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You have to get Josh. His sister died in a fire while she was babysitting him. She tried to put it out, he ran outside. He went off campaigning, his father died. He wakes up in the hospital and discovers the President’s been shot. He goes through everyday worried that someone he likes is going to die and it’s going to be his fault. What do you think makes him walk so fast? {insp}

look guys, i’m a lil sorry about spamming everyone with the pancake thingy, but I tag those posts with ‘team pancake’, which I said you can blacklist in this post, and secondly?? it’s going to be over in like, two days.

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Hey I saw ur post about "yaoi aesthetic" in the sheith tag, and I personally don't like lance due to how the fandom is insanely obnoxious about him. It's not always about race. I myself am latino and I'm just annoyed with how idolized he is. Also I not only ship keith with shiro, but I also ship kallura. I mainly ship based on dynamic. I can't speak for everyone else who ships sheith but I'm sure most of them would say the same

like sorry i don’t care what you ship or your reasons for disliking lance (whether it be something petty like how he’s treated obnoxiously by a group of fans who love him or what the fuck ever) 

if you read my posts and still don’t understand my reasoning and where i’m coming from, then i don’t wanna hear it. especially from someone who ships a minor and an adult together

also you can be latino and still be colorist, our community has a big problem with that and anti blackness lmao. you dont get a jail out of free card for treating characters of color shitty

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Sorry if you've already talked about this but it's annoying the FUCK outta me gratitudecafe*tumblr*com/post/160707925230/harry-styles-behind-the-album he might as well just say "you know how Zayn Malik said he didn't enjoy a lot of being in 1D? Well I enjoyed every single thing about it and isn't he an ungrateful dick for saying otherwise!" And the amount of tags like ":) :) good egg" I'm seeing on my dash... Harry is so artificial and everyone just eats it UP


i saw someone call harry “feckless” the other day and it’s honestly the perfect word to describe him. the boy is the definition of a coward, which is what makes the insistence that he’s some sort of ground-breaking individual as funny as it is maddening.

and as far as those gifs go, harold’s no idiot. even if there WERE moments when he hated being in the band and couldn’t wait to gtfo, it’s like written in stone that he for sure would never ever say that lest he got even a tenth of the shit that zayn got and ruin his chances of raking in the $$$. he knows who his base is and what they want to hear and he’s giving them exactly that. he and the others should probably feel good that zayn was willing to lie on the train tracks for them by being honest so that they don’t have to.


Ok but imagine if the boy from the trailer that they are all looking for in season 2 turns out to be a baby, and they all rush in and there’s this tiny little bub sitting on a yellow duck blanket staring up at them all, and for some reason dirk is terrified about it and yeah farah is annoyed but that’s just cause she’s paranoid that she’s going to break it somehow.

And the rowdies want to pile it into the van and wrap it up as a tiny new member but Todd puts his foot down because he’s pretty sure that isn’t safe and farah insists it needs equipment because babies need all sorts of stuff right? She knows because she was one. And Amanda just keeps squeaking dirk’s weird little clown toy thing at -maybe a little desperately- and that stops it crying at least.

But the person the lil bub really likes turns out to be ken the ‘baby whisperer’ and Bart gets all jealous and tries to awkwardly befriend Amanda in retaliation only both farah and the rowdies get all twitchy and amongst it all Todd and ken are just exchanging looks™ and quietly sharing baby duties whilst dirk sulks jealously behind them.

Doing it. Had more headcanons for Omen the dog. If you wanna see the artwork that started all this/don’t know this au go check out the joml au on @notllorstel


- Basically has anyone seen the crow video going round of the crow refusing to leave the cars windscreen wiper? Cause all I saw was Stan glaring at a crow from inside his car trying to get it to move before giving up and going back inside because it wasn’t that important a trip. (The murder of crows usually would fly…oh god I’ve forgotten what way sinister is/right I think? over the car as a warning. Only the crows have grown attached to Stan like Omen so they’re gonna make sure he can’t go get into that crash down in town by making sure he just can’t drive his car anywhere)

- Omen does the same. Stan grumbled when he almost falls over the dog at the top of the stairs, prods it with his foot and tells it off for trying to kill him. What he doesn’t realise is that Omen was sitting far enough back from the stairs to make Stan fall before and not fall down them like Omen had seen happening if he wasn’t there.

