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Rap Monster Reaction To You Confessing While Drunk [Angst, Smut and Fluff Versions!]

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Your Confession

Kim Namjoon; your favourite name, and favourite words. The most intelligent, handsome, kind guy you’ve ever met… yeah, it feels pathetic, but those qualities combined are just something quite rare to come by, and when you fell, you fell hard because there is so much to love about the guy.

The main problem with the idea of confessing was just that you end up stuttering half the time you converse with him as it is, so you know the words would come out all wrong, or you’d back down and end your main sentence differently.


“Namjoon-ah… There’s something I’ve been wanting to ask you for a long time… Would you……


……mind telling me where the toilet is?”

‘Yeah, that’d be real smooth y/n’, you think to yourself.

Conclusively, from the emotion combined with your anxiety about the whole situation, there was only one thing for it; get drunk to become more open and relaxed about it.

So here you were, sat round the back of a packed out club outside at a table with Namjoon and it all comes pouring out - “Namjoon-ah… why do you have to be so smart and so good looking and so kind and so funny and… Ah, I’m pathetic, I’m sorry, it’s just that I’m fed up of pretending everyday…”


“You know… hiding the fact that I really like you… and not ‘like’ in just a platonic way, no! ‘Like’ as in… well, ‘love’… God help me…” you whine, basically face-palming yourself at your own being right now.


Namjoon hates to see you like this, especially when there’s nothing he can do to make you feel better. He can’t just pretend to feel the same way about you; he’s just not in love with you. He feels awful doing this, but he knows that he’s going to have to hurt you to make you fall out of love with him. There’s silence between you to for a couple of moments before he can muster the courage and energy to do this.

“Don’t do this to me y/n…”

“Wow, is that all you can say??”

“Well, yeah; I can’t have a girl confessing to me when I’m on a night out to get laid…” It feels so wrong and out of character for him to have to say this, but he thinks this is the right thing to do.

“What the hell Namjoon?!” you exclaim, shocked at this response to your confession. “You’re really one of those guys then all along, huh? Just after one thing?”

“Well at least tonight I am… We all have needs, just drop it yeah?”

So you guess you have to just drop it.

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Aish, King Namdoom on the heart


You weren’t going to be spoken to in this manner, so no, you decide you’re not going to drop it. You’re too inebriated to make smart decisions, and all you want is Namjoon, in whatever form that may be.

“No, I’m not gonna drop it… And if you’re looking for one thing, then why keep eyeing up that bimbo over there when there’s a girl right here next to you??…”

“Y/n, you’re not thinking straight; you literally just said you had feelings for me. Feelings and one time things don’t mix, end of.”

Carelessly, you just draw into him and plant a desperate kiss to his lips, and at first, you don’t get much of a response. That is until he registers the warmth of your hand to his face and the feeling he gets from this… If he has to hurt you to let you down, then perhaps there’s no harm in doing this; he could always let you down in the morning, leaving you to think he’s a user that you don’t need to be wasting your emotion on.

And so God help him if he doesn’t make the most of this chance.

Fortunately, there’s a great amount of people also out here, most probably not even acknowledging either yours or Namjoon’s existence.

He draws in closer to keep your lips pressed together, and under the table, runs a hand along your thigh, causing you to whimper into his mouth at the sudden contact. His hands are large against your delicate thigh and so warm in contrast to the slight breeze that’s been brushing against your skin, and you know this isn’t going to be enough if you want to remain discrete to the unknowing people around you, but you let it happen for now.

Tonight was a good time for a dress you figure as he slides his hand under your panties and trails a finger where you need him most, and already you can feel the pool of wetness for him.

As though Namjoon could read your mind, he ceases to touch you under the table and instead leads you to a less classy, but more private place, and next thing you know, you’re touching each other in one of the cubicles. 

His back pressed up against the wall, you get him to find and reach his high with just your hand, and it’s the hottest hand-job he’s ever received; heavy breathing, moans that he knows he needs to hold back[I’ve linked audio, HEADPHONES] and he won’t stop calling you baby… God, he wishes he could feel more than just this kind of attraction to you as you give him the best orgasm of his life…

But even the drink can’t fool his feelings emotionally.

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Ugh I think he’s become my bias wrecker again help


As you lean into his shoulder, seemingly asking for God to help you, Namjoon turns into a complete dork as he registers your words. He can’t quite believe his ears, in fact.

With a huge grin on his face, he tries to play it cool and snap out of it, ducking his head down to try and catch a glimpse of your face.

“Y/n… are you okay?… Do you know what you’re saying?” he asks, just to be certain he has heard you correctly.

You peak up in shame to try and read his face through the small gap of your fingers that you’ve allowed your eyes to see through, and you think you can see a smile. Unable to tell in your drunken state whether this smile comes from grinning or a laugh, you have to remove your hands from your face and face the humiliation.

