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*it's not that i saw almost everything here in, like, 1.5-2h* So, hello! What about V just after the eyes surgery and he can for the first time really see MC? I want that from 3 months and nobody respond me T^T *also, im sorry, my english might be kinda bad?*

Awww, thank you. Your English is fine!This was so sweet! Had fun writing this. Hope you like it. :) 

  • You finally convinced him to accept Jumin’s offer for the surgery
  • Before he goes into surgery, he runs his fingers across your face, memorizing the feeling of your features
  • “This is the last time before I can finally see you differently.”
  • He asks to take a picture of you and with you before the surgery and every day after
  • Of course, you agree
  • He has one of those polaroids, so they print right away
  • You stay at the hospital through the surgery and when he’s sleeping afterwards 
  • He’s disappointed that he has to wear bandages for a week
  • He really wanted to see you right away
  • While he’s recovering, he asks you to describe yourself
  • You think it’s just because he’s anticipating what you look like
  • But really, he wants to compare how you see yourself and how you really are
  • Finally, it’s the time to get the bandages off
  • The doctor makes sure he stands behind V for the final bandage so you are the first person he sees
  • V blinks a few times to adjust to the light
  • Finally he’s looking at you
  • He says nothing for a very long time
  • You get a bit nervous and call his name
  • Tears start streaming down his face
  • “I’ve dreamt about you before…but my imagination could never create someone as beautiful as you.”
  • Now you’re crying
  • You keep wanting to hug him, but he keeps wanting to look at you
  • He keeps cupping your face and staring into your eyes
  • He scolds you because you described yourself so poorly and he thinks you’re so beautiful
  • You two take one last photo together
  • When he gets home, he frames all the photos and hangs it up in his house
  • He goes a bit photo crazy though, since he hasn’t been able to in a long time
  • Literally takes photos all the time
  • “Oh, MC, stay still! This is a good pose.”
  • “V, I’m brushing my teeth!” 

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Rant about EXP

I have seen a lot of people talk about them, but I haven’t seen a lot of people addressing the main point as to why, for me, EXP isn’t and will never be a K POP group.

First of all, the K in K POP comes from Korea, both because the idol culture/industry are completely different, and because since it came from another place that isn’t the US (THE country of POP) it just had to labeled as something else. The K POP ‘formula’ isn’t pretty boys who sing and dance and whose target audience are young girls, there are way too many american pop groups who fit that description, even the Backstreet Boys, and yet nobody is trying to call them K POP. 

But then the K doesn’t stand for Korean (the nationality) either, since there are a lot of k pop idols who are American, Chinese or Japanese just to name a few countries. They may be not Korean, but they are still in the scene. They are K pop artists because they belong to it, they sing, perform, trained, train and live in the Korean part of the pop industry. They just happen to do so, as much as EXP just so happens to belong to the non-korean part of the industry. It isn’t the language, it’s the origin.

What EXP is trying to convey, however, is that origins doesn’t matter, as long as you try hard enough to look like you do come from it.

Guided by EXP logic, then every single English rap song from any Korean  rapper, should be called and considered American rap.

But guess what (it isn’t)

Because language doesn’t really mean anything. As a latino woman who sometimes listens to cumbia, if an American group started a cumbia group in the US it would be great. If they happened to sing it Spanish it would be also great, and I would wholeheartedly appreciate their efforts. What I wouldn’t appreciate is if they started singing and speaking in a forced Argentinian accent, trying to pass themselves as Argentinian and going as far as to change their twitter/youtube/etc locations to said country, writing things like “born in the US, made in Buenos Aires”  What is made in Buenos Aires? You are trying to pass of as a latino for what reason exactly? I know of no latino band that is actively singing in English (in hopes they can reach a broader audience) and calling themselves any other nationality than the one they are, simply because they aren’t. 

By claiming themselves as a K POP band,  EXP is  just trying to forcefully put on themselves a trendy tag that they can use to get attention (and boy they sure are getting it) but it’s really nothing else. 

