Joe only grew more guarded, his lips pressed into a hard line.

“Right. Sorry if I’ve done something to wrong you. Just let me know and I’ll fix it.” The words were practically snapped in Jack’s direction, and the younger man hated it. He never wanted Joe to feel this way towards him.

“You haven’t done anything wrong.”

“But you’ve been avoiding me.”

“I know.”


“I can’t tell you.”

That was the breaking point for Joe, and he pushed himself away from the door frame, giving Jack a simple nod.

“Alright. I’ll just leave you be. Goodnight.” Without waiting for a reply, he spun on his heel and left, the sound of his bare feet against the floor echoing as he made his way up to his bedroom.

“Well done, Jack.” The younger man grumbled to himself, letting his head fall back against the wall. “You really fucked up now.”

That night, Jack tossed and turned once again, trying to fall asleep but failing. The guilt with how he handled Joe earlier churning in his gut.

Figuring he’d get no sleep, Jack pushed himself out of bed, grabbing a hoodie and slipping it on as he walked out of the room.

The hallway was dark, but Joe’s stairs illuminated the way. The place was quiet, eerie sounding, and when Jack walked into the living room, he jumped at the sight of a body curled up on the couch.

“Jesus!” He yelled out, hand on his chest as Joe stared wide eyed at him, “You scared the shit out of me!”

“My bad.” Joe mumbled, his chin resting on his knees, arms around his legs.

“What are you doing up?”

“Couldn’t sleep. You?”

“Same.” Jack nodded, glancing around the room briefly. Finally, he moved to sit on the couch beside Joe, only a couple of inches between them. The silence hung heavy in the air, laying on top of them like a blanket.

“I’m sorry, for what ever I did.” Joe’s voice was small in the darkness, and Jack’s eyes darted over to the body next to his, curled in on itself. It was his fault that Joe was like this.

“You didn’t do anything.”

Joe’s feet met the ground with a sudden slap as he spun his torso to stare at Jack, hurt shining in his eyes, “Then why are you avoiding me?!”

“Because…well, because…” Jack tried to get the words out, but he couldn’t say them. The fear had a tight grip around his throat. He didn’t want to lose Joe, he realized then. And if he admitted to his feelings, that was what would happen.

“Because what?! I’ve wracked my brain trying to figure out what the hell I did wrong. But I can’t figure it out! Everything was fine before, and then suddenly, it just wasn’t!” Joe’s eyes were bright blue in the darkness, the light from the stairs reflecting in them, made brighter by the unshed tears. His hair was tousled, probably from him running his hand through it too many times. And the shirt he wore was loose, hanging off of his body.

To Jack, he looked perfect.

Which was why instead of trying to say anything, Jack simply leaned forward, brushing his lips against Joe’s. And when he pulled back, he stared into Joe’s wide eyes.

“Because that.” He spoke softly, holding his breath as he waited for a reaction. Yelling, screaming, kicking him out. Anything. Something.

What he wasn’t expecting was for Joe to throw himself at Jack, arms wrapping around his neck as their lips crashed together, Jack falling backwards on the couch with the force of another body. His own arms moved around Joe, gasping into the kiss as Joe bit lightly on his bottom lip.

The feeling of Joe’s tongue fighting against his own, and the feeling of Joe’s body straddling his, caused Jack to moan into the kiss, his own hands traveling along the slim body against his.

When they pulled apart, Joe resting his forehead against Jack’s as his chest heaved, warm breath dancing across Jack’s lips, the smaller man began to laugh.

“You pulled away because you liked me?”

“I didn’t know you liked me too.” Jack blushed, his fingers splayed across Joe’s back.

“How many times do I have to walk past you practically naked? Or cuddle up against you on the couch? Or find a reason to bloody touch you before you realize I like you too?”

“To be fair, it took me a while to realize I liked you in the first place.”

“Well, now that you know,” Joe dropped a sweet and simple kiss on the younger man’s lips, “Can you stop avoiding me? And stop looking at other places to live?”

“Y-you still want me to live with you?” Jack blinked in surprise up at Joe, who groaned and buried his face into Jack’s shoulder.

“Yes! I invited you live here in the first place, didn’t I?”

“Because I was going to be homeless!”

