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Like Sleep To The Freezing

Title: Like Sleep To The Freezing
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Rating: G
Warning: none
Word count: 2.3k

This is for my darling JinAh @viollettes, in anticipation of things to come and for being such an amazing person. I may have set the pairing as Bucky x reader, but it was always you when I wrote it. All of my love.

Originally posted by rohgers

Bucky starts awake, his eyes immediately going to you, holding his breath until he can hear your shallow inhales and exhales. You don’t really sleep, not truly. It is medically induced, the result of a chemical cocktail because even though the treatment leaves you exhausted, sleep evades you save for cat naps that do little to give you the rest you really need. He wishes he could give you what you need, that the life force flowing in his veins, however bastardized, could help you. He even asked Stark and Banner, ready to brave the medical facilities of the tower, to sit in a chair and be poked and prodded like all those times before he broke free. He hasn’t been there since his last check-up after Wakanda, the room sterile and intimidating, making him break out into cold sweat. He swore he’d only go back if it was absolutely necessary. You fall into that category.

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Eyeshadow Part 1

A/N: So now I’m writing a thing for this too apparently. I hope people like it. I didn’t plan for angst and it’s not too intense but there are some feels later, not really in this part though.

Pairings: Prinxiety, background Logicality.

In a desperate attempt to get attention so this doesn’t totally flop: @prinxietys (sorry you’re great please Validate Me™)

“Hey Anxiety, if you HAD to have a new years resolution, what would it be?”

“Probably to find darker eyeshadow to better match my soul.”

“You, are an emo nightmare.”

“Thank you.”

It had been months and Roman couldn’t figure out why the exchange was still going around and around in his head.

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A little sentence goes a long way

A/N: I’m sorry if you guys don’t like what’s behind this but I just thought of something and I hope you guys don’t mind
~> Everyone makes fics of Anxiety being transgender and that’s why there’s no name
~> honestly though, I love the idea I had of Prince being the transgender one.
@the-prince-and-the-emo @analogically-prinxiety @princeyandanxiety @softlogic ________

Princess Allouette was the most gorgeous princess in all the land… or at least that’s what legend told. Then why did she suddenly go missing, her dresses crown and all left behind. No sign of struggle, so why was she gone? Why was Allouette gone leaving her father in true despair and her mother in a knowing suffer.

It was simple really, Princess wasn’t the right title for Allouette. So after a fight with her mother about not being a princess, Allouette saddled up her noble, cream coloured, stead and rode off in the night never to return to the Kingdom of Far away.

It wasn’t long before the Princess came to a stop, a fassionary in the kingdom of Way Far away. Having a peasant purchase her a princely outfit with money she handed him, she was satisfied with the purchase and gave the peasant boy enough money to feed him and his family for years to come.

Allouette changed into the outfit behind a barn, admiring the beauty of the outfit and how the jacket covered the feminine parts. Prince Roman was the title that had been decided upon for 10 years since a 6 year old realized they weren’t who people said they were.

Roman smiled at himself and got back on his horse before riding quickly, the dress in a bag to he burned at tonight’s fire. The fire never came though, Roman had found a door in the middle of a field that stop on its own. The world continues all around it. More field behind it and more field to the sides. It was a peculiar thing. A shaky hand touched the door knob and then opened the door, a room formed before his eyes. Allowing the Steed to do as it may, he entered the room and looked around. The room was how he had imagined his royal room would look had he been born a boy.

“Oh hi kiddo” A man was at the door on the other side of the room now, Roman froze next to the red bed with gold painted frame.

“Oh, my apologies, am I trespassing? It’s just the door..” Roman spoke urgently, not wanting to be beheaded just as he became who he wanted to be.

“No don’t worry kiddo, this door just showed up for us as well, it was a blank wall and then a door formed. I believe this room was waiting for you…” The man trailed off. They spoke for a few minutes, Roman mentioned nothing of his previous life.

“You said others…” Roman finally spoke up and the introduced Morality smiled.

“Yes others! Come with me” He takes Roman’s hand commenting on his it’s very soft and then dragging him to meet logan and Anxiety. After introducing the pair Roman waved hello.

“Patton? Who is this?"Logan questioned and nodded heating that Roman was the new rooms occupant. He wasn’t so confused now.

"He looks like a more stuck up Princess Allouette… but.. a dude.” Anxiety observes aloud. Roman blushed, already hating his old identity. The topic of The Disappearance of Princess Allouette spread like wildfire everywhere.

13 years later Roman had successfully hidden his past all these years, he owned many royal outfits, a few crowns, the room changed as he grew up and he gained quite the connection with Patton, though it was quiet right now. Nobody was awake,these times were when Roman judged his body in the mirror, how feminine it was and how much he hated it. He had found a binder and it worked wonders for his self esteem but when it was off, that’s when the dysphoria kicked in.

that’s when Roman started to feel like he’d never truly be a boy, never truly pass, no one ever would view him as a him, his body suck,  his face sucked,  he sucked. Roman’s mind would race with self depreciating remarks and comments. His mind would go like this until he fell asleep and then continued in small bits for the whole next day. Though one sentence always made him feel better.

They rarely ever said it, but there was those moments when he’d receive the simple phrase, no matter it’s form, of “You look handsome” it always brought him confidence.

Roman looked away from the mirror at last when when there was a knock on the door and Roman instantly wrapped a towel around his body, he was always used to know one being up he didn’t realize that his youngest brother was still awake

“Hey” Anxiety spoke as he opened the door and slipped in, noticing Prince’s demeanor instantly, the towel position next, and then the high bumps afterwards. “Uh, should I slip out while you uh” He clears his throat awkwardly. Roman sighed, he couldn’t keep his body hidden forever, his past hidden forever.

Roman shook his head but kept the towel on, Anxiety covered his eyes while Roman dressed. “Sorry for intruding,  I uh, just had a nightmare” Anxiety spoke and Roman smiled gently pulling Anxiety on to his bed.

“would hearing a story help?” Roman received a nod “once upon a time, in the land of Far Away. There lived a princess and her parents. Ever since the Princess was very young she never loved being called a Princess. The Princess known as Allouette despised her title, name, and who she was. When Allouette was 15 she took her horse in the middle of the night and ran away, leaving everything but some money behind. When she reached the kingdom of Way Far Away she gave a little peasant boy enough money to purchase her a prince outfit, when he returned with the outfit she gave him the rest of the money she owned and rode off once more. Allouette changed out of her dress and into the suit, before taking a chard of glass and chopping off her hair-”

“Like Flynn does to Rapunzel in tangled?” Anxiety interrupts and Roman nods smiling.

“-they chopped it shorter and shorter until they thought it looked proper like a prince and continued on their way. One day the new prince came across a field, the field was long and wide but right in the middle was a wooden door that you could walk all around but seemed to lead to no where at all until opened. The door lead to a room which lead to a house owned by the parts of a human. The prince soon took the name as Prince Roman Sanders, and he had three amazing brothers.  Patton, Logan, and his favourite was the youngest, Anxiety” Roman finished the story and Anxiety was smiling widely, the first time in a while.

Anxiety was the first to know and the only to know of Roman’s past. Everyday since then Anxiety would find a way to help Roman’s self esteem quietly. Calling him handsome, or telling him on their lonesome that Prince was really passing that day.

The moral of the story is: Tell a transboy he’s Handsome or how much he’s passing, it really help with their self esteem.

anonymous asked:

Hello!! RFAs reaction to MC who casts spells? Like lights candles and casts spells like a little witch. MC started because she found spells online and tried them out, but they actually seemed to work! Whether or not they really do is up to you haha

A/N: guys idk if you know this but i’m actually really into witchcraft- like magick, crystals, spirituality, spells, sO MANY DIFFERENT THINGS and i just im soRRY IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS REQUEST but i toned it down a little to spare y'all ~Admin 404


           -He was the one to bring the idea up in the first place, actually!

           -“MC!!! I can’t remember anything! I’ve studied this same page for the past hour or so and I can’t remember ANY of it. Uhg, why can’t there be any kind of magic to help me with this? You know, kind of like Harry Potter? Or the magic spells in LOLOL!!”

           -Now you weren’t witch-savvy but you were determined to find something that could help him!! Or at least make him feel as if he’s being helped! He needed to pass this upcoming test and seeing him suffer made you feel terrible!

           -So, thanks to the internet, you found a sort of “Study star” spell for him! You explain it to him and he is so!!! ready!!! to try!!

           -You light up an orange candle, as he focuses on the light. You had him draw a seven point star, had him dab a smudge of sage oil in the center of the star and on his forehead between his eyes. You also had him repeat the chant a few times.

           -You had him keep the paper in his hand the whole time he studied, and when he was done, he blew out the candle

           -Neither of you knew if it did anything but he did have to admit that he was excited to try it anyway!!

           -He came home the next day from his test extremely hyper, loud, and just all around excited puppy yoosung


           -He was yelling in excitement, jumping on the other half of the couch as you bounced up and down on the other half due to him. You agreed to do it every time he need to study, so he could get and keep his grades up!


           -He was disappointed about not getting the part he wanted in a play

           -And the moment he walked into your guy’s home, you were practically hit in the face with his negative aura

           -“Oh no, nonono, step back outside”

           -You pushed him out of the front door and he stood there completely confused. Too confused to even ask what was going on, or attempt to re-enter the home

           -He watched as you mixed salt and garlic and sprinkled it along the doorsteps, the windowsills, any entry point to the house

           -“MC what in the world are you doing can I please come inside now?? What are your sprinkling everywhere??”

           -You explained that you protected the house from negative influences, and that now he was able to enter the house

           -“I don’t want your negative energy up in here Zen, so I’m protecting our home. Now, come on inside and tell me what’s wrong, love”

           -HE DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE INTO THIS KIND OF STUFF???? MC can you give me more protection things? Self-care? BeauTY SPELLS????

           -You just sigh every time he asks but you do secretly draw him an herbal protection bath at least once a month and he just thinks you buy the MOST amazing bath salts because they smell and make him feel a m a z i n g


           -You’ve noticed her stress lately, it’s not like she hides it well

           -And you wanted to help!! But you just COULDN’T think of a spell to help

           -You thought of maybe combining two of them, but suddenly you had an idea!

           -You ran up to her with a bag full of different colour yarn, and told her the meaning of each colour. She was thrown off and wasn’t sure why you were telling her, but she played along

           -“You have to pick one according to how you feel, as in what kind of problems you’re having! Did you pick one? Oh good! Okay, the next thing you need to do is hold it taut. Got it?”

           -She followed your directions silently. She knew you believed in things like spells and magic and she wanted to respect you although she didn’t believe in it herself. Besides, she knows you’re just trying to help, and she can’t complain about that!

           -“Okay now, concentrate on all of your problems you’re having. Really visualize them as you tie knots into yarn. Yes, just like that! You’re tying up the problems and they can’t get away!”

           -She held it out to you when she was done visualizing, “Alright now what? Do we do something about visualizing the same problems and untie the knots, as if we’re letting go of- MC where are you going?”

           -You snatched the yarn from her while she talked, holding it far out in front of you as if it was evil, and you ran outside. She watched as you tried to quickly dig a hole in the dirt and throw the yarn in it, figuratively burying her problems

           -She shook her head and couldn’t help but smile. She didn’t feel any problems go away, but she did get happier knowing you wanted to help her bad enough that you’d run outside and try to dig a hole with one hand


           -He came home one day to find you rubbing some sort of liquid across your wrist, heart, and forehead. And only those places. He was thoroughly confused. You weren’t new to spell casting but he’s never SEEN you do it

           -It smelt like a mix of lemon juice, mint, basil, and a few more that he couldn’t place off the top of his head

           -He asked what you were doing and you just smiled at him, shrugging before you answered

           -“I made a spell! I boiled basil, bay leaves, coriander, lemon juice,-” He watched you list several things off but just tilted his head to the side out of confusion

           -“You…casted… a spell? Like as in magic? And witches?”

           -“Yeah! I casted it because…well.. I just wanted to strengthen our relationship and make sure our love is there and strong at all times…”

           -You looked down at your feet, pouting a little bit, hoping you didn’t freak him out, but he kissed your forehead instead

           -“Oh, MC, you didn’t need a spell for that. The love I have for you is immense, there’s no need to worry”

           -Which wOW you couldn’t tell if that was just him being honest with you or if your spell DID work. You’d have to try another one to see if it worked.

           -“But um, MC? What can I used to wash this mixture off because I really dislike the taste. I probably should have kissed your cheek instead.”


           -Can’t tell me nerd boy hasn’t tried to recreate spells from Harry Potter or the show Charmed

           - i also believe that he’s tried a few protection spells for saeran growing up

           -But lately you’ve noticed he’s had a string of nightmares and you felt terrible! Watching him wake up completely freaked out broke your heart

           -You weren’t sure how to really bring up the idea of performing a spell, so you just blurted it out

           -He just nodded and smiled towards you before saying, “Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Last time they got really bad I tired one and it seemed to help. Maybe with you doing it with me, it’ll work even better!!!!”

