sorry about the long blurb idk


* = smut


| luke |

you forget to lock the door

taking a bath

dom luke (2) *

he wants you to stay the night

accidentally hurts you during sex *

argument in front of fans

play fighting

on your period

giggly sex *

bad fight

first kiss


threesome *


boxer luke

dating luke

you’re in a pop punk band

asks you to top for the first time

snow day


little spoon

| michael |

he’s sick

cuddling and he gets hard

love/hate relationship

losing your virginity *

dating michael

lazy sunday sex *

morning sex *

| calum |

he asks you out

movie role


sex talk 

lazy sunday sex *

begging *

| ashton |

conversation before sex

handcuffs *

threesome *

under the covers *


| luke |

dry humping *

long day

into the edges around you *

i’d rather jump in your bones (part 2) *

you’re cold and i burn (argument)

tossing and turning

he shows you you’re beautiful

teaches you how to give a blow job *


| calum |

the way you do (comfort)

| ashton |

you’re quiet in bed *

you surprise him on tour *

| Michael |



after your first time

facial (michael & ashton) *

reaction to your kink *

all of my writing including ships and poetry

"Where You Going?" (Nate Maloley)

I walked into what was supposed to be the most insane party of the year with my best friend. I wore a black dress with a very deep plunging neck line that showed of quite a bit of cleavage and caught many eyes as soon as I walked through the door. “I’m gonna go get a drink. You want anything?” Y/bf/n shouted above the loud music. “Malibu and pineapple. I’ll find is somewhere to sit.” She nodded and walked to the bar while I wandered off to find us a table.

I finally found us a table in a far corner of the club. I figured it would be a good place to sit and not draw a ton of attention to ourselves. Y/bf/n came over and handed me my drink. “So, see any cute guys yet?” She said and gave me a smirk. She had said before we left my apartment that we were on a mission to find the two cutest guys in the club and to take them home. I laughed and shook my head.

We sat there talking and looking around for about half an hour before I looked to the door and saw a group of about 8 guys walk in and they were fine af. I tapped y/bf/n’s shoulder and nodded at the door. She smirked and finished off the rest of her drink. “Let’s dance.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me to the dance floor as Party Girls by Ludacris began to play loudly through the speakers. We made it to the middle of the dance floor and began to grind on each other to the beat of the song. Maybe a minute into the song I felt like I was being watched and I know y/bf/n did too because she started grinding more sexually.

The song ended and we made our way back to the bar to get more drinks. We got our drinks and headed back in the direction of the table we were previously sitting at so we could look for the boys. We got to the table and to our surprise it was occupied by 8 very very sexy boys. “Excuse me.” I tapped the one with the man bun on the shoulder. He turned around eyeing me up and down. “Can I help you, lil mama?” I giggled at the cute nickname. “Yes. I think you and our friends are in me and my friends seats.” “I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was taken. Why don’t you and your friend have a seat and we can make it our table?” I turned to look at y/bf/n to see that she wasn’t even there. I looked around and found her already sitting beside one of the boys. I shook my head and pulled my chair up next to him. “I’m Nate by the way.” “Y/N. It’s nice to meet you Nate.”

We sat at the table drinking and smoking with the boys whose names we’d learned were Nate,Derek,Sammy,Jack J,Jack G,Dillon,Kevin, and Swazz. I leaned over to Nate and told him I wanted to dance. He stood up grabbing my hand and leading me to the dance floor. I immediately started grinding on him to an unfamiliar song. I could feel him growing behind me and decided to speed things up a bit. I started grinding harder on him and brought my arm up behind me and wrapped it around his neck. His arms snaked around me waist pulling me into him harder. “Nate, I have to tell you something.” I whispered in his ear. “What’s that mami?” I turned around looking him in the eyes. “Whatever happens between us tonight is only for tonight. I’m not going to give you my number in the morning. It’s only a one night stand. We do what we have to and then I leave. Nothing more than sex and nothing less.” He looked shocked for a minute, but soon a smirk grew on his lips. “I’m down. Let’s go.” He grabbed my hand and led me out of the club and into a matte black Audi sitting outside. Like a gentleman he held my door open for me and closed it once I was in the car. He ran around and got in the drivers seat before starting the car and driving to the hotel him and his friends were staying at for the night.

The ride to the hotel was quick and quiet. We got up to Nate’s hotel room and as soon as the door clothes his hands and lips were all over me. He gripped my hips pulling me into him before fiercely kissing my lips. His hands slid down to my ass and he gripped it before lifting me up for me to wrap my legs around his waist. Nate carried me to the bed all while carrying on an intense makeout session. He threw me on the bed and pulled his shirt off while I worked on getting my heals off. Just as I unhooked my shoe he pounced on top of me and began kissing and sucking on my neck and slowly kissing down the sling of my chest that was exposed due to my dress.