What they are making is not K POP, is just POP 

on another note I also would like to remark the fact that so far, EXP hasn’t provided us with any subs and close to none translations. Which really feels like a big slap on the face to those Korean groups who actively try to communicate with international fans, sometimes even with improvised broken English just because they want to care. For Exp who already speaks the international language, to completely ignore us in their efforts to look as Korean as they can just shows a lot of how far their obsession with the K tag can get.

i keep seeing people hating on Caitlin for no reason yeah i agree she did wrong by hidding the stone but what else she would have done huh? no one of her so called friends helps her nor cares about her, she is so damn afraid of her powers and they keeps on asking her to use them without caring about her and they saw a future where she will turn killer frost and what they all did oh nothing? so for once she thought about herself and even then she wasn’t totally selfish she wants to get rid of her powers because she don’t want to hurt others, don’t want to hurt her friends, so i don’t see how this is even *selfish*, even her hiding the stone actually helped the team in the end she was indirectly stopping savitar from coming out of the speedforce,she was so afraid and had no one so she did what she thought was right what she thought would keep the team safe,would keep everyone safe.

Caitlin Snow is the most selfless person ever, she always helps others without her team would be dead by now,she lost so much and never asked for anything she always stayed by their side,all she always want is to keep her friends safe caitlin snow deserves the world and all of the happiness and friends who cares about her.

Wonwoo’s interview on Seventeen x Seventeen

‘Cool brain wave man who loves to read, Wonwoo’

1. How are you going to exress your personality?
◇ I’m very shy around strangers. It usually takes one or two months until I can look into the eyes of the people I just met. But after that, the distance between us gets smaller (the relationship gets warmer/closer). (laughs)

2. What is your role in the group?
◇ Intellectual. I have liked reading since I was a child. I think I know more about thing compared to the other members. Even nowadays if there’s time, I will read.

3. What is the time that makes you the happiest?
◇ When I can express my feelings through our music. Among our songs, 'Can’t See the End’ is the song where I expressed my feelings after the debut.

4. How do you spend your days off?
◇ Since I’m basically an introvert, I will likely to spend most of the time at home. I would play games at home or read a book.

5. What’s your favorite daily clothing style?
◇ A casual style that matches with a parka, sweater or jersey. During winter, I love wearing jumpers, (*there’s something about mountain leather? I’m not sure? It’s probably a brand? Sorry.) I’m wearing one on the video for the concerts in Japan this February.

6. Charm point
◇ I think it’s my manly side.

7. What kind of kid were you in school?
◇ I used to play basketball, bowling and soccer with my close friends. We did sports. I like the subjects English, Math and Korean. I’m bad with Social Studies though, but recently I read a book about society and I found it interesting.

8. A few words to 'SEVENTEEN’ readers?
◇ I always wanted to be someone who performs (sings and dances) since I was a child, and I finally achieved that dream. To 'SEVENTEEN’ readers, I want you to reach your dreams too.

Scan by @ jeonwonwoo_kr
Japanese ⇒ Korean by @ MooooocciR
Korean ⇒ English by fyeahwonhui
(Please do not take out the translations without permission. Also sorry in advance if not everything is 100% accurate)

Bad girls don’t get to cum

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Pairing: IvarxReader
Rating: Explicit
Words: 4415
Warning: Smut, light chocking, orgasm denial

Notes: Hello everyone! I’ve been reading (stalking) everything about Vikings lately(well mostly Ivar because let’s face it I’m Ivar trash right now) and you guys made me want to write something of my own. So there it is! My first one-shot. English is not my native language so I’m sorry if there is any mistakes. This is my first smut as well so please bear with me! Feedback are always welcomed. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Becoming a skilled shieldmaiden was the only thing you ever dreamed of since you were a child. But your parents did not like the idea of you risking your life so they never wanted you to learn. They always said that you would become a farmer like them and take over the family’s farm, like they did. When you turned thirteen, you did not listen any longer and escaped every morning to go train all by yourself with a sword you found one day near the river. Without any experience, your training was not helpful at all; all you did was swinging your sword, desperately trying to gain some skills. One afternoon, while you were practicing, you heard laughs behind you. The Ragnarssons, princes of Kattegat, were watching you. Since that day, they helped you training and fast you became really good at this. Ubbe, Hvitserk and Sigurd treated you like a close friend and you saw in them the brothers you never had. As for Ivar, it was deadly complicated. At the beginning, he did not like you at all, always mocking you, telling you how bad you were or how your body was not fitted to be a warrior. He was hurting your feeling but you had never showed it. One day, you had enough and challenged him. Unfortunately, you lost the fight but it was enough to show him that you were not just a poor girl trying desperately to become a fighter. Since that day, he was more careful with his words; he even helped you and showed you some tricks. With time, you both fell for each other.

