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WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 15 Full Translation.

The Ceremony


pages 158-168

Human world.

Karakura Town - Sakurabashi park.

This park constructed on the hills overlooking the railway track was Inoue Orihime’s favourite place. Even though it is only a small park with a few dozen or so trees and couple of benches, every bench is placed in front of a great view and there is no disappointment wherever you sit. Amongst those, Orihime particularly liked the bench facing opposite the railway track, she loved watching the trains and the town from there.

Kuchiki Rukia and Abarai Renji were currently sitting side by side on that very bench. The time was around 10 p.m. and the small night view of Karakura Town was spread out below them. Because Renji was not as familiar with the Human World as much as Rukia was, every time a train would pass by he would curiously follow it with his eyes.

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Kimi ni Todoke Chapter 119 Translation (w/ Images)


I wanted to share Chapter 119 and provide a translation for those who are curious about the latest developments in Kimi ni Todoke. Under each image I’ve written what’s being said on that page - hopefully it’s easy to follow. 

I’d like to apologize in advance for two things. First is the terrible picture quality. They’re not actual scans, just pictures taken with a cell phone, and to make matters worse, you’ve got my colorful blanket as the background…lol. So I’m sorry for the lackluster presentation, but hopefully this tides you over until we get scans / the actual volume is released. Second, if you’ve read my translations before, you’ll know I’m not fluent in Japanese (or pretending to be) - I took a few courses at my university but am largely self-taught. I’d like to think I’m getting a little better, but these are not anywhere near professional translator quality. There are probably several mistakes. I’ve tried to make the dialogue sound natural, but I’m limited by my own level of comprehension. If you don’t understand / read Japanese and want to know what’s happening, I hope this at least gives you the gist of what’s going on - basically, I’m giving you what I gleaned from the chapter (right or wrong)! I’ve also included a few “notes” on certain pages where I thought some explanation might be beneficial. Thank you for your patience! :) 

This chapter should be the last one in Volume 29 (which will probably be released between June and August of this year). Kimi ni Todoke is currently on a one month hiatus, so we won’t see Chapter 120 until July (August Issue). There is an author’s note in this chapter that I didn’t translate, but in it Shiina-sensei says there’s still a bit of the story left. I’m guessing we’ll get about 4 more chapters (maybe 5) so that the series ends with 30 volumes. 

Finally, if you enjoy Kimi ni Todoke, I would strongly encourage you to purchase Bessatsu Margaret, if you’re able to. I started buying them this year (to collect the final chapters of Kimi ni Todoke), and they’re amazing (and massive!!). So much fun, and the images are bigger than what’s published in the manga volumes so you can see finer details! 

Well, now that I’ve scared you away from actually reading this thing, put on your best clothes and grab a box of tissues, because you’re going to Kitahoro High School’s graduation ceremony! 

*sniffle sniffle*

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Richard Speight Jr. HOT HOT HOT !!! In The Evil Gene. Turn up your volume. ;) sorry about the crappy quality this was the only way to upload this.

NEWS Sapporo dinner, Massu’s pace and other curiosities

On Tegomass Radio 2017.04.12 they talked a little about Sapporo concerts and the dinner they had afterwards. 

M: By the time I came everyone was about to leave.

T: At first Tegoshige* arrived at almost the same time. Then about 30 minutes later Koyama came. Another 30-60 minutes later…

M: I don’t think it’s 30 minutes. There’s probably more time between you two and him arriving. Since he left not long before me. So Koyama came after about an hour and I came after another 30 minutes or so. When I came you 3 were about to leave.

T: Me and Shige ate first, it was fine. There was sashimi and such. And Koyama is the type to return to the hotel quickly so he was fast. He proceeded faster than the menu Tegoshige ordered. And then you came.

M: I could only quickly get the onigiri.

T: Yeah, I already ate the rolls and stuff.

After that Massu proceeded to complain about their unmatching paces. He said it was the same with make-up and baths and massage - he’s always blamed for keeping his pace but it’s his pace. Well, you know the drift. To which Tegoshi said “Taim iz maney so the slow people have to catch up”. How does Massu keep himself from slapping him? Anyway, Massu continued to say that it’s actually Tegoshige who are fast and Koyama adjusts to Tegoshi. Tegoshi laughed like it was a really funny joke but Massu just continued in a calm voice. He said at concert meetings he and Shige basically decide everything while Tegoshi doesn’t do shit, he may only choose one of the options presented but when he does, Koyama always agrees with him.