He stopped what he was doing and sat up just long enough to pull my dress off of my body. I made an attempt to unbuckle his pants, but he grabbed my hands and pinned the down to the bed. “If I only get one night with you, I want it to be a night you’re gonna remember. Let me take care of you, mami.” I looked into his eyes and all I could think was “what is this boy doing to me”. I don’t know what it was, but something about him made me think that maybe I’d have to make an exception to my rule.

He started leaving hickeys down my body starting between my breasts and making his way down to my panty line. When he got there I shuddered slightly and he looked up at me and I saw a look in his eyes I had never seen in anyone’s eyes before. It was lust mixed with something else I couldn’t quite put my finger on. He hooked his fingers into the elastic band of my underwear and slowly pulled them off of me. “Damn. You’re so fucking wet already.” He was looking at my pussy like he wanted to devour it. And I guess that’s what he wanted to do because he wasted no time putting his head in between my legs and blowing air on my already sensitive pussy. I shuddered as the cold air came in contact with my heat. He used two of his fingers to spread my lips open before flattening his tongue on my pussy and licking from bottom to top. I moaned and arched my back only to have him grip my hips and push them back down. Nate started to suck on my clit and the more I tried to move the tighter his grip got on my hips.

“N-Nate please.” He looked up from my pussy for just a second, “Please what? What do you want me to do to you, mami?” As soon as his final word came out he dove right back into my wet pussy and stuck his tongue inside of me. “I need you… inside of me. Now.” While keeping his face in my pussy he asked “How bad do need me?” The vibrations from his voice rocked through me and I let out a scream. “Please, Nate. I’m begging you to fuck me. P-Please.” I guess that what he wanted to hear because he got up from his position and finally unbuckled his pants and pulled them down releasing his rather large and hard member. I’m not gonna lie, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dick that big and that turned me on so much more. Just the thought of his big dick stretching my pussy had me ready to cum.

He pushed me down on the bed and hovered over me attacking me with kisses before lining himself up with my entrance. I lifted my legs up and wrapped them around his waist in an attempt to make him speed it up. He slowly slid his dick into me. I moaned out at the feeling of him stretching me out. He wasted no time thrusting in and out of me. As soon as he felt his balls touch my ass he pulled out and slammed right back in repeatedly. The feeling that this boy was giving me right now was none like I had ever experienced. It was a feeling I knew I would never experience again. A feeling I knew I wanted to have again. Nate broke me out of my train of thought when I felt him grab onto my left leg and lift it up allowing my ankle to rest on his shoulder. “You ready to cum, baby?” I moaned and nodded. “I can’t hear you.” He said and thrusted into me so hard I literally felt him in my stomach. “Yes, daddy.” And that sent him over the edge. He began thrusting into me like a wild man. In no time I was coming unraveled below him. I began scratching at his back and moaning uncontrollably as I let go. His thrusts became sloppy and I knew that he too had released. We rode out our high and then he collapsed beside me falling asleep almost immediately.

Once I came down from my high and my breathing came back to normal I got up and started searching for my clothes. I got my dress on and then turned back to look at Nate. He was just so damn cute. Maybe it was time I finally broke the rules for someone. I grabbed the notepad and pen that were on the table beside the bed and wrote my number down on it. I found my underwear and put them on the table beside the note. Why not give him something to remember me by? I chuckled at myself and sat on the edge of the bed putting on my shoes. I felt the bed move and turned to see a sleepy Nate looking at me. “Where you going?” I smirked and said “I told you I wouldn’t be staying the night.” He looked down and I could’ve sworn that he looked sad. “Don’t worry though. That’s the only part of my rule I stuck to.” He looked up confused and I pointed to the table before getting up and walking out.

I’m sorry that it was so long. I just started writing and it just flowed out of me lol. But anyway I’m thinking about turning this into a story. I’ve got this idea about why she has this rule and stuff and I really wanna do a thing where Nate calls her and then they see where it goes from there. Idk. Tell me what you guys think. And feel free to request imagines, preferences, blurbs, anything you guys want and I’ll be more than happy to write them. Love you 😘😘

anonymous asked:

What about a blurb in which you are gemmas best friend before even harry was born, yours and his family are really good friends, but you have been literally in love with each other, you support him and everything but like a year ago you two meet in idk LA and start talking and the two of you tell everything to each other, start hanging out, dating and everything but you two havent told gemma because you think it will affect your friendship so one day she caught you two and she gets mad and ever-

Everything but Harry talk to her and explain everything cuz gemma is so mad at you that she dosent even wanna see you! And harry tells her that you two have been dating for months and stuff! Idk I though about it and it caught me!

can we have a blurb for that? your gemma’s best friend and you and harry end up secretly dating?

