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Hogwarts With Newt 

Warning: Lots of fluff, cuddles, and warm, fuzzy, kisses

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You’d promised to spend the evening with Newt, but somehow or another, you’d lost track of the time. It was almost midnight when you came stumbling into the Hufflepuff common room, feeling absolutely exhausted. You rubbed your eyes groggily and re-focused on your surroundings. The room was large and circular, beautiful green plants hung from the ceiling, thick carpets coated the floor, a wispy fire crackled warmly, and only one of the overstuffed yellow couches was occupied. The entire room was empty, give or take a singing plant, and a half eaten plate of chocolate chip cookies lay atop a barrel table in front of the sofa Newt lay on. You tiptoed over, dropping your bag down and sinking onto the sofa beside a restless Newt, who was curled on his side and deep in sleep.

“Damnit,” you whispered sadly to yourself, feeling ashamed for keeping Newt up. “I’m sorry, sweetie.”

You brought your hand gently up to push Newt’s reddish-honey hair from his closed eyes. The light of the fire nearby sent shadows across his perfectly slender and smooth features, causing your heart to race. His long eyelashes drooped over his freckle kissed skin, his cheeks were flushed a soft pink, and his full lips hung partly open. You smiled a little, and tucked the last strand of his hair affectionately back into place. Not a moment later, two glimmering blue eyes blinked up at you, startling you momentarily.

“Hello,” Newt smiled feebly.

“Oh-I-I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you!” you exclaimed softly.

“It’s alright, I didn’t mean to fall asleep,” he murmured, his eyes on yours.

“Newt, I’m sorry about running late, I had to stay and tend to Professor Sprout’s plants after lessons, and then I went up to the library to catch up on my potions paper, and well, I just lost track of time,” you fumbled.

“Shh,” Newt shook his head, pulling up from his position to sit upright, “I understand completely.”

You gave a sad smile, gazing into Newt’s bright orbs, “you know more than anything, I just wanted to see you.”

Newt’s cheeks flushed warmly, “a-and I, you”

The poor thing, you felt as if he was so misunderstood. Even Hufflepuffs, the most friendly of all people, would wrongly judge Newt. During classes, some students would call him ‘beast boy,’ and it troubled him more than he’d like to admit. He didn’t want you to be seen with him during classes because he was so afraid you’d be teased for being seen with him. You were good at ignoring the taunts that came with hanging around Newt, but it was much easier to be with him in the safety of the common room. In a way, though, it made Newt feel like your own secret treasure.

“S-so, how was the extra Herbology?” Newt cleared his throat.

“Good,” you piped up positively. “we helped wrap up the plants to keep them toasty in this freezing weather.”

Newt just now looked over you, his eyes widening with realization, “and you’re still in robes, after such a long day?!”

It was winter time now, and even through the common room windows, you could make out the layers of glittering white snow that coated the lawns at Hogwarts. Millions of tiny snowflakes sprinkled from the clouds like shimmering fairy dust all day round.

“Oh,” you shrugged, “I didn’t really think about changing.”

“You must be exhausted from wearing that uniform all day, so here,” Newt said, stripping off his fluffy knitted Hufflepuff sweater. He wore a black and yellow top underneath, which clung snugly to the ripples of his chest.

“Thanks,” you smiled gratefully. You loved wearing Newt’s clothes, they were always so cozy, and smelled wonderfully of him. You began taking off your clothes right then and there, but Newt turned beet red and raised his hands to his eyes to give you privacy. You sighed in content as you replaced your tight collared shirt for Newt’s comfy sweater, which was too big for you, but you loved nonetheless. You pulled out your tight hair elastic, letting your hair spill freely down. Feeling a thousand times better, you sunk down into the weathered couch and curled to your side, resting your head in Newt’s lap. Newt blinked his blue eyes open in surprise, but didn’t speak as he began combing his fingertips gently through your hair. You closed your eyes in content, the feeling of Newt’s touch sending little electrical currents through your body.

