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Ties That Bind us

Part 3:

There was no putting it off…
Lance wasn’t sure why he felt so nervous as he stood outside the command room.
It was just Coran.
The same guy he had known for almost a year now.
The same guy he helped clean the cyro pods.
The same guy that actually listened to Lance, who tried to help chase away his insicurities.
The same guy who’s acted more like a farther to him in the last year then he’s had his whole life.
The guy who turns out to be his long lost alien grandfather.
Lance sighed resting his head on the cool metal closing his eyes trying to calm his racing heart.
“Come on Lance you can do this.” Lance whispered to himself bringing his hand up to open the door but hesitating.
What’s he supposed to even say?
‘Hey Coran so that son you fought was dead for years turns out to be my dad, let’s discuss this!’
Lance groaned taking a step back. Maybe he could hide in his room for a while so he wouldn’t have to deal with this.
He was about to turn away when the door slid open and Coran stood in the doorway looking down at Lance like he was seeing him for the first time.
“Hey Coran I-”
Lance was cut off by Coran pulling him into a strong hug.
He hesitated for a moment before returning the hug feeling a pressure lift from his chest. A pressure he hadn’t even been aware of until it was gone and he found himself breathing easier.
“I know this is an awkward situation for you, but I need you to know that the fact you exist… you can’t even begin to understand how much this means to me.”
Coran pulled away slowly keeping his hands firmly on Lance’s shoulders.
Lance looked down awkwardly. “I can’t tell you about him Coran… I’m sorry but I never met my dad. Mama only ever said that he traveler just passing through.”
“I don’t care about how he ended up on Earth, or even where he is now. The fact that he lived and got a family even for a brief time, I’m grateful Lance.”
Lance swallowed the lump in his throat finding himself holding back the tears.
“So now what?” He asked a little hesitantly.
“That’s up to you, your heritage doesn’t have change anything unless you want it to. I know Allura will want to teach about Altea, but Lance you can say no. You can choose to pretend none of this happened and I’ll support your decision.” Coran explained with a small smile on his face.
Lance looked up at him a flurry of emotions filling him.
“I don’t want to ignore that this happened… I want to know about my family. About you Coran… about my dad.”
Coran chuckled quietly “I expected you to say that, what do you want to know?”

—————————————- Part 1: Part 2:
Thanks To The Charger- Josh Dun

Request- Could you write one where josh and reader have a very soft and cute relationship rhen he proposes can their be slight sex scenes nothing too crazy but just crazy enough and also could you involve tyler in some way ty❤

This didn’t come out exactly how I wanted it to, but……….. hope you enjoy.

“Hey babe what do you say we go on a little date today.” Josh asked walking into your shared bedroom.

“Umm, yeah that sounds good with me, I just have to finish this email and I’ll get ready. Where were you thinking we go?”

“Don’t worry about that. Just dress casual but nice, you know your usual.” he said leaving the room.

Wow was he acting weird. 5 years of dating and you’ve only seen him get like this for our first date, which wasn’t much of a date. You got stuck in a train station in New York due to snow. you was headed to Columbus for my sister’s wedding and he was headed to his family’s house for the holidays. All trains were cancelled for that day but you decided to stick around the station, not knowing much about New York. He did the same. You started talking when he asked if you had a phone charger and when he plugged in the phone with my charger it was at 100%, so you knew he just wanted to talk to me. You had seen him looking at me earlier that day. You started talking about his band and your college and the rest is history. You moved in together 3 years ago in L.A. we both wanted to get away from our gloomy hometowns. You went on tour with him and Tyler most of the time. Going on tour with them was also your job being one of their photographers.

After getting ready for the day you made your way to the car with Josh close by. He seemed more relaxed than earlier but still nervous.

“Are you okay, you seem tense?” you asked.

“Yeah I’m fine.” you knew he was lying but you didn’t push it.

You arrived at a small beach that not many people knew about. You’ve always wanted to go there and take pictures but you never made it down there.

“I know you’ve wanted to come here to take some picture for a while so I thought why not today. I have your camera, a bathing suit, and a picnic in the trunk so we can spend all day here.” he said.

“Aw. this is so sweet. How did you plan this.” you asked when he came around to open your door.

“I’ve been planning a lot. Let’s get down there and have a fun day.” he said grabbing the stuff from the back of the car and leading you to the private place.

“I love you.” you said.

“I love you too. Now go take some amazing pictures.” he handed you your camera and you went off taking picture of anything and everything.

After about a half hour you made it back to where Josh was sitting on a blanket he set out.

“You hungry?” he asked.

You nodded and sat down and gave him a kiss. “Thanks Josh I’ve really wanted to get down here to get pictures.”

“Anything for my love.”

You both sat eating lunch and looking at the pictures that you already had taken. About 20 minutes after eating Josh stood and offered a hand to help you up. You took it and he pulled you into his side.

“Where are we going?” you asked as you started walking with him.

“Let’s get changed, it’s hot out and I wanna go in the water.” he was right it was about 90 degrees and sunny.

Once changed he couldn’t keep his eyes off of you.

“Hey Josh my eyes are up here, not down there.” he blushed and you chuckled.

“Right, sorry. You just look really good today. Not saying you don’t look great everyday but today, something is special.” he said almost hinting at something, but what?

After 5 years of dating he was still embarrassed when you caught him staring at you. It was adorable how much he adored you, but he said from the beginning he would give you the world and that he did. You always came first and you loved him for that.

The water felt refreshing on such a hot day. You and Josh hung out in the water for about a half hour when you decided you wanted to just go lay down in the sun.

He did whatever you wanted that day and it was raising some suspicions. What did he have planned?

You laid with Josh in the sun just talking until it was about 3. It was too hot to be out much longer at the beach so a 4 hour beach trip was fine.

“What do you say we pack up and head back to the car. We can go to that little boardwalk that is really quiet.” Josh suggested.

“Sounds great. I’m just going to take a few more pictures of the scenery then we can go.” you got up and took you camera. When your returned Josh had everything packed and was just waiting for you.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to make you wait.”

“Don’t worry about it. I would wait an eternity for you. You ready?” he asked putting his arm around you shoulder.

After a short car ride to the boardwalk Josh and you began your journey walking. It was a mile walk to the end. There was only one other car was there and it was really quiet and romantic.

“Today was really fun and relaxing.” you said breaking the silence. Josh was back to his awkward self ever since you started the drive here.

“Yeah it has been. I love spending time with you.” he said.

That made you smile. Even though you spent about 98% of your time together, it was always a different type of time while on a date. He always found a way to make you feel special.

You only had a little more ways until the end of the boardwalk when you saw 2 people at the end.

“Maybe we should turn back, I don’t want to ruin those peoples peace.” you said stopping in your tracks. Josh kept pulling you along. “Don’t worry, we won’t be bugging them.” he said with a smile on his lips.

They were just looking over out into the ocean and as you got closer the man turned around and picked something up. You were still a little too far to see, but you could hear that it was a ukelele. The girl turned around and you could see she was filming on a phone. You looked up at Josh who was just smiling like fool as he kept walking with you under his arm that was over your shoulder.

Once only being about 20 feet from the people you realized it was Jenna and Tyler. Tyler was strumming the familiar cord to the song can’t help falling in love.

“Josh what’s going on?” you asked as you stood in front of Tyler who was singing. Josh let go of you and you turned to see him down on one knee opening a little velvet box. Tyler’s voice seemed to fade as all your attention went to Josh. Now it was your turn to be smiling like a fool.