           - im sorry last time you whAT

           -You threw your shock out of the window when he pulled out the items you needed- salt, rosemary, rose petals, glass bowl, valerian, and polish moonstone


           -Helped him find a place by the bed to put the bowl where he wouldn’t accidently knock it over

           -Overall you had no real part in this?? He did it all himself??? You weren’t NEW to witchcraft or anything but??? You’re just disappointed that you had nO IDEA HE WAS INTO IT


           -He travels often for his photography

           -But this most recent trip, there was a little hiccup and made the trip a little dangerous

           -And you DID. NOT. LIKE. IT.

           -So you were determined to make sure he was safe every time he left the house

           -You were new to the whole magick aspect, and decided to find something on the internet and see if it would help at all

           -(Or at least help ease your mind about him leaving)

           -You decided to make a “Safe Travel” charm for him!!!

           -Crying a little on the inside as you tore a bit of your red flannel shirt (MC it’s not like it fits anymore, it’ll be okay), placed some dirt, large pieces of rock salt, and one of your favourite silver rings into it. The moment you were done sewing it into a little bag, you rushed to give it to him

           -He was surprised at the gift, but his heart immediately MELTED when you told him what it was, what it’s made of, and why you made it. HONESTLY DIDN’T WANT TO LEAVE ON TRIPS AFTER THAT, how could he worry his MC that much??

           -He swore to be 500% careful when he left the house, and NEVER do anything to make you worry. Neither of you knew if the charm actually worked the way it was supposed to, but it did remind him that he needed to take your feelings into account when he takes trips


           -He’s seen you participate in spells and rituals before

           -He’s even read up about the magick! Mainly because he was interested in the black magick aspect before meeting you

           -Now that he’s met you, and you participate in the white magick, he figures what could it hurt.

           -He’s been pretty down lately, and you felt horrible about it! The both of you knew nothing really caused it, but you still wanted to try to help

           -He was walking into the room to ask you a question about this new movie he saw, but noticed you were sitting at the altar you set up

           -You were sitting in front of 3 yellow candles, he could smell cedar, and he watched you sprinkle some herbs around the candles

           -He kept hearing you mutter to yourself, and he decided not to disturb you. But once you were done, he definitely questioned just what you were doing

           -“You were testing a happiness spell? What for? Are you not happy, MC? Is everything alright?” He actually got REALLY worried like oh nO MY MC IS SAD???

           -“No, no! I wanted to see if it worked because… I mean, if it does work I was gonna suggest you try it. You’ve been down lately and I just want to help but I guess I should have just asked if you wanted help and I’m sor-”

           -He cut you off before you could apologize by hugging you. He muttered a thank you before he kissed the side of your head. He agreed to try the spell with you, as well! that was easy, thought i’d have to fight more

Saphael Fanfic Rec!

Here are the works I’ve been saving throughout last year since the show first aired and up until this point. Amazing works that show this wonderful pairing and each characterization. All the love to the authors! 

As usual, I couldn’t find some authors’ user names. So, if someone knows the user and tag them, that would be very appreciated

87. Careful is my middle name by tveckling

“And where exactly do you think you’re going?”

Raphael’s voice came from behind him. Simon hoped his twitching hadn’t been too noticeable and turned around with a bright smile that he hoped wasn’t too fake. “Just going out.”

A Holiday Encounter by @demiromanticmickey

Admittedly, Simon volunteered to help Raphael to try to talk to him, get to know him better. Unfortunately, that wasn’t working out so well. It turned out that managing a food drive was a lot harder than Simon had anticipated. And whenever he did try to engage Raphael, he was met with short one word responses before ordering Simon with another task.

A Word Between Two Friends by ofEmeraldStars

“You love him.” It wasn’t a question and Magnus’ voice almost sounded awed by what he said, what he realized, when he looked at his friend at his side whose head snapped to look at him, no longer watching his fledgling.

Answer me (please) by all_their_intricacies

To Simon <3 (3:02 AM): i love you  

To Simon <3 (3:03 AM): so fucking much

Appreciation of art by @fangtasticsaphael

He managed to sit on the bench for at least ten minutes before his phone was in his hand and he started browsing Twitter for anything entertaining before updating his account with a Clary abandoned me in the art museum once again message with a sad emoji before he decided to take a silly selfie for Instagram to kill some more time. Just when he took the photo and the camera sound went off - of course, he forgot to mute his damn phone when he went into the museum, fuck - a shadow fell on his form.

Baby, I’m not made of stone by izzyasavestheday (stilessexual)

“Did I ever tell you that we feel everything? The clan, I mean. If I focus enough, I can tell you who’s sad and who’s angry and who hasn’t been sleeping properly. I can tell you who’s been having nightmares. There are no secrets here.”

(Fix-it fic)

Baby’s First Steps by Luuna (you_know_them_trees)

Simon wasn’t flustered, he really wasn’t. And Raphael checking up on him all the time wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t like he had a crush or something.

It might have been true… if only Raphael stopped calling him baby.

Before I ever met you by izzyasavestheday (stilessexual)

“You know that moment,” he said “when you wake up and turn over to put your arms around someone –someone you love, someone who means everything to you.”
Magnus’ expressive eyes were soft, soft, soft. “Oh, Simon.”
“I feel so alone,” Simon whispered. “Not in the post-Clary sort of way, either. In the way that I’m supposed to wake up to someone and they’re not there.”
“I’m missing something,” Simon went on, voice cracking. “I’m missing someone but no matter how hard I try I just can’t fucking remember.”

Bitter Sweet by @abluelightinthedark 

“I… I’m sorry. You just looked like the typ of person who drinks their coffee black.“ Simon stutters and rubs his neck, trying to hide the shaking of his hands. “What do you want then?“

The guy actually smirks at him and lets his eyes wander over Simon for a moment, before he answers.

“What I want from you would be really inappropriate to say out loud in here…“ he trails of for a moment, letting the words sink in and then smirks even wider when Simon flushes bright red in the matter of seconds.
“But for the coffee, I would like a caramel macchiato.“


The one where everybody thinks that Simon has a sweet tooth and Raphael loves the bitter stuff, but it’s actually vise versa.

Bleed out in my veins by @eversall

How do you stop loving someone? How do you separate your world from theirs, when you’ve been on a collision course since you were six and sharing crayons, your smiles so intertwined that death doesn’t separate you? How do you say goodbye?
You don’t, Simon thinks dizzily, dropping to his knees in front of Raphael. You say hello to someone else.

Breathing Is A Side Effect Of Being Alive by booksandanime

When you’re alive, your heart beats, your breath catches and comes in gasps, you age and fall in love and die.

When you’re undead, your heart pantomimes beating, you gasp for air that isn’t needed, you never age, you fall in love, you stay together if you decide to.

This is a story of how Simon Lewis let go of normalcy and thoughts of being a monster in favor of falling in love with Raphael Santiago. (It’s not a bad trade, really.)

Brooklyn, brooklyn, take me in by psyches

Honestly, no matter which way you put it, telling anyone you live in a hotel is pretty fucking weird, and it’s not like Raphael has the excuse of a twin brother or a singer mother who works there or the wacky hijinks that ensue.

Or: a brief look at Raphael in a world where Shadowhunters no longer need to exist.

Call me, maybe? by @fangtasticsaphael 

“You’re not planning on giving him a plain black shirt for a few hundred bucks, right?” Raphael asked when his best friend was about to enter one of the fancier clothing stores the mall had to offer and the other raised an eyebrow at him.

“I’m not planning on buying him a black shirt at all.”

“All he ever wears is black. The most colourful your boy gets is wearing grey,” he commented dryly and his lips curled into a smirk when Magnus huffed, unable to disagree because Alec really didn’t wear any other colours. If black and grey could even be considered a colour.

“Well, that’s why I brought you because you always wear clothes as dark as your soul and might actually be helpful in this case,” Magnus replied sweetly and glanced at the store before looking back at his shorter friend questioningly.

Candy Kisses by @abluelightinthedark

Three times Raphael doesn’t enjoy Simon’s kisses + the one time he craves more

Coffee & Spanish by ofEmeraldStars

Simon’s eyes land on his good looking guy at the table next to him and when he and his table partner start talking in Spanish Simon find this as the perfect opportunity to test out his Spanish knowledge.

Cookin’ up love by @moonlightmaia

“Simon! Dios mío, what the hell?”
Simon dropped the fire extinguisher, a sheepish look on his face. The stove behind him covered in smoke and fire extinguisher gas. “Uh, I was just, uh, trying to make dinner?”
Sure, Simon wasn’t a great cook, but he certainly wouldn’t consider himself a horrible cook, Raphael’s kitchen was just… very different from what Simon was used to using. Raphael was a professional and so was his kitchen.

Devotion’s desire. by @saphaeldaily

a character study of raphael santiago and how nothing goes the way he wants.

side of simon/raphael.

Disasters that lead to pretty boys (are worth it) by gayinsight

“My friend is out of town and I’m supposed to be taking care of her pet fish but it died and you work at the pet store help me find one that looks the same so she won’t notice!”

Don’t just leave it all up to chance by @accordingtomel

“Shut up, Jace,” Izzy commands, glaring at him before turning her attention back to Simon. “Okay, so you know how Clary and I are in charge of the Senior Prom Fundraiser?”

“Oh yeah, sure?”

“And you know how we told you we had everything totally covered?” Clary adds.

Simon glances over at Jace in confusion, but Jace just shrugs.

“Well, we kind of need some help now,” Izzy says.

“What kind of help?” Simon asks slowly.

Magnus snorts like he can’t help himself, which means that he must know what’s going on too.

Silence falls over the table for a moment too long before Clary finally comes out with it. “We need you to take a shift at the kissing booth.”


Simon gets roped into working at a kissing booth. The consequences, however, are much better than he could’ve ever expected.

Fight Me On That by @themadtilde

“Well, someone must tell you the straight fact that Gandfalf beats that old wimp Dumbledore so hard that Dumbledore wouldn’t even have a chance if they were to duel.”

Simon’s anger, that slowly had stopped boiling, quickly flamed up again.

“Oh yeah?” he hissed heatedly, slamming his cup down on the table and standing up to be eye-to-eye with Raphael. “Well, fight me on that!”

And then, before Simon could really comprehend what he just had said, he was lying on the floor with Raphael hovering over him, and he felt a throbbing pain in his skull.

(inspired by the tumblr post one day im gonna say “fight me!” and someone’s just gonna fuckin deck me

Fire and Gasoline by @degrassi-fanatic

“Those two are like fire and gasoline.”

That’s what everyone said about them.Raphael Santiago was a fire and, Simon Lewis was the gasoline that only further fueled the other.
“I’m in love with you.” he came out as barely a whisper.If Simon didn’t have vampire enhanced hearing, he might’ve not heard that.

Forever isn’t too long, when i’m right where i belong by moriartyscupoftea

Raphael sat on the living room chair, the cup of tea Magnus had practically forced on him balanced on his knee, while Magnus himself was slouched on the sofa, laughing. “You,” he wheezed in between hysterical fits of giggles, “are going to propose? ToSimon?” Raphael pursed his lips, praying for strength from anyone.

Gazing into your eyes, I know I’m home by ofEmeraldStars

Simon didn’t expect for Raphael to corner him in the abandoned building, but yet there he was pinning him on the spot with his intense gaze.

How to make your local clan leader blush by scalira

Simon realizes vampires are capable of blushing after he sees Raphael getting flustered, and after that it becomes his mission to get Raphael to blush again.

I dont understand Quidditch (or Love) by @slytherinsimon

Simon Lewis is a Hufflepuff that seriously needs to pay more attention around him. Especially the part where he thinks that his best friend, Hufflepuff seeker Clary Fairchild is secretly dating his Slytherin chaser crush, Raphael Santiago.

I Hope So Too by @bathildahotshot

Simon’s not in love with Raphael.

I know what you are (say it) bisexual by thankyouforexisting

Simon tells himself,

It’s not gay, it’s not gay, I’m totally not checking him out, he just had that stain on his right trouser leg….

Raphael is, apparently, a rich as fuck vampire, because the suit shop they go in is fancy as hell. They park in the basement, because, uh, sunlight, and even though dusk has fallen it’s better to be safe than sorry (sorry meaning dead). Raphael keeps smirking, which does nothing to help Simon’s inner mantra that consists of

I’m straight, I’m straight holy fuck is he licking his lip- I’m straight..

“This,” the vampire announces as they walk into the shop, smiling faintly, looking, almost for the first time since Simon’s met him, as if he’s relaxed, “is the greatest place in the world, Simon Lewis.”

He looks at him then, grinning, eyes dark, shining, looking more polished than ever but somehow oddly vulnerable, and Simon’s breath hitches, his insides turning to goo.