Had the top two sitting in my inbox for awhile (Sorry it took me so long) and the third one came in tonight and what do ya know?  Inspiration hit.  No smut…just a nice story and some fluff.  Enjoy.

Knocking on Gemma’s door had never caused me anxiety before.  In fact, I don’t think I’d ever knocked on Gemma’s door to being with.  I had a key and nine times out of ten when I got there she’d unlocked it for me anyway.  

But today, today I knocked.

I didn’t mean to upset anyone, much less a woman I considered a sister.  I didn’t mean to fall in love with her baby brother…it just kind of…happened.

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anonymous asked:

Can you please do a 4/4 blurb of when you're on your period? Your writing is amazing btw :)

Thanks love! Sorry this took a while to reply to! Again, writer’s block..

Ok so Ashton on your period would be almost too kind. Like you deal with this every month, you’ve got it down, all you’re asking for is a little a leniency when it comes to your temper or your aches. But every month, on that first day when you tell him you got your period, he enters cuddly, kind, nurturing boyfriend mode. It was cute, and while it was a bit too much, you never had him stop, because you secretly really liked it, behind all your eye rolls. He would end up giving you an extra pillow or two before you got into bed. He would make sure he had an extra tampon/pad with him at all times. He’d ask if you were having any cramps or aches, if he could make you feel better. And a lot of nights you wOULD GET MASSAGES AW nice :) 

Then Calum would never know exactly how to handle it. He never wanted to make you feel awkward about your “uh… You know… Lady stuff.” But he would still be comforting! Some nights he would come back with your favorite ice cream, or he’d ask if you want to rent a movie, and he wouldn’t even complain when you pick a stupid chick flick. One time he would make a PMS joke and you would snap at him, and he would instantly apologize, saying “Shit- That’s why I usually don’t-… I know it’s not like that, babe, I’m sorry! It was a joke! I love you! Babe?” And you would eventually forgive him because you know he didn’t mean any harm and maybe you had been PMSing… Yikes. He would also be the guy to ask for blowjobs a lot while you were on your period, but most of the time you would just tease him and leave him frustrated. 

So we go to Luke, who would just be so oblivious, often forgetting. You’d tell him you started, and he would barely react, it was normal information, but then he would forget to encode that and soon it was out of his head, and later that night he would ask if you could have sex and you’d have to remind him and he’d get disappointed, but he could really only blame himself. So the next morning he would make you pancakes so he didn’t seem like such a selfish boyfriend. He’d also go grocery shopping after work and call you, asking if you needed any supplies. He never had any problems picking up any of your personal items. And while he was at the store, he would “accidentally” purchase a whole cake. Oops. Guess it would have to be a cake and cuddle sort of night. 

Finally, we’ve got good ol’ Michael, who would be totally okay with your period, but he would act like one of those guys who gets disgusted, just because he liked to make fun of those kinds of guys. You would only roll your eyes, but he would kiss you after saying his stupid jokes and mutter a “love you,” just to assure you that he would never be one of those guys. In fact, he was really the opposite, often bringing you heating pads and painkillers whenever your pains were getting bad, and he would decorate your face with kisses when you were lying in bed, trying to forget about your cramps. “I’m sorry mother nature is a bitch.” He’d say, then getting you a bottle of water, “Stay hydrated babe.” But then later that night, when you were back to your normal self, he’d probably ask for a blowjob. 

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5 with lukeeeeee :)

“Daddy! Look!” the four year old exclaimed excitedly from her seat on the floor. She had various papers and markers sprawled out of the floor as she drew her little heart out.

Luke grinned, withdrawing his arm from your shoulder. You watched as he sank to his knees on the floor before crawling over to Grace. “What’s this?” he asked, admiration in his voice.

You watched as she explained the paper animatedly. Luke absorbed every word, listening intently as he sat in grey sweatpants, a ripped up muscle tee and a grey beanie thrown over his hair. Grace wore one of Luke’s band shirts, fitting her almost like a long-sleeved dress. The sight made your heart clench. “This is definitely going on the fridge,” he announced, the piece of paper in hand.

She giggled happily. “Do you like it too mommy?” she asked with wide, blue eyes.