“Y/N, my love, my world, my life. I love you so, so much and I’m not sure why I waited so long to do this and I’m really nervous but I’m gonna do my best I can.” he paused before continuing. “The day I met you in the train station back in New York I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you, I wanted to know you, I wanted to talk to you so badly but all I could do was ask for a dumb charger.” you chuckled thinking back. “It was probably one of the worst moves ever made especially because you caught me lying. I was so glad I got to spent all of that day with you and then the trip to Ohio with you. From the moment I first heard you laugh was when I knew I wanted to be the one to make you laugh for the rest of your life. Your smile brought me so much hope and you saved me from my demons that I was fighting at the time.  Everyday I get to spend with you reminds me of why I love you so much. I love you and want to spend my life with you. Y/N will you marry me?” at this point you were about to cry.

“Yes Josh. Oh my god yes.” you said and he stood engulfing you in a hug. You could hear Tyler and Jenna cheering in the back but your world still seemed to be so focused on Josh that you could barely hear them.

When you pulled away from the hug Josh slipped on the ring. You admired it for a moment before hugging him again and he kissed you.

“Josh it’s so beautiful. Oh my god. I’m so shocked.” you said and Jenna and Tyler approached you.

“So,were you surprised Y/N?” Tyler asked.

“Surprised? She should be more than that. Josh waited 5 years to just propose. I haven’t even known you that long Tyler and we’ve been married for 2 years.” Jenna added. You all laughed at that.

“Well I’m shocked, I didn’t think this was going to happen today, let alone you guys. When did you get here?” you asked Tyler and Jenna.

“Josh asked me to come out to sing the song, he knows it’s your favorite and Josh asked Jenna to help with picking the ring. We’ve been here for the past week and you didn’t know anything.” Tyler said.

After what felt like 2 minute was really 3 hours of enjoying eachothers company, catching up. After watching the sun go down you and Josh said your goodbyes and headed home.

“So did you like my surprises?” Josh asked.

“Like? Try love. This was perfect. I love you Josh. You’re really the best.” you said putting your hand on his leg as he drove.

Once pulling in the driveway you turned and kissed Josh. The kiss grew from a sweet one to one full of passion.

“Let’s go inside.” you said pulling away for air. He nodded and got out and lead you inside.

Once the front door was shut Josh had you up against the wall kissing you again. You pushed him off and took him to the couch. He had a smirk on his face as you pushed him down and straddled his lap.

“Y/N, we should stop before this goes any farther.” Josh said as you made your way down to his neck and grinding down on him with your hips.

“Josh, I know we’ve talked about it and I know you wanted to wait until marriage. Don’t you think we’re close enough to that now?”

“You’re right.” he said lifting you and carrying you to the bedroom as he kissed you some more. “I love you Y/N and I’m ready for this.” he placed you down on the bed and took off his shirt and you did the same.

You two had make out and only ever made it as far as you giving him a blowjob and him fingering you. He wasn’t sure he wanted to make it official until marriage and you totally respected that.

“Josh are you sure, I don’t want to pressure you into something you’ll regret.”

“How could I regret it if it’s with the love of my life. I’m sure Y/N.” he said as he worked off your shorts. He started to suck on your neck and you let out a moan when he reached your spot.

He made his way down to your bra and took it off taking one of your breast in his hand massaging it as he kissed you more. Your hips were moving upward towards him in need of some sort of friction.

“Josh, I can’t wait anymore.” you said.

With that he pulled down his short and they were followed by his boxers. You took off your panties and laid on the bed.

“Fuck you’re so hot baby.” he said as he got back on the bed hovering over you.

He lined himself up with your entrance and pushed in until your face of pleasure turned to pain.

“Are you okay? We can stop.”

“No, it’s just I haven’t done this in a really long time. Just go slow.” he did as you asked, moving slowly until you told him you were okay.

“Do you want me to go faster?”


With that he started meeting his hips with yours.  

“Fuck, you feel so good.” Josh said growing closer to his high.

“Josh, god you’re so big.” you were barely able to speak from his fast, hard movements.

“Y/N, I’m gonna cum. Where do you want me to?”

“It’s okay I’m on the pill. I want to feel you inside me.” with that he thrusted a few more times triggering your orgasm. As your walls clenched around him you felt him spill inside of you.

“Y/N that was amazing.” he said trying to catch his breathe as he laid next to you.

“You’re telling me. God I just fucked Joshua Dun.” you said. You honestly never thought the day would come because it had been 5 years.

He pulled you close and you laid your head in his bare chest.

“You know soon I’ll be able to call you Y/N Dun. God I’m so happy you said yes.”

“I love the sound of that. Of course I said yes. I’ve known you were the one since you asked me for the charger. It was such a bad move on your part, but I loved it.”

He got embarrassed and you hugged him tight. “Don’t judge the charger move, without it were would we be?” he said defending himself and you giggled. “I love you so much Y/N.”

“I love you too Josh.” with that you fell asleep in his arms.

The New Girl

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Request: (by @marvel-dc-trash) Hiya! Just wondering if you could do me a Barry Allen imagine where I’m a new forensic scientist brought into the CCPD and I’m an adorable nerd as well and we say stuff at the same time and Joe ships it!

Warnings: none really

Word count: 1360

Authors notes: So sorry that this took super long my schedule has been hectic recently. Sorry for the very awkward ending I couldn’t make one that I liked. Anyways I hope you like it! Also ask box is open!


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you know why we cant make place with all of it? Because Sam Traveller Heughan is only spoted with (kind of: airport, grocery) or in the same area than MM.. What about the other time? Teleportation? Hermit? I am sorry but this is toooooooo much convenient.. and on the bafta he kept his arm on his knee but in the fb Q&A he made this so old gesture "oooh I rub my eyes and my arm end behind her on his own!!!!! Accident"...

yeah let’s not forget that awkward AF arm move at the live stream, I mean COM EON 

and I think I saw it pointed out recently that his hand most likely is on her back, not the chair so you know, whatever, I’m fine

Love Bites (part 3)

Words: 1.7k

Summary: You and Cas finally discuss your past (and future?)

Warnings: Lots of drama, discussion/confession of cheating (nothing descriptive,) and some feels.

A/N: Sorry this is so short. I’m finally using my phrase for @casbabydontgoineedyou 1k celebration. “You can’t force someone to love you.” The plan is for one more chapter after this one. If you’d like to be added to my master tag list, send me an ask or DM.


You followed Cas to his house, aptly located on the rich side of town. The entire ride you wondered why you were going; but always came to the conclusion that he, at the very least, deserved a chance to explain himself. He had been your best friend for the first half of your life, after all.

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Lie To Make Me Like You


“Phil Lester.” Dan supplied. “He’s my plus one.”

Charlie raised an eyebrow, eyes darting between the two of them suggestively. “Oh? How long have you two been together?”

Dan blanched. “Sorry, we’re not…actually–”

“A little over seven years, isn’t it Dan?” his mum piped up cheerfully. “I remember the first time you stayed over at Phil’s. You still haven’t stopped talking about him.”

“Maybe the next Howell wedding will be yours,” Mae teased, flicking the end of his tie.

Dan shot a look towards Phil, panic rising. Enough awkward socializing had made them fairly fluent in speaking through eye contact and minute gestures, and as their eyes met Phil smiled lightly as if to say ‘I’m okay with it if you are.’ Dan, being the incompetent, horribly introverted idiot he was, latched onto the idea and ran with it.“Yeah,” he said, laughing in a way that he hopes comes off more as fond and less what the fuck did I just get myself into. “Maybe.”