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How will the s,m,t react if they find out that Yui is the princess of hunters and she have the duty to kill them ( Yui didn't know about her family) and let say that she has the ability to kill them but she doesn't want to.. Like she is struggling between love and duty. -Sorry for my bad english :'(

This is so sad ;-;


♥Shu: So… It’s your job to kill me, huh? How bothersome… And I thought everything was going nice and steady. Oh well… Do whatever you want. I don’t care… I knew a day like this would come, eventually… But I didn’t expect you would be the one to end my life.

♥Reiji: You’re… I asked you what will you do, but your words do seem weak. You say you love me, but you sound doubtful about it. Hm… Let’s do it this way. Run away from this house, and never come back. I… I’ll kill you if you come back.

♥Ayato: You have to kill me?! Why?! You don’t need to… You don’t have to! See? You don’t want to do it! You’re mine, Chichinashi! And that means you cut all ties with the rest of your family! I’ll kill those people if they ever think to come for you!

♥Kanato: How dare you… Don’t you love me?! I opened myself to you, and you just…-sniffs- I should just kill you myself! I know you can choose, so choose to stay with me, stupid!

♥Laito: …Bitch-chan? Are you going to kill me? But, if you’re going to do so, why are you crying? Huh~? You don’t want to? But, if you have to, I don’t care, nfu~ It would be a nice proof of true love to die at your hands… That way, I would truly believe that you love me, haha~

♥Subaru: You know… I once wanted to die, ages and ages before meeting you. But now that I’m at your side… It’s different… Tell me, wouldn’t it be easier if I just killed the ones who sent you to finish me?


♥Ruki: Do what your heart tells you to, Livestock. I can’t help you with this. You’re on your own. I don’t agree with any of these things, honestly. I believe you’ll make the right choice. But, if you choose to kill me… I’ll have to defend myself. So, choose wisely.

♥Kou: W,what?! Why do you have to… Are you that silly, M Neko-Chan?! It’s obvious which side you should pick! This… This is not fair… Don’t you think my opinion is important in this kind of situation?!… H-hey, look at me…

♥Yuma: Hah?! Sow, I’m just going to say this once, so get your shit straight! If you loved me, you would tell all those assholes to fuck off! Your past, and those hunters don’t matter anymore! Here, now, it’s you and me, you get it?!

♥Azusa: W,why are you… Telling me this, Eve…?!… We are so happy… Together… I… Gave away so many things… Just to keep you… At my side… And you…! Am I… Not important to you… Anymore?… S-stay with me… Eve…


♥Carla: What a shame. I guess it was a waste of time to let this… Relationship go too far. Do you even think you can match my power, human? I’ve killed countless of your people. So, be wise and throw those thoughts away.

♥Shin: You’re one of those hunters… Heheh, it’s kinda fun how a handful of humans think they can get rid of us so easily. My power in battle is unmatched. Luckily for you, I’m giving you the option to deny your duties.

It’s just me or everythings Alison told Paige about her feelings for Emily are exactly every words Alison told Emily before. When they were in the libary or that night she came back she was always told Emily that Em was always saw the good part in peoples and made her wanna be a better person. Remember that day Em was so angry with Alison and the only thing she wanted was: “Em look at me” because she really needed it. Alison just only feels safe whenever she has Emily. And when the others wanna run away from the town but there is Emily, takes a job and stays here, just because of Alison. And just that i feel like my heart is crying because i have been waiting it for a long time. So so long. So that is the only reason that i really hope Emison will be endgame.

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falling for you pt.3 | jimin

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Pairing: Jimin + OC! Kim Yejin

Genre: Fluff/Angst + highschool au

Word Count: 3.3k

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 

3 months later

Jimin’s P.O.V.

As the sunshine streamed brightly through the curtains, I laid back down on my bed, taking in the peace of quiet that came with it. Holding my phone up,  I scrolled through my camera roll, looking at my pictures and reminiscing every memory associated with it.

Eventually, I stumbled upon a selfie that Yejin and I took, which I couldn’t help but chuckle at. While I was smiling at the camera, she hadn’t noticed I was taking a picture until the very last second as she broke out into a laugh, shown through her radiating smile.

Smiling at the memory, I continued looking through the rest. As my mind mindlessly wandered to her, wondering if she actually felt better?


“Yah? Kim Yejin.” I said seriously, as I held her chin and lifted her head up so I could look her in the eye. 

