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Night Time Routine | Tom Holland

Requested: nope! I’m just real tired and the thought of doing bed time stuff w/ Tom popped into my head so here we are.
Rating: PG, cursing (maybe?? Not too sure)
Summary: Ever since you’d started to sleep at Tom’s the two of you had developed a routine, almost like clock work the two of you completed the cycle every night. It was simple and mundane, but it was together.
“YN, I’m tired, are you almost done?” Tom called out to you from the wide door frame of your shared living room. He paused, leaning on the wall. Wearing only a pair of blue plaid pajama pants that hung low on his hips, brushing the tops of his feet. You glanced up from your work on the computer, typing away at your laptop, eyes sore from staring at the screen so long, it was late, the time starting to turn into AM rather than PM, even Tess was asleep, taking a break from following everyone around the house.

“Yeah, just,” you paused to yawn, stretching your arms above your head, “a few more minuets and I’ll be up. Ya’ don’t ‘ave to wait for me, y'know.” Tom came to sit beside you on the couch, leaning his head on your shoulder.

“Y'know it feels weird to get in bed without ya bein’ there. I don’t mind waiting,” Tom said softly, his hair tickling your neck and the area of your chest that your t-shirt left exposed.
“Alright, but don’t stay up too long for me, you’re so tired from traveling and I-” Tom cut you off, “that’s bull and you know it, I’ll wait for ya, babe, don’t worry. I’m not too tired,”

Tom was clearly all talk, because within a few quiet minuets of you rhythmically typing on the keyboard of your laptop, Tom had fallen asleep on your shoulder, breathing softly, his chest rising and falling serenely.

Finally, you were finished. You saved your work and closed the lid of your computer, setting it to the side with one hand as not to wake Tom before you had to. You grabbed a pillow from behind yo hand tried to swap it out for your shoulder as seamlessly as possible, allowing Tom’s body to slump into the seat of the couch where you had been sitting before, grabbing a blanket and covering his body gingerly with it. You had almost made it out of the room, your finger on the light switch about to turn off the lights when you head Tom stir awake.
“You ready, love?” You smiled as Tom sat up on the couch, pretending to be wide awake.
“See, I told ya that I’d be awake the whole time,” he teased, you both knowing that he was too tired to do that. “Of course, babe. Let’s get ya t’ bed alright?” You yawned again, making Tom yawn after you as you walked up the stairs to your bathroom, washing your face and applying creams and brushing your teeth. Tom washed his face and brushed his teeth and sat on the floor behind you while you finished up, head slumped against the wall.

“Alright, babe, sorry to keep you up so long,” you gave him a hand up and the two of you completed the short walk to your bedroom hand in hand. He shook his head, “don’t worry babe, I’d never be mad about losing sleep if it meant I could be with you longer,” he was half asleep as he said the words, but you could tell he meant them even if they were a little cheesy.
“I love you,” you said, pulling back the blankets and climbing in alongside Tom. “I love you so much,” he said, pulling you close to him and kissing your forehead.

This was how nearly every night went with Tom, and neither of you would want it any other way.


“The next thing I knew, we were being attacked by this mutant ninja demon thing… And then we’re on the floor on top of each other. And, it’s just really confusing being around you.”


Finished the shit-comic from this sketchdump because I still think it’s funny. :3c


Otayuri Week Day 4: Long Distance

In which, early on both Yurio and Otabek miss their boyfriend each other, but possibly feel too awkward to admit their enthusiasm about seeing one other again. ;v; (Both trips worked out fine in the end haha///)

I feel like I digressed from the prompt a bit though  _(:3」∠)_

(Please read from left to right!) ^^


I just wanted to get some folks together to pay a tribute to somebody who’s, not only been by my side for the duration of this amazing journey, but somebody who has devoted his entire professional life to service this country. The best Vice President America has ever had, Mr. Joe Biden.


Prisoner of Azkaban Deleted Scene

Neville was in total disgrace. Professor McGonagall was so furious with him she had banned him from all future Hogsmeade visits, given him a detention, and forbidden anyone to give him the password into the tower. Poor Neville was forced to wait outside the common room every night for somebody to let him in, while the security trolls leered unpleasantly at him.


Marichat May (Akumatized Chat Noir)

feat. Chat Blanc, The Evil Minor Inconvenience

Let’s face it, this is how Chat Noir will really be if he gets “evillized”. Christmas special tells us he is too pure to even be a real vengeful cat of the night.

Late entry, but I did say I’ll catch up to all of Marichat May eventually… c: it’s june soon