Notes: This was written for alittledizzy as part of Fandom Trumps Hate using the following prompt:

-Someone assuming Dan and Phil are a couple who doesn’t recognize them and Dan and Phil letting them assume that and enjoying being able to act like a couple.

I had a lot of fun writing this and getting to work with you; thank you so much for bidding on my writing and I really hope you enjoy it :))

Word Count: 2302

    For the most part Dan tried to keep his personal and business lives separate. He wasn’t very close with most of his family, and enough encounters with viewers who didn’t quite grasp the concept of boundaries only served to reinforce this decision. Aside from his immediate family he rarely saw the rest of the Howell Clan, and so it was a bit of a surprise to receive an invitation to his cousin Mae and Charlie’s wedding.

    He vaguely remembered Mae–a precocious eight year old with a habit of pulling his hair, and the smiling woman on the front of the card bore a passing resemblance. To be perfectly honest he’d forgotten she existed; he didn’t think they’d spoken since they were children and he’d never heard of Charlie. His mum had wanted him to go, though, so naturally he’d forced Phil to come and suffer with him. While Phil might have had reservations about taking Dan to the Lester family gatherings, he had no such qualms about taking him to the Howells.

    His parents loved Phil, and even Adrian had a grudging respect for the man. Besides, Phil was better at tying ties, remembering general wedding etiquette, and covering Dan’s social ineptitude so there was that, too. The wedding ceremony had been quite long, but the food had more than made up for it. Dan had finished dinner feeling so full he felt a little like throwing up, but based on the heaping pile of food on Phil’s plate it didn’t look like the feeling was mutual.

   “It looks like you took half the dessert table,” he noted, taking a bite of the cake–some sort of lemon with vanilla frosting.

   Phil made a satisfied noise, popping another biscuit in his mouth. “It’s not my fault, I’m a growing boy.”

   “You’re pushing thirty.”

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Every Single Word


Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: You and Jack having a conversation about you and Mac, without the two of you knowing Mac overhears.

After a excruciating mission, the team was finally back on the jet flying home. Everyone apart from you and Jack were all asleep. For most of the plane ride you had been either staring out the window or at Mac’s sleeping form.

“What’s going on in that head of yours?”, Jack curiously asked.

Diverting your gaze from Mac, you knew that the team had a pretty good idea on the feelings you had for Mac. Unfortunately due to the dangerous work that the Phoenix Foundation partakes in, Mac thought that starting any sort of romantic relationship would be difficult to maintain. Not because he didn’t see you that way, but because his biggest fear was you being put in danger due to him.

“The mission was tougher than I expected, I guess”, replying back to Jack who gave you a grin. “Why are you looking at me like that?”.

Jack sat up straight and pointed to Mac. “Because I’m curious if that has something to do with you and him ending up in a closed, tight space together?”.

Jack was referring to a moment during the mission where the team split up to corner the targets. You and Mac teamed up, but ran into some trouble where the two of you were forced to hide in the nearest room, which coincidentally ended up being a small unity closest.


“Well this is cosy”, you mumbled as Mac’s body was pressed against your own.

He nervously laughed, “Yeah sorry about this. I didn’t really have time to think of anything else”.

The fact your throat was getting dry was no surprise and there was also nothing that could be done about it, not at this point anyway.

“To be honest I’m glad it’s you and not Jack”, you joked trying to break the awkward tension that was building.

You could feel Mac’s eyes on you, and that’s when you made the mistake of looking up. His hands were resting on either side of your arms on the wall. And his lips were inches away.

It felt like there was this magnetic pull, and each second you delayed made that pull stronger. Mac licked his lips and you bit the corner of yours. Heavy breathing from each of you, along with the close proximity added to the intensity.

Mac’s head dipped down like he was about to kiss you, but your heart sunk when he placed a finger on your lips instead, indicating to be silent. He leaned towards the door, checking to hear if any footsteps where coming this way. When he concluded the coast was clear, Mac opened the door continuing on with the mission.

End of Flashback

Snapping out of that memory, Jack was staring and waiting for an answer.

“Y/N, putting all the jokes aside you can talk to me?”, he offered in a soothing tone.

Tapping your fingers on the chairs arm rest, the lack of exhaustion was starting to kick in.

“About what? About the fact my feelings for Mac grow everyday and I can’t do anything about it, because he seems to think us starting anything will be too dangerous. Expect this job is nothing but dangerous, so tell me how I’m suppose to be okay not being able to be with Mac?”. You firmly whispered, careful not to wake anyone.

“He just needs some time Y/N. You know how Mac gets about mixing his work life with his personal one”. Jack stated.

Scoffing a bit at his comment, “He managed to do it with Nikki”.

Jack laughed at the sour tone you used when saying her name. “That’s true, and look at how well that turned out”.

He did make a good point, however it still didn’t make your feelings about the situation any better. Glancing over to make sure Mac was still asleep, you leaned back further in your chair.

“At least she had a chance to see if a relationship with Mac would work out, and I know that if I had that chance I’d treat Mac the way he deserves, unlike the way Nikki did”. Jack knew when it was time to let a conversation with you go, he offered to make you a drink to calm any nerves, but you politely declined. Jack got up leaving you alone with your thoughts.

Mac stirred in the seats opposite and slowly opened his eyes.

“Hey there sleepyhead, how was the nap?”. You asked Mac who sat up and somehow still looked effortlessly handsome, after just waking up.

He smiled, “Exactly what I needed”.

For some reason you had Mac’s words running through your head all the way home.

When the jet landed Riley, Jack and Bozer hopped off as quickly as they could. You were zipping up your go to travel bag when Mac asked if you had a minute to talk. Nodding, you focused all your attention on him.

“About what happened in the closet, I just want to say-”.

“You don’t have to say anything Mac, I completely understand”. Picking up the duffle bag, you tired to get past.

He reached for the bag and set it back down on one of the empty seats. “I don’t think you do Y/N. I heard the conversation you and Jack had. I never knew you felt that strongly about me”.

Sighing. “Yeah I do, but it doesn’t matter now, does it? I mean you’ve made it perfectly clear that starting any romantic relationship is a big no, so there’s just no point in telling you how I feel”.

Picking up the bag again, this time you did make it around Mac, but he quickly gripped your right wrist. “It does matter, Y/N it matters to me. We had a moment on the mission, and I’m not saying that to make you feel better. I’m saying it because I felt it too. I just need to know what you said to Jack, was it true? Did you really mean it when you said you can treat me better than how Nikki did?”.

Looking right at Mac, so he’d know the next words were genuine and true, you softly breathed. “I meant every.single.word”.

Mustering up a smile his way, Mac stood there silent. Taking that as a cue to leave, you wondered if that confession was enough for Mac to consider giving you and him a chance.

Recap of Sunni's first time @ GG Live

Fuckin shit ok
So we got there around 5ish, and already I’m nervous and worried I’m not gonma fit in or something. But then miraculously I start getting in conversation with some lovelies and ended up making new friends!

The gates of the Masonic opened up at around 6, and everyone went in and went through the security check and such. Then the opening for each floor level of the theater happened so we walked to our seats.

I got to meet @moopdrea !! It was a surreal thing and honestly meeting twitter friends irl is weirdly wonderful.

So then Moop and her buddy Emily decided to go get merch and food, & we came with. Got a stromboli and Player Select (the physical copy) and also dropped off grump fanart for Dan and Arin in a lil box they had at the merch booth for after the show.

Once that happened, we went back to our seats when FRICKIN ARIN JUST STRUTS ON STAGE AND DANCES TO SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS. Everyone’s cheering and Arin’s just LOVIN it. So glad I caught it on camera.