Joe lifted his head to look Jack in the eyes again, one hand moving to his cheek. “I was never going to let you be homeless. Do you understand that?”

“I do now.”

“Good.” Joe smiled softly down at the younger man, his thumb brushing across his bottom lip. “Can we go to bed now?”

“I’m still not tired.” Jack admitted.

“I never said anything about going to sleep.” Joe’s smile turned into a smirk, and his eyes darkened slightly as he shifted his hips against Jack’s.

“Oh. Then yes, bed. Now.” Jack stumbled over his words as his grip tightened on Joe’s hips.

Laughing, Joe ducked down to place one more quick kiss on Jack’s lips before he rolled off of the younger man, winking over his shoulder as he made his way to the stairs. Jack wasted no time in following him.

Half a Heart | Zhang Yixing

Genre – Angst, Fluff

Word Count – 1.8k

Summary – In which your break up with Yixing hasn’t treated either of you well, but both of you are oblivious of how much you miss each other.

(Sequel to ‘Almost is Never Enough’)

Lyrics Credit - Half a Heart | One Direction

Part 1 Part 2


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So your friends been telling me, you been sleeping with my sweater

And that you can’t stop missing me

Bet my friends been telling you, I’m not doing much better

Cause I’m missing half of me


Saying these past few months had been hard was a complete understatement, but I tried my absolute best to deal with the pain that came with my decision. And by dealing with the situation I mean, spending days trudging around the empty shell of an apartment I had –which only felt a lot more empty after being used to living with someone like Yixing- and binge watching every season of a new series I’d decided to start the prior week.  I had received a few visits from the close friends who  knew about my relationship with Yixing, but all they managed to do was scold me for my changed lifestyle which never managed to make me change my ways. My job at the small coffee shop in town had been long forgotten after I took a few very long vacations from my now extremely confused boss, but there was nothing in my life to motivate me to wake me up in the mornings anymore. In spite of all of these drastic changes, I decided to never even consider going back to him because this was my decision and I had to stand by it…

But this evening was different, my boss had decided to threaten to fire me as I hadn’t provided any significant reason as to why I hadn’t been showing up to work for the past month.  Not wanting to lose the only job I used to love showing up to everyday, I decided to drag myself up to take a shower and get dressed appropriately. After drying myself off, I pulled on a pair of skinny jeans and looked through my wardrobe in search of something warm to wear on top of the tank top I had on due to the biting wind running through the pouring rain. Receiving another text to remind me that I was getting late, I decided to throw on the closest jacket I could find, which happened to be one of Yixing’s that I’d “borrowed” because I loved it. His overwhelming scent seemed to be the least of my problems as I grabbed by car keys and rushed to work.

The sound of the small bell ringing –indicating any entrances- instantly sounded like calming music to my ears as I entered the shop with a slight smile on my face. The number of customers seemed to be the usual low amount as we were a very small business in the corner of town, but we did have a few dedicated customers who’d show up almost every day. I sent my co-worker –and also one of my best friends- a light grin as I walked towards her behind the counter. There were a few people dotted across the tables, but no one was ordering so I figured that it was going to be a nice start.

“Y/N ah! We’ve all missed you so much” She exclaimed, pulling me into one of her classic bone-crushing hugs as I struggled to hold back a giggle.

“I missed you guys too! I’m back for good this time” I sent her a reassuring smile as I reached under the counter to grab my waist-apron.

“Good, because we haven’t been getting those attractive customers ever since you’ve left. Girl’s flirting game as grown weak because of you!” She complained, taking off her apron as it was the end of her shift and the beginning of mine.

“Yah! Is that all you care about?” I gasped jokingly slapping her arm as I tied the straps behind my waist. I’d forgotten how much fun I used to have here with her and a few other of my co workers, I was beginning to think that this would’ve been a better distraction than Netflix binges.

“Love the jacket by the way, I’m not sure it’s your size though” She winked, not knowing who it actually belonged to but I already knew she was making assumptions up in her head.

“I swear are you leaving or shall I make you?” I chuckled shaking my head at her antics as she raised her arms in defence. Grabbing her bag from the back, she waved us all goodbye before my shift began at the counter.