Basically the death omens have become attached and somehow Stan is really really accident prone, you know? I mean he’s hardly safety conscious.

- Another one of these because I was thinking ‘what else?’ and I had a cute little thought that the banshee that lives in the woods nearby who normally gives a wail if humans go out too late into the forest as a vague warning makes sure that she is heard when it comes to Stan or if he’s not paying attention, makes sure she is seen to dissuade him from wherever he’s going. Amusingly with her, it isn’t an offering that got this kind of response but because Stan accidentally saw her the first time and flirted of all things. Not anything big, just compliments, cause it’s Stan, his first response is to try and be charming. (I just thought it was cute, OK? Just this flustered banshee, OK? Ford gets very confused by the banshee’s antics when he’s back home, OK? OK)

- Right the one that started all this but then I got distracted by animals cause animals. Mabel meeting Omen. She’s really similar to Stan about it all, you know? Just ‘Who cares if it’s a weird dog, Dipper? It’s a cute dog!’ She makes Omen a sweater the first chance she gets and Stan laughs because it’s the first time he’s seen the dog utterly conflicted. Because it wants to phase through things like it usually does but that means leaving the warm blanket that Mabel’s made for it. Stan can’t believe that after 30 years of trying to figure out how to stop the dog phasing through locked door that Mabel’s figured it out within her first week of meeting him.

- I guess I should do a Dipper one, right? I feel like he’d be very similar to Ford and be fascinated by the dog but also weirded out. He has no idea how he’d get rid of it though and Stan says the dog has been with him on and off for 30 years so it can’t be all that bad, right? To be honest he’s more confused by everyone elses nonchalance around the dog than he actually is the dog itself.

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Coral eyeshadow

Imma just tag 10 people i love if thats okay(im like about to pass out so thats easier lmao) @sammisays @heckinhowell @phanjumpers @bitchface-malone-the-eighth @nifflers-and-obscurials @killjoys-rejoice @planetninja @thealphafoxwrites @danieloddle and @ everyone im not responding too im sorry im just really really bad at life it doesnt mean i dont adore you and adore talking to you im just swimming in doubts and fear that im annoying and now its too far gone im sorryyy

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Arcade Victory - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Arcade Victory – TW Imagine

Prompt: You and your friends go to an arcade and compete against each other in a competition. The deal was – Try to win as many tickets in the arcade games and the team with the most tickets win a free dinner, paid by the other teams. After that, you all play a friendly game of laser tag, Stiles trying to protect you from getting hit.

A/N: Hey guys! Just a little imagine up for you guys, in the meantime I’m going to be writing up some requests. I hope you guys like this xx

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 1187

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Your POV

“I’m with Malia!” Liam shouted. “We all know that we’re the best and most athletic duo.” He smirked while his arm was on Malia’s shoulder. “I’m with Kira.” Scott announced. “That leaves me with Y/N!” Stiles hugged you tightly, squeezing you. You and your friends were picking partners to play with in your little bet. To win, you have to try to win as many tickets as you can by 6 PM. The winning team gets a free dinner, paid by the losers. Then after that, you all will play a friendly game of laser tag.

You and your friends arrived to the big arcade that just opened up in Beacon Hills. “Let’s play that basketball game, I heard that it could win you a mega load of tickets!” Stiles blabbed. It was cute though, to hear Stiles ramble and just talk about anything he could think of while you two walked. You followed him to the basketball game, until he just stopped and stood in front of it doing nothing. “Um, Stiles?” You asked, him looking at you surprised. “Well, aren’t you going to pay?” He waved his hands over to the game. “Seriously?” You groaned, placing a dollar into the coin slot. Soon the basketballs started rolling down the platform as Stiles quickly grabbed one and took a shot. “Score!” He celebrated. You didn’t even get the chance to shoot a goal, Stiles was too quick for you. After the game ended, your ‘team’ was able to receive 50 tickets. “Come on, next game!” He ran over to the next video game, not realizing he left you behind. You rolled your eyes, looking over to your friends. They were having fun, which was not what you were having.