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Whats a highlight reel (im sorry english isnt my first language fjakfjaka)?

no problem! a highlight reel is like a “best of” compilation for something like a tv show. it’s taking all the best scenes from that tv show and putting them into one short video so you can quickly watch all the best parts (especially if the show is very popular and long-running) 

so in this translation akaashi is saying that a top-form bokuto is just one ‘best scene’ after another, with nothing bad or boring or even ‘pretty good’ EVERYTHING ABOUT TOP-FORM BOKUTO IS HIS FAVORITE

I do feel the need to say though that I’ve seen the raws and in the original jp akaashi is saying something more like “watching a top-form bokuto makes me feel completely good.” it’s a really awkward translation, so I understand why mangastream went with ‘human highlight reel’ bc HONESTLY the sentiment is the same I just feel like I have to mention it!!!

ID #23443

Name: Nastia
Age: 14
Country: Ukraine

I’m shy and don’t have lots of friends. But I’d like to have a penfriend because I think it’s cool to have some friends by Internet and to improve my English (sorry for my next mistakes). I’m bad in telling about myself but I’ll try to)
I like to do photos of my beutiful city and of other things. I also like to read good book with a cup of tea or just listen music when I’m doing walks in the city or in the forest.
My favourite bands are Foster The People, alt-j and Foals. Recently I started to listen The Neighbourhood. I don’t have genre of music, so I listen everything.
My favourite book is Sally Green’s “Half Bad”. This book is AWESOME. It really changed my life to better.

Preferences: 14-18

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So I need some fluff for chuuya when he has a little so who is shorter than him and he's so proud of that 😆aww I can't wait to see his affection towards her :3 sorry if my english is bad, I'm not a native english speaker


  • His height is one of the few things he’s low-key insecure about, so deep down he’s pretty happy that he found a significant other that’s shorter than him.
  • If you’re significantly shorter than him, he’d love to pick you up at the most random occasions (also because he loves that adorable little squeal you do when you’re surprised).
  • It’s another chance to prove his MANLY nature. He can push you behind him in the face of danger and shield you from everything that comes your way.
  • He will definitely use his ability if you’re too short to grab something from a shelf. In contrast, he will also use his ability to be an ass and lift something out of your reach until you kiss him or something.
  • You being short means you can rock those heels and he absolutely loves the sight of your legs in them. If you wanna get a way to drag him into the sheets fast, this is it.
Cultural Differences on Pixiv
  • Me: *submits request to Japanese artist*
  • Me: *waiting 1-3 weeks*
  • Japanese artist: Thank you very much for asking instead of just stealing my art!*writes message in perfect English.* Sorry for my bad English! I really love [series mentioned in your template] too! I would be happy to share with someone who is so polite and is a fan of [series mentioned in your template]. *conversation about favorite anime and questions about each other's cultures continues for weeks*
  • Me: *submits request to Chinese artist*
  • Me: *waits 24.0001 hours*
  • Chinese artist: OMG, I'm so sorry for the late reply! Yes. Okay. Agreeable. Thank you! *writes same message in perfect English* Sorry for my bad English!
  • Me: *submits request to Korean artist*
  • Korean artist: *casually writing in perfect English* Hey, what's up? Thanks for the compliment! Sure, share whatever you want man. lol, I thought the picture sucked, but whatever floats your boat. *referring to an image voted into the top 10 global rankings 2 days ago* As long as you don't claim it as your own work, everything is cool. Come back any time if you want to repost more or just chat or whatever. You can use English, btw. lol.

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How would your Gladio react if his s/o was an ex-Kingsglaive member , who just got the news about her friends ( or family, because she was actually pretty close to them )? Expecially when his s/o tries to act like it isn't a big deal, continuing to joking around and being a bit sassy, while she's actually suffering in silent? Thank you for the attention and sorry for the bad english! 😆 Also, I really enjoy your writing! Everything I read here seem so sweet and romantic. ❤️

Thank you so much, dear!! Sweet and romantic is what I’m aiming for! Although I’ve been throwing in a lot more emotions lately, haha.
Don’t worry about your English - you’re doing great! Keep up the good work!!
Also, super adorable request! Be prepared to hop on the angst train though - I took the beginning of this straight from the end of chapter 1.
This was fun because I don’t get to write scenarios for Gladdy or Prompto that often! This is actually my first Gladdy scenario so sorry there’s a lot more of her than Gladdy, I seem to do that a lot eep! (;ω;)


“Insomnia… falls.”