His mantra becomes

Let me not jump him, or, at least, not in public..

I Watch It All From A Far (heaven help me) by @geckette

Clary took a sip from her coffee before putting it back down, her face slipping from confused to serious. “Simon. Are you serious? You didn’t know?”

Simon sputtered, his fancy pastry that cost him a pretty penny of 5.78$ flying everywhere from his mouth. Of course, the one time he decides to spend money it gets wasted. “Clary. Oh my god. Clary, I’m dating Raphael.“

Based Off This Prompt:
Saphael, College roommates AU who find that they have been totally boyfriends for months and hadn´t even realized. Brownie points for cuddling!

If i ever had your number, i think i would use it by @eversall

“Er.” Simon says, but that seems to be enough.
“Simon?” Raphael asks.
“The one and only.” He says weakly, making jazz hands even though he knows Raphael can’t see them. “Heyyy, Raphael.”
“You – why is your number in the Pandemonium bathroom?”
It starts because Jace and Simon get drunk together one night without Clary, and since Clary serves as about eighty-five percent of their impulse control they’re hammered within two hours and ready to implement all of their Very Bad Ideas, the ones that are horrifying enough to make Alec grind his teeth and potentially slap them upside the head.

If you wanna find love then you know where the city is by @eversall

Simon comes back to them immediately. He’s pounding on the door the next night, and Raphael stiffens as he smells the scent of the fledgling.
“I’ll go get him.” Lily says, and runs off, her face harsh with anger. She appears a second later, hauling the boy by his collar. His face is ashen with fear – Simon is no good at hiding his feelings. What was it he’s said before? He was born afraid? And his eyes are dark and beautiful, just like always, and Raphael wants to shake him until he understands what heartbreak feels like.
Of course Simon comes back, and of course Raphael is still unbearably in love with him.

In all that’s left of you and me by igniteyourbones

how the saphael reunion really went down.

“You look awful.”

“Thank you, Raphael, really. This is truly the touching reunion I had imagined for us,” Simon says, ignoring the fact that he’d imagined several possibilities but all of them had ended in Raphael ripping him to pieces.

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time by heartsdesire456

Simon ends up in the ER after a drunken dare and meets the potential love of his life.

It’s a small crime and I’ve got no excuse by mostlikelydefinentlymad

Raphael’s other half is sat across from a beautiful girl with auburn curls and a copy of Jane Eyre on the table.

He’s gesturing at a gray box and giving away a smile that once belonged to mid-afternoons spent tracing the contours of Simon’s body, laughter seeping into the halls of the hotel.

Kindred by White_Marker

Once, hidden in the dark and uncharacteristically intimate for both of them, Raphael had mimicked Simon’s movement in bed, inch by inch, like a game. Simon burst out laughing, pulling an outlandish face, and gripped Raphael’s chin. Raphael reached out and pinched his chin in return.

They lifted each other’s faces, moving it left and right, leaned in and pressed their foreheads together. They let go and traced a finger slowly from their collarbone to their belly button.

Like a challenge, they held each other’s eyes, all traces of humor gone.

For a little while, Simon and Raphael felt as if they were mirrors of some kind. Opposite, but the same.

Soon after, though Simon hadn’t made the connection, the first flicker of blue had appeared.


 Soulmate AU where you slowly start seeing color. Let the angst begin!

Like a halo in reverse by @gilmarverdes

The feeling began to become home. More of a home than vampirism would ever be. He’d stand alone, attempt God, and feel the pain. This is how it is, this is what I deserve, this is what I have become. I am this now. I will always be this. I deserve to hurt—

Until the day that God finally left his lips and remained in his throat, no choking, no burning. Just Raphael and God, severed.

Simon, on the other hand…

"Raphael,” he whispers, “I’m so sorry. I thought—”

Raphael feels a twist in his stomach. It is a feeling that he hasn’t experienced in a very long time. He needs to lead the clan, he needs to give them justice, but he’s alone with Simon, most secure room in the Hotel DuMort like a past life, and all that he can feel is want, hunger, need. There is no room for justice in human want. It’s sick. Raphael is very, very sick; this is the only explanation for the humanness, the only explanation for the twists. 

“Do it again,” Raphael says, his entire being turning into a betrayal right against Simon’s body. “I need you.”

Livin’ just to find emotion by @joanthangroff

When Simon has to transfer to another school - the DuMort Academy -, the only thing that could save him from going mad would be to join the school’s Glee club. Of course, life is not as easy as it could be, and he is denied to join just yet. He somehow manages to persuade the club’s leader, Raphael, to prepare him so he can join in the next semester.

Mail for Ezekiel by @fangtasticsaphael

“Hey, buddy,” Simon greeted the animal and reached out, gently scratching behind the dog’s ear. Ezekiel tilted his head, playfully nudging the man’s lower arm and stared up at him in clear anticipation. He huffed out a soft laugh and reached into the pocket of his light jacket, presenting the dog with a thin postcard with the message “Mail for Ezekiel” with two hearts scrawled next to it and beneath it he had written “have a dog-tastic day”. Ezekiel seemed pleased as usual and ran off with his delivery while the off-duty-postman turned around to leave.

Master of pillow forts by @fangtasticsaphael 

“What do you think you’re doing, idiota?” Raphael asked wearily and frowned at the other’s surprised yelp, followed by a pained sound when Simon dropped the heavy book right on his sock-clad foot. He quickly picked the book up again before directing his wide-eyed gaze at the clan leader who stared back at him with the most unimpressed expression possible.

“You’re back already?”

“Obviously.” Raphael’s expression was a mix of disinterest and boredom but his gaze swept over the things strewn across the room in a silent order to answer his question instead of stating the obvious.

Never just that simple by @fangtasticsaphael 

“It’s not fake concern. I…I know I’ve been preoccupied with my own problems and that I didn’t…that I didn’t think much of the consequences or of…of the position you’re in,” Simon mumbled sheepishly, hands pushed into the pockets of his hoodie and head lowered while trying to keep up with Raphael’s quick steps. It was actually pretty difficult to stick close to the clan leader despite the vampire speed because Simon still wasn’t fully used to it and he could more quickly but not as smoothly and effortlessly looking as Raphael.

“The position you put me in,” Raphael bit out, correcting Simon’s statement with a bitterness that seemed to cut right through the slightly foggy air.

Not Actually Homophobic by @mymalecshinesbright

Raphael was extremely confused. Extremely. He didn’t understand this. He had never felt this before, and yet here he was, feeling it and he didn’t know where it was coming from. But it was here and now he had to deal with the fact that he was apparently homophobic because the sight of seeing his roommate kissing another boy made him want to vomit.

Not Like I Care by ChangeForTheBetter

Simon gets sexiled and seeks refuge in Raphael’s room.

But maybe Raphael doesn’t mind so much.

Of all of the faces, you were the one next to me by  mostlikelydefinentlymad

//if I love you // is that a fact // or a weapon

Of Sleep Deprivation And First Kisses (Or, How Tea Solves Problems) by PossiblyNobody

“You’re my roommate who’s super cute and it’s the middle of the night and you’re cramming for your exams in your flannel pajamas and disheveled hair and it’s becoming increasingly hard for me not to kiss you” AU.

Saphael Tumblr Prompt

On the List of Things (Read: People) Simon Thought He’d Never Do by @rainybookshop

Obviously Simon had missed the memo about his sexual orientation, but he can’t help thinking there might have been smarter ways to find out than by letting himself be seduced by someone who sort of scares the shit out of him.

One cup of coffee (is all it takes to fall in love) by @abluelightinthedark

Simon walks into the Starbucks in only a thin shirt, because he’s an idiot and forgot to take his jacket with him in the middle of november, and opens his mouth to greet his friends, but they are not there.
Instead there’s another dude standing behind the counter, his green apron doing nothing to hide his beautiful body and sadly neither his grumpy expression.

Paved paradise by @simonxraph

Not only has Raphael stolen his parking spot and infiltrated his friend group, now he knows that Simon thinks he’s attractive.

Please Daddy by TrickyVicky3

Simon wilts under the pressure, but needing to have the last word he replies sarcastically, “Sure thing Dad”.

Raphael’s eyes widen “What did you just call me?” Simon looks up at him, placing the now empty glass back on the table in front of him as he licks fresh blood off his lips, “Dad, y’know, Daddy, cos like you’re making me –“

Raphael waves his hands in front of Simon “Please stop” he looks around uncomfortably before speeding away.

Professor knows it all! by @shadowhunterships

I saw a prompt on tumblr : I usually talk to my friends through sign language in class but… apparently you know sign language too… and now you know I think your butt is cute.Simon secretly loves Professor Raphael’s butt and accidentally spills his secret to the professor himself!

Rhododendrons by @gilmarverdes

Part of him was hoping that he would never have to see Simon again; you rip the bandage off fast so it’s less painful, you stitch up the wound quick so it’s less painful, you let it heal slowly. These things take time.

But - who was he kidding, he’s going to be entwined with Simon until the end of time, it seems. Quite literally.

Set me free by @fangtasticsaphael

His dark hair stuck against his forehead in wet, messy curls and every annoyed huff showed in form of a little white cloud leaving his lips and disappearing into the sky. He was a supernatural being but it was obviously too much to ask for some kind of immunity against the temperatures. Sure, he had to appear human but that didn’t mean he basically had to be human.

“Just find the target, make the guy fall in love with the girl and the freezing is over,” Raphael mumbled to himself through chattering teeth and pushed his hands deeper into the pockets of his hoody. At least he couldn’t get sick but this didn’t make the weather any more comfortable. His whole body seemed to be slowed down and stinging from the cold, icy wind pulling at the material of his jeans and the hoody he wore over his t-shirt, his boots kicking up snow with every step.

Shattered hearts by @fangtasticsaphael

“You can’t say it back. Why haven’t you said so earlier? All the other times I said it? I thought you just weren’t ready yet but if you already know you can't love me, why not say it outright instead of leading me on?!” Raphael tried to hide the pain and anger swirling in his chest, masking his emotions with a cold mask.

Magnus had warned him, told him it was a bad choice to start something with Simon because the guy had almost managed to two-time and even if he had been 16 at the time, he still seemed so very undecided when it came to his love life. He clearly couldn’t make up his mind about what he wanted, not back then and not now. Raphael had known it was a risk and he had to fight down the urge to place the blame on himself - to revert back to the thinking that maybe him being asexual and aromantic was the reason why Simon couldn’t commit to this.

The one person he developed romantic feelings for, the one person he actually fell in love with, and here they were, apparently about to break up on Valentine’s Day. It felt like a big, cosmic joke and Raphael suddenly felt so damn tired.

Shelter by @fangtasticsaphael

“I know you’re about to close but maybe I could get a coffee?” Simon asked and his voice almost broke on a few words. He squinted a little because of the beads of water on his glasses that probably blurred his sight but Raphael could see that his dark eyes were mostly unfocused behind the smudged spectacles.

“You look like you rather need some tea and a bed,” he commented dryly and rounded the counter to walk up to the door, flip the sign and then the lock as well. Raphael didn’t care that they were supposed to be open for 20 more minutes. Nobody came in at this hour anyway and Simon’s current state was a more pressing matter anyway.

“So, that’s a no? You do realise I can’t leave when you lock the door, though, right?”

Simon was fidgeting and raised his arm to hide a cough in the crook of his elbow, the sound muffled by the wet material of the hoodie he was wearing - not exactly the right choice of clothing for October if you asked Raphael.

Sign of the times by @joanthangroff

When Raphael is hit by a mysterious spell, Simon has to teach him how to be human.

Simon la Exploradora by RaphaelSantiago

Five Spanish words Simon learnt from watching Dora the Explorer, and the times he said them to Raphael.

Strange crossings. by @sadlyamundane

The universe works in strange ways, maybe that’s why Magnus cancelled dinner with Raphael, maybe that’s why Simon’s blind date doesn’t go as planned.

What ever it was, this was definitely the universe crossing their paths.

Sweetheart by @fangtasticsaphael

“It’s Valentine’s Day, someone probably just wanted to lighten the mood,” Lily commented with a shrug and it might have been a slightly weird thing to do so with almost insulting messages on pastel coloured candy hearts but most clan members did think they were funny and a few had actually started a competition about who could find the most hearts - and the ones with the best messages.

“There’s one with lol no balanced on top of the picture frame in the main hall. I have no idea how they even got it up there,” Elliott informed them while strolling into the room and he stopped behind the couch, right next to Simon’s shoulder who tilted his head back and blinked up at the other vampire frowning at him.

“You have one stuck in your hood,” the other informed him and before Simon could react he had already snatched it up, eyebrows rising when his eyes read the message on the piece of candy.