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had it not been for the fact that the school was forcing his sister to attend opening festivities, nicholai would have gladly skipped this part of unification week. but of course, he wasn’t going to let her go without being there to keep an eye on things. plus he wouldn’t miss the opportunity to cause a little trouble. he was standing with his arms crossed, watching everyone around him in disgust. “a place that all will feel safe calling their home.” he mocked with a rolled of his eyes. “what a load of shit. i’ll remember the events of the past alright. specifically the event of banishing innocent children to an island full of monsters.” he was clearly within earshot of the king’s obvious royal supporters. nicholai was not going to pretend he was happy about all of this. he wanted anyone and everyone to know the events of the past would not be forgotten.

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“You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your playlist on shuffle and list the first 10 songs and tag 10 people”

1. happy song- bring me the horizon 

2. high on humans- oh wonder

3. fools- troye sivan

4. everyone else- london grammar

5. take cover- all time low

6. let them in- pvris

7. better off dead- sleeping with sirens

8. walk alone- pvris

9. live in the moment- portugal. the man

10.  afraid- the neighbourhood 

I tag


also idk just whoever wants to do this 

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do you have any advice for starting to read tarot cards?

Well first off, if you’ve dropped $15+ bucks for a tarot deck (I assume $15+ because that’s the general minimum price) I hope you’re potentially willing to spend three (3) dollars more. Smartphone, Kindle, or iPad required. Sorry, kiddos. 

This is because I’m going to recommend to you the greatest eBook of all time if you’re a newbie tarot reader. I have been reading for two years and I wish I had this when I first started because it would’ve saved me a lot of flipping through LWBs (Little White Books) or knowing the page system of Biddy Tarot so well you just needed to edit a portion of the URL to get to where you needed to go. 

This book is Six Short Stories: Learn Tarot In A Day. You can find this beautiful creature for the kindle or android here. If you have an iPhone/iPad/iTouch, download iBooks and look it up in the store under the same name.

Saying you’ll learn tarot in a day is honestly an underestimation. I learned all 78 cards in like, 5 hours of practice. It’s literally that fucking good. 

What the author did is wrote the meaning of the tarot cards as a journey—taking inspiration from The Fool’s Journey, he did one for each of the suites and then the court cards in a clever little story titled Court Cafe (I think). Throughout the journey of each suit are the meanings of the cards told as a tale (followed by the number of the card in question), and at the end of the story, He lists the keywords just to cement it. He also suggests to sort out your deck and go through it in order as you read the tale to help you connect it memory-wise. 

This ebook will change your life if you truly pay attention and keep practicing. Soon you’ll have keywords ready in your head and think of their place in the journey like a professional reader and can start assigning your own meanings to your deck as your intuition notices certain constants. Personally, my own intuition tells me that the cards that are traditionally “negative” (The Devil, The Tower, Ten of Swords, etc) aren’t inherently negative, but meant as a warning for the questioner to keep an eye out for certain things. Likewise, I think of The Lovers as a warning not to rush ahead into a relationship and to take things slow (comparing to Romeo and Juliet). 

Even if you’re an expert, seriously, spend the three dollars on this book. It’s good for practice and cements the original meanings in your head so you can compare it to your own meanings. 

Presuming you get this book straight off, keep doing readings only for yourself for a while to get the hang of tapping into your intuition instead of just knowing the meanings. Never be afraid to ask for second opinions: I’m always here and frequently give my opinion unasked (sorry if it annoys some of you, it’s just in my nature to try and help out). I know queenofchalices and constantine-spiritworker are open to giving help too when it comes to newbies (sorry for putting you on the spot but I know it’s true so). 

