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Continuing on from my previous post about Duel Links

Mai: Please what could you possibly bring to the table in comparison to me?

Kaiba: I’m one of the richest men in the world unlike you who probably only ever had a job at Hooters.

Mai: At least I don’t have a dragon fetish.

Kaiba: Sorry I can’t hear you over how much better my archetype is in comparison to your unplayable wank bait of a deck.

Mai: Sociopath!

Kaiba: Playboy Reject!

Mai: Christian Grey!

Kaiba: I’m going to murder you!

Maya’s Shin Godzilla Review

Well, I finally, FINALLY managed to see Shin Godzilla on Tuesday– last Tuesday, more than a week ago, because I am a super functional human being who can get things done in a reasonable amount of time– and as per Tumblr Kaiju Krew tradition, I now feel obliged to review it. I’ve seen the extensive political commentary in this film discussed and debated to death over the past week, and I don’t think I could add anything to that discussion, so I’m going to be focusing more on my own thoughts, things that I haven’t seen echoed as much. By this I mean ranting. I’m going to rant, and then clean it up a little so it resembles something that you could turn in to a liberal arts professor, but no promises beyond that.

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“Batteries Not Included”

Tiva Holiday Collab Day 10

She tiptoes down the stairs out of old, old habit. Their home is new and sturdy—certainly the wood will not creak under her feet as it had all those years ago, when she was a child sneaking downstairs after the rest of the house fell asleep. Still she measures her every step. Their son has sharp ears.

“Finally asleep?” Tony whispers as she rounds the corner into the kitchen.

“Yes,” she huffs, shaking her head. “It is your turn next time. Coffee?” He pours her a mug and she drinks her first sip black.

“Who would have thought that energetic Lena would be the easy one to put to bed?”

Ziva smiles over the rim. “She wears herself out with all that talking.”

“I’m worn out.”

“That is why we have caffeine,” she reminds him.

“But seriously, have you ever been to the mall in the week before Christmas? It’s a mad house. Like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest madhouse.”

“I do our shopping every year, Tony.”

“Yeah but you do it in the end of November. This is a whole new ball game. Last minute shoppers are ruthless.” He nurses his slightly bruised forearm, and she does not ask.

“You were a last minute shopper too, you know.”

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Change (Jack Gilinsky Fanfic) PART 20

Part 20

There hadn’t been time to really process what was going on. I just shoved some clothes in a bag and got a taxi to the airport. My insides felt like they were going to explode. I couldn’t think straight. I tried to give the taxi driver double the amount he asked for. I got to the airport, no flight booked, passport in hand and rushed to the desk. I decided that asking for a ticket was the only way, I’d seen it in a Hannah Montana episode when I was younger- worth a try right?

“we have some spaces on the flight leaving at 10pm?”

“That’s a 4 hour wait, don’t you have anything sooner? I’m in a rush”

“I’m sorry Miss, that’s all I can do”

“okay, ill have to take it. Thank you”

I paid using my Dad’s credit card, he surely wouldn’t mind.  I sat down in departures and put my ipod in my ears, maybe the music would block out the constant thoughts in my head. I didn’t want to think about all the bad things that could have happened to Logan, it’s selfish, but I wanted to picture him as the happy, healthy big brother he had been last time I’d seen him. I didn’t want to see him vulnerable. I didn’t want to look after him. I wanted him to look after me, look out for me. He was stuck in hospital with potentially fatal injuries and I wanted HIM to comfort me about my pathetic relationship. What had happened to me? I was being ridiculous. How could I moan about my life when my brother is fighting for his back home?

I started crying, people were giving me odd looks all over the place. I realised I must have been making noise when an old lady came over and placed her hand on my shoulder.

“dear, are you ok?” she said offering me a tissue. I took the tissue and nodded, not letting my earphones out. I wanted to be left alone, to be honest, I wanted the ground to swallow me up so I wouldn’t have to deal with all this crap. I’d lost Jack, I was potentially losing my brother, what next?  I sent Andrea a text to let her know where I was going,

“Going home, there’s been an accident, my brothers in hospital. Oh god, Andrea, I’m so scared x”

 A few moments later, I got a text back.

“oh Ava, were all here thinking of him and you. Good luck and be strong, Logan needs you. We all love you sweetie!x”

 And with that, I put my phone away. I needed to be away from everything. Music on. Eyes closed. I had 4 hours to wait.

 Jack’s POV

“NASH can I wear this flannel?” I shouted to Nash from upstairs

“Dude, wear what you want!” he said coming upstairs to join me, “I don’t see why it matters, she’s not going to care what you look like”

“I want to look good, I need to impress her. Its like I’m starting all over again”

Nash shrugged, tossed me the flannel and left the room adding “Wear the black Vans, they look better” I laughed.

 It was nearly 7.30 and I needed to leave soon, I sat down on my bed and opened up her instagram. I was nervous to see her again, I felt like I needed to plead, I needed to beg. I wanted her back so much, but I just didn’t know how to make it up to her. I flicked through some of her photos. I couldn’t wait to wrap my arms around her tiny waist, to smell her hair, feel her soft, tan skin on mine. I always loved that, our skin tones almost matched, but her tan was just that bit better.  I wanted to kiss her plump lips and lie on the bed, watching the sun go down out her window, chatting about life- about the future. I guess I couldn’t jump straight back in to that, but I was hopeful. Part of me was going in to this hoping we can just start back where we left off, but something told me what wouldn’t be happening. I got Carter to drive me to the restaurant and said bye. It was 7.55, I was early, she liked that. I could hear her saying it in my head “ The guy has to be early, if he’s late, I’d leave” I remember laughing at it. She always loved a bit of chivalry. “Damn I should’ve got flowers” I mumbled under my breath. I sat down in a booth and waited.

 And waited.

And waited.

 It was 8.30 and no sign of her. This was unlike Ava, she wouldn’t just blow me off, would she?  I got my phone out and called her, it went straight to voicemail. “damn Ava, what are you doing to me” I said to myself.  “Andrea!” I said dialing her number.

“Hey Andrea-“

“what do you want Jack?”

“I wanted to know if you were with Ava?”

“what? Jack , no-“
“she was supposed to meet me at 8?”

“Jack, wait, Ava’s gone home”

 Ava’s POV

I’d been in my own little bubble for 3 hours now, one more and I could hop on the plane home. I was so tired, when I caught sight of myself in the bathroom mirror I almost didn’t recognize me. I wiped the make up from my face with a wipe and saw how young I looked, like a scared child. I needed my parents, Bella had them right now, I had no on one.

“Flight 45609 to Rhode Island is now boarding from Gate 34” a well-spoken woman said over the tannoy. I picked up my bags, took a deep breath and made my way through the airport.

 Going home was supposed to be a relief, a haven, my safe place, but right now I was dreading it. 

 I sat on the plane, it was 9.45, 15 minutes till take off and thank god. I had a spare seat next to me, so I put my feet up and closed my eyes, I’d be there soon. I was interrupted, I could feel someone’s presence. Guess I wouldn’t be getting a foot rest for the journey. I opened my eyes and looked up.


All other chapters can be found HERE.

Hope you’re all enjoying it! :)