Then soon Vernon and Suzy showed up!! Suzy looks so much cuter in person. And Vernon DAMN THAT BOD XP

So he set up Super Mario for Suzy to play blindfolded and we all cheered and yelled commands so she’d stop or wait or jump. She failed most of them XD BUT it was awesome anyway.

Finally, DAN AND ARIN MAKE IT IN. And let me just say, it’s as surreal as you can get. It was like they were real yet not really there??? I was basically blown away like “fuck, i love these guys and they’re right in front of my eyes waaaat”

Just before the game started, Dan said he had a special friend in the crowd tonight, and it was his friend who introduced him to Brian all those years back to create NSP! It was the one girl from “The Decision” mv. And it was super sweet and made me all mistyeyed.

So started the game of choice, MARIO PARTY 10. And this time, it was split between one half of the room and the other. We were team Toad, while the rest of us were team Waluigi.

The game got fucking INTENSE man. And Vernon was running around the theatre and booking it up the stairs to the balcony like a boss O.O

We had A LOT of good players, yet Arin and Dan’s banter was by far the best thing. Also Arin trying to trick Dan with more elementary school jokes was amazing.

Arin: hey Dan, what’s a henway?

Dan:…..*serious face* I’m not falling for that. I’m still recovering from updog.

Also Danny NEVER did the floating weiner thing with your two fingers?? And Arin showed him how, THE GLEE ON DAN’S FACE AS HE’S LAUGHING AT WHAT HAPPENED WAS SO PURE.

So we played more Mario, and fricken there was a little 7 year old girl in the audience named Cadence that Danny had spotted and was just. THE SWEETEST TO.

He had her come up and play, and HE WAS ON HIS KNEES AT HER HEIGHT JUST TALKING TO HER AND ASKING HER LIKE “WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE TV SHOW? WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE POKEMON?” and I’m just sitting here like Danny you sweet man you I love you.

So that was awesome and Cadence got a group hug! (Danny, her, her dad, Arin, and the dude on team Waluigi). It was beautiful and awkward.

Finally it got to the final stretch of the game, everyone’s freaking out and unfortunately, Waluigi kicks our Toad’s ass. But we put up a great fight for second.

Then Q AND A TIME! I got so excited to ask my question, and Vernon comes up to my line, and he PICKED THE GIRL NEXT TO MY SISTER INSTEAD -_-

Alas twas not meant to be. However! I TALKED TO THE HOT PEPPER BOI! By that I mean it went like this:

Me: Hi Vernon! How are you?
Vernon: good! how about you?
Me: doing alright :3
Me: I’m sorry I’m all awkward it’s just like “omg your right here”
Vernon: ah nah *waves it off ljke he’s not the best*

Soon the Q & A ends, there was a lot of emotional ones they asked (except that one guy who asked Dan and Arin out to prom)

Arin: will there be a corsage? What no? NO CORSAGE? Then forget it!

Danny: you better bring me home by 8 or my dad’s gonna kill me.

Arin: yeah I’ll be real upset.


And finally, they finished off the show with Danny saying some sweet words about doing this all for us and we mean so much to them. It made me love them all over again.

(little things to note:)
-Arin not being able to flip the water bottle. Twice.
-Danny missing the gum catch
-Dan calling Vernon & Arin pieces of shit but immediately saying he was kidding and he loves them
-Arin literally POSING for everyone. DAMN
-Dan misunderstanding certain words that made everyone laugh their asses off
-Cadence saying “I will destroy him” to her opponent.
-Mason (a different volunteer for Waluigi) had Arin and Dan rub their faces on his beard. It was apparently like a shiatsu massage.
-Jesus appearing in the corner of the room. Give it up for my boy JESUS!
-Arin saying Suzy inspires him and Suzy peeking from behind the curtains as they exchange blowing kisses 💚💚
-someone hand farting the GG theme
-a girl playing a tiny instrument (I wish I remembered the name of it!)
-Danny standing on a chair
-Arin semi sitting on a chair to match the height of another volunteer (he was quite tall)
-Arin randomly screaming “shut up!” when we got too loud Cx
-Vernon literally running back to the stage going “I LOST ONE OF THE VOLUNTEERS SHE WAS RIGHT HERE AND THEN GONE”
-Dan spilling water everywhere
-Vernon and Suzy’s “mating call” for the boys -Dan mistaking Suzy for someone coming on stage
-Arin floffing the floof hair
-Arin being called “Big Cat” by Dan…after being insulted just so he can comfort him.

The show was such a blast and I loved being there. I only wish I could have said hi to them in person but that’ll have to wait till next time.

Also saw Vernon again, but just said a simple hi. I wanted a selfie with him, but he looked pretty busy and I didn’t wanna be THAT person

So then we hung out at Moop’s dorm (which is actually a lot bigger than I thought) and then I got picked up and driven home :3

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Hello love! I just read most of your imagines and they're AMAZING ❤ But I was wondering if you could write an imagine were the guys throw a party at a pool and the reader doesn't wanna take of her clothes to show her swimsuit and body because she had several surgeries on her legs that got her big scars and she's insecure about them so Alec comfort her and some fluffy stuff? Thank you! ❤ and I hope it's not confusing 😂

Alexander Gideon Lightwood  // Insecurity.

Alexander X Reader.
Genre // Fluff.
Word count // 3.1K

Credits to the rightful owners of these gifs.


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your yoosung art gives me life but i just love all your coloring and agggh ur one of my inspirations omg sorry for being so awkward i just love ur art,, so have u ever thought about yoosung x zen? literally ys and anyone gives me life lol

more like haSn’t cheritz thought about it

I think they’re really cute! I have these saved on my phone haha does that answer your question (´∀`)♡   

you’re not awkward at all no worries! ♡ but honestly i agree, all yoosung ships are great. Yooseven just happens to be my favorite so I end up getting more easily inspired to draw them all the time.

Mark of NCT imagine // Why So Shy

Word count: 2624

Mark POV**

Ugh I failed this test again. Now I have to get a tutor to help me. Hopefully y/n can tutor me. No no no I would never get work done. But she is so pretty. It would be great if I had her. Then I can spend time with her.

“Mark, can I speak to you after class?” The teacher asked me. I just nodded and went through the rest of the class and this was my last class. I usually walk home so it didn’t matter if I stayed late. I noticed that y/n was packing her things up slower than normal. Maybe she was tired?

“Mark, you do remember that time we talked last week? Saying that the next time you were to fail a test in my class, you would need a tutor. I have already assigned you one.” Oh no please don’t say it while y/n is here. I don’t want her to know that I am not that good at school. “Y/n, please step over here for a moment. Y/n is your tutor.” She just looked at me a smiled with a comforting look on her face. Great now she knows.

“She is the best in this science class and she will be helping you out with this topic. She will continue to do so until you can prove to me that you are learning sufficiently. You guys can sort out what time you want to meet up, just make sure that it is at least once a week. Now go on home you two.” He dismissed us and she struggled to put her backpack on. It looks really heavy. As soon as I had decided that I should help her, she got it on.

“Mark, I can’t meet up today because I haven’t told my parents yet. But if tomorrow works for you, I can stay here until 4.” My face got red because I was thinking about hanging out with her, and about the teasing I would get from the rest of NCT for getting a tutor who is my crush. I thought about after school tomorrow for a second and realized that I wouldn’t be able to find a way home tomorrow because Taeyong would have to leave due to schedule. But I don’t want to have to hold her back from a friday night.

“Oh uh, I don’t think I could stay after tomorrow because if I did, I wouldn’t be able to get a ride.” I explained, she just nodded as she understood.