“Thank you for everything you do for me,” you murmured into Newt’s lap.

“I would do anything f-for you, love,” he said, his lips twitching upwards.

Every time he called you that, you had a tiny internal freakout.

You smiled and breathed in Newt’s current aroma; cinnamon spice, snowfall, and the crackling log fire.

You felt Newt’s fingers tremble slightly, his breath coming short all of a sudden.

“You okay?” you asked, rolling on your back to stare up at Newt.

He looked down at you lovingly, his lips quivering, “I just feel that you n-need to know that you look…b-beautiful. S-so, it’s hard for me to focus when I look at you.”

You felt your heart practically melt right then and there.

“You’re a sweetheart,” you said, sitting back up and turning to face Newt.

“J-Just being honest,” he stuttered softly, his eyes falling down to the couch.

“You didn’t have to wait for me,” you stated suddenly. “Everyone else is in bed, and we’re the only two here… so, why wait?”

Newt’s eyes fell to the checkered quilt that covered his legs, his cheeks warming subtly. 

“I wanted to be with you,” he said simply, avoiding eye contact.

“You didn’t have to though, Newt. I mean, I love seeing you, but we do have classes together too, and I don’t want you to stay up late for… well, me.”

Newt’s eyes darted back up to yours, “you know I’d do anything for you.”

Your heartbeat faltered, your thoughts freezing over momentarily.

“And also,” Newt sighed, “it’s easier to be with you now, when nobody is around to tease you for being with me,” he admitted.

“Awh, Newt,” you whispered sadly. “I’m sorry some people can’t see what I see in you. You’re the most loyal, brave, kind, empathetic, smart, and handsome boy I know,” you smiled, your hand coming up to rest on Newt’s cheek.

You felt his skin warm under your touch, Newt getting fidgety from the contact. “I’m n-not deserving of you, (Y/N). I thank the sun and the stars that I was lucky enough to find you.”

“Well I hope you like having me around, cause’ I’m never leaving,” you giggled, bending forward to rest your forehead against Newt’s.

This was probably the closest you’d ever been to Newt, and staring into his eyes now, you realized how close his lips were to yours, and how much you yearned to taste them. Newt froze, his breath hitched, his eyes unable to move from yours.

“You know,” you whispered, “there is one plus side to me coming back so late.”

“W-what’s that?” Newt responded quietly, looking gently flustered.

“Nobody’s here to stop me from kissing you.”

You’d said it without thinking, but before Newt could respond, you linked your arms around his neck and dove gently in for a peck on the lips. For a second Newt tensed, but then he quickly let his body relax, his lips responding instantly to yours. His mouth was heavenly, and even in the brief second where you got a taste, you had to restrain yourself from indulging in more. Newt’s lips molded perfectly into yours, like two soft and full puzzle pieces, but a moment later, they were gone, and his forehead was back against yours.

“Wow,” Newt breathed softly, his eyes fluttering open.

“Sorry if that was too straightforward,” you laughed softly. “I’ve k-kind of wanted to kiss you for a long time.”

Newt’s hand came up to tuck a loose strand of hair behind your ear, his twinkling eyes drinking in all of your features.

“Kind of?” he giggled with a raise of his brow.

“Okay, more than kind of,” you blushed.

Newt pushed gently closer against you, his breath cool over your features, his eyes darting to your lips. “Well, I kind of want you to do it again.”

|MONSTA X| Imagine #2|

Member: Wonho.

Summary: You had a fight with Wonho because he constantly gets jealous when you’re around Shownu.

Words: 1005.


You are at home, preparing your suitcase to go to your parents’ house again, for you it was enough, you hate when Wonho gets jealous because you’re talking with Shownu, “Why he can’t understand that Shownu is my friend? That I only love him?!” you asked desperately to yourself. You heard someone entering through the door, but you didn’t care and kept on doing your suitcase.

-Y/N? What are you doing? -. You turned around and it was Wonho, still looking angry but at the same time very confused.