Prompto’s voice broke the silence as he read the headline of the newspaper in Gladio’s hands. He looked up from the paper to Noctis, whose mouth was open as if he were looking for something to say.

“What?” Noct finally managed a shaky voice that quickly turned to one of anger, “This your idea of a joke?”

The way he spat the words at his friend caused Prompto to take a half step backward. Ignis stepped forward, his stern yet sympathetic gaze falling on the prince.

“I need you to calm down so I can explain,” Ignis said quickly, his eyes not moving from Noctis.

“I’m as calm as I’m gonna get!” Noctis practically yelled the words, closing the gap between him and his adviser faster than one could blink.

“There was an attack…” Ignis began, but his words trailed off. He cleared his throat before speaking again, “The imperial army has taken the Crown City.”

Noctis stood staring at Ignis, dumbfounded. Silence filled the room. Prompto turned and looked out the hotel room window, leaning heavily against the window sill. Ignis finally removed his eyes from Noctis, shifting them to the ground.

“As treaty room tempers flared, blasts lit the night sky,” Gladio’s voice finally broke the silence as he read the article, “When the smoke about the Citadel had cleared, the King was found… dead.”

“No. Wait,” Noctis said quickly, his voice beginning to shake, “Hold on!”

The voices continued to reach her ears, but the young woman was no longer processing the conversation. She stood up from where she sat at the end of the bed and quickly left the hotel room. Her footsteps echoed as she walked rapidly down the hallway her hand fumblingly found its way into her pocket. She pulled out her phone as she stepped into the lobby of the Galdin Quay. As she tapped the phone screen anxiously a few times, she found herself standing on the dock. How she had gotten down the stairs was beyond her; her legs were numb, shaky. No, not just her legs, her entire body.

Leaning on the railing, she tapped the phone screen one more time before holding it up to her ear. It was ringing - that had to be a good sign, right? She put her elbows on the railing, resting her forehead on her fist.

“Nyx here. I’ll get back to you eventually.”

No no no, she thought as she quickly hung up and dialed another number. The words “Insomnia falls” kept running through her head as the phone rang again.

“Hey, you’ve reached Crowe Altius. Leave a message and I’ll call you back as soon as possible.”

Nearly giving up hope, the girl dialed another number, letting out a shaky breath as she lifted the phone to her ear once more.

“Hello? Y/N is that you?”

“Libertus!” She sobbed his name out. She couldn’t recall a time she had been so happy to hear somebody’s voice. “Is it true? Insomnia… has fallen? Are you okay? What about Nyx? Crowe?”

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” Libertus’s voice wasn’t filled with its usual joy, “It’s true though. And Nyx and Crowe…”

He trailed off. Nothing more needed to be said in that regard. They spoke for a few more moments before she hung up the phone, stuffing it back into her pocket. She buried her face in her hands. Nyx and Crowe were gone. Her love for them was so great - they were the family she never had. She couldn’t help it as she let out another sob. How could she possibly go on without them?

Her few moments alone had passed. The stairs behind her creaked and she quickly wiped her eyes before turning around. Gladio was standing at the bottom of the stairs, a solemn look on his face. His eyes seemed to scan her before he took another step toward her. She tried her best to lean casually against the railing, attempting a halfhearted smile. As the smile slipped from her face she realized it probably wasn’t the right time to smile in this first place.

“How’s Noct?” Her voice came out much stronger and clearer than she had expected.

“Not good,” Gladio said, still staring at her skeptically, “And I know you’re not good either. You’ve been crying.”

Gladio always knew. After all of this time, how could she have been foolish enough to think she could hide her tears from him.

“I’m fine. I’m worried about you and the guys, really. You all had family in the city. Did everyone make it out?”

“Iris is on her way to Lestallum. Don’t know about my dad. No news on Iggy or Prompto’s families yet either.”

How was he holding it together so well? She knew she certainly wasn’t.

“What about the Glaive? Have you heard from anyone? I know they were like family to you.”

She could feel her eyes grow hot, the tears beginning to sting. Her family was gone. Her brothers and sisters… gone. The two stood in silence, a large gap between them. The only sound was that of the waves crashing softly against the dock’s posts.

“Everything’s fine,” she managed a smile, “The Glaive’s fine. We’re fine. I’m fine.”