“Y/n, look at me… Be honest with me about this; that’s all I ask” he tells you, just needing to know the truth.

“Fine…” you begin. “I’ve been having a hard time bringing myself to confess so I waited til I got in this state so I brush it off as a joke if you rejected me… Which you probably will, so…”

“Okay, stop being so sure about the idea of me rejecting you and be more sure about yourself… You’re good-hearted, you have a great sense of humour, heck, you even like the things I can like and can sustain intelligible conversation… and… you’re beautiful inside and out… Don’t you ever think that a guy in the right mind would reject you…” he discontinues to talk, as do you.

He gently cups a hand to your blushing cheek and takes a good look into your eyes. They’re a little dis-focused from the drinking, but nonetheless, your eyes are so beautiful to him and you still manage to look radiant under the night light. He presses his forehead against yours and the warmth radiates between you both literally and figuratively.

“I’m in love with you, y/n” he tells you, breaking the silence before the two of you share your first kiss.

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Figuring the two of you are on the same page, you continue to drink together, chatting and dancing the night away, not leaving the club until closing time, causing all sorts of mischief both on your way out of the club [as you slightly backchat the bouncers who request that you leave] and on your way… home? Well, who knows where you’re going as you both wobble down the street together, kissing between stumbles and hugging to keep each other’s balance.

You both holler down the street, doing silly little harmless things like balancing a traffic cone on the head of that one statue in the town center and knocking on windows to say hello.

Giggling like children, the two of you decide to take a shortcut to Namjoon’s house, finally recognizing the area you’re in. Stumbling as you go round the corner leading to an alleyway, you somehow find yourself being pressed up against the brick wall with him hovering over you, which you guess is a happy coincidence.

The dim lighting manages to give Namjoon a good view of your face as he rests a palm onto the wall at your head level, and he whispers appreciatively – “Wow, you’re perfect.”

“You’re not so bad yourself” you murmur with a suggestive hum.

“We really should have done this earlier… tonight has been the most fun I’ve had in ages, baby…”

“Pet names already, huh?” you comment with a small drunken giggle.

“Do you not wanna be my baby girl?”

“I should have known it… Such a dom…” you puff in amusement, to which he smirks.

“Only for you, baby…” he replies, moving his face closer to yours.

“Yeah right… you’re gonna try to be a dom, but I just know that when I ride you, you’re gonna go crazy…”

and the sex talk goes on for a solid few more minutes before the two of you realize you’ve gotten yourselves so worked up that you just have to continue your journey to get home.

Usually, people would be whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears, but with you and Namjoon, it’s a kind of education; already, you’re learning a little about each other’s likes and dislikes in the bedroom.

Opening his house door with desperation, you don’t even reach the bedroom to fuck, finding yourselves collapsing on the floor after simply fucking against the wall, and eventually the sofa. It shouldn’t be comfortable lying on the floor like this, but somehow, it’s also the most comfortable feeling ever because you’re in his arms.

Waking up the next morning, you find yourself confused, not in the same place you fell asleep at. You’re cosy between bed sheets, and you figure Namjoon must have woken up through your sleep to take you both to bed. You smile as you feel his arms wrap around you.

“Mmm… morning beautiful…” he greets.

“Morning…” you reply. “Last night was pretty insane, from what I can remember…”

“Well, I hope you remember most of it… Let’s spend some time together today, okay?”

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I get how bad transmisogyny and transphobia are firsthand, but honest to god, you have to be more understanding that people mess up sometimes, even people who disagree with you. Especially when you specifically tell them that you're a trans woman, it doesn't help anyone and in fact perpetuates the nasty stereotype cishets push about trans people being pushy brats. If someone misgenders you, politely correct them. If they keep misgendering you, THEN get pissed.

uh nah. sorry. if someone misgenders me while telling me that they know more about trans-women-specific topics than i, an actual trans woman, do, i’m not going to just “politely correct” them. and if it’s someone like fatfae, who has a history of being absolutely awful, i’m not out here looking for respectability politics.

it’s cool that you want to be nice and stuff, but again. i don’t owe fatfae any decency after how they’ve acted in the past.

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I love your scenarios (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ Can I request a Luhan scenario ? Where you're jealous of him and seohyun and seeing all the things of seohan ~ Thanks and please continue your scenarios ^^

Seohan? ~Luhan~

Sorry for the wait :( Hope you like it!

“Seohan?” You forced the weird name out of your mouth with distaste, tossing the magazine to the side. It had been the fifth time that week that you had seen or heard about Seohan and it was starting to bother you.

“What’s my baby doing?” Luhan asked curiously as he walked into your room with a smile. You assumed your mother had let him in, since he was basically part of the family by now. He sat down beside you on the bed and grabbed your hand. “What’s going on?” he asked.