Then there was a message about “Black Fire” and Tegoshi got extra excited again. He got all braggy about how JUON wrote it for them and how it’s such an un-Johnny’s song. Massu said it’s basically a song for Tegoshi. Tegoshi said “Shige-chan” also likes rock but Koyamasu are totally not in it and say “There’s no JUON in them”.

The next message was from a girl who said she listened to the radio on her phone and Tegoshi’s voice is so loud is causes sound distortion. Massu was sympathetic and said he should get away from the mike or, better yet, not use it. He did get further away from it and they proceeded to discuss their voices, volume and quality.

Then there was the “choose one option” corner.

Q1: You are offered a great job but you have to either: Gain 10 kg or Get Bald

Massu said he’s ready to do both but chose to go bald when pressed. Tegoshi chose to gain weight becasue he’s confident he can lose it easily. Also because apparently his head shape is odd, even his mother said she was sorry. XD

There was also a question about whether they choose the phone by image quality or sound quality and that was the one that won the pen but mostly becasue Massu was the one who chose and the username was “Masurabu”.

*Yes. Lately he does not only call Shige “Shige-chan”, he also extensively uses the term “Tegoshige”.


Solas' Gandalf speech (Journey to Skyhold)
Solas' Gandalf speech (Journey to Skyhold)

Solas: By attacking the Inquisition, Corypheus has changed it. Changed you.
Solas: Scout to the north. Be their guide.
Solas: There is a place that waits for a force to hold it.
Solas: There is a place where the Inquisition can build… grow…
Solas: Skyhold.

(edit - I re-listened to the version I posted earlier and it was sad, low quality from youtube, so I whipped up an HQ version by overlaying the actual dialogue files on the actual song instead. So now I can listen to it at extreme volume.)


so during that hard 24 hours of not having internet lol I looked at my dusty dvd box to watch someting while drawing and found the first volume of Key the Metal Idol dvd that I bought years ago at the fleamarket for only like 4 euros. I enjoyed the series so far,, curious about the ending. Pacing is somewhat off trough and the plot seems to clumsy but I like the charactes. I ripped of some artwork from the extras on the dvd’s these are only small part of it trough. but these were my  favorites. Sorry for that bad quality

One Piece Tokyo haul~

So I’ve been in Tokyo for 3 weeks and just got back home yesterday. I’ve managed to buy way too much One Piece merch (again), but still thought it might be fun to share some of my finds. :) I’m sorry about the quality of the photots, they’re taken with my phone.

I bought a whoopin’ 33 volumes of One Piece in japanese, because I like to read the original words. I’m still missing about 30+ books, but I’m getting closer to the whole collection. I also bought the two latest volumes of course.

Then I bought the 7th Color Walk (the stickers on top of the Color Walk are sketches from Movie Gold and I got them with a magazine), 2 One Piece logs and two issues of Shonen Jump, one which has chapter 839 in it aka. Sanji’s stroy breaking my heart.

And as you might be able to see in the picture I also bought a lot of some dounjishi. (17 for ZoSan and 7 for SaNami) ^__^

And since I went to two mugiwara stores of course I got some small tidbits and merch there too. And I spent way too much on their gachapon. (I haven’t included all of it, because it’s mostly just small keycahins ans pins and such.) I also bought a few T-shirts but they are in the laundry, so no pictures. :P Also, I couldn’t help myself with the Sanji socks…. So ugly, yet adorable.

Then they had these nice canvas pictures of a few cover pages that I really like. I got one for Sanji, one for Nami and one of my favorite pictures of Zoro and Sanji. :)

I also bought a few figurines… I have too many already, especially of Sanji, but I just can’t help myself~

Movie Gold Sanji is just too cool not to have. And he’s got a really nice face despite being quite small. The chibi Sanji is really cute and it’s probably gonna end up on my desk. Then I finally found a figure of Usopp that I really like! I’m trying to collect at least one figure of each strawhat, but so far I only have Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Sanji and now finally Usopp. (My sister has a really nice Robin though.) I found some nice ones of Brook as well, but I simply didn’t have enough space left at that point… ^^’‘’ And now on to my babies~

I bought a new pair of Sanji and Nami that I think match really well. I’m really sorry about the bad quality. They are both quite big and has some really nice details. Luckily they were cheap too, less than 2000 yen each. :)

And then… I bought one that was brand new. A figure I’ve had my eyes on since I first saw it. It was sold out in the regular Mugiwara store, but by some miracle they actually had it in One Piece Tokyo Tower! So I bought it and even though it’s super fanservice-y I love it!