Te Extraño (I Miss You) by andy_ros3

To Clary: I don’t think I can do this Clary. Is this even a good idea??
From Clary: Simon you have to do this. For yourself. Don’t worry, no matter what happens I’m here for you.
To Clary: You’re right, thanks Clary. Omg we just pulled up outside the club.
From Clary: Go inside and stop freaking out.
To Clary: I’m not freaking out
To Clary: I know your eyebrows are raised. Okay, yes, I’m freaking out. I miss him and I want him and I don’t know why he invited me here. It’s been 3months and 16 days Clary. Why now? Why would he wait so long to contact me for whatever reason? Why was I such an idiot? Oh god what if it’s just to return something I left at his or what if he tells me he’s met someone new and he’s moved on.
From Clary: Simon stop. Stop overthinking this and go inside.
Simon is about to text back to delay entering PanDEMONium but Clary beats him to it. She knows him too well.
From Clary: You’re going to be fine, just go.
Simon enters PanDEMONium expecting it to be the usual vibrant, enthralled and booming place but it’s empty apart from a grand black piano where Raphael sits playing a few notes. Simon knows he does that when he’s nervous.

Tendons too torn to beg (for you to let me back in) by @gilmarverdes

What hurts the most, the thing that makes him really ache, is how familiar he is with Simon. He knows the way that Simon smells; sickly, because every fledgling smells sickly, but with Simon it’s all different. Simon smells like – life, like something sick coming back to life. Like hope crawling out of its grave.

He knows the way that Simon sounds; the unnecessary breaths, the way that his voice mumbles when he talks because he still hasn’t gotten used to his fangs, the wrong thing in his mouth, and the way that he taps his fingers, the exact sound that he makes when he wakes up in the morning. A yawn like a wolf’s howl.

But worst of all, he knows the way that Simon feels.

The Game of Life by raphaelsontiago

“Why is school so damn expensive?” He grumbled, putting his money back in the bank.

“Maybe it’s because you have six cars full of kids, mi sol?” Raphael smirked and Simon wanted to throw the board across the room.

“It’s not my fault I got stuck with such a big family!” He protested. Raphael chuckled quietly and bit his lip.

“You know, a big family wouldn’t be all bad. Six cars of kids would be a bit of a hassle, but I think four or five kids would be nice.” Raphael’s gaze dropped to the floor and Simon nearly choked.

Raphael was asking to have a family with him.

or, the one where simon and raphael play life but they spend more time talking than playing the game

The Morning After by simonsantiago

Simon sits up and stares at Raphael’s back. “Are we…uh…dating now?”

“No,” Raphael says and Simon’s stomach sinks. “I don’t date people who don’t let me sleep.”

The Path To Self-Discovery by @killjoyrow

Simon is the kind of bright, happy guy who needs everyone to be frends with him. Raphael would prefer to have no friends and save himself the headache.

In theory, they’re far better off as distant colleagues - the contrast between them akin to day and night.

In reality, despite claiming to hate each other, the two couldn’t be more perfect. It might just take them a little while to realise it.

The Punishment Fits The Crime by  Hailhydration

When daylighter Raphael Santiago is forced to kill a rogue Warlock, the warlock’s deranged lover curses him to never have a happy ending. Whoever falls in love with the vampire is destined to die if they touch him. To Raphael, who has long viewed himself as unlovable, this seemed like nothing. Of course, he didn’t count on the persistent idiot known as Simon Lewis.

The Thing Is by foggynelson

The thing is: Raphael doesn’t want to love Simon. The thing is: he does anyway.

There is in it, the idea of the fall by scalira

“Angels touched by man cannot stay divine, Raphael. I thought I was very clear on that matter.”

And Raphael knows. He knows. But when he thinks about letting Simon touch him, about his lips pressing down on his, about his fingers tracing his skin, Raphael does not feel doomed. He does not feel tainted.

He feels infinite. He feels bigger than himself.

He feels… he feels human.

This is not what I dreamt it would be by @flying-on-the-wind

Raphael Santiago had always known that his soulmate would not be anything like what his mother had dreamt for him. Simon Lewis, on the other hand, had always dreamt of a soulmate that was nothing like what he got. But are dreams all that important? When real life is a thing that happens, and that you get to actually live?

This is the second part of a series in which soulmates are found upon the touch of skin. Each part will have a different pairing at it’s centre, though all three are linked and together they form a fuller story.

Through Hell or High Water by @shadowcastershq

When Clary drags Simon to his local pool, he’s immediately smitten with the gorgeous but completely unapproachable lifeguard.

Till the sun comes up by @aleclwb

Simon takes a deep breath. “71.”

Clary gapes at him. “71?”

“Yes,” Simon snaps, “Yes, Clary, my number is 71. It’s right there,” he waves her wrist around, a little too aggressively, so it’s actually impossible to read. “The seven and the one. 71. My soulmate’s going to be 71 when we meet.”

Or, everyone has a number on their wrist that indicates how old their soulmate will be when they meet. Simon is trying to deal with the fact that his is abnormally high. It turns out not to be such a bad thing, after all.

Turnabout is Fair Play by @accordingtomel

“Uh, Raph?”

Raphael glances over at Simon with raised brows, using a finger to hold the place in the book he’s reading and shifting his attention towards him.

“Is there a reason that Magnus is sending you pictures of him and Alec kissing?”

Simon turns the phone around to show Raphael said picture.

“I think the better question is why you’re reading my text messages in the first place,” Raphael says, and reaches his free hand out, gesturing for the phone.


In an attempt to annoy Raphael, Magnus starts sending increasingly adorable pictures of him and Alec kissing. However, it’s Simon who comes up with the perfect solution to get him back.

Until We Say “I Do” by heartsdesire456

When they had become engaged, it had been like a switch had flipped with their mothers. They were still very happy for them and they both were waiting with open arms to welcome the other into the family. No, the problem was not dislike.

The problem was that for some reason, the minute a ring came into the picture, both Raphael’s mother and Simon’s mother somehow immediately and independently became obsessed with their son’s future husband converting to their religion.

Upheaval by crystalclark94

Simon, well, he has the most unusual / off the beaten path twist of words etched across his ribs that he’s ever heard of. The font is an elegant black crawl with perfectly dainty pretty loops and swirls, and it says “Dios, I’m going to eat you if you don’t shut up!”

Variation on the word (sleep) by mostlikelydefinentlymad

“You can stare at me later you complete sap, come'ere.” Simon pats the bed, awaiting the slight dip of the mattress. Raphael remains where he is, adoring.

Simon grumbles into his pillow about romantic vampires and kicking Raphael out to sleep on the sofa if he doesn’t get his ass in bed.

Warmth & Light by foggynelson

“I’m cute, huh?”

“Oh shut up,” Simon says, lifting his heading up and looking at Raphael. “You’re absolutely gorgeous and you fucking know it.”

Wear my heart a little louder by @eversall

Raphael sucks in a sharp, unnecessary breath, eyes snapping up to meet Simon’s gaze, and he sounds, for the first time, the way Simon feels; like he’s coming apart at the seams with no hope of being pulled back together. Simon looks away, wants to backtrack and erase his temporary moment of weakness, because he’s not allowed to have that.
It always comes back to this - Simon trying to run away but being rooted to the spot by everything that lies between them.

When “You mean nothing“ turns into “You mean everything“ by @abluelightinthedark

There are two ways someone can whisper into your ear with their lips against your neck.

For one, it can be sweet, gentle, soft, hot, pleasant. A warmth, the feeling of being loved, someone taking care of you, kisses, relationships, compliments.

And then there are the times it’s threatening. A knife against your throat, death so close in front of you, fear. You feel scared, uncomfortable, want to cry. Screaming, kicking, then staying still, shaking, hurting, hoping, praying.

Simon unfortunately had to experience both ways in his rather short period of living.

The thing is, it was the same person every time.

Where my heart and future lies by scalira

Raphael hasn’t been home for the holidays in years. Still being haunted by a tragedy that happened years ago, he isn’t planning on visiting this year either. Until he gets a very persuasive email from a very angry man named Simon Lewis.

Where There is Fire by CastingMoonlight

Raphael is patient when Simon spirals into despair.

Because Raphael knows, and now Simon knows, and Fairchild will never understand what she did to him in the name of love.

Words of the prophets are written on the subway walls by @joanthangroff

After a fight with his current roommate Raphael Santiago is left with moving in with his old friend Magnus Bane. Naturally, this means lots of headaches for him and weird people stepping into his life.

You were always gold to me by mostlikelydefinentlymad

They take away the good in Raphael and reduce him to teeth like talons, a heart of stone. They don’t even have to say the words when his name comes up - “He’s a monster.”

No, Simon wants to say. You’ve never witnessed him stripped bare, armor lying at his feet with a softness in his eyes that makes Simon want to turn away. But they were present when the high walls around his heart became a weapon. They heard the words “Kill them” and glossed over what wasn’t being said - ‘Of all the people, why did it have to be you? I wanted you to stay.’ Nor did they hear the full extent of Simon’s betrayal, how it cut straight into tendons where it bled the most - 'Is it too late to go back?’

They cannot see the gold in him.

You’re an asshole, Mr Santiago! by @fangtasticsaphael

He heard the sound again and it made his hair stand on end because the creaky wood noise sounded like someone walking very slowly, dragging their feet with every step and it was like right out of a horror movie. Simon suppressed the ridiculous urge to go knock on the door to his mother’s and sister’s room but he also felt like these sounds were far from normal and what if ghosts were real after all?! It was the middle of the night, he was still tired and his brain did not function properly - he was allowed to think stupid shit!

Simon couldn’t tell why it seemed like a good idea to snatch up his key and leave his room but that was exactly what he did. Not to investigate the creepy sounds, he knew how such things turned out and he didn’t have a death wish, but to get further away from the noises. The dimmed lights in the hallway made the old hotel look even eerier and a few steps away from his door he severely regretted the decision to leave his room. He turned around to head back, saw a dark silhouette at the other end of the hallway that definitely moved and…he bolted. No.fucking.way!

You’re in the right place by ghostfacers 

Simon Lewis is an average high school teacher just trying to make sure the future generation gets there. He never asked to get his room moved next to the one guy in the whole school who probably hates him the most. That’s all Luke’s fault.

You’re the one that I want by @sadlyamundane 

“Hypothetically” Simon said pushing his Spanish text book away, he leaned back in his hair and watched as Raphael chewed on the bottom of his pen in concentration.
“Hypothetically” Raphael repeated, propping his head up on his hand to show that he was listening.
“If I liked someone, but I don’t” Simon hastily said when Raphael quirked an eyebrow “but if I did and I wanted to know if that person likes me back, what do I do?”

Hitch a Ride (Part 3) Katlaska - Vixen

So this is part 3 of “how many references can Vixen fit in a fic.” In this one we’ve got kpop, porn, Buffy, Harry Potter, Friends, Secretary and X Files. So this is my first time ever writing strap-on fic, I tried to watch a lot of videos of it (which Katya also watches) but none of them really felt…true I guess? So here is my take on strap-on smut, hopefully it’s good. Also, the lemon stealing whores porn is an actual porn. It’s very funny, go watch it. As always, I’m open to feedback and constructive criticism and hope you like! -Vixen (And I actually do find Bellatrix really hot just fyi)

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Change (Bucky x Reader)

Summary: A short fic where the reader goes for a late night walk and contemplates how becoming an Avenger and having powers changes their life. Bucky finds the reader and offers some comfort at the end.

Note: Slightly different to my usual stories, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless :)


You walk through the streets of Manhattan. It’s true, you think. Perhaps the city never truly sleeps. Vehicles whiz past, the lights of the cars illuminating you, casting a large shadow behind you as they blind you. The buildings look so tall, you observe as you glance around. From down here, the world looks so different. It’s almost like a different world. From the tower, everything looks so small, but from the ground, everything is ginormous. The shift in perspective is fascinating.

As you walk, you think of all of your problems, all of your insecurities. Everything seems so big and too hard to solve. You’re not sure you enjoy the fame of being a hero. You don’t even feel like one most days. I’m only human, you think. But you’re not. You know you’re not. You sigh and watch your feet as you walk. I was never human, but I always pretended to be.

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Here is a Christmas gift to @boxidot from your PJO Secret santa! (Not so secret anymore ^^’’’ *nervously sweating* I hope you like it and that you have a fluffy, happy Christmas! 

Thanks to the @pjosecretsanta2016 for working hard on making this possible! 

here is a fic, that I decided to write after I finished the fanart… I guess I wanted to explained the meaning behind it…

TITLE: Photograps

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nct dream!kids au

youre their babysitter ok istg (theyre also like 4-8) (and theyre also all related)


-a literal mess omg!!

-tries his best but ends up failing somehow

-cant make a sandwich, ends up blowing up the kitchen

-needs your help for a lot of things but not before he accidentally screws it up himself when he tries to be a big boy!!!

-like one time, you went over to babysit

-and he was a precious angel! said hi and smiled and dragged you to his room to play!!