“How about I come over to your dorm. If you are okay with that. The dorm area isn’t that far from my house and I could just walk home.” All I could do was just nod. I pushed the front door open and walked out of the school. We ended up walking home together because it was such a nice day. It was silent and I felt sorry for her because I was being so awkward. I just can’t stop thinking about tomorrow after school.

–time skip–

The end of the day finally came and now y/n if coming over to the dorms. Only a few of the members will be there. But I don’t think that Chenle, Haechan and Jisung would stay very quiet for long. They always yell at each other and play around and keep yelling. I just really hope that they would stay quiet. The walk to the dorm was quiet and awkward after we got out of the car and then it was just like when we had walked after school yesterday. We reached the final pathway to reach the dorm. She suddenly spoke up.

“So how many of your members will be there? If some are there, is it okay if I meet them?” Why on earth would she want to meet my annoying members? I got out my phone real quick and messaged them saying to make sure they looked presentable and that we were going to be arriving in a minute. I got teasing in response.

We walked into the dorm to see Chenle and Jisung playing some game and Haechan had his headphones in while playing on his phone. They didn’t seem to notice us yet. Y/n had taken off her shoes and we walked to the kitchen table and set our backpacks down. She sat down right next to me and started pulling her notes and textbook out.

“I am going to stay here until we finish this whole packet together. There are 3 pages front and back and yes it will take a long time with me teaching you. But we have to do this. I would be able to get this done in study hall. I will work on this and you do what you know and tell me when you are finished, okay?” She told me. Ugh this packet is going to be the death of me. I don’t really recognize half of this stuff.

“Hyung! How long will you be studying? Can I join?” Chenle walked in. If they bother us we will never get anything done.

“No Chenle, I need to get this done. She is probably going to be here for a while. This is y/n she is a noona to all of you guys.”

“Will she be here long because you are stupid?” Haechan asked while walking in.

“Now Haechan Hyung, don’t say that to Mark hyung.” Jisung defended me.

“Okay so these are the only members that are here. You see them and you have met them now they can go.” I said annoyed.

“Oh sorry guys, you can’t join us because this is all for grades higher than yours. Plus I think Mark here wants to get it done quickly. But that’s okay. If you ever do need help with anything I can help you later or another day.” She told them, she is so kind.

“Even my math?” Jisung asked quietly with a blush. Oh he better not start to like her.

“Even you math. I can help with English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, language arts, physics, astronomy, algebra, geometry, biology, zoology, history, social studies, psychology, chemistry, art, music, nothing in gym besides dancing. I can do most subjects. But any history or science or language arts bases topics I can do the best.”

“Wow, do you ever really have time to yourself? You seem to know so much. Are you any good with computer science? Because I kin-” I interrupted Haechan.

“I am. Here is my number so you can message me.” She gave her number to the boys, but not me. Why?! She is supposed to be tutoring me! They all walked away and went to their rooms.

About 30 minutes later I finished what I could do and she was like ⅔ done with the packet. She looked so concentrated. But I need to get help now. Oh but she is so pretty. The light is going down but the light appears gold on her skin. Everything in this room looks gold and sparkly and magical. Stop it Mark just ask her for help.

“Uh Mark, are you done? You have been sitting there doing nothing for a couple minutes.” I nodded. I only got 12 questions done out of 40. She scooted closer to me and I felt my cheeks heat up as her arm brushes against mine.

“Okay so let’s start with page one. I personally find these quite easy.” She started.

“Yeah, um I am sorry because I am not very smart and I just couldn’t pay attention that day a-and um… yeah. I’m just not good at this.” She looked up from the paper at me. She gently set her hand on my shoulder and I blushed even more.

“No Mark, it’s just that some people are not as good at doing things as other people are. Just like you are good at rapping, I am good with this. Not everyone is the same.” Oh gosh she just complimented me. Do I say thank you or should I like try to actually work. I think she just wants to work because she had gotten back to the paper.

“Okay so this is the atomic symbol, if they have the dots around it, it is a Lewis Dot Structure. Now the element Argon would have 8 dots around it because it is in the 8th column and…” she kept explaining to me but I kind of stopped listening. I just found myself staring at her and biting my lips.

“Right, so the column that the element is in, that’s how many dots there are around the atomic symbol?” She nodded and smiled. I did the rest of the front page. She was so good at explaining things because I was able to understand it well. She explained the next page to me and then let me do it. And the ones I got wrong she would go back and made sure that I understood before we moved on. She would be such a good teacher.

It was getting late and I was trying to quiet the sounds of my stomach but to no avail. I should eat some food. I wonder if she is hungry. Oh but we don’t really have any food here. My stomach needs to shut up.

“Mark I think we should go and get some food, don’t you think? You sound pretty hungry. Come on, I know this little Thai place to get some food from. The servings are quite big there so we wouldn’t have to get much. We could also just walk because it’s not that far. And I have enough money.”

“Oh no no no. You shouldn’t have to pay. I will. Come on, let’s go get some food.” We got to the place and the food came out quickly. We got some drinks and I paid and then we went back to the dorm. By the time we got to the dorm it was pretty much almost dark out. We have been studying for quite a bit. She needs to go home and rest.

About 2 painful hours later we were almost done and it was dark out. I wish she didn’t waste so much time on me. But I mean like, she did stay just for me. Stop being so selfish, she had to stay and tutor me because I am so stupid. I should stop thinking that I am able to be with her. She probably doesn’t even like me like that.

“Okay Mark, here we go. The last page. Then I get to stop bothering you and go home.” She laughed. Wow her laugh was so great.

“Oh, no you’re not bothering me at all! I enjoy you being here. I-I mean that I like you. YOUR HELP! I LIKE THAT YOU ARE HELPING ME! Not I like you. I mean I like you, no I mean…Ugh I am sorry. Thanks for helping me study I guess is what I was trying to say.” I stuttered, why can’t I say anything right around her? I probably looked like a tomato right now because I was blushing so much and I was so nervous.

“Hahaha no it’s okay! Don’t be sorry. We will just finish the last page okay. And then you should get some rest.” She looked into my eyes and brought her hand up to my cheek slowly and turned my head a little bit. Oh shit she it touching my face. I can’t stop looking at her lips. Should I kiss her? Should I not? Why are her cheeks pink?

“Uhm, I will try to hurry through this last page because you look tired, and um I should be getting home soon.” She took her hand away from my face and I could barely look her in the eyes. I have to turn away from her for a second.

“Uh uhm, I am going t-to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.” I darted out of there as fast as I could. I just tried to breath normally but I just couldn’t I need to know if she has feelings for me. But I am so scared. What if she doesn’t like me back. But she blushed when she touch my face. Not it was just hot in the room. Or maybe it was just me. Because when I am around her I get so nervous that my whole body gets hot and my heart stops when she says my name. I just can’t not tell her how I feel. I like her way to much to just let her go and probably find someone else. I mean I have already seen her with someone else. I remember how sad I got because she didn’t like me. UGH I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!

Tears of frustration started welling up in my eyes. I wiped them away and I was getting ready to walk out the door. I opened it and I heard her voice. Was she talking to herself? Did one of the guys come out of their rooms? I looked around the corner and saw her on the phone.

“Yeah Unnie, I will be home soon. Maybe an hour… I already had dinner… Just some Thai food… I think the tutoring is going well… Oh it is with Mark… Yes Unnie that Mark… No I haven’t and I can’t. Listen I have to go okay. Bye.” I walked over and sat back down.