Look at him (even though he’s kinda blurry)! Just look at the details, look at his shoes! I am so happy I was able to find him! Now I just need to clean up my room and find space for all my new figures I bought ones not from One Piece too, and has a lot since before, so it might actually be a challange. ^^’‘

So that was my haul. ^__^ I had a great time in Tokyo, and I’ll definitely post a few more things about my visit to One Piece Tokyo Tower once I get the photos in the computer.

I hope you enjoyed this post, even though it’s not like my usual content. :)

anonymous asked:

Hi! I actually have two quick questions~ First, you mentioned Queen's Quality in a recently answered ask, and I just wondered if you had someplace to read it?? I've been looking forever and have never been able to. Second, what is the image of your banner from? It looks like a girl pulling a guy by his hand while he's covering his face? It looks cute and I thought I'd try it!! Thanks!! ☺️☺️


I, uh, actually haven’t read Queen’s Quality yet. But I did read QQ Sweeper and I actually preferred it to Dengeki Daisy. Sorry about that.  (^^;)

From what I can see, the first volume raws are available somewhere on the net though, and the French-language translation is available right now. No sign of translations anywhere (maybe on otakumole but I don’t have an account there :s). Personally, I’m waiting for the official English Viz Media translation coming out in September 2017!

The image from my banner is from Horimiya, drawn by Hagiwara Daisuke and based on a webtoon by HERO. It’s actually not a shoujo but a romance shounen, but it’s a pretty darn good one!

Can i have a critique, please? Sorry about the gore and quality of the picture. I was trying to experiment with a more realistic style than what im used to. Thanks in advance!

That’s alright! I like how this looks overall. Her hair is pretty, and has volume. For the sake of a creepy theme, I think those teeth and rips in her cheek are good too. You do have your eye aligned with her ear and nose, but you should make her eye smaller. Make the ‘dip’ in front of the eye deeper and extend the ear down. Use a good sideview references, and note how there’s a straight line from the dip of her nose, center of eye, and start of the ear.

Like this. Make sure your face has shape and noticeable features, especially the nose and lips. Work hard, fam. -Teddy


Watch in HD + earphones for a better experience!

«All that I wanted was to have my sisters’ love & now I have it»

I REALLY needed to vid her again this week, I was planning to make a CS video but I HAD to make a tribute to this FANTASTIC character, who gave me so much during these weeks. 

This video was seriously very hard to make because everytime I tried to work on the last episode scenes I started crying like an idiot, but in the end I was able to finish it & upload it!

I will miss Ingrid so much, she quickly reached my list of favourite characters, she is strong, brave & so well written. I have to admit I see myself in her a LOT: unloved, alone, lost. All that she needed was a chance, and I guess we all do, don’t we?

& Elizabeth, I don’t have any words to descrive how PERFECT she was in this role (actually, she ALWAYS play her characters in a way that only a few actor are able to do). She made me cry a thousand times, she is one of the best actress this world will ever known.

I’m so sorry about the awful quality of the audio, but most of her scenes have background music & to remove it I had to low the volume a lot.

I hope you like it guys, because seriously I put my HEART on this video.

Comments & rates make me always very happy!

I send to you all my love. (I’ve reached +300 subs! Thank you guys!)

» show - once upon a time

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what time is it (leosugar babies time) sorry this is a long post but there’s 4 of them and i gotta say a little bout em sorry (also full view probs – i drew these on my phone so the quality might not cross over when i upload sorrrrrry)

  • wanda: i already talked about her but she’s her sisters’ manager and loves playing d&d w/ her brother and dad. favorite hobby is papier mâché dragons
  • cherry: she always wears custom yoga outfits and usually wins in pageants bc she’s very personable. she also loves to paint!! very down to earth but has..volume control issues
  • honey: she looks kind of snooty here but she’s like the sweetest thing ever. ALWAYS wins something in pageants and is a sweetheart. her favorite food is apples and she is a HUGGER
  • basil: wears dragon masks as a kid and graduates to a dragon hood when he learns how to sew. he’s autistic and verbal, but is also really really shy and usually only likes to talks to his dad + wanda (everyone else is a little loud and huggy for him but he still loves them…in small doses)