-everything was fine and dandy until you left the room for a sec and came back to mark upside down hanging from his bed with his toys scattered on the floor when it was in a neat pile before

-dont leave him alone for too long

-dont leave him alone at all omg, hold his hand and take him as your smol useless sidekick

-tries to help take care of the kids with you because he’s the hyung and he needs to have a responsibility! (never ends up doing what he’s supposed to do but you love him anyway)

-falls asleep really easily, is always disoriented when he wakes up from naps

-has his own bed but prefers to crawl in bed with his bff and best brother hae!!!

-doesnt have a teddy bear or any stuffie and falls asleep with nothing in his arms but ends up hugging anything he can grab in his sleep

-it can be hae, a pillow, their pet bunny that manages to escape bc chen forgot to lock it up, it doesnt matter (hae pretends to hate it but it makes him feel warm so he’s lowlowlowlowlowlowlowkey ok with it)


-what a sass master

-youngest sass master youve ever seen

-pickiest eater ever omg

-doesnt like ANYTHING you give him unless it has peanut butter on it

-he’ll make you put peanut butter on pizza

-he doesnt CARE he just wants peanut butter

-such a tsundere omg hates your jokes but loves your smiles (will never admit it)

-stubborn ass kid jesus

-but a cutie so you dont mind!!

-loves his hyung mark but will not hesitate to push him down the stairs for candy

-is always there to give mark bandaids for wounds HE caused

-has to always sit beside you or mark or jisung or jaemin during movies (will not sit still unless he’s with one of you)

-LOVES superheroes

-tried to fly once but just ended up scraping the palm of his hand

-he’s the bandaid guy so he has no one to put a bandaid on him :c

-BUT he has you!!! and mark to the rescue ofc

-mark puts the bandaid on backwards and it accidentally sticks to his hand instead

-haechan doesnt have the heart to tell him and neither do u

-you end up putting the bandaid on hae when mark isnt looking

-reminds you of how cute and perfect he is every 3 minutes hours


-the most talented child you have ever babysat

-will sing the kids to sleep if you asked him to

-will sing YOU to sleep if you asked him to

-sweetest smiles!!!

-total suck up, will do anything to make you happy/smile

-sings around the house, hops everywhere, refuses to stop singing even if jeno threatens to throw his pet bunny on the street


-takes his teddy bear everywhere

-has emotional detachment issues

-loves his parents but lowkey loves his teddy bear more

-highkey loves you more, probably has a cute lil kid crush on you


-buy him stuffed animals and he’ll love you forever

-reallyyyyyyyy likes strawberries

-more than usual

-likes feeding them to his bunny even tho they shouldnt really be eating them

-but it makes the bunny happy so chen is happy!!

-please love him all he wants is for everybody to be happy

-the type to tug on your clothes instead of calling for your name or tapping you to get your attention



-mysterious as heck

-you didnt even notice him the first time you babysat him

-like, their parents came back and thanked you and all the kids came to say goodbye

-and then you just saw renjun there but???

-”omg i didnt even notice you during this whole time im sorry why didnt you say anything?? where were you???”

-and he just responds with “i was in the shadows” right before you leave

-gave you nightmares but you were determined to make him loud and bubbly!!

-so the next time you babysit, you made SURE to find renjun

-took him with you everywhere, so now you have sidekick mark and sidekick renjun

-theyre both useless but in a cute way!!!!

-it takes time but he goes from a chocolate bar left in the freezer for 85 years to a bagel in water!!! (what is this omg)

-still kinda tough but soft and smol at the same time

-doesnt smile often but when he does it’s like a fireball!!! watch out nasa we have a new sun!!!

-small grins and smiles 24/7

-the kids always try to include him in everything bc he may be quiet but they know he’s just shy and can be absolutely insane (in a non ghost-kid creepy way)

-they love him and will do anything he asks bc he never asks for anything usually!!

-the least-needy kid ever


-sly ass lil kid

-probably learns how to flirt from tv shows and uses pickup lines on you

-a sweetheart deep down, cares for you a lot

-will 100000% fight chenle for your heart!!!!

-smile so sweet itll give you cavities but has a lowkey smirk to it so you have to stop him from watching too many tv shows

-follows you around asking you the most dumb questions

-”do you trap people in your phone and talk to them??”

-”jae omg no what the heck ofc not”

-”how do you talk to your friends then??”

-you worry about him a lot

-tries to act tough when he gets booboos

-doesnt like crying and usually doesnt cry when he gets hurt

-BUT when he gets hurt like real bad, he’ll crack

-one time he was running down the stairs chasing jeno

-and he accidentally fell and tumbled down the stairs

-he was ok, no big booboos but his knee got scraped pretty bad

-and *dootdootdoot trumpet sounds* haechan swoops in with bandaids!! (and a HALF hug, gotta keep that tsundere front)

-and as haechan puts like, 3 bandaids on jae’s 1 wound, his lips start quivering and his eyes are tearing up but he cant cry wont cry!! gotta look tough so mark can stop babying him!! so everyone can stop babying him!!

-but then mark hugs him to make up for hae’s half hug and min starts bawling

-chen feels bad too so he hugs jae while mark is still hugging him so it’s a hug-fest!!

-hae reluctantly joins in but only bc he’s hip and with the trends!!! not bc he wanted to hug him or something


-highkey likes learning lowkey likes messing with his brothers

-he likes learning how to make traps and how to successfully prank people

-the annoying smartass kid of the group but nobody minds!! (except haechan bc hes supposed to be annoying and smart!!)

-partners in crime with haechan

-pranks everybody BUT jisung

-everybody has a soft spot for jisung

-starts off with dumb things like whoopie cushions and hand buzzers

-still uses dumb things like whoopie cushions and hand buzzers

-colours pictures as a side job hobby

-quiet and behaved surprisingly when he isnt trying to make you sit on a whoopie cushion

-will eat anything you give him as long as it’s not like, kiwis or something

-hates kiwis with a passion

-will sass you if you try to feed him kiwis

-which makes you seperate him and hae from hanging out for too long

-it never works, they always find a way to navigate back to each other

-you end up just letting him become a sass master in training

-judges your food but compliments your appearance!!

-everything you do is pretty to him

-cleaning up chen’s spilled apple juice?? nO PROBLEM WHAT A CUTE THING YOU ARE

-just dont feed him kiwis, then youre not cute

-really hates kiwis

-like, really really

-will probably slap your hand

-will apologize and hug your hand afterwards

-*cue hae’s eye roll*

-eye smiles all day everyday!!!!


-an actual angel

-youngest and cutest!!

-leader of the cutie sqaud rEPRESENT!!!11!!11!

-probably religiously likes apples

-just imagine him nibbling on an apple

-chen probably really likes him (ONLY WHEN HE’S EATING AN APPLE) bc he reminds him of their pet bunny

-a bit of a crybaby but nobody minds because he doesnt cry on purpose!!

-hurts himself a lot too smh jisung r u having a competition with mark or smth

-but he has spongebob bandaids so “who cares if im bleeding?? i have spongebob!!”

-probably wants to be like, devious and not innocent but cant

-one time, hae and jeno tried to teach him how to prank one of his hyungs but ji just went “i dunno i dont really wanna anymore” all uncomfortable and smol and timidly bc he didnt wanna make hae and jeno upset

-but it was ok!! they took him to the living room to watch spongebob

-dancing machine omg

-like, everybody in the family likes dancing but bOY jisung has such a firey passion for it, it’s insanely cute

-likes candy a lot (but what kid doesnt)

-will most likely sell his soul for candy

-instead of walking around the house, he moonwalks

-nobody has the heart to tell him to stop

-chen almost did once but when jisung smiled real wide when chen called his name, he like stopped and just sputtered out “i have apples”

-the kid that literally does nothing wrong

-you used to be suspicious but not anymore he’s an angEL BEAN

-smol and precious, doesnt like trouble nor does he like loud noises

-yet he enjoys screaming??

-when anything wrong goes down he screams like a siren so everybody knows something is wrong

-he’s practically their fire alarm

nct dream (as a whole)

-puts on shows for you ALL the time

-you were going over to babysit them once but when you arrived you didnt expect a cupcake and a performance!! (their parents told them it was your birthday so they had to be nice to you)

-you didnt even get sassed!! a miracle!!!

-they felt bad that they didnt get you a present so they drew you something instead

-didnt let mark help in fear he’d accidentally set the paper on fire but he was ok with that bc he got to monitor and was on apple juice duty!!

-likes having pillow fights

-you arent about that life so you just sit back and monitor

-jisung doesnt join in but he screams while they fight!!

-he has lungs of steel

-he doesnt join in bc one time he was running around, spinning with a pillow and he accidentally got smacked in the face (dont tell anyone but it was probably mark) and he FLEW BACK


-the room grew quiet and everybody rushed over “omg r u ok???”

-he was ok but no longer particpates, traumatized but also vv thankful bc woah he flew (into a wall but he flew)

-they have pillow fights real often bc it makes renjun happy and he laughs and smiles a lot during them

-pillow fights are BRUTAL

-they have never EVER seen chen so hardcore

-he karate jumps and smacks people in the face

-mark screams and charges headfirst (with a pillow on his head ofc) at everybody

-hae pretends not to care but hits SO hard (as hard as he can with a pillow at least)

-jeno is so good at dodging, so swift it’s scary

-renjun is reallllll quiet so he sneak-attacks people really easly, giving them minor (or major, if youre like, mark) heart attacks

-jaemin pictures everybody as giant, walking kiwis so he screams “I HATE KIWIS” before he runs into the fight blindly, hitting everybody and anybody he can bc deFEAT THE EVIL KIWIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-chen doesnt even have a tactic as long as he gets to hit someone he’s ok

-there’s really no prize so idek why these losers are so competitive

-HOWEVER no matter how much they fight and no matter how competitive they are, they ALWAYS have each other’s back

-like this one time, hae was getting bullied and it all started like thiS *dramatic flashback*

-they all walk home together and instead of being loud like usual, hae was just really quiet and didnt join in the conversation

-so mark the responsible hyung!!! noticed and was like “what’s wrong hae??”

-and he didnt respond so ren, jae, and jeno answered for him

-”that kid in our class said he was loud and annoying”

-”WHERE DOES HE LIVE I’LL HURT HIM” -mark 0.1 seconds after hearing that

-the next day at school, the dream team (im calling them that from now on) confronted the kid and mark went iN


-like, jae and ji got a lil bit offended at the bowl cut comment but iT WAS FOR HAE SO THEY DIDNT CARE

-mark is a third grade SAVAGE

-made the kid cry

-all while hae was hiding behind jeno and jisung (jisung was too short to hide him but like w/e)

-the kid apologized with like snot and tears running down his face

-hae lowkey laughed really hard

-they all got in trouble after

-jisung for sneaking out of kindergarten

-mark for roasting yelling at the kid

-everybody else for being his sidekicks

-their parents couldnt even yell at them bc they were so touched

-do NOT bring these kids to the grocery store

-not altogether

-if you do, youll get kicked out of the grocery store in 0.3343 seconds

-jisung wants EVERYTHING in the store

-hae complains every 2 minutes

-they fight over who gets to sit in the cart

-jisung, mark, hae, and jeno share a room

-jae, chen, and ren share a room

-during nap time, they all end up in one room or another tho

-they kinda hate each other (bc that’s how siblings are!!) but if given the chance to be put in another family, none of them would even THINK about it

-theyre all a mess but that’s how the dream team works!

Arsonist’s Lullaby [4]

Summary: You’re a pyrokinetic being sought after by both Hydra and the Avengers. What will become of you?

Bucky Barnes X enhanced!Reader

Word Count: 1045

Warnings: None

A/N: I’m SO SO sorry that this is so short!! And that not a lot happens!! I’m afraid to let everybody down, but I needed to move the plot along a bit before anything big happens again, and I’m sorry if this sucks!! 

Catch up here

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Let me in (2)

Bucky x shy!reader

Notes: fluff, nightmares (anxiety?), angsty(?), none other yet.

This is part two of a short series, which probably will be three or four parts long. Mostly Bucky’s POV! Thanks for the request!

Requested by: Anonymous

TAGS@jjlevin​​ @starstar1012​​ @stephvera​​@styleswift1989​​@amf71010​​@heismyhunter​​  @a-small-independent-princess​​ @bxckytrxsh​​ @incadinkadoo @buckyismybbz@seabastian-barnes@number1fantrash@verycoolveryunique@snowwhiteslays@tesseractbucky​ @popsxerox@the-one-and-only-vampcake @fallingpanickedkilljoys@lostinspace33@buckyshattergirl@httpstainme @bellejeunefillesansmerci@lilacs-lavender@vickybhutcherson @debbiesarts@vacam79 @wedontapologize @ff-exotic12 @hardboiledegg21 @buckybarnesismypreciousplum @heytherepartner

The following night I’m alone in the kitchen again and I find myself feeling relieved. It means she’s probably having a good nights rest; unlike me.