The little bell rang once more, but assuming that it was her leaving, I decided to restock the little cakes that we’d finished throughout the day. I heard the shuffling of a person make their way to the counter and I closed the glass door and slowly made my way to the cash register, ready to take the order

“Good evening, how may I help y-” I was cut off mid question as I looked up for my eyes to meet with an all too familiar pair. I decided to keep my professional hat on as I was at work, but his stare was already causing me to melt inside. “How may I help you?” I finished my question, instantly avoiding his eyes to train mine on the note pad.

“Please can I have a mocha and a bit of your time?” He asked coolly, as my quivering hands scribbled his order down. His visit was completely unexpected, but I didn’t know why I felt like such a mess around him when I was the one to leave him.

“Yixing I’m working” I informed him, already beginning to work on his order to distract myself from the fact that he was actually stood there.

“I can see that, but I also see that you’re working in my jacket so we have something to talk about” His sentence and strong tone was taken a bit out of context from be as anger began to bubble in my stomach. Surely he hadn’t meant to make it sound like I was the only one missing him, but the heat of the moment caused me to instantly peel off the jacket and grab his hands from behind the counter to forcedly give the piece of clothing back to him. Causing a scene was never my intention, but the undivided attention of the small amount of people in the cafe was all on us and at this point, I didn’t really care about the embarrassment.

“Now that we have no topic to talk about, please will you leave after I give you your tea?” I asked politely through gritted teeth.

“I’ll be sat the corner table, talk to me when you want to…” He simply said before trudging to his stated place, earning a few lingering stares from the other customers. I’d managed to calm down; eventually figuring out that coffee wasn’t exactly his top priority so I decided to leave his order till the rest of the customers had left so we could actually talk. Not that there was much left to discuss anyway…

The amount of people in the cafe began to lower down to one or two who were also getting prepared to leave and as was I. You know who wasn’t? Mr. Zhang Yixing, who was patiently sat at the corner table near the window, tapping away on his phone as he waited for me. I had to admit that I missed him a lot, but I kept reminding myself of the reason why I broke up with him as I made us two mochas and took off my apron, before walking  over to his table with a light smile on my face.

“Mocha with extra chocolate powder” I announced placing his cup before him before sitting in the seat across with my hands wrapped around my own arm mug.

“Y/N I miss you…” His hushed voice spoke as he stared down at the intricate designs I’d always created with the foam. Gosh he’s jumping straight to it! Strong Y/N…Stay strong…

“I- I miss you too Yixing but-“ His eyes shot up to me at my words begging me not so say anything else after my sentence

“But nothing Y/N! My life is a completely empty shell without and I’d be willing to do anything to have you back in it. I seriously didn’t mean for my over-protectiveness to come off as me not wanting to accept our relationship. I love you so much Y/N…” He concluded, holding my eyes throughout the whole course of his confession.

“Yixing… I love you, but I don’t want either of us to go through what happened last time. I respect that you wanted to protect me from what would come, but I knew what I was talking about Yixing… My love for you would’ve been the only thing keeping me going through the sacrifices I’d have to place to be with you” I ranted back, refusing to look back into his warm eyes as I trailed mine across the dreary scenery on the other side of the cold glass.

“Y/N look at me…” He requested with his velvety voice reverberating across the completely empty cafe as he spoke. As soon as I forced myself to look back at him, we instantly got lost in each other’s worlds as if we were both running through the things we’d been through together. “I know where your heart was placed and I’m really sorry that I didn’t see it sooner. I’d always underestimated how much of a strong woman you are because you’re so precious and delicate to me. I would be the proudest boyfriend in the world to introduce you to my world as my other half, and I’m really sorry I didn’t see this sooner” He sighed slowly getting up from his side of the booth to sit next to me, and I was soon to give into the warmth radiating off of him as I leaned into his touch. Wrapping his arms around my waist to pull my smaller form close to his, as I placed my head on his shoulders, we enjoyed each others’ long awaited presence; still not knowing whether this was the right thing to do.

“Yixing should we… should we do this?” I unsurely asked as he took hold of my hand in his, brushing his soft lips across the back and nodding in answer.

“I have faith in us Y/N and I know we can work our way through this” He reassured, rubbing my shoulders as I relaxed in his arms and decided to agree with him.

