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Victuuri Week

Day 4Free for all

Victuuri + Food

k-pop star suga will be the death of me

(Also, consider bodyguard! Daichi….)

I started watching Pushing Daisies the other day, and so naturally I’m obsessed with Ellen Greene’s character, Vivian. And her outfits are just adorable!

@mushniksflowershop, you mentioned drawing her the other day so…:)


I only draw the most self indulgent things.

Read all about it.

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It’s only 10 days until Christmas! As you’re all aware, I have been anxiously awaiting the most wonderful day of the year since Halloween - as I do every year - and as it gets closer I’m just becoming more and more excited. How is it that I’ve not yet built a snowman or done any kind of wintery activities with the snow? Is anyone willing to join me? 

I don’t know what’s happening with me but lately I’ve been feeling so needy, like I want a boyfriend to cuddle with me and kiss me and hug me and watch movies with me and have randomly rood trips but at the same time I’m perfectly fine being single and independent 

Here’s my secret santa gift for poketrendy!! A really romantic Ikari kiss in the middle of nowhere but hey it’s snowing lol (´∀`)♡

Good god, it’s been such a long time since I last drew something I wanted to draw for myself/something I loved. I’m actually happy how this one turned out! (*≧▽≦)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Rissy! Keep up the good work! :)

Please do not repost my artwork anywhere.

seoulpop  asked:

Ahh I'm sorry to come dump my negativity onto you, but school is really stressing me out now, it's actually slowly killing me ;-; any words of advice for me?

ahhh, school. :c we’ve all had times where stress just gets to the best of us and sometimes we want nothing more than to give up and hide away—and there’s nothing wrong with that. some may also try to continue to give their all, even at the eventual expense of their mental/physical health. there’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep trying your best either; however, you must always remember that you are your priority above everything else.

your health and your happiness have an indescribable worth—more than any passing test grade or A+ could ever possibly offer.

I know realistically, you can’t merely drop every task and responsibility and run away from your schoolwork, but what you can do is make sure that you are in a positive and well-rested state to continue on.

take some time to make yourself relax and clear your mind. what usually helps you keep a fairly optimistic mindset? any comfort foods that you especially like? hobbies? I personally like to take short naps and have some favorite snacks if I ever feel like the stress is just too overwhelming. I then sit down and make note of everything that could possibly be stressing me out by order of urgency, and then go down the list one-by-one and try to find a solution or way I can alleviate each of those factors. although sometimes you don’t want to do things to relieve stress, sometimes all you need is just for someone to vent to. in which case, all to it! turn to some close friends or family who are willing to just listen (there are times where we aren’t looking for advice, but instead simply to be listened to) and if you can’t find yourself able to do so, then know that I’m always here as well. ^^

school is important, but never more important than yourself.

tldr; ily Omaima! so don’t forget to love yourself too. ♡

Lyvia and Alternis Lee being the troublemakers they are (although I may have made them look more mischievous than they actually are)

I just had to draw fanart of this post by woodland-knight about Bravely crew children (more details about each child here)!