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“Where words fail, music speaks.” - H.C. Andersen

❄❄❄ Merry Christmas, @zerograviga​ !  ❄❄❄
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A new day will come

For Sandra <3


                  you     l o v e     me 
                                                      real    or    not    real?

                                                                          r e a l .

The 30 day countdown until the first Thrilling Adventure Hour Sydney show

Character quotes + colours

Day 27: Sadie Doyle + PURPLE

Original photo by: Liezl Estipona

Can I just

Okay so after seeing this I really, really wanted to caption it “Bro Chill” but then… it got out of hand. (My personal favorite is the fourth one.) 

Cameron is 100% not mine but belongs to @moosoppart/ @moosopp

Based off this post.

I see no difference.