“I guess we’re back together then…” I confirmed, slowly looking up into his now bright eyes as a smile took over my face. He hesitantly leant down to softly place his plush lips onto mine, making them meet in a kiss that we’d missed ever so much. It really did feel like I was complete once more…

A/N: Yay! A happy ending to the brutal part 1! Sorry about the ending… I really hope you guys liked this because I did work hard on this (Although at this quality it doesn’t really seem like it tbh, I’m really sorry) Thank you all for reading, and I’ll see you later Loves!

~Shazz xx


Because when I fell in love with you, you were my first concept; my first idea of love. The way you texted about your sports and how easy it was to find your way around the school. The way your smile haunted my memories because when we broke up I was angry and jealous. Because when I fell in love with you, you were only a voice; my first girlfriend that I’ve never met. The way you made me sing songs and the way you held secrets that cut me deeply. The way your voice is still trapped in the back of my head and I hear your favorite Rascal Flatts song. How we broke up, we never did. You just disappeared. My second taste of someone walking out of my life. The first being my father. Because when I fell in love with you, you were only a silly girl. Playful and loved love songs more than you did life. The way you tried to win my heart back after the breakup, I rejected you. Not because I hated you, but because life and love was a subject I still couldn’t grasp. I’ll forever be sorry for that. Because when I fell in love with you, you were only a nerd. I’ve fallen for the way you cracked open a book, or how your culture made you strong-willed. I’ve never dated someone who was Korean, but you always wanted for my happiness. When we broke it off, I did not cry, but you did steal a piece of my heart forever. You gave my mind more stubbornness and more questions. I’m curious now, aren’t you proud of me? You called me cheesy, ha. I’m a poet now. Funny, right? You inserted intelligence in the back of my mind as an attractive quality. I’ll forever be in your debt. Your last name was moon, guess who’s my best friend now? Full-moons in the shape of broken-hearts. Because when I fell in love with you, you were only a pretty smile. I didn’t know how to kiss anyone. I didn’t know how to tie a cherry stem into a knot. I didn’t know how to show physical affection because I’m shy and my family hated to hug one another. When we broke up, I did not cry. I understood that you wanted more, you needed someone with lips of a tiger. One that could eat you alive and keep you warm, even if it was more than they could chew. Because when I fell in love with you, you were my first Autumn. You lived in the dawning phases of the sky and you loved leading me on. And I chased and chased. You sparked green flames in my soul. They are drowning in the ocean now, but your regretful eyes, I’ve failed to see them. You were my first best friend. I always kept you in the back of my heart because you hated love letters. When I saw you walk away one last time, you told me to never regret you. I’d never, because without you, I will never be who I am today. I am forever yours in that aspect. You had me in your palms and though I lost my lungs while kissing you, I still survived. I’m alive and you’re a photo that’s untouchable. Because when I fell in love with you, you were cute and wanted to be mine. You walked around my smile and wanted to be in my arms. You saw us for young and fire. We burned the brightest when we smiled together. You were the first person I’ve ever dumped and I fucking hate myself for it. How could I send you a text to end your heart? I never forgave myself. I want you to know that much about me. I’m probably still the same asshole, but I’m an apologetic one. I’m sorry. When I broke you, I tore my insides years later. When I was at work and your mother showed up with tears in her eyes, I knew… I fucked up. I broke her daughter. I’m sorry. We were never physical, but I destroyed your emotions. In. Every. Way. Possible. If I never tell you this face to face one day, just know… I’ll be on my deathbed begging for forgiveness. Because when I fell in love with you, you were superficial and a social media dreamer. I hated almost everything about you, but I still loved you. You were my first date. You knew I had nothing, but you still wanted to be my