You sighed and scooted closer to him. “Nothing,” you replied. “Nothing at all. Do you have schedule today?”

He grinned. “I have the day off.”

“Oooh,” you raised an eyebrow. “Does this mean we get to go on a date today?” you asked.

“It means we get to go wherever you want, ________.”




By the time you and Luhan had arrived at the mall, you were completely done with Seohan. You weren’t thinking about it nor did you really care. The only thing you had on your mind was Luhan. And as you walked through the busy mall with his hand clasped with yours, nothing else really mattered.

“We’ve been walking around for twenty minutes now,” Luhan said. “Are you sure there’s no store in here that has caught your eye yet?”

You eyed the numerous stores and shrugged. “Nothing yet.” Truth was, you enjoyed just walking around hand in hand like that more than actually going inside the shops and buying stuff.

Luhan chuckled and threw his arm around you. He knew exactly what you were thinking.

You just smiled and leaned into him as the two of you continued to walk around aimlessly.

But as you walked by this one shop, something caught your eye. You stopped your tracks and then began to walk backwards to the display that stood in front of the shop.


Her face was plastered behind some mannequins in the glass in front of the shop.

Of course, she was a model, one of the numerous things that you weren’t.

“________,” said Luhan. “Do you want to go inside the shop?”

“No,” you said quickly and pulled him away from the display. “I don’t want to go anywhere near that shop again.”

Luhan furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, but he didn’t ask any questions. He could sense that something must’ve gotten you upset, and he knew better than to push your buttons when you were upset.

“Well, are you hungry?” Luhan asked. “We can go to the food court now if you’re hungry.”

You held your hand over your stomach and nodded. “Yeah, let’s go eat.”




“Wait here, I’ll go get the food.” Luhan sat you down at one of the tables before dashing over to one of the food court restaurants.

You sighed and sat back in your chair. As you were walking to the food court, you literally saw five more posters of Seohyun all over the place.

No wonder everybody wants them to be together, you thought to yourself, they’re both practically flawless idols.

Sometimes you wondered if you were just wasting Luhan’s time because he’d be better off with someone like Seohyun. You didn’t like to think that way, but you couldn’t help it.

“I’m back.” You didn’t realize how much time you spent thinking about Seohan until Luhan came back with your tray of food and your drink. “Here you go, baby,” he said. “Enjoy.”

You put your straw into your cup and took a sip. As soon as the liquid touched your tongue, you jumped back and restrained yourself from gagging. “What is this?” you asked.

Luhan furrowed your eyebrows. “Don’t you like root beer?”

“No!” You reached out and took a sip from Luhan’s drink, trying to get rid of the awful taste of root beer. “I’ve hated root beer since I was a kid, it makes me want to throw up. I thought you knew that?” It was a simple fact that everybody who knew you was aware of, especially your boyfriend.

Luhan frowned and took back the drink. “Sorry,” he mumbled. “My mind must’ve been somewhere else when I was getting the order. I forgot ______, I’ll go get you another drink.”

“It’s okay,” you assured him and sat back in your seat. “Must’ve been thinking about Seohyun or something…”

“Huh?” Luhan looked up at you. “What did you say?”

“Nothing.” You picked up your fork and began stabbing your food.

“No.” Luhan reached across the table and grabbed your hand, causing you to stop. “What did you say?” he asked again.

“Let me answer your question with another question,” you said and snatched your head away. “How do you feel about Seohan?

Seohan?” At first, Luhan wasn’t too sure what you were talking about. He wasn’t completely an expert on the whole “shipping” thing, so he was lost for a bit. Then, it finally made sense to him. “Oh, _______,” he began. “Please don’t tell me you’ve been seeing what they put in the magazines.”

“Oh, so you are aware, I see.”



He frowned and stood up from his seat before sitting down next to you. “Is it bothering you?” he asked with concern. “Because if it is, it shouldn’t. Baby, you know I love you and only you. This whole Seohan thing is just something that the fans come up with. It’s not real.”

“Then how come it seems like you two are everywhere together? And why does it seem like the entire world practically wants the two of you to get married?”

He chuckled and grabbed your hand. “Because they don’t know you,” he answered. “Everybody knows who Seohyun is, so it’s easy to couple her up with somebody in the media. For some reason, it’s me. But I bet if the whole world knew about you more, they’d know why I’m so in love with you.” Luhan kissed your hand and then rested his head on top of your shoulder.

You sighed and kicked the legs of the table. “Really?”

“Really,” Luhan muttered and kissed your shoulder. “So do you want me to buy you a new drink or do you not mind sharing mine?”

You smiled and poked his cheek. “Sharing is caring.”

Luhan laughed and kissed your lips, vanishing all of the small insecurities you might’ve had before.