As soon as that thought crosses my mind I hear whimpering coming from down the hall, followed by a strangled scream. My senses are still heightened from the terrors that haunted me earlier and my body instantly reacts, bolting down the hall, looking for where the distressed sound is coming from. I follow the heavy breathing and hoarse whines to a closed door. Her door. Something’s wrong.

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Show Me (Breaking... Alternate Ending #2

Chapter where Split occured

A/N: This made me feel very uncomfortable! I don’t like it! Burn this ending!

Wordcount: 1364 (I couldn’t bare to do more I am sorry!)

Warnings: Just stop right now nope!

Tags???:   @midnightokieriete (I know you’re studying ;-;) @renae-writes@deltablue202 @literally-melonkitty @meunicorn @favouritefighting-frenchman@demi-godamit @gum-and-chips @sweaterkitty-fluff @pinkyiger7@littlemissshortcakes @msageofenlightenment @unprofessional-inhumanbeing @fandom-panda-221 @hummusandchips @spoopy-piineapple @ashwolfcub @myself-and-the-madman @sweet-fate@superwholockbooknerd526 @frozengal2013 @itsmikayblr @sarmar29@arya-durin-77 @phantastic-fandoms @hoshihime98 @shinigamired@martapetrovic @robotic-space @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit2 (lol) @asprinkleofmermaids @pinkyiger7 (I’m tagging you twice my friend!) @satellitesuga @rose-coloured-nihilism @okie-dokie-artichokeme @alyssumax@pandartist @marquiis-de-la-baguette @abi-sans05

Show me, a path left unseen. Show me, where I have failed. Show me, what could have been. Was balance truly met?

“You truly are something else Y/N, thank you.” She soon left you in the candle lit room by yourself. Okay Y/N! Let’s tidy this place up! You first put away all the sheet music and gathered all the dishes in the music room, cleaning them with the dishes from supper. You usually didn’t like being in the study by yourself but you could only imagine the state it was in after Alex took residence there. You took a candle and made your way to the door, opening it you were met with a monumental disaster zone. Paper was scattered all over the desk and floor, next to them were piles of dishes. The couch was a complete wreck, you assumed Alex had been sleeping there. No pillows or blankets or anything… First you gathered all the papers and stacked them neatly on the desk. Then you dealt with the ridiculous amount of dishes, much to your dismay. You were starting to worry about where Alex was as looked at the couch and began to fix it like a bed for him. While you were adjusting he blankets you laid down you heard footsteps approaching from outside the room. Did one of the kids wake up? You straightened out your skirt, expecting Johnny to peek his head through the door. Instead, the door opened to reveal someone much older and more distressed than a child with a nightmare.

“Alex? Where have you been? Are you alright?” You noticed how he stumbled into the room, you rushed over to him and helped him steady himself.

“Yes, I am…alright. Nothing to worry about Titania…” His voice was deeper than normal, like he had been crying a lot. Which became more obvious when you saw how irritated his eyes were.

“Alex…What happened? You’ve been gone all day…” You could tell he had been drinking but he certainly wasn’t drunk, buzzed was certainly the best word for it. You led him over to the couch and suggested he sit down but he refused.

“I need to stand if I tell you this…” He sighed heavily. “I went to go deliver something that I had been working on these past couple of nights.” You had an ominous feeling.

“Delivered what? That sounds suspicious…” Your eyebrows knitted together as he stood in front of you.

“A pamphlet…that will be printed out and distributed tomorrow morning… It’s your pamphlet.”

“What do you mean my pamphlet?”

“Titania’s Pamphlet, I’m using it to clear our names from the slander that Jefferson and Callander have placed on us.” Oh no…

“Alex… Why would you…why would you do that?” You were incredibly confused; he could’ve let it go!

“Titania, you have to understand! I couldn’t let them spread something so baseless about you! I was protecting your legacy!”

“I don’t care about my legacy, Alexander! I don’t care about what people think of me! You’ve just put yourself into an immensely bad position… What about Eliza? What will this do for her name?” You asked. He had look of clarity on his tired face.

“Oh no… Damn, I didn’t even think…I tried to keep it vague to avoid any controversy. Do you think that’ll be enough?”

“I have no idea! I’m not your wife! I have no clue how I’d react!” If he wasn’t spiraling before, he sure was now. He thought he was doing the right thing; he couldn’t even see another option even though there was a clear path he could’ve chosen. But it wasn’t as though you couldn’t relate to that. Perhaps if you had done something different on that night with Anna, you wouldn’t be here. But you didn’t see another option at the time. You could criticize him all you liked but you knew you couldn’t. This was something that you understood more than you cared to admit. Even more than that, this was Alex. He taught you so many things, cared for you, helped you. You were grateful to him. Alex sat down on the couch, his head in his hands, you could tell he was about to cry again. Poor man…this whole situation is messed up. You knelt down in front of him and taped on his arm to try and get his attention. “Hey…Alex, it’s going to be alright…” You attempted to reassure. His shoulders shook softly.

“How do you know? I haven’t slept in a week, I’m weak and awake. I feel so…”

“Helpless?” You interjected. That’s certainly how you felt sometimes. Your world turned upside down and now this is what you had. You saw a few stray tears fall from his eyes, usually they were deep and intelligent but now they were empty. “I know you are a man of honor and you probably want to be left alone. But I don’t know if I should go, especially after you’ve let me into your home.” He lifted his head up.


“My life has done me so much wrong. Beaten me, cheated me, mistreated me. But just when I thought all hope was gone, you were the one to show me how to move on… For once in your life Alex, just take a break! You seriously need it…” You wrapped your arms around his back to try and comfort him. Your head rested against his chest, you could tell he was caught off guard. He stood still for a moment, his knees naturally touching your sides. After that moment was up, he hugged you back, holding you tight. He clutched onto you desperately and you could feel his whole body shake. “Shh…It’s alright. I’m here…It’s going to be okay. You know, you don’t have to hide yourself away all the time. You always try to make yourself seem strong but me and you are too much alike, I see right through that. It’s perfectly fine to break down your walls every once in a while…” You felt his chin resting on top of your head. You pulled away slightly and looked up at him. Opia. You couldn’t figure out why but that’s what that felt like. Alex was never vulnerable, he didn’t necessarily have walls built up around him but he certainly wasn’t honest with his feelings all the time. His eyes looked so helpless.

“What am I going to do, Titania? Eliza…she’s going to hate me…so will everyone else! Why couldn’t I keep my mouth shut?” He sounded so angry at himself.

“Alex, I don’t hate you! I could never hate you!” You brought a hand to his cheek and wiped away some of his tears. Your guys’ eyes were locked on each other, it was odd. You didn’t necessarily feel flustered, it was confusing. You’ve never seen Alex in this light before. “Mr. Hamilton… Please, believe me. I could never hate you…” Why did I call him Mr. Hamilton? His gaze broke from yours slightly but not for long. His stare almost made a triangle shape. Left, right, down. Left, right, down. What the hell is happening? You weren’t sure what it was but you felt like something almost pushed you forward. It was like an invisible hand hitting your lower back. Shit! Your heads knocked together, more specifically your lips hit together. Both of you were surprised, your eyes wide open. Neither of you quite sure what the hell just happened. But for some reason, neither of you pulled away either. And then both of you closed your eyes. WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?! You were surprised, his lips weren’t soft. You weren’t sure why it surprised you so much. They were rough, more experienced. It was like you could feel the weight of his entire life in a kiss. He’s just so…helpless… Your arms instinctively wrapped around his neck and his went to your waist. Then that moment struck. What did I just do?! You both pulled away, terrified looks on your faces. “Holy shit!” You squealed.

“What did we just do?” He asked frantically.

“I don’t know!” You were trying to catch your breath. “…I’ve got to go!” You dashed out of the room, ran into your own and shut the door behind you.

What the fuck was that?!

Travelin’ Soldier Part 2

Travelin’ Soldier Part 2
Summary: Reader is currently deployed in the army to an undisclosed combat area. She has been deployed for nearly two years. Anxiously awaiting her return is her husband and brother as they film for Supernatural. Letter comes informing the family that she may not be heard from for awhile and soon devastating news comes.

Characters: husband!Jensen x Reader, Jared x Reader (Twins), Gen, Shepherd and Thomas.

Disclaimer: I do not own the title of the song Travelin’ Soldier by the Dixie Chicks at all. I simply thought it could be a little fighting. Not hate towards Danneel either, as this is simply fiction and not real.

Warnings: possible swearing, war and angst.

Author: Caitsy

Tagging a few at the end. I suppose I could start a tag list. Send an ask or message to @caitsymichelle13!

A/N:  I want to thank you so much for the support you have sent to Ash and I! I was reading the comments on part 1 and I sat there fangirling over every single note I saw! My heart was broken writing this part, and too be honest I didn’t know if I could write another part. I want to thank you @trustnobodyshootfirst for helping me in the decision. Let me know if you want more!

Part One


Originally posted by alienhomegurl

Y/N woke up shivering in the cold room she was in, the chill was the exact opposite of the conditions outside. She wasn’t sure how much time had gone by since the failed mission. She believe it had been a long time given one of the bruises on her leg was now so faded she almost forgot she had it. Her lip was cracked from the split down the centre and from licking them so much.

Her head ached but never quite as much as her heart did. She had broken her promise to her family on coming home safe. She didn’t know if she would survive however long it had been. The only mercy her captors had shown was the food tray abandoned by the door. Y/N remembered a former soldier having been tortured for days on end and yelling in his sleep on the minimal food he got.

The chains around her bare ankles were rubbed raw from the struggles to break free. Long ago she had given up trying to get out of them. Instead she would sit on the dirt ground trying to draw up a plan to escape.

She regretted not starting a family with Jensen when she had the chance, but at the same time she couldn’t regret serving her country. It was in her blood with many members having fought in the world wars and the Vietnam war. She had struggled as a teen wondering what to do with her life, she wanted to do something that would leave a mark whatever the size. Jared, her twin brother, had gone on to be an actor. She had decided to join the army when a member of the army had came to give a presentation during the end of her junior year. She had never regretted her decision since.

She remembered having to sit down with her family near the end of senior year to give the news following the conversation with her parents. Her parents had been asking her about colleges and career decisions since the end of sophomore year.

April had come with balmy weather as to be expected, this was one of her favourite times of the year. It represented a change before school ended for the year. Senior year had gone by just as fast, if not more, as her parents had told her. It also brought complications with her future.

Y/N had always struggled in school to find her purpose. She wasn’t stellar as school work and math was something she didn’t have the best marks in but she had high grades. She enjoyed being on a few sports teams even if she wasn’t entirely dedicated. It was a shock when she got athletic scholarship offers from a few different colleges but even though her Dad hoped she attend one she wasn’t sure.

She knew what she wanted to do but she didn’t think it would go over well with her family. The minute that presentation on the army had commenced during her sophomore year she had known what she dreamed of doing. Well over a year had passed since that fateful hour so many moons ago. She had managed somehow to ask the right questions before deciding it was time to talk to her family.

That’s why her parents, older brother Jeff, her younger sister Megan and Jared were sitting in the well accommodating living room patiently waiting for Y/N to explain.

“I know you guys have been nervous about me. I’ve never given an answer as to what I want to do with my life. What college I should attend and what career I should do. I didn’t know for quite some time.” Y/N shakily explained nervously rubbing her clammy hands on her jeans.

“Where’s this going?” Her Dad, Gerald, questioned clasping his hands together.

“Okay, Jared do you remember that presentation back at the end of sophomore year?”

“Um…the one on drugs?” Jared slowly questioned.

“No. The one about…um…the army.” Y/N meekly said looking at the varying emotions flitting across everyone’s face.

“T-the arm-army?” Her mother, Sharon, questioned paling at the news.

“Yeah. It really hit home with me.” Y/N took a deep breath in, “I want to join. I’ve been inquiring on everything about it.”

“No!” Jared announced feeling the utter fear invade his body. He didn’t want his sister risking her life.

Sharon broke into tears at the news, she hadn’t expected this heart wrenching news. All she could do was huddle into her husband’s arms as the emotions rushed through her. Jeff and Megan sat stoic seeing the reactions happening before each let one tear fall down. Gerald was scared but proud at the same time.

“Are you sure?” He asked his second oldest. His little dragonfly had always been feisty growing up wanting to match her twin in everything.

“Yeah. I am.” Y/N smiled at her father, “I want to fight for my country. I’m joining no matter what and I’m sorry if it hurts but I have to do this.”

“I know dragonfly.” Gerald said hugging his daughter tightly allowing some tears to fall before pulling back and smiling, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” She whispered to her Dad before turning to her family.

“I’m doing this for my country. Please understand, I’m coming home everytime. I’ll walk in that door in one piece I promise.”


The Padalecki and Ackles families waited for any kind of news. One month passed with nothing, another passed. Soon summer turned to fall and the leaves fell creating beautiful colours on the ground. The boys, not understanding why their family was upset, would jump into the piles as their Dad raked them up.