Gladio wasn’t as stupid as she was making him out to be though. He finally closed the gap between them, resting a hand on her hip. No words were exchanged, but he locked eyes with her and didn’t look away. He knew. She didn’t need to say anything more. He knew she wasn’t fine.

A few more moments of silence passed. She opened her mouth to speak, but a shaky sob came out instead.

“Gladdy,” she whimpered. Fighting it was useless.

Gladio had his arms around her in an instant. One arm was wrapped tightly around her waist, the other hand moved to the back of her head. She buried her face into his chest, unable to control her tears anymore.

He held her close, gently kissing her on the top of her head. She had nobody besides him, and he was fully aware of that, especially in this moment. And he wasn’t going to let her live life alone. He was going to protect her with every ounce of his being.

As he held her close, her body shaking with sobs, Gladio felt tears beginning to form in his own eyes. What could possibly lie ahead for them? He had no idea and it scared him more than anything. Gladdy knew he couldn’t let anyone know he was even slightly fearful though. The guys relied on him being tough. She relied on him to be her rock - and she needed him now more than ever.

Gladdy kissed her head again, blinking rapidly in hopes of stopping the tears.

“I’m here for you. I will always be here for you. I’m your family now, okay?”

She didn’t say anything, but her arms slipping around him in a tight hug was the only acknowledgment he needed.

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When you first "readed"? Wtf is wrong with you? Jesus fucking Christ you're an idiot.

I was going to answer some smartass answer about me being french and not knowing everything about the english language yet… but… I’m sincerely sorry you feel that bad with yourself to put this on other… hey, i’m sure you’re not that bad of a person ! I’m sure you have a very good english and write some amazing text ! You don’t need to put down people, I’m sure you’re already amazing on your own ! Be more confident with your own qualities and love yourself, pal, it’s my only advice. Take it or not.

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hello! You answered a question about Got7 with a Google Doc with a list of all the tv Shows with Jakson, right? Do you have a list about the other members tv shows too? Sorry for my bad English

Other members didn’t have enough shows to make lists like that. 

Laws of the Jungle with Mark will be his first solo appearance on a show ever, he and Jinyoung appeared on Running Man together once.

JB’s had 4 Things Show and Celebrity Bromance with BAP’s Youngjae.

Bambam appeared on My Young Tutor (never fully subbed) and My Friend’s Home with Jackson (only 1 episode is subbed).

Jackson fans made that list because he had many shows and they were subbed by different accounts so it was difficult to find everything. Some fans also complained that GOT7 fanbases didn’t mention Jackson’s shows or shared subbed files. 


steve & natasha au! series / ‘crazy stupid love’ inspired

“You!” she shouted through the bar, ignoring the dozen of eyes on her.

“Buck?” he asked as he saw his friend pause in the midst of a sentence. Seeing how his best friend had stopped abruptly his sentence, the blonde turned around only to see a redhead, the one from the other night. She’s the friend of the brunette Bucky tried to pick up, he remembered.

(“He’s sweet and smart, okay, but he kinda looks like a cauliflower” the brunette told her friend.

“Who looks like a cauliflower?” Bucky interrupted the ladies. “Hi” he smiled, “I’m Bucky, this is my friend Steve” he added, unable to take his eyes off of the brunette.

“Hi” the brunette said smiling, while Natasha looked confused and a little bit annoyed by the intrusion of the very handsome pair “I’m Wanda, this is Natasha”, Wanda added.

“Who looks like a cauliflower?” Bucky asked again.

“Uh, Bruce Banner” Wanda said, almost stuttering her words. Oh, she was so under his spell. “My friend thinks he’s sexy." 

"Well, see, my best friend here, thinks you’re very sexy.” Bucky said turning to Natasha. “As for me, I happen to find you very attractive” he said turning back to Wanda. What a charmer.)

Her heels almost clicking with the faint music of the bar, she walked towards the blonde decidedly. Furrowing his eyebrows, he wondered what all this was about. Why was she shouting across the bar? why was she walking towards him? why was she walking towards him like that? and most importantly, why was she kissing him?!

Her hands were on both side of his face, seizing him; her body was leaning close against his, and her lips were pressed against his own. So, yes, she was kissing him, he wasn’t hallucinating!

Sure, the kiss had surprised him at first, but what surprised him the most was the way he reacted to it. Because as soon as he realized the pair of lips he had on his own and how soft they were, he wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and actually lifted her up in the air, deepening the kiss and tasting the vodka she had sunk down a few minutes before.

