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I could not care less what 1d might think of me, tbh they should be more concerned about what /i/ think of /them/ since I'm the one with the money they're after. This whole "you're not a real fan unless!!!!" thing is mindboggling. The fuck kinda business is this?

it’s such a strange, twisted situation how it is now.  I’m not saying that the band should be totally beholden to us just because we have the $$ – there are definitely issues with fan entitlement – but it’s sickening the way 1dhq is encouraging fans to bully and police each other.    

I know a lot of people have been saying this, but it’s really frustrating how the fandom seems to be putting Liam’s hypothetical feelings before the feelings of their fellow fans.  I think that a certain part of the fandom was undeniably the target of a lot of negativity last night and that a lot of it stemmed from his comments in the Attitude article.  That makes me really upset.  Larry or no Larry, what was said hurt a lot of people, and they are allowed to expressed that hurt without having to be immediately reminded that Liam is a human too.  We know that.