Luke handed the paper to her and she brought it to you with a huge smile on her face. “You know, I think this is the best thing you’ve ever drawn,” you told her, causing her smile to widen and her dimple to pop.

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Could you do a luke blurb where you're self conscious about your body and Luke makes you feel better by painting pretty things on you to express how your body is artwork and its just really cutesy and there's a lot of nose scrunching and smiling at each other and just all around really fluffy and cute idk sorry if this is weird and long

you slipped under the blankets, feeling the soft material against your bare legs. you really only relaxed in just your underwear when you were alone, never when luke was around. you weren’t the most confident, and you didn’t want to force luke to look at your body when you knew it wasn’t the prettiest thing. 

so when luke let himself into your apartment, finding you buried beneath the blankets, you were a little shocked to say the least. “mind if i join you? i brought chinese and some cheesy movies,” he said, toeing off his shoes at the end of your bed. 

you nodded, stunned into a silence. you were glad the blankets were covering your legs so you wouldn’t have to make a big deal about hiding them. luke climbed onto the bed, handing you the food as he slid underneath the covers, his legs pressed right against yours. 

his eyes widened slightly, his baby blue eyes finding yours. “are you wearing pants?” he asked, biting at his lip ring. 

you felt your cheeks go red as you hesitated, avoiding his question. “oh my god, you aren’t. let me see!” luke exclaimed, trying to tug the covers away to expose your legs. 

“luke, stop. you don’t have to,” you argued, pushing at his hands. 

luke looked to you, his eyebrows pulling together and creasing in the middle in confusion. “why wouldn’t i? you’re my girlfriend and i barely get to see you like this.” 

“yeah, because why would you want to look at me like this when there’s other girls out there that are prettier and skinnier?” you shot back, not meaning to make it sound so harsh - but it was how you felt. 

luke sat back, the smile fading from his lips. he then abruptly got up, stepping off the bed and leaving you in a silence. the tears were about to spill over when you realized what had happened, but luke returned shortly, a plastic bin in his hands. 

you instantly recognized what he was carrying. it was your bin of art supplies you kept around for when you had to babysit your younger cousin who loved to color and paint. luke set the bin on the bed, crawling back to sit next to you. he took the chinese food out of your hands and setting it on the bedside table. 

“lay down on top of the blankets,” luke instructed, his eyes finding yours once again. you were about to protest when he added, “please.”

you sighed, but pushed the blankets away, scooting down so you could lay flat with your legs exposed. you weren’t comfortable, especially not with the feeling of luke’s gaze on your bare flesh. luke moved, throwing one leg over yours so that he was now straddling you. 

“luke,” you started, but he shushed you. 

“just trust me.” 

you bit down on your lip, but nodded. you watched as luke pulled out one of the paint pots, screwing open the lid and tossing it back into the bin. he dug around in box, finding a paint brush and dipping it into the green paint. he then leaned forward, lifting your shirt so that it settled just beneath your breasts. 

and then you felt the cold paint tickle your flesh as luke painted on your skin. luke continued, switching out the paint a few times, moving down your body so he drew all over your stomach and thighs. 

“luke,” you murmured again, trying to catch his attention. he looked up to you, a small smile playing on his lips, consequentially bringing one to yours. “what are you doing?” you asked, trying to keep the laugh out of your voice from the tickles his painting was inducing. 

but luke didn’t answer, instead he just scrunched his nose up and went back to working on your legs. finally, after ten minutes and your chinese food had gone cold, luke was finished. you sat up slightly, watching the rolls in your stomach distort some of his drawings. 

but you saw as he drew random paintings all over your torso and legs - dogs, stick people, guitars, random words, x’s and o’s, hearts, clouds, flowers and some kind of rendition of a drum set. 

“you might not be the thinnest girl out there,” luke said, bringing you out of your thoughts. “but you’re still art. you’re still beautiful in your own way. and you’re my girlfriend. i love you. and if we’re being honest, i think you look hot as shit in just your underwear and one of my shirts.”

you rolled your eyes, but sat up fully, capturing his lips in a long kiss. 

anonymous asked:

Can I have an imagine for luke where you guys are broken up but you hang out with him because the other 3 invite him over but you guys are t talking and you guys are in the car siting next t each other an duly guys are about to crash but he protects you like ours his hand over you so you won't fly out the car and you guys get back together in the end sorry it's confusing haha

“I’ll drive you.” 

You turned to Luke in surprise, but he was pointedly not looking at you.

You cleared your throat awkwardly. “Are you sure? It’s really no big deal, I can drive myself.”