“Remember me?” she said when they broke away, still in his arms.

“Yeah” he faintly said, looking in her eyes.

“Still find me attractive?” he nodded.

“Want to bring me home?” he nodded again.

THIS IS SO BAD OMG IM SORRY. THE EDIT, THE TEXT. I CANT WITH ME. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS IS SO BAD WHY AM I EVEN POSTING THIS LOL (probably because i spent my night on this instead of studying for my exams lol) if i delete my tumblr it’s probably because of the embarrassment i got from posting this rip me. also english isn’t my first language and uh this is also another reason why this is bad lol 

She’s singing with Steven. This is a little embarassing for Peridot ‘cause she hates her voice when she sings. But she’s happy too. Peri’s making everything floating around her involuntarily except for musical instruments. And he thinks her voice is funny and he loves when she feels good about herself. He loves her movements not choreographed and the way to dance because she does not care anymore.
I love Stevidot.
(Sorry for my bad english)

Fanfic idea!

Informations: AU, Modern world, Kakashi is two years older than Naruto and help him with math, Minato is Kakashis Classteacher

Plot: Naruto has weird dreams about a war - he smells blood, burned flesh and death everywhere. But, everything is blured expect one person. A man with grey hair and a beautiful voice, that makes his heart beat faster than usual. But this man ended up dying in his arms and make a promise with the blonde shinobi. He swear, that they will meet each other again - in the future. In this future, they can love each other.

Status: Writting the first chapter

Should I go on and write the fanfic oder should I delete it?

Sorry for my bad english.

Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 7

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 7

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there

Please, let me know what you think, enjoy ! 

(Takes place in 2x16)

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Elijah is gone, Katherine is back

It was around midnight when you came back home. Your stepfather’s car was there which meant Robert was back. You step inside “I’m home”

“Hey” you hear Robert’s voice coming from the kitchen.

“How long have you been back?" 

"About 20 minute, I’m gonna go to bed, I’m exhausted”

“Okay goodnight” you tell him before climbing the stairs. He doesn’t answer. You were a little tired but you still couldn’t find sleep. You were staring at the darkness, every time you closed your eyes, you’d see Elijah’s eyes and that scared you. 

It was a school day. You were woken up by your alarm. You didn’t have any nightmares but you still had a bad feeling. You were worried about Bonnie. She was still really upset when you left her with Jeremy and you hadn’t heard from her since then. You hoped to see her at school. You made breakfast and made sure that Robert was awake before you left the house.

At the school you tried to look for Bonnie. You found her at her locker with Jeremy.

“Bonnie, hey!" 

"Y/N…” She says, she looked tired. 

Jeremy smiles at you.

“How are you?” You ask her.

“I’m okay…” You were interrupted by Stefan.

“Hi…” He looks surprised to see you. “Bonnie, we need to talk…” He says. Your presence obviously bothered him.

“It’s okay, she knows everything” Bonnie tells him.

“If you don’t want me to hear it, I…” Bonnie cuts you off “No it’s okay, I’m just gonna have to repeat it to you later, stay.” She smiles at you.

“It’s Katherine… She’s out…” He says.

You’re shocked and scared. The “psycho bitch” is free?

“She’s out of the tomb?” Says Bonnie, who were feeling the same way you did.

“We’re dealing with it” Stefan tries to reassure her “Just be careful, she’s getting too good at impersonating Elena”

“With Katherine still around we gotta find a way to get your powers back” Jeremy says. 

Bonnie stays silent.

“Listen, I want the Martins on our side. I want for us to work together now that Elijah’s out of the picture”

Wait, what ?

“What do you mean "Elijah’s out of the picture?”“ you ask, confused.

Stefan looks at you then at Bonnie.

"Oh, right” she says. She looked like she got caught telling a lie “Elijah’s dead” she finally says.

“But Elijah can’t die” you remind her.

“We figured out a way to kill him without… Killing him” Stefan says.

Now you were just more confused than before. 

“There’s this… Weapon” Jeremy starts to say “it’s a dagger, it can kill him but if we remove the dagger…”

“It will bring him back” Bonnie finishes his sentence.

You didn’t know what to say so you said nothing.

“Anyway” Bonnie says “The Martins hate us, they won’t help us”

“It’s either win of them over or somebody’s going to end up dead.” Stefan says, trying to convince Bonnie.