They never gave up home on their soldier. It become mechanical to thank the fans at every convention, Jared and Jensen appreciated the support but it didn’t stop the pain. They went on with their days trying to ensure the young boys would remember their aunt. It was hard when the snow fell and thanksgiving passed by in the blink of an eye.

Jensen would have to leave the room whenever Shep or Tom brought up Y/N. He would have nightmares that caused him to throw up after. It become needed to have a bucket beside the couch, no longer could he sleep in their bedroom.

He had no recollection of time anymore. He still held out hope even after Y/N had been pronounced dead; a little over a year after her disappearance. No news came about her anymore and it was soon believed she had died. No body was found either.

He went about his everyday life like a zombie, he nearly a goddamn robot on set. He would wake up from a nightmare unable to go to sleep again, stay up watching the sunrise with a coffee that churned in his stomach. He would go to work, and come home to repeat the day again.

When she was pronounced KIA she was no longer brought up in conversation in fear of setting Jensen or Jared into a nervous breakdown. Overtime the memory of Y/N faded from her nephews minds; it wasn’t on purpose but they just didn’t understand.

Summer came and with that so did a break for Supernatural. Jensen loathed this because it caused a lot of time to think about his wife. It brought heartbreak when his friends tried to set him up on blind dates. God he remembered the first time it was brought up.

A month after the announcement of Y/N’s presumed death Jensen had been dragged out of a local football team. His friend’s son had a football game and he wanted Jensen to watch the opening game of the new year. He was watching dully as he pictured what his and Y/N son would have played. He almost didn’t hear Jason’s voice in his ear.

“She’s a nice girl. Very pretty and kind. She’s the new teacher at the elementary school.” Jason said clapping with the rest of the crowd, “Jenny bumped into her in the grocery store. Struck up a conversation. You should go out with her.”

“What?” Jensen snapped in shock at the words he was hearing.

“It’s a blind date. Y/N-“

“Don’t say her name.” Jensen croaked feeling tears well up.

“One date. You don’t have to propose to the girl. Just have a drink with her. Tonight, at the bar. She’ll be wearing a blue scarf and glasses. Her name is Eleanor.” Jason sighed.

“I c-can’t.” Jensen mumbled closing his eyes.

“Consider this the favour you owe me.” Jason stated before cheering for his son.

Jensen did as Jason asked and showed up on the dot at the bar. Within seconds he had found the dark haired woman sitting in a booth. She was pretty, he would admit to that. Kind face, and he didn’t want to be rude but he would probably describe her as on the plus side with rich chocolate skin. She was a mixture of confident and insecure. He ordered his favourite brand of beer and walked towards her booth.

“Eleanor?” Jensen cautiously questioned. He felt almost dirty even standing near her.

“Ugh. Ellie please.” Eleanor’s silky voice replied, “Always hated the name. I’m guessing you’re Jensen?”

“Uh-Yeah.” He mumbled sitting down in the opposite of the their booth.

“It’s nice to meet you!” Ellie grinned showcasing slightly crooked teeth and shining eyes.

“You-you too.” Jensen mumbled not meeting her eyes as his picked at the label on his beer.

The conversation was okay. She didn’t remind him of Y/N yet at the same time she did. She loved children and told funny stories of the the kids. However the entire time all Jensen could feel was as if he was betraying his wife, cheating on her or her memory.

“Wanna get out of here?” Ellie questioned. Her implication was clear as her hooded eyes drank in the view of the gorgeous man in front of her.

“No.” Jensen gulped feeling the tears well up.

“It’s okay to have fun.” Ellie calmly said putting her hand on Jensen’s arm, “It doesn’t mean you’re cheating-“

“This was a mistake.” Jensen choked out turning on his heel and quickly returning to his car. The car that still had the faintest smell of Y/N perfume.

He broke down in that car. He hit the steering wheel and screamed at himself and Y/N. When his head rested on the steering wheel, his broken voice pleaded to bring his Y/N back. He pleaded her to forgive him for yelling at her memory and meeting another woman.

Dear Y/N,

A year has gone by. Fall came, the boys love to jump into the leaves. God you’d love hearing the boys being Captain America and Iron Man. They’ve become obsessed with the superheroes. You wouldn’t believe how it happened.

Gen and I were in the kitchen talking about the baby. We had a beautiful baby girl. Born on your birthday. We named her after you, her middle name is your first name. She’s gorgeous with her beautiful eyes that remind me so much of yours. The day she was born was a time of both pain and celebration.

Anyway I’ve gotten off topic! We were in the kitchen when we heard a swear from the living room, in typical fashion we rushed into the living room. Tom had managed to turn the tv show to a movie of marvel. The one about the battle of New York I think. They refuse to not play as the heroes. It’s adorable. Reminds me of us pretending to be Power Rangers. God I miss those times.

Jensen’s going alright as much as he can. It’s painful for him you know. Jason, you remember him right? Well he’s been pushing Jensen to go on a blind date. You know Jensen though. Completely stubborn. Refuses to go but I also know that you would want him to happy and find someone. Don’t hate me but I caught a part of one of the letters you sent him. I promise in four years in he hasn’t found someone I’ll try and get to start to find someone. I promise.

Mom and Dad are doing good also. They’ve begun to return to their routine, both have pain in their eyes but we won’t give up on you. I would never give up on you. Jeff and Megan are dating some good people. You’d love them because you have the largest heart of anyone I know. Probably bigger than Sam Winchester! Anyway I better go.

It’s my turn to change my baby girl’s diaper. I’ll write you soon I promise.

With Love,

Your twin.

Jared wiped a tear away sealing on the many letter he had and placing it in a box to join the others. It was therapeutic for him to write letter for his sister. Helped him in a way and it find almost like he was communicating with you. God did he miss you and it broke him every night. You didn’t get to meet your niece and her eyes reminded him so much of you.

Part Three

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AU where Eren is a walking fashion nightmare and Levi is starting out trying to get his own label off the ground. Eren answers an ad Levi put out needing a model for BeyondWallMaria’s first catalogue, partly because he didn’t think modelling would be much work, plus Armin said it was a good idea, and partly because he really needed a job for the time being. 

And Eren, this kid, he shows up with ill fitting jeans and a really awful T-shirt, the kind that you get as a joke in your freshman year in high school because you and your mates thought it would be funny.

It wasn’t funny. In fact, it was so unfunny that Levi looked up from his work, looked at the trainwreck that was framed and backlit in the doorway of his beloved new shop, and muttered an aborted, “what the fu-”, before stopping himself. 

“Uh, I’m Eren, I’m here for that interview? About uh… modelling?” Eren begins, bashful and awkward, tugging at his hair nervously.

Levi pinches the bridge of his nose, and then stands up to appraise Eren, who has now nervously wandered further into the store, looking up and around in wonder. 

Levi squints, trying to block off the obnoxious orange of Eren’s shirt to look better at his face. Its a good face. The young man is pretty, and would skirt the borders of damn near beautiful if he weren’t wearing… whatever he was wearing. 

“Strip,” Levi says, brusque. 

“Wha-? Wait wait wait I thought I’d be modelling with clothes on,” begins Eren, alarmed.

“What? Of course,” Levi says, distracted, rummaging through his racks for something that would suit Eren’s frame. “I can’t look at you with that shirt and those jeans. I want to see how you look in actual clothes.” 

Eren blinks, then grins, amused at the short, angry, clothes-purist designer. So he strips. Levi looks up, arms full of clothing, and immediately squashes the thought that maybe he should make Eren model without clothes one, after all. Why on earth the young man chose to wear such terrible clothes that hid that sort of allure, well, Levi did not know. 

When Eren finally shimmied his way into dark, slim-cut pants and a loose shirt that draped around his collarbones, Levi was looking at him with a sort of smug satisfaction. 

“What? Does it look weird? I told Armin I wasn’t cut out for this,” he rushes, “I’m sorry if I wasted your time, Mr Ackerman,” 

Levi shuts him up with a wave of his hand, leaning forward to place a black, wide-brimmed hat on Eren’s head gently. Eren stills, surprised at the proximity, and his sudden view of freckles on a pale collarbone. Levi Ackerman smelled good, too. 

Levi regarded his new model, sitting quietly and draped in black and muted tones, the only high colour visible the blue-green of his eyes. Eren Jeager would do very well indeed as their model. 

“The photoshoot is next Monday; I’m having a friend help out, they own a studio. Can you make it?” Levi asks.

Eren nods, a smile appearing on his face as he realised he’d gotten the job. “I uh, I’ve never done this before, so thank you for giving me this chance, Mr Ackerman.”

“Levi will do. Eren, was it? I look forward to working with you.”

A few months later, BeyondWallMaria gets featured in the Scouts, on of Zhiganshina’s fashion magazines. Levi’s store gets a few new hands, and Petra and Gunther are always up for a chat or to trade insults, respectively. Eren slips in through the back to find Levi organising the stock room. 

“Levi, hey!” Eren says, grinning as he regards his now-boyfriend. Levi looks up, automatically pulling Eren close by his elbow and pressing his lips briefly against Eren’s. 

“You’re going to be late for your next job.” he murmurs, looking Eren up and down. 

“Your dressed nicely today,” Levi says, as though Eren wasn’t dressed head to toe in the clothes Levi had designed. 

“My boyfriend is a designer, you know,” Eren laughs, stooping down to kiss Levi one more time before he runs off. 

Wolfstar AU

Headcanon where wizarding world is all just the dreams of a little boy called Remus Lupin, induced from the drugs he takes for his illness. He tells his mum he’s a werewolf wizard and she smiles at him as another blood test is sent off for inspection.

They don’t go away, over the years, in fact they get more vivid. But Remus doesn’t mind, he likes dreaming about magic and going to school and the three boys who are his friends when he goes to sleep. It’s a little weird that sometimes he dreams up a character and they appear in real life, like the werewolf that bit him in his dream world looking exactly like that guy who was convicted of murder, or the Headmaster of the magic school being his new doctor, but it’s not the weirdest thing going on his life so he just shrugs every time it happens.

But then his dreams start turning into nightmares. He’s older in his dreams, than he is in real life, and there’s this guy called Voldemort who is killing people, and all his dream friends don’t trust him and people keep dying in his dreams and he’s so, so scared that they’ll die in real life, like Marlene, the girl who sometimes shows up for checkups when he’s at the hospital for a long stay, she has these vividly coloured wigs that always make him smile. And then it happens. And he’s as alone in his head as he is in the real world. He wakes up crying that night, and refuses tell anyone why because he knows it’s not real but it still hurts.

When Sirius shows up in the real world a couple of months later, all cheeky grins and ridiculously good looks like in his dreams, Remus refuses to talk to him. He knows it’s stupid. This stranger doesn’t know he betrayed his friends in Remus’ head, God, he doesn’t even know the sarcastic boy, with the messy curls in the bed next to his, creepily dreamt up a magic world he has somehow starred in since he was eleven.

He doesn’t stop trying to talk to Remus though. Not even when Remus snaps and screams, “I just can’t trust you, okay?!” one night when the dreams and his illness and his imagined broken friendship with the boy becomes too much. Not when, a couple of weeks later Remus starts saying the name, Harry in his sleep like a complete nutter. Not when Remus wakes up gasping, covered in sweat, and stumbles over to Sirius’ bed, amber eyes wide and repeating the words “it was Peter”, and “I’m sorry” over and over.

Sirius just wiggles his way firmly into Remus’ life, telling bad jokes, ranting about his latest book series, or the merits of Punkrock vs that ‘swotty librarian look you’ve got going on’. And eventually Remus stops questioning why Sirius likes Remus so much even when he was a complete twat to him for almost two months. He comforts Sirius when the chemo takes his hair, Sirius lends him all the books he could ever want, they go through good days and bad days and everything is great. And then Sirius falls through the veil in his dream, and Remus wakes up to find that his real world Sirius has relapsed. And he cries for near on two hours. Because this is it, he finally has a friend, and his stupid fucking dreams have jinxed it.

But Sirius gets better, gets stronger, stops looking like a skeleton. It still takes Remus a while to stop waking up expecting the worst.

Soon Remus is released, his new medication seems to be working well. So well, in fact, he gets to go to school a few days each week. He meets a boy named James who almost gives him a bloody heart attack the first time they bump into each other. Also a boy named Peter. He doesn’t like Peter but feels guilty each time he snaps at the poor guy, it takes a while for Remus to soften towards him, but he does. He still visits Sirius every week until he is released.

They don’t start dating until Remus dreams his own death and wakes up in the hospital three days later after a serious relapse, staring up into a pair of puffy, grey eyes. Sirius stares down at him, face blotchy but beaming with a wide grin. “If I wasn’t scared it would accidentally set you off again, Mr Lupin, I would kiss you right now.”