everything. You valued education and family, but you also loved to be shallow. You were attractive, but your mind was repulsive. You were light radiation and when we broke up, I did not cry. When you came back and wanted me to be your first time, I rejected you. It’s a year too long and I no longer recognize you. You were shallow then, but now you’re on the dark side of the moon. When you left that day, you took a piece of my smile. That’s when I saw always and forever for a lie; my first realization. Because when I loved you, you were a nightingale trying to explore the universe. You had a box over your mind like the last one, but you always tried to break out. That’s why I picked you and not her. Because you were my identical and my opposite at the same time. What I hated, you loved. What I loved, you loved. A never ending cycle of constant fear that we’d reject each other. I never knew poetry and love letters for love until I met you. When I ran out of words to say to you, I picked up the pen. When I treated you like dirt, you still came back with more coffins, so I could bury myself deeper. When I shouted, you cried. When I took, you gave. When I hated, you smiled. When I cursed, you were soft. I’ve never truly hated myself after a breakup until I met you. When you decided to cut my arms off, you took a piece of everything. My poems, you let them dust away in your room. My eyes, you make sure I cry everyday. My arms, you’ve built bookshelves on them, so I could hold the books you’ve bought for me. My legs, I run into nothingness. The colors, it’s all grey. My smile, your favorite. You take that away every night. But it’s not too bad. Why? Because when I fell in love with you, I took everything and you gave it all away. I’m not mad at you, I just hate myself for it. Don’t forgive me, forget me. When you walked out, I told myself I never want to let anyone in or out of my heart ever again. Ever. Period. And then I met you. My mysterious being. When I fell in love with you, you were a miracle. You had the qualities of a dreamer and you even knew how to write poems for my eyes. You share my writer’s love. The communication that I’ve always craved. You’re demanding, but you’re soft. The way you questioned why I hurt them. Why I hurt you. Why I do things. Why I run away the second shit hits the fan. Why I’m so fucking rough. Why I still write about her. Why I’m not over my breakup. Why I love you. Don’t you see? That makes you beautiful. Because I want to answer you. Every. Single. Fucking. Word. I hurt them because I’m growing and I need to know where my branches stand before I grow anymore. I hurt you because I’m still insensitive. I don’t remember little things because my mind is trapped inside smaller, but more important details. Like why I wake up breathing like this. Why have I been sober lately. Why am I not crazy yet? Or am I? I know I’m not perfect, but I’ll always be gentle. I can never love you in the way that I have loved them. No, I could never do that to you. They are a part of me that you can’t touch. I can’t tell you that you’re the reason why I picked up poetry. I can’t tell you that you’re the reason why I love family and will always want one of my own. I can’t tell you that I won’t ever leave you or dump you via text again. I can’t tell you to stop fucking leading me on and we can’t be best friends because you damaged my whole body. I can’t tell you that your intelligence makes you sexy. I can’t tell you that your tattoo will haunt me until the day I die. I can’t tell you that I’ll love you until our hairs grow grey. I can’t tell you that you’re my first for a lot of things. I can’t say certain things to you. I know that. But I can tell you about your freckles. I can tell you about your almond eyes. I can tell you about my scars. I can tell you how afraid I was when you almost died. I can tell you how selfish I am or how you are. I can tell you that I want us to be better. Because when I fell in love with you, you were my understanding that you might be my last. I’ve loved and lost love. I’ve held and let go. I’ve been whole and broken. I fell in and out of love to find poetry. Because the way ‘that’ Autumn had a stronger breeze. Because the way she taught me how to kiss. Because the way she sparked a flame inside of my inkwell. Because the way you keep me alive everyday. Because when I fell in love with all of you, I became a poet.
—  Why I became a poet // @poetryleftbyher