Long story short?? Buy the book if and when you can, and it’ll be the best $3.00 you’ve ever spent on something tarot-related. Guaranteed.

No age limit to determine your sexuality

My brother and I were talking about gay rights and I said homosexuals should be treated fairly along with trans and bi people and he said he doesn’t agree but anyway I was talking about how my friend is bisexual (I’m in 9th grade btw and my brother is 22) he said we’re to young to determine our sexuality i asked him how old was he when he knew he liked girls he said “yo I knew I like boobs since kindergarten” I said “so you think girls are just boobs and butts nothing more” he said no but then I said well if you knew you liked girls in kindergarten my friend knew he liked boys and girls for who knows how long then we we’re arguing about what ever, my mom was obviously getting annoying, so I just yelled THERES NO AGE LIMIT TO DETERMINE YOUR SEXUALITY! And Yanno what he said “why do you ever care about this your not gay” and I said because everyone deserves to be treated equally no matter who the are sexually attracted to

Honestly everyone talking about breaking the vevo record for SLSP is kind of annoying me because as much as we all love the boys and want them to do well. I want them to do well and break records because people listened to their music and not because the fam spent days sat behind their computer screens replaying the song. We aren’t Directioners or Smilers and I don’t think we need to break the record, idk I’m just mad.

honestly fuck this tag. all we do is watch these people and talk shit about them, then probably talk shit about people in real life because everyone is #petty. But suddenly when someone talks some shit yall feel all high and mighty as if you NEVER said anything bad about anyone ever and are the inventors of the fundamentals of peace and kindness. 

Dammit I’m on mobile so I can’t ask things so I’ll just annoy everyone with this post
But ahhhh Kathleen, I’m so glad you liked the fic. Yeah, I put everything in except the Victorian au cause I’m too lazy for research… Haha sorry about killing Viet (I couldn’t let everyone be happy, what did you expect)
Too many compliments on your tags tonight help the fuzzy feelings are attacking
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Sorry this is kind of random but your tags on the agent carter post just made me want to say - I feel like the only person in the fandom who wasn't annoyed by Thompson getting some character development because everyone else is complaining about it so thanks for not doing that. Like I see why people are bitter toward him but I feel like he grew up some in this episode?

i appreciate this message so much wow. always good to feel like you’re not alone

but yeah, i dunno, i feel like thompson got to be the Generic Sexist Dude/Target for All Feminist Hatred from the beginning (and for good reason — he’s a huge asswipe), but i’m always open for characters redeeming themselves, y’know? like i don’t have to condone his sexist behavior to be happy for him when he allows himself to be vulnerable and thereby starts trusting the people around him, including those he once looked down on. after all, what would the world look like if no one had a chance to change?

i love, love, love that they gave him that development. it warms my heart and also is really strong rhetorically, even stronger than it was when they had the asswipes on one side and the people who respected peggy on the other, because if people never change, then we’d have to kill all the asswipes in order to be happy, and that’s just a bad argument. people do change. they cast that development in thompson as something positive, and they gave it to him without any bitter quips about ‘oh well you’ve changed your stripes’ or w/e which would have demonized the change. it sets a good precedent, i think, and it’s more realistic. sometimes people do bad things, but it doesn’t mean they’ll be awful forever. people can change. things can get better. and change happens a hell of a lot easier when we focus on the good things coming to us in the present and in the future, rather than all the bad things we had to endure in the past. peggy’s cool acceptance of thompson’s trust reflects really well on her, too, in that sense, because it shows that she’s above petty bitterness, and that she’s really just looking to make the good changes happen. she changes a hell of a lot, that woman, but not just with her mean right hook — with her courage and her grace, too.

plus, even if peggy’s the only woman thompson respects at this point, it’s a hell of a good start, because already you’re dismantling his definition of women as meek and incapable. if peggy can level with the guys, why not another woman, too? his generalization has become a general rule with one exception, and it’s only a matter of time till he finds out that the exceptions are the rule — that there is no rule, and that women are every bit as diversely equipped as men are. peggy’s just the foot in the door; the rest will follow.