What he says gives you the chill.

“You think you can at least convince them to have a civil conversation?”

“I’ll try” says Bonnie who really didn’t believe it would work.

“Thanks. Keep me posted” He nods you goodbye and walk away.

“I got to get to class” you say, leaving Bonnie and Jeremy together.

You enter professor Salztman classroom when you see Elena talking to him.

“Oh, I’m sorry” you apologized.

“Y/N!” Says Alaric

“Sorry, I just… I have those files you asked me for… for the research…” You say, showing the documents in your hands.

“Uh, sure thanks! You can just, put them on the desk”

You do so. Elena looks at you with a funny look.

“Hi” she says

“Hi” you smile at her, waving your hand.

“You look familiar…”

“Uh, yes I was with you when… Rose and Trevor…”

Her eyes grow big like she’d just seen a ghost.“Oh my God!” She screams. “Oh my God, you’re… I forgot you there, didn’t I?”

Was she just realizing that? 

“You kind of… Did…" 

"Oh my God” she looked awful. “I am so, terribly sorry!" 

"It’s okay, I got over it” you joke.

She looks at you, hurt.

“I’m joking” you tell her with a smile.

She smiles back “I feel so awful!” She says

“Don’t, I’m fine, don’t worry” you try to reassure her.

She nods “okay” she sighs a little relieve.“Well it’s nice seeing you again, Y/N” “You too Elena…”

“Elena…” Alaric says and she turns to look at him.“She knows about everything” She takes a deep breath “Right, okay." 

"She’s been hanging out with Bonnie and Caroline”

“You have?” She looked surprised. “I’m so sorry you got caught into this”

“It’s okay, don’t feel bad, you’ve got enough on you plate” you tell her. 

“I have to get to class” you say.You wave them goodbye and get to class in time. You didn’t listen to anything the English professor said. You can’t stop thinking about Elijah being dead. You felt bad. How could they do that? You felt terrible about it. But you also knew that Elijah was a threat to Elena. He wanted to sacrifice her, after all. You were conflicted. You couldn’t shake the feeling that it was wrong to keep Elijah “dead” or whatever. You spent the rest of the day thinking about it. You were confused. You couldn’t tell the right from the wrong or vice-versa anymore. So you didn’t answer any of Bonnie’s texts or calls all day.

You made dinner and ate it with Robert but you didn’t share any words with your stepfather. He wasn’t drunk but it looks like he didn’t have a good day at work. You got into your room and read a book in your bed. You received a new text from Bonnie.


“THAT’S GOOD” you text her back for the first time that day

.“YOU’RE STILL ALIVE! she texts back.

You laugh, put down your phone and continue to read. About half an hour later your phone rang again. It was Bonnie calling."Hello?”

“Hey, it’s me, you okay?”

“Sure, what’s going on?”

She stays silent for a few seconds. "…Luka’s dead…“ She says 


"Jonas’s dead too… And…I got my powers back…”

“Oh…"You didn’t know what to say, these were terrible news but Bonnie getting her powers back was a relief.

"I gotta go… See you tomorrow?”

“Goodnight Bonnie” you say and hang up.

You sigh. Your life had become a terrible mess. You couldn’t fall asleep, you were still trying to figure out what to do about Elijah. You were knew in all this. Stefan and the others probably knew better… Besides… Elena would be safer that way…You turn off the lights and try to chase all those thoughts away. 

The Ape Woman pt. 2

Relationship: Damian Wayne x Reader

Summary: Kinda like Tarzan, but fem!reader. So…yeah.

Key: Y/N= your name

Part 1 here

When you and Damian both reached his camp, you found Terk there. You stormed over to the other gorilla excitedly.

“Terk! Hey! Look, look at what I found. Look at it! It looks like me.” Terk looked to the beast that stood behind you. Then looked back to you, stunned.

“Wow, Y/N. It’s just like you, but is it safe?” You nodded and bounced over to Damian. You grabbed him and dragged him over to the tentative Terk. Terk moved back defensively. You tried to explain that it was safe, but you realized that Terk wasn’t looking at Damian, he was looking at Kerchak.

Kerchak stood there, ready to attack Damian, when he noticed you. “Y/N! Come now. We are not staying here.” You began to speak and was silenced by your mother.

“Dear, it’s best we do what he says.” She grabbed your arm and dragged you away. You watched Damian for a moment before leaving.

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