I purposely pretended to get the questions wrong so she can help me with them and stay longer. She was so beautiful when she was explaining things to me. Her smile and the way she laughs. Her eyes glisten and light up when I finally get a question right. She is so smart and kind and funny and just- gah so amazing. I love the way she explains the problems with things that I already understand instead of just throwing new stuff at me. The last page was done in no time and when I saw the last question answered my heart dropped. Now she has to go home.

“Look, I am sorry for making you work so late. I just think that it is best to get it out of the way now rather than taking up your whole weekend. I will have a study guide made for you by Sunday. It will take some time for me to create it. I have to go now.” She said while packing up her things.

“Wait y/n, I will walk you home. It is dark out.” My stomach got butterflies as she pushed a piece of her hair out of the way.

“No, please don’t. I will be okay.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I mean I only live like a street over. I guess that I will be going now. Goodbye Mark.” She stood on her toes and gave me a hug and my face turned red. I felt her slip something into my pocket. I pulled it out and it was her number. I opened the door back up and called to her outside.

“Y/n is this why you wanted to walk alone? Just a creative way for you to give me your number?”

“Yes, that and if I get caught with you at my house, my mom would go crazy.” I laughed out loud. I covered my mouth from my embarrassing laugh.

“Don’t stop laughing. I think your laugh is cute, just like you.” I almost fainted. She called me cute! I giggle and waved then closed the door. Man she is amazing.

~Admin Ellie

Mary's death scene in tst

Ok I’ve always wondered this but is the reason why Martin i-won-a-bafta Freeman did such an awkward performance in Mary’s death scene because he and Amanda broke up and that completely messed up their chemistry on set too?

I mean Martin is hands down talented. Exhibit A: the Sherlock reunion scene in teh. No words. All face journey. And it’s so powerful and a believable performance. So….what happened in the tst death scene? He performed the anger towards Sherlock so perfectly. The complexity of regret and anger and sadness and despair when he looked at Sherlock and said “you swore it”, god the chemistry between Martin’s acting and Ben’s acting was so brilliant. And YET in that same scene his chemistry with Amanda’s acting fell flat to me.

I’m not talking about the “mooing”. I’m talking about how the entire time Mary was trying to say her final words to John and Sherlock, all John did was look at her but he seemed to be not really paying attention to her? And he’s just constantly shushing her when she’s trying to talk, no matter how many times I watch it, the shushing thing just felt off and weird. Amanda and Benedict’s acting dynamic in that scene was perfectly in line, Mary is trying to apologise in her own way and Sherlock forgiving her and clearly distraught by her dying before his eyes. But when it came to Martin and Amanda’s chemistry in this scene, Mary was saying “John you were my whole world” and in return the timing of John’s shushing felt so out of place. And I just wonder: why is this so awkward to watch? It’s usually so immersive thanks to their amazing acting, but this time, something about Martin and Amanda’s dynamic specifically was so unhinged that it pulled me out of the immersive story and instead of seeing John and Mary, I see Martin and Amanda - two actors acting. And that, when an audience ends up seeing “actors acting” instead of seeing the character, that’s not usually a good sign isn’t it

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Can u write a fic where Killian realizes that people other than just Emma truly care about him

Hey nonnie! I’m sorry that this took so long, but here’s your fic. I really hope that you like it! 

Also, who’s excited for the show to be back tonight?!? I know I am!

Getting his appendix out hadn’t been a particularly fun ordeal. He had woken up in the middle of the night to a terrible pain in his abdomen – and despite his many protests that he was (probably)fine – his Swan had insisted on getting him to the hospital as quickly as magically possible. Despite the fact that he was back in the hospital – a place he had hoped to never visit as a patient again – he was indeed glad that she had. Apparently, if left untreated, such an affliction could be deadly, and he had no plans on dying (again) anytime soon, especially not on account of something that was so easily avoidable.

Dr. Whale had wanted to keep him for two days after the procedure to make sure that everything was healing fine. The first day had been fine. While it wasn’t the worst thing that had happened to him – being stabbed by Excalibur itself was slightly more trying than a simple appendectomy – the whole procedure had been very trying. He mostly spent the day sleeping, and had a few brief conversations with Emma while he was awake.

The second day, however, was another matter entirely. While he was by no means back to his normal self, he was still unaccustomed to having to stay still for so long. His time as a pirate captain had meant that he had had to learn how to get over injuries quickly. If you were out of commission too long on account of an injury or illness, it always invited the idea of mutiny. So he had learned to put on a brave face and ignore his injuries over the years.

But while he would always be a pirate at heart, there was really no reason for him to be pushing himself to his limits anymore. He did argue with Emma a little bit, hoping that maybe by pulling out the “puppy-dog eyes” as she liked to call them, he could convince her to let him come home early. It hadn’t worked. Emma had declared that he was staying, and she would be back in a few hours when she was done with her shift at the sheriff’s station. She had given him a quick peck on the lips, and then she was gone.

That was how he found himself sitting in a hospital bed, bored out of his mind, with nothing other than terrible daytime T.V. – which he had not yet quite been able to develop a taste for – to keep him company. He was just contemplating trying to go back to sleep when he heard a soft knock.

“Want some company?” Belle asked from the doorway, holding Gideon in her arms.

“Belle!” he exclaimed. “What are you doing here?”

“Emma was just at Granny’s picking up some coffee for her and David. She was saying how she felt bad she couldn’t spend the whole day with you, so I thought that I’d come by and keep you company if that’s alright.”

“I would love that,” he replied. “Truly.”

He and Belle had a lovely few hours talking about books and how fast Gideon was growing up before she had to leave to put the baby down for his nap. But almost as soon as she had walked out, Henry came walking in, saying that he had gotten permission from Snow to spend his lunch break at the hospital keeping Killian company. And when Henry left, David walked in, saying that he wanted to use his own lunch break to see how his son-in-law was doing.

For the rest of the day, there was a seemingly endless stream of people in his room. When David left, Ella had shown up with Alexandra in tow, and after that, Ruby and Granny had strolled in. Towards the end of the day, even Regina had made an appearance which – although slightly awkward – had seemed to be of her very own volition that stemmed from genuine concern for his well-being. The last guest of the day had been Leroy, who – although he spent the entire time complaining about some feud he was in with Dopey – actually hadn’t been bad company.

Not long after Leroy had left, Emma walked in.

“Hey!” she said. “I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get here earlier. David would have taken over, but there was some stuff today that required a little magic,” she said as she walked over to greet him with a kiss.

“That’s alright, love,” he said after they broke the kiss. “I had a surprisingly lovely day.”

“Really?” she asked. “What happened?”

He told her about the day he’d had and the number of people who had decided to take time out of their days to come and visit him.

“I didn’t realize that so many people cared about me,” he said once he had finished.

Emma smiled. “I’m not,” she said.

“Really, love?” he asked. “Why not?”

She chuckled. “When are you going to realize, you silly pirate?” she asked. “You’re a hero. The people of this town – you might still be intimidating to them – but they love you.”

“You really think so?” he asked. While he knew he had managed to get into the good graces of Emma’s family, it still surprised him to think that others cared for him.

“I know so,” she said, and looking at the sincerity in her eyes, Killian finally allowed himself to believe that it was true. 