The dreams stop abruptly after that. But Remus’ life goes on. Sometimes, when he looks at his godson, Harry, he has to blink away the image of a lightning shaped scar. Sometimes he looks up at the full moon, and he laughs his own private “fuck you”. Sometimes when he looks at the silver streaks in Sirius’ hair he has to bite his lip to stop himself from crying for the man in his head who would never get to whine about how it “makes me look dashing! I’m not old, I’m experienced”. Sometimes he hugs his son, Teddy, tightly and doesn’t let go for a long time. Especially when the kid dyed his hair blue.

Unwanted (5) - Rap Monster Angst

Part 4   Part 6  Unwanted Masterlist

After a bad breakup with his girlfriend, Namjoon decides to completely ignore the fact that he has a child.

But, the time is dawning on him where he has no choice but to help.

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you’re not sorry

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Another thousand apologies, yet he will never forgive himself.

pairing: jimin | reader
words: 3.1k
genre: angst
summary: you would forgive him again and maybe a thousand times more. but it just seems as though you didn’t want to anymore

The person you are calling is -

The phone flew across the room with such aggression that the hard slam against the wall could possibly left an indentation but Jimin didn’t care. He didn’t care that his phone was probably shattered into pieces.

Silence took over, like a fog on the cold streets of Seoul at night when all the nightmares roam about. The stench of cheap bear became too unbearable in the confinements of his room that Jimin didn’t notice at all because for the past weeks, that was all he was greeted too when he came stumbling home. An apartment that bore nothing but thickened silence and his mistakes.

He buried his face in his hands, his figure overcame with fatigue as he sat at the edge of the bed for what seemed like an eternity. It became a routine. Calling, failing and then regretting.

This was all his fault.

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Underneath Your Clothes

Pairing: Dean x Reader 

Requested: anonymous asked -  I know you probably have a lot of requests to write up and I hate bothering you on this, but would you be able to write a Dean x Reader where he came back from a hunt where a demon tortured him mentally and said that he wasn’t worthy of reader, and that she didn’t love him. And reader can sense this when he comes back to the bunker so she tries to tell and show him that she loves him? Oh, and can you make it to the song Underneath Your Clothes by Shakira. Fluffy please! No smut thanks :)

Warnings: angsty fluff

Words: 2,037

A/N: again, I apologise for this coming out so late. I’m really trying to get things out so I don’t feel so guilty for not posting fics. And I’m sorry if this isn’t how you wanted it to turn out, it didn’t follow through with your request, but my mind lead it that way, so I just went with it. Also, I’m sorry this turned out so crappy. The beginning I was content with, but I don’t know about the ending. But oh well. I hope you enjoy.

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She found him in the middle of his own insecurities and was dumbfounded with the sight in front of her. How could a man as beautiful as he be so deep in insecurities and doubts? What made him begin to think so negatively of himself? She hadn’t known the answer, but she wished that she could make him see what she did, what others saw. He was so handsome and selfless and deserved all of the love in the world, yet he always refused it when it came his way.

When her lover left to complete a case, he kissed her with everything he had, telling her that he’d miss her despite only leaving for a week. They’d spent longer apart before. Though, when he came back home, he wasn’t the same. He didn’t kiss her as if it was their first kiss; instead, he pecked her soft lips and continued to walk to their shared bedroom with no words said.

There wasn’t much she could do. Sam had told her that it was a rough hunt, he’ll snap out of it soon enough. But three weeks had passed and he was growing more distant with his lover. She had noticed the lack of physical contact and communication. She thought it was something she did, but her lover’s younger brother would always say that he was trying to process what happened on the last case. She got no answer in reply when she asked what had happened.

It wasn’t until the fifth week of ignorance that it begun to really affect her. She hated going to sleep without him and waking up to find Dean curled up near the edge of the bed with a growing distance between them both. Sometimes she’d wake up in the middle of the night and listen quietly to her lover crawling into bed and wait until his breathing slowed before she let the tears free. Dean heard her sniffle every once in a while and wanted nothing more than to pull her into his embrace. But he couldn’t. She deserved so much better than a broken man named Dean Winchester.

Two months had passed and she had written multiple letters to her green eyed lover. Many of them were scrunched up and thrown in the trash, not being good enough for him. She couldn’t find the right words to tell him how she felt. She was a heartbroken woman who was slowly losing the love of her life as each day passed. She believed she was the problem and thought the only solution was to leave him.

She couldn’t bring herself to do it though. She threw all attempted letters into the bin and Dean noticed her take the trash out three times in one day. His curiosity getting the best of him, he went and checked the bin to see what she had thrown out; he wondered if she was finally clearing out her wardrobe to rid those clothes she never wore. But when he opened a bag, he only seen scrunched up paper. Three bags full of them. He took one out and unfolded the crinkled paper and instantly recognized her writing.

To my emerald-eyed lover,

               I love you. I love you more than the amount of stars in the night sky. More than the amount of rock songs ever created. There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe the love I have for you, Dean. The word ‘more’ isn’t even enough to express it.

               We both know what’s coming and I only hope this is just a crazy nightmare and I’ll wake up to your arms wrapped around me – only then will I believe everything is okay. The past two months have been hard on me and I don’t doubt that it’s been hard on you, too. I wouldn’t know if it’s been hard on you because you came home two months ago without uttering a single word to me. You never told me what was on your mind and you never told me what had happened on that last hunt. How are we supposed to work if you won’t put in your effort? I tried every night to get you to speak to me. You simply shrugged and turned away from me. Do you know how much that hurt me?

               We seemed like a good idea in the start, Dean, but now? We’re far from a good idea. Whatever I did to lose you ever so slowly, I apologize. The only reasonable excuse for your lack of speech and touch towards me is that you don’t love me anymore. Perhaps you loving me were all an illusion, none of it being real. Did you say it back out of pity because I cried to you after you came back from Hell? We had been together for a year before you left. I never got the chance to tell you that I loved you before you were ripped apart right in front of my eyes, Dean.

               Why haven’t you left me already? Why make it harder on me? If you didn’t love me anymore, why are you still with me? Kick me out. Make me leave. Tell me you didn’t feel the same way! I understand the point you provided with your silence, now. I’ll let you live your life in peace and maybe then you can be happy. Even though I won’t b–

Her writing stopped there. There had already been smudges of ink from her tears, he guessed, and he added to the mix with his own. The pain in his chest made him clutch the unfinished letter tightly in his grasp and step away from the trash. How could he be so oblivious? He hadn’t realized time flew by that fast. The past two months he had thought this woman didn’t love him and he was now proven wrong. He was putting the love of his life in pain.

With the note still in his hand, Dean walked back inside the Bunker and towards their shared room where Y/N had locked herself in for the past two months. His cheeks were wet and were growing wetter with the fresh tears he cried. He felt his heart shatter more as the words she wrote continued to haunt his mind.

He tried to hold it together, but when he opened the bedroom door, he lost it again. His trembling breath caught her attention as she looked over and almost broke at the sight. She looked down to see a crinkled note in his hand and she knew what it was. But she didn’t get to utter a single word before he rushed over and collapsed in her arms. Y/N didn’t know whether she was crying tears of joy, relief or sadness. The love of her life was showing her emotion again and it broke her heart that he was heartbroken over the incomplete letter.

“I love you,” he sobbed, clutching tightly onto her small frame, “I love you so much; I never stopped loving you and I never will.”

She didn’t say anything. Instead, she pulled him towards the bed and sat him down before standing in front of him. He wrapped his arms around the back of her thighs and pressed his face into her stomach, drenching her shirt in the tears he couldn’t hold back.

“I’m so sorry,” his words came out muffled, “This black eyed bitch filled my mind with things that I shouldn’t have believed but I did and I allowed my insecurities to bury me alive and now I’m so scared and lost and terrified of losing the one good thing in my life…”

Y/N’s fingers tangled themselves in his hair, tugging it softly to get him to lift his head. Once he did, her heart broke all over again at the sight. His eyes were puffy and red, the emerald colour more vibrant than before. She dropped to the floor and kneeled in front of him, coming face to face with her lover. She used her thumbs to wipe away droplets that fell from his eyes, making Dean suck in a breath at her touch. He leaned into her palm and closed his eyes. He missed her touch.

“There is nothing about you that I don’t love, Dean,” she begun, making his eyes open and look into her Y/E/C ones, “One thing I love the most about you is that I can tell you everything – my secrets, my feelings, my thoughts. This to you may sound a bit odd, but you own a place where all my thoughts go hiding and its right underneath your clothes.”

Dean was speechless. He didn’t know what to say. He had never had someone tell him such caring words before. One thing he knew for sure was that he was going to make sure to imprint her words into his brain and be sure to never forget them. She was helping him fight his insecurities, one by one, and it made her love her even more than he already did.

“Over the years of knowing you, you made it harder to lie to you. You made it harder to leave you. You made it harder to not love you. You gave me reasons not to cry and when something else gave me a reason to, you were there to hold me,” Y/N continued as her thumb continued to stroke his cheek, “I love you more than all that’s on this planet – all things living, breathing, talking, and walking.  It almost makes me laugh at how you don’t see that or even believe that.

“Underneath your clothes, there’s an endless story. I’m going to stand by you as you write each chapter. This endless story will involve an ‘us’ and there is no way in hell that you’re erasing us from your story. Underneath your clothes, there is a man I chose. A man that I fell in love with the moment I met you. You’re a man that is now my territory – my favorite place to be, my only home.

“There’s a man who I am willing to give up my entire life for. I love you for who you are; for what you became, for all the bullshit you’ve dealt with. You’re a strong man and I hate how you don’t see that. Yes, you’re broken, but you’re a strong broken man. You’re brave. You’re a soldier – a goddamn warrior. You’re my fucking hero.”

Dean let out another sob as he absorbed her words. It wasn’t a cry of heartache; it was a cry of happiness. The love of his life reminded him that he was loved, that he was worthy. He deserved her love and now he believed that.

“I love you, Dean Winchester,” she leaned her forehead against his and smirked, “for your charming personality. Your looks are just a bonus prize in this perfect package that I now call mine.”

He didn’t bother to speak. With his arms still wrapped around her, he pulled her closer and kissed her as if it were their first kiss. He poured every emotion he had and made her feel what he did. Every second spent missing one another were now being used to show the other how they felt. They both felt what the other did.

“Marry me, sweetheart,” he mumbled against her lips, the letter in his hand falling to the ground.

“Okay,” she replied, kissing him again with a smile on her face as he pulled her onto the bed and rolled on top of her. His smile made her smile widen, the silence being comfortable as they stared into one another’s eyes. But the silence was cut short when his hands begun to wonder and a laugh emitted her soft lips. His fingers skimmed across her skin, tickling every inch and falling in love with the sound coming from her mouth.

From now on, he’d never doubt that the beautiful woman beneath him loved him. He’d never doubt if he was worthy of her love because she proved that he was worthy of her. He deserved Y/N. Dean Winchester deserved good in his life, and she was that good.


Request? Yes. “Hello! Can you do an imagine where The reader gets Captured by the First order and Poe gets all worried because he likes her? Thanks ” 

Prompt: The reader is captured by the First Order and Poe loses his shit because he likes her.

A/N: Sorry for taking so long to finish this and for spending so much time without posting anything. I hope you find this pleasing and don’t forget feedback is very appreciated, love you all x

Warnings: cursing and slight mention of torture.

Word count: 1447 (before spell check)

Pairing: Male (Poe)/Female (reader).

Originally posted by wild-punk

Poe was outraged and petrified. He couldn’t even begin to think on which feeling he should act upon. (Y/n) was captured by the First Order a couple of days ago, they wanted to take some important information about some droids since she worked for the resistance, just like him, thinking she would know everything about it. Only, she did not.

(Y/n) worked with the Resistance’s colossal library, she took care of documents and old important books, however, the poor girl had no access to confidential information, only mere rumours that ran around the base.

She had to go in one of their missions because hell, she was the only one who knew every detail in those precious books and even if she wasn’t very good at the practice, the theory was perfectly still in her brain. 

She was supposed to stay inside the ship and hide, not to leave until the pilots came back. Unfortunately they got in trouble and the own Kylo Ren came to check the insides of the ship, (y/n) could fight, they trained each member, but the Force had no mercy on her and that, she could not fight. And now, the girl was locked up in some dark room being tortured in more ways than Poe was able to imagine, and he had been tortured too.

He met her when he needed to study for his pilot’s lessons, after all, talent is not all it takes. He believed the library would be the quietest place to concentrate but when he saw her, sitting on a dark wooden table, surrounded by the most different on size and colour books; reading some fantasy story, looking absolutely ravishing, he changed his mind. He would never concentrate there, so he started studying in the back of the library, a place he couldn’t see her table and her alluring face.

He was lost in this ugly theory that involved some big numbers when he heard a soft, shy, voice.

“Are you studying to be a pilot?" 

He couldn’t believe his eyes, or his ears, when he saw her standing cutely in front of him, looking curiously at the man in front of her.

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