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MatPat talked about Five Nights at Freddy’s tonight on the Tube Tycoon livestream, and really went in depth of how 2014 started off the “Year of Markiplier.”

I can’t remember exactly what MatPat said, but it was along the lines of “Markiplier discovered FNaF, and his channel that was already doing very well in mid-2014 just sort of exploded and now anyone else that does a FNaF video is shadowed by his.” And I think the comments that MatPat had really hit the mark (pun not intended). Mark saw potential in this indie horror game, and it so happened to become extremely popular. FNaF really changed the culture of YouTube and gaming, and we all point fingers at Mark for doing that. Even if Mark didn’t give himself the title of King of Five Nights at Freddy’s, it’s exactly what he is and what he’ll always be remembered as.

((sorry about the poor quality of the gif, I had to make it from a bunch of screenshots I took because it was from an ongoing livestream))


Parallels between God and Her prophet. 

In case you’re wondering about the last gif, my interpretation is that the Machine’s two blinks are Morse code for “I”, which in turn is a reference to “I am that I am” (Exodus 3:14). (The episode is, after all, called YHWH.)  


“The next thing I knew, we were being attacked by this mutant ninja demon thing… And then we’re on the floor on top of each other. And, it’s just really confusing being around you.”