E.V.O.L - Chapter 2 (Trixya) - VicThirteen

A/N: Hello! I meant to submit this earlier, but I prefer to post the chapters only when I have the next one ready, so it took a minute. Also, I’m a believer in building antici-

…pation to make every moment that little more special. Thank you so much for the comments, it makes my heart glow with joy <3

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As The Snowflakes Fall

Hey! I’m back! I hope I can make your Sunday better by uploading a new oneshot based on one of the first prompts I found around Tumblr and I never got to writing it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did and well, as always, any type of feeedback is welcome.

based on this prompt: Imagine Person A of your OTP unexpectedly slipping on the snow/ice while going on a stroll with Person B.  Person A is embarrassed because they fell in front of their crush and got snow all over themselves but Person B just brushes off the snow and gives them a kiss.

summary: Dan is late to his second date with Phil and is convinced he has ruined all of his chances of being with the blue eyed by slipping on ice and embarrassing himself in front of him.

words: 1.8k

no trigger warnings

“Why did we decide to have our second date in a park when it’s freaking December?” Dan wondered out loud, searching for the coziest jumper he could find and putting it on.

Dan knew he was late. It was his second date with Phil and he was going to be late. Great, just what he needed. He picked up his phone to warn Phil but it was dead. Fine. He didn’t have enough time to charge it now. Everything was going perfectly for Dan today.

He and Phil met last month thanks to a blind date their friends had managed to organize and somehow get them to agree to it. It had turned out more than okay since they had agreed on going into a second date. They both felt a bit awkward to jump into the dating area yet only after one date so Dan was really hoping whatever they had now escalated into more because he really liked Phil.

And he was going to ruin his chances of it by being late.

He had spent too much time straightening his hair only to get it curled by the small slowflakes that were starting to fall down.

“Too much effort for nothing.” Dan said to himself as he looked the small white dots slowly touch the pavement from one of the windows of his apartment.

He grabbed his big coat from the entrance only just to have to turn back to his bedroom so he could pick the black wool beanie he owned and rushed out of the door.

Dan could only hope the beanie would protect his hair enough so it wouldn’t show his ‘hobbit hair’.


Phil was sitting on one of the cold park benches waiting for Dan. He kept looking at his phone to see if Dan had sent him a message or something, to tell him that he couldn’t meet today or even to tell him that he was going to be late to their date but nothing popped up.

He was sure they had the right numbers. They had been texting each other non-stop since their date and Dan seemed interested enough to agree to have another date and see where they could end up.

Phil sent him a few texts and then called, but Dan’s voicemail turned up instead, saying that the phone was turned off. There was no way of contacting him now. He would have to sit and wait at least till he couldn’t feel his butt anymore.

A few more minutes passed and Phil was starting to give up hope. Dan wasn’t interested and wasn’t going to show up. He had been stood up and he had to accept it. At least the fact that it was snowing would cheer him up a bit.

Phil stood up from the bench and started making his way out of the park when he heard a loud call from behind “Phil wait!”

He turned around, only to find a panting Dan at the other side, a small smile showing onto his face. “Dan!” Phil shouted back, waving at him, happy to see that his date was just late and hadn’t decided to leave him alone in a freezing park.

Phil saw Dan running towards him, not seeing the small puddle that had freezed during the night and had made the floor slippery. “Dan, watch out!” Phil tried to warn him so he wouldn’t slip but it was too late.


Dan saw his life flash in front of his eyes. One moment he was running to reach Phil and before he knew it he was slipping on ice and falling down on his bum, hurting his lower back and palms in the process of stopping the impact from being to harsh.

He heard Phil warn him but it was already too late. His jeans were wet, his body hurt and the worst of all he had embarrassed himself in front of Phil, making a fool of himself by falling down because of the ice.

'Why can’t I do anything right? Why do I have to ruin everything even before it starts? I hate this. I always fuck up’ were the thoughts inside Dan’s mind, making him look down to his lap as he felt his eyes water. 'Great. Now I’m about to start crying. How can anything else go wrong?’ but before his thoughts could get deeper, he heard Phil’s worried voice calling him.

“Dan, hey, you okay?” Phil asked once he approached him, crouching down to his level.

Dan just nodded, not looking at Phil so he wouldn’t see his watery brown eyes. He didn’t think he could handle Phil laughing at his tears, because he was sure he would. Who wouldn’t laugh at Dan’s ridiculousness, huh?

He tried to dismiss Phil by lifting his right arm and waving his hand but he hadn’t realized his wrist hurt so he let out a little scream, and tried to still it with his other hand but before he could even lift it Phil had gently grabbed his forearm to look at the sprained wrist.

“It’s not broken, but maybe needs to be bandaged.” Phil commented, “let me help you up, okay?”

Dan considered getting up by himself, but he realized he might fall back down since he had such weak arms so he just nodded.

He felt Phil’s presence behind him, putting his long arms under his armpits and easily lifting him, stilling the both of them on dry ground so they didn’t slip.

“You think you can walk? I tried to warn you about the ice but it was too late…” Phil said, taking a few steps so he could be in front of Dan, who was still avoiding his gaze by looking down to their feet.

“Yeah, my legs are fine, my butt hurts a bit and also does my lower back but it will be fine.” Dan said in a small voice, trying to mask his pain, hoping Phil wouldn’t catch on it.

“If you are fine why does it look like you are about to cry, Dan?” Phil asked in a caring voice, putting his hand’s on Dan’s biceps so he could comfort him a bit.

Dan couldn’t believe it. The one time he didn’t want to be noticed while he was about to cry was the time he had the most caring man in front of him and he had ruined all chances of being with him by being such an awkward human being.

He sniffled and lifted his left hand to brush away a tear that had escaped from his eye, “Because I’m so embarrassed I cannot even look at you. I’m sorry I ruined our date. I fell down on ice because I wasn’t looking and I ended up with wet jeans and a sprained wrist in a span of a minute. I’m such a fuck-up. I’m so sorry Phil.”

Phil just stared at him. How could Dan think he had ruined their date by falling down? It wasn’t his fault the ground was slippery!

“Hey Dan,” Phil called for him in the sweetest voice, bringing one of his hands towards Dan’s chin, moving Dan’s head so he would look at him. His eyes were red from tears that were about to fall down and Phil really didn’t want to see the beautiful man in front of him cry. “First of all you are not a fuck-up, okay? Don’t ever say that again.” Dan was about to speak so he could deny everything Phil was saying but the blue eyed beat him to it.

“No, you don’t get a saying in this.” Phil lifted his index finger to Dan’s lips, shuting him up for good. “Also, you haven’t ruined anything. People fall al the time and this time it happened to be you, so don’t worry; I just want to make sure you are okay. I really want to continue this date so if you feel up to it we will go back to my apartment and bandage that wrist so we can continue it, what do you say?” Phil said, reassuring him that it was fine; that him falling didn’t change anything.

Dan just stared at him not really knowing what to respond. He didn’t feel like going out again, even if it was with Phil. He had had enough of snow and cold for today.

“We can stay inside if you prefer.” Phil suddenly said, as if he could read Dan’s mind. “I’ll make popcorn and we can watch a movie while bundled up in blankets on my sofa, okay? I will lend you some pyjama pants to wear so you can be more comfortable. What do you say?”

He looked at Dan with what the brown eyed could call “puppy-eyes” making it impossible to deny Phil’s request. Movie and blankets sounded really nice to be honest. He felt Phil’s fingers lace with his, making him take a step closer so they could look at each other better as he felt Phil’s thumbs caress his cold skin.

Dan smiled a bit at the gesture but didn’t respond. Phil was such a sweet man it almost made his heart melt.

“C'mon, Dan, I will let you choose whatever movie you want!” Phil said as a last attempt of convincing Dan to continue their date.

“Any movie I want?” Dan couldn’t help but blurt out the question to Phil, who eagerly nodded.

“Any movie, I promise.”

“Okay. But only because I get to choose the movie.” Dan said in a happier tone, starting to feel a bit better.