-I’m leaving, don’t you see?

-No, no, no, you’re not going anywhere.

-You can’t stop me.

-Oh, I will -. He took both of your wrists making you turn around to face him, you were very frustrated, very mad and hurt by his jealousness.

-Let me go, Wonho.

-What?! If I’m here it’s because I love you and I don’t want you to go, I want you to stay, don’t you see I love you Y/N?

-And don’t you see that you’re hurting me? Hurting your friends because you are stupid jealous?!

-If I’m jealous it’s because I love you and I care about us… Y/N, please don’t go.

-Wonho… it’s enough for me, I can’t keep with this, Shownu is your friend, and mine as well, so I don’t understand why you get jealous.

-Because I’m afraid you will leave me for him. I know he’s my friend and I do love him as well, however I know he can steal you.

-Wonho, I choose you because you really got into me, you really were my type and because I feel in love with you-. Without any warning your tears started to fall down your cheeks, as soon as Wonho noticed that he started to hug you tightly, you started to push him away but he didn’t let you go away from his embrace.

-Don’t cry Y/N… please don’t cry.

-What else can I do? It hurts my heart, you hurt my feelings once again Wonho… I trusted you.

-Babe don’t say that, don’t say that, it’s not the end.

-Wonho… -. You started to hug him tightly, you didn’t wanted to go, but at the same time you don’t want to be the reason why he’s fighting with Shownu.

-I, I’m sorry… I’m so sorry baby.

-Shownu and I were…

-I know, I talked with him before coming here. It wasn’t your fault, it was mine… and I’m sorry about that Y/N.

-How can you think that I’ll leave you? You’re my reason to smile, and my reason for being here.

-I guess I’m very dumb.

-Yes you are.

-Are you still crying?


-Let me see -. Wonho cleaned up the last tears you dropped, he looked at you worried, you couldn’t look at him in that moment so you started to cuddle up in his shoulder.


-I can’t look at you, I’m too embarrassed.

-You don’t have to, after all it was my fault.

-But you fought again with Shownu.

-It’s all better now, I talked with him and I said sorry to him.


-Yeah… -. You looked at Wonho, he started to caress your cheek, and he gently started to give you a few pats in your back.

-I’m the worst, I haven’t the right to be jealous.

-I want to say that I have been very far away from you lately.

-Yeah, but that’s not the problem.

-But I feel sorry for that too, I left you behind, and I started to talk more with the other members than you.

-Y/N is sweet of you for trying to make me feel better, but it was completely my fault this time.

-Wonho, don’t be so harsh on yourself. It’s all done.

-You’re right… I can’t believe a made you cry again.

-Wonho, stop it.

-I’m supposed to make you happy, and make you feel loved.

-Wonho, is fine.

-No it’s not, I should be better boyfriend for you, you deserve better… -. You couldn’t shut up Wonho so you took the back of his head and without any hesitation you kissed him deeply in his lips, he started to caress your hair as you two continued kissing passionately, then both of you stopped because the lack of air.

-Now can you listen? It was my fault as well, I shouldn’t been so cold towards you, I know you won’t let me take part of the guiltiness but at least let me apologize to you.


-Wonho, I really love you and I’m really sorry for the treatment I had have you this last weeks, I promise I will never make you feel less.

-Don’t worry baby, I know you have a lot on your mind, and I respect that, and I promise I will be a better boyfriend too.

-You forgot something.

-What are you talking about?


-Oh, yes, I love you baby.

-Better -. You started to putt your stuffs back where they belong, then Wonho and you laid down on the bed.

-I can’t believe you were about to go.

-What can I say, I really got angry.

-I can imagine that baby.

-But I will be back after two days.

-How cruel… Hey Y/N, want to go later to the arcade with the rest of the members?

-If you promise to be normal and not a killing boyfriend I’ll go.

-I promise, but if someone flirts with you, I’m going to kill them.

-Same to you.

-Aww, thanks babe.

-Just because I love you.

-I love you too Y/N.


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