You knew that Luke hadn’t been pleased to see you over at his house, his constant brooding in the corner had made that clear from the moment you’d walked through the door.

The two of you had promised to remain friends after the breakup, which was the main reason you had thought it’d be alright to come over when Ashton had invited you. The way Luke sucked on his lip ring and spent the last two hours staring at his phone suggested otherwise.

He shrugged. “The order was on my credit card anyway. I’ll drive, and you can just run in and pick everything up. That way you don’t have to try to find parking.”

You looked over at your other friends, in the middle of filming what looked like an instagram video, took note of the fact Calum and Ashton had both taken off their pants since you had last looked at them, and sighed. “Alright.”

The two of you left the house and climbed into his car, and you tried to ignore the knot in your stomach when you recalled how many other times you’d climbed into his passenger seat. The feeling was a little too familiar.

You drove awkwardly in silence, sticking to side streets, and if things hadn’t been so tense, you might have tried to make a Long Way Home reference. But every time you thought of a good one, you’d look over and see his clenched jaw, and thought better.

The two of you rolled to a stop at a stop sign, and Luke had just tapped the gas to move on when someone came blaring through the intersection. You saw the headlights first and screamed, Luke slamming on the brakes so quickly you felt yourself sliding forward off your seat. Your seatbelt restrained you but not before Luke flung his arm out, knocking you back into your seat so fast you were winded. The brakes on the other car squealed to a halt.

“HEY.” Luke yelled, shoving off his seat belt and moving to get out of the car. “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?”

Shocked, you rushed out of the car after him. “Luke?”

The other guy had gotten out of his car now, eyes wide, more than a little intimated by the hulking shouting 6′4″ giant that was Luke.


“Woah.” You stepped in front of him, placing your hands out to stop him in his tracks. “Cool that Aussie temper. Seriously?” You turned to the other person and smiled sweetly. “No harm, no foul. Are you alright?”

The other guy nodded, still staring wide eyed at Luke.

“Cool, next time watch where you’re going.” You waved him off, and the guy didn’t wait another second before getting back into his car and leaving. You turned back to Luke. “And you.” You looked at him incredulously, but couldn’t resist. “Simmer down.”

He looked down at you, caught off guard by the pun. He groaned and put his face in his hands, shaking his head, and then climbed back into the car. Not sure how to react, you climbed back into the passenger seat.

There was a moment of silence while you sat there. Finally, he took a deep breath. “I’m sorry. I just. I dunno. I lost you once, and I just couldn’t. I couldn’t lose you again.”

Of all the things you were expecting him to say, that wasn’t one of them. You sat there in stunned silence. 

“I just.” he continued, obviously unnerved by your silence, “I know I put my career before you before. And it wasn’t until I didn’t have you that I realized how important you are to me. And I know that I can’t change things, and you wouldn’t believe me if I said things would be different, but I just-”

You leaned over and kissed his cheek, and he looked at you in surprise. “That was for trying to save me.” You sat back in your seat and looked at him. “Look, it hurt a lot when we broke up the first time. I really felt like you didn’t care about us. And I’m not saying I trust you right now-” he nodded at this point, eyes wide, “But I’m willing to let you buy my dinner tonight, and we can go from there.” You smiled at him, and he laughed.

“I’ll take it,” he said, turning the key in the ignition. About two blocks later, he slipped his hand into yours and intertwined your fingers, and that was how the two of you returned to the guys’ house, 20 minutes later, along with 7 orders of Chinese takeout.

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and that’s all!!! once again i love every single one of you and i am super thankful for all of you!! happy holidays :-)

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can you imagine visiting michael while he’s on bed rest?? like you’d have only been there a day before he started feel bad and then the tca’s are getting closer and he’s not feeling much better so they put him on bed rest with strict orders to not speak and at first, you’re cuddling with him without any problem but michael keeps whispering things like “balls” and “penis” to you and you’re giggling while you try to scold him for speaking and then ashton comes in with strict orders to remove you from michael bc he can’t focus on himself while he’s with you plus they don’t need you getting sick and then passing it along to another one of the boys and michael’s pouting pathetically as he watches you walk away with ashton and he’d send you needy texts telling you to sneak back and that he’s horny and “hey, if I’m alone on bed rest might as well make use of that, ay?” but then the night before the award show comes and he’s nervous about it and worried he’ll fuck up royally and he’s texting you long paragraphs of what could happen so you slip into his room and cuddle up to him and you smile and kiss his cheek before sending him a text telling him he has to be silent and he nods, taking your phone from him and setting them on the nightstand before turning over and pulling your arms around him, indicating that he wants you to be the big spoon