Phil grinned and untangled their hands, lifting them towards Dan’s beanie, brushing a few snowflakes that had fallen down on it before pulling it over his ears so they wouldn’t get colder than they already were.

“Now we can go if you want.” Phil said in a really quiet voice, as if it was a secret only for the both of them.

Dan nodded again, a silly smile on his face, a complete loss of words because of the gestures of the man in front of him. So he just laced his left hand fingers with Phil’s right, giving him a hint of what he wanted.

“Well then, show me the way.” Dan whispered in the same tone.

Phil looked at their hands and then into Dan’s eyes, which still were a bit watery so in hopes of making Dan a bit happier he leaned in and softly kissed Dan’s cold cheek, which now was getting red with the faint blush that was starting to appear.

Dan ducked his head, trying to hide his now red tinted cheeks, but as soon as he lowered it he had to lift it again, because Phil had started to pull him to the exit of the park towards his apartment, not giving him time to feel shy about it.

If Phil asked, he could say that his red cheeks were from the cold, but he was sure the blue eyed wasn’t going to believe it anyway.

author’s note: i was thinking of making a second part to this fic, maybe showing their date of somehting so if you want to see that please, let me know :D

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Could you do a head cannon with all the host where y/n is clumsy? Sorry if it didn't make sense, I'm very awkward

 Thank you for the request!! It made perfect sense love~ Don’t worry about being awkward tho, I’m super awkward as well.


~ He’d freak out every time you fell

~ There would be actual tears

~ He’d just about wrap you in bubble wrap to ensure your safety

~ You twisted your ankle once when you tripped. and this boy almost got you a wheelchair. Eventually Kyoya managed to convince him it was overkill, and you had never liked Kyoya more

~ He’d always try to catch you, but he’d usually end up falling with you and now you’d both be on the floor with you laughing and him freaking out

~ He’d think it was king of cute in a way, because it kind of made him feel like you needed him


~ *exasperated sigh*

~ “Again (y/n)?”

~ He’d act like you falling was so inconvenient to him, but he’d be worried

~ If you ever get injured because of your clumsiness, expect a stern lecture as he patched you up

~ He would constantly tease you that you were helping keep his medical skills sharp

~ He’d also think it was adorable, in an “annoying and inconvenient” way

~ He’d always be worried about you though

~ He’d be constantly warning you where there were ledges and uneven ground


~ Expect laughter every time you fall down

~ He’d help you up every time though after he was done laughing

~ He’d pretend like it only entertained him, but he’d be internally freaking out every time.

~ One time he tripped you because he thought it was be funny, but you actually started bleeding and he felt so bad he almost cried

~ He’s just a wreck whenever you fall, because it is funny, so he does laugh when you fall, but once he helps you up he freaks out making sure you’re okay

~ if you ever get hurt when you fall, he takes you straight to the nearest medical professional no matter how bad it is

~ You call him Tamaki the Second whenever he does this because you think it’s dramatic

~ It’s just because he cares though


~ Unlike his brother, he only laughs after he knows you’re okay

~ However, like Tamaki, he freaks when you fall

~ If he’s ever the cause of your falling he apologizes so much. He feels so bad, it’s kind of adorable

~ He tries to catch you every time you fall, and mostly he succeeds

~ Whenever he fails though, he screams like someone just got murdered. Experts are still unsure as to why

~ He thinks it’s adorable when you almost fall, but catch yourself.

~ Your official nickname is Klutz


~ He’d be constantly worried about you, always watching to make sure you weren’t falling over anything

~ In all honestly he’d probably get to the point where he would just resort to carrying you everywhere

~ Legit, always. Watching.

~ Whenever you fell, you wouldn’t hit the ground, he’d always be there to catch you.

~ If you did fall, he would probably beat himself up just a bit. He never wants you to get hurt.

~ God forbid if you actually got injured. He wouldn’t let you walk on your own for a week.

~ Just in general, he’d be kind of overprotective, but it’s just cuz he’s a worrier.


~ He yells every time you fall, without fall

~ He manages to grab your arm every time you fall, but it doesn’t always help

~ If you get hurt, expect tears. 

~ He can sometimes even manage to guilt Kyoya into patching you up with his tears.

~ He does think it’s cute though, that you fall often (as long as it’s a small, little fall)

~ He’s always dragging you around, trying to make sure you don’t trip over uneven ground, but sometimes he gets excited and pulls too hard and you fall anyways

Hello there, everyone!

 I’m back by popular demand (and also because I have really enjoyed writing as of late when I cannot fall asleep and have been enjoying this unexpected spark of creativity) with a follow-up to my previous story I posted less than a week ago! I wasn’t too sure how to go about this, but I’m currently leaning towards a series of interconnected mini-fics that are part of the same story but are titled individually…maybe?

Well…I’ll give this a go and see if it works out as well as I am hoping it will…I tagged everyone who let me know that they would like to be tagged, but if you want me to start tagging you in future stories I write or want to be removed from my tagged list, please don’t hesitate to let me know! 😁

Also, I absolutely love all the feedback on my previous story, so feel free to let me know what you think of this one!

So this (as well as my last fic and most of my stories to come) is based on actual events from my own life, so it all takes place in modern times not the mid-late 90′s like the actual show (if you couldn’t already tell lol), and I took some creative liberties to find the right balance between MMFD plot and my love life drama…This picks up where the other story left off and is kind of just a filler/transition chapter (sitting pretty at about 1,880 words), but have no fear! I shall be kicking the flirty vibes up a notch in the next chapter that is gonna be posted incredibly soon! *wink, wink*😉😉

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"Are you verbal?"

The other day at a new service provider’s office the assistant rushed in. She barely looked at me over a piece of paper she was staring at. “Do you have ADHD?” She asked abruptly. This seemed like an odd way to begin an examination. “Yes…” I answered. I looked at the sheet of paper, which was now lying flat on the table between us. I read upside down ADHD, and what appeared to be my other diagnoses below. I must have filled them out on the intake form when I applied for an appointment.

“Are you verbal?” She asked.

I looked at her in confusion for a second. She couldn’t possibly be asking me if I could talk. After all, I had just answered her question.

“…sorry, what do you mean by that?” I asked.

“Can you talk?” She asked, as if the answer weren’t already self evident from my asking her a question.


It ended up being an awkward interview. I tried smooth it over by chit-chatting with her, but I still felt that uncomfortable, restless, ready to run away feeling I always get during an awkward interaction.

It wasn’t until about 20 minutes later, when telling the person who drove me about it while waiting for the doctor, that I realized how funny it was.

At the same time, I realize she probably assumed from my list of diagnoses that I must be severely impaired, including possibly being unable to talk. This was the first time I’ve been pre-judged by my disabilities first. It gave me a tiny, harmless taste of what many people here have to deal with all the time.

i don't-im sorry part 2

Tw: suicide idealization ?

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thanks to @killerfangirl3 for the help and @analogically-prinxiety

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what's their 1st time buying a sex toy together like lmao

Awkward and cute. Clarke and Lexa walk into the shop holding hands, looking super shady. It’s v obvious they’re newbies. Then there’s a lot of:
“This one?”
“Are you trying to KILL me? That won’t fit.”
“Well I would know better!”
“You want to take measurements? I know what I’m comfortable with.”
“Oh, sorry…I just…what about this one?”
“It has…spikes. Here, this one-”
“That looks painful.”
“That’s…quaint. Lets get it. I’ll wait in the car.”
“No, I’ll wait in the car!”

They end up buying a very modest vibrator 😂
They get better at it later.