alwaysapotterheadforever  asked:

Can you plz do a headcannon whit wolfstar babysitting Harry

I am so sorry for such a late response but I will have you know that for the past week I was spending quality time with my 3yo niece and 1yo nephew and I kept a long list of things they did that I could add to this~ (I might have gotten a little carried away with this hc but I have so many feelings for wolfstar and baby Harry)

  • James and Lily were generally hesitant to ask Remus and Sirius to watch Harry because of their constant need to spoil him, but they never resisted long. They knew how much the two of them absolutely adored their son, and just how much it meant to them to be able to spend quality time with little Harry
  • The pair arrived at the Potter’s early in the morning so James and Lily could spend the entire day to themselves for once
  • They walked into the house to find a naked Harry squealing and running towards them, a giant grin on his face
  • Sirius knelt down and stretched out his arms, ready to envelop his godson in hug, only to have the toddler veer off in the direction of the stairs in the last second. He scowled at the retreating figure (and swatted Remus for snickering at him) before turning to an exasperated Lily 
  • “Just like his father” 
  • “Oi! I heard that!”
  • Finally they were able to get Harry into clothes, and James and Lily left him in the care of the couple. The three of them waved as they left the house, Harry safely propped up in Sirius’ arms. 
  • “Okay now, who wants candy?”
  • “ME”
  • Sirius set the child down to watch him run around in circles, only to have him giggle when Remus captured him in his tracks “Maybe a bit of breakfast first? Just so your parents don’t completely kill us?” 
  • Harry nodded solemnly and happily followed the two into the kitchen
  • “Do you want ham or turkey in your eggs?”
  • “Meat!”
  • “Okay then…“
  • Remus bounced Harry in his lap while Sirius made breakfast for all of them (everyone knew not to let Remus in the kitchen for fear of setting everything on fire) Sirius hummed to himself as he cooked, making Remus gently sway to the tune. Remus merely patted Harry on the head when he started spewing gibberish (”Is that so? Oh tell me all about it”) only breaking out of trance when Sirius joined them at the table with 3 plates
  • They quietly talked as they ate, Remus spoon feeding Harry, but part way through their meal, the taller man got up to prepare some tea, leaving Sirius with the child
  • The two of them sat in silence as they waited
  • Green eyes bore into grey as Harry got fed up waiting
  • Sirius could only snicker as the 1yo started to dramatically scowl at him, but soon broke off into full on laughter when Harry chucked his fork at him, clearly not pleased that he wasn’t bothering to help feed him
  • “How could I possibly forget that I’m apparently taking care of two children.”
  • “He started it!”
  • “He is one!”
  • “He’s stronger than he looks”
  • (Cue dramatic sigh) 
  • After breakfast the three of them moved to the living room in hopes of wearing him out enough to take a nap. They took turn playing games with him, Harry squealing every time Sirius changed into Padfoot for him, or every time Remus cast a simple spell
  • Remus curled up on the couch and watched as Sirius played with Harry, trying to get him to repeat various things
  • “Say Moony’s crazy!”
  • “No, Pa’oo cray!”
  • “I feel betrayed.”
  • Later, Sirius danced around the room with Harry on his toes, giggling hysterically and trying to jump up and down
  • At one point, Sirius sat with the child on his lap, trying to get a kiss from him, only to have him wipe it off with a sly smile every time. After dozens of attempts, Harry finally leaned in close to side of the man’s face, only to burp in his ear (making Remus fall out of his chair from laughing so hard at the offended look on his face)
  • While Sirius was busy entertaining Harry, Remus went upstairs to prepare the child’s crib, only to hear a frantic little voice from downstairs calling “Moo’y! Where Moo’y?!”
  • ((Remus is Harry’s favorite person and Sirius tries acts all jealous but actually finds it extremely endearing))
  • The man raced downstairs, stopping when a nervous bundle collided with his legs and latched onto him, quietly whimpering into his jeans
  • A small smile tugged at his lips as he lifted the child up into his arms and quietly cooed in his ear, effectively calming him down. Remus slowly moved to the couch and sat down, keeping Harry cradled in his arms
  • (Sirius couldn’t help but fall a little more in love with the man before him)
  • Remus turned on the TV, knowing that Star Trek would already be queued up (it was Lily’s favorite so it was almost always on) but Sirius merely groaned and got up and put on Jungle Book, muttering nonsense about Star Trek not being appropriate for someone so young (Remus just smiled and watched his boyfriend move about the living room, particularly admiring the view when he bent down to insert the movie)
  • Sirius sat back down on the couch, sandwiching Harry between them and hummed along to the opening music
  • Part way through, Remus released himself of Harry’s grip on his sweater and maneuvered to the kitchen to make his delicious hot cocoa (one of the few things he could actually make) but when he came back with steaming mugs, he stopped in the entryway at the sight of Harry curled up on Sirius’ chest, both of them fast asleep
  • A smile bloomed across his face as he joined them, all thoughts of the war slipping away as he wrapped his arms around the two smaller figures. He nuzzled his face into his boyfriend’s silky hair and couldn’t help a bubble of joy bursting his chest as both of them shifted closer to him.
  • For that moment, he let himself believe that everything would be alright 

Thank you so much for the headcanon!