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Victuuri Week

Day 4Free for all

Victuuri + Food

Some Piper doodles that I’m projecting my emotions onto

I think it’s just that time of night where you think about every life choice you’ve made and start regretting some of them. 

I’m native american and growing up was hard with the lack of positive representation and whatnot. When I was younger I didn’t want to be native, I wasn’t proud to be native. I felt like I was a part of group that didn’t exist and natives only make up a small percentage of the population. It was hard growing up with relatives who did nothing but drink alcohol. There wasn’t a lot to be proud of. I can’t name any famous native americans off the top of my head. No comedians, no radio personalties, no nothing. So I rebelled being native every chance I got. I refused to speak navajo. I refused learning it. I regret not learning when I had the chance bc it’s a dying language and less and less people are speaking it and I’m contributing to that growing number. I can’t talk to my grandma who only speaks navajo. I can’t hear her stories. 

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The Answer

It’d be a simple thing to answer Anders’s question, if Hawke didn’t know just how he’d make light of it.

Fenris knows things. Many things, about most things. He tells her of Rivain, and Par Vollen and Seheron and Nevarra, of the Fog Warriors and the Fog Dancers, the Orlesian nobility and the Antivan royalty, the Black Divine and the magisterium and the Circle in Minrathous. He tells her of Ashkaari Koslun and enough of the Qun to untwist the contemptuous curl of the Arishok’s mouth when she addresses him. “You hear much when people regard you as little more than furniture,” Fenris replies when she asks how he even knows all that, but that’s just him, she thinks: had it been her, she would have wasted away in idle fantasy, not learned foreign tongues or woven together the web of Thedosian politics from fragments of conversations.

After a lifetime of casting spells first and asking questions later, though, now she tries to understand instead—and when Fenris starts helping himself to her books after learning to read faster than she did the rules of diamondback, she cracks one open of her own for the first time since Lothering.

(Not a picture book and not a book about dragons. And not Hard in Hightown either, as far as Varric is concerned.)

Fenris never lies. He lied to Hadriana, if that can even be counted as such, but it’s because he broke his word that once that Hawke realises it’s only ever held true otherwise. Fenris only says what he means and always means what he says, and though his honesty has the sharp, serrated edges of rashvine nettle sometimes, once the welts have worn off she’s most often left having to admit that he has the truth of it—and when the entire Kirkwall nobility turns into lickspittles, trying to simper their way into the Champion’s good graces (or into her leathers), she comes to think of Fenris’s forthrightness as an uncut gem: perhaps not as pretty as a stone cut and set, but worth that much more.

Hawke, though? She’s—well, not a liar the way Varric is, but she skirts and shirks and twists the truth, maims and manhandles it, has perhaps even left it for dead a few times. At least with Fenris, though, truth comes to her a little easier.

(Anyway, she’d rather not suffer the smug look on his face whenever he pokes holes in her attempts at deceit.)

Fenris tempers her. With the city-wide revelation of her magic—now the Maker’s grace and not His curse—comes something that no title could ever match: the elation of being a known apostate yet untouchable, the unspeakable relief of the first breath after staying underwater a little too long, an intoxicating rush that she has to swim against lest it carry her too far from herself. It’s little things at first: her reveling in Cullen’s stammers and stutters, a casual mention of her magic to sway the nobles of the Keep her way, a misdirection hex cast to make some arsehole bumble off the pier for calling Merrill “knife ear.”

But when treading the line between freedom and excess becomes a balancing act worthy of an Antivan tightrope walker in the storm, when the line all but vanishes—then she has but to look at Fenris, branded with the hubris of mages, to be stirred away from the Void that sings to her.

(Alright—she can’t quite keep herself from teasing Cullen just to watch his nug-wheel brain run.)

The answer to Anders’s question is simple: Fenris makes her a better woman—perhaps even a good woman, when she wouldn’t be otherwise. “By being the perfect example of what not to do?” Anders would say, though, and it’s not that she doesn’t want to argue with him well into the next age—she just doesn’t have any breath left to waste when a certain elf keeps taking it away.

(She’d complain, but nowhere are her breaths, her heart and the truth of her answer safer than in Fenris’s hands, so she lets him have them.)

So—the sex, she jests instead. She’s with Fenris for the sex.

k-pop star suga will be the death of me

(Also, consider bodyguard! Daichi….)

so my brother and I came to an agreement that this year I’m gonna give up tumblr for lent. i’m leaving the blog as of tomorrow in the “capable” hands of my brother until april 13th. I’ve informed him that he needs to tag stuff if he reblogs any posts and he will make sure to like all the posts I’m mentioned in so that I can take a look when I come back! (and yes feel free to send messages to him bc he really looks forward to talking to you all without me sitting there lol)

mutuals if you wanna keep contact my twitter is tobiohchans and you can message me directly for my kik or snapchat if you want it!! thank you and see you soon!!! this message will be reblogged a few times i’m sorry!

jessicanjpa  asked:

What unique mannerisms (if any) do you imagine for some of the people in Volterra?

  • Aro, it goes without saying, talks with his hands. When he’s in a good mood, his gestures become expansive and he’s one happy surprise away from smacking someone in the face by accident. His movements also express how he feels about a person, much more clearly than his choice of words. (When he speaks with Caius, his hand-motions are soothing. Around Sulpicia, he’s twitchy, as if restraining himself from petting her hair or playing with her fingers. Back in the day, when Carlisle was around, Aro kept making come-hither sort of gestures around him. Just… think of a less-successful Mephistopheles around Faust, and you get where I’m going. )

  • Speaking of twitchy, Caius and Athenodora are really vampire-y in their movements. They flicker in and out of rooms, they sit in positions that would be uncomfortable/unsustainable for humans, all that good stuff. It’s probably because they were genuinely athletic/coordinated people once, and not moving to the full extent of their ability strikes them as weird.

  • Sulpicia was pretty young when she died. At most, in my opinion, she was 21. As a result, there’s a youthfulness to her moods that she can’t quite hide. Like, something good happens, and she’s trying to smile politely, but her face rearranges itself into :D :D :D . Or, she’s trying to be decorously sad, but it comes out as :((((( Her malice is all the more impressive in context, because she totally looks up to something, and yet, nobody catches on/stops her. 

  • Poor Marcus has the general demeanour of a student on the last day of finals. He’s somehow exhausted and frantic and anticipating the end and terrified of what happens at the end, all at once. And, even though he’s not wearing sweatpants, you get the distinct impression that he should be. The state of his soul is sweatpants. 

  • Everything about Heidi, when she’s not putting on an act, is incredibly precise. Her gestures are conservative somehow, as if trying not to waste any energy. She speaks bluntly. There’s no excess to her mannerisms at all. 

  • Demetri, on the other hand, is all nervous energy. He double- and triple-checks things. His speech comes across as practiced because he quite literally practices it. If he can’t fidget with his sleeves or his tie, he taps out patterns with his fingers on any available surface. He’s charming and attractive enough for all of this not to make much of an impression, but the high-strung aspects of his character are really noticeable if you look for them. 

  • Corin always seems to be recoiling from something. When she’s addressed, she visibly flinches. If people walk by her, she tries to blend in with the wall. When she speaks, she has three synonyms for every word she says at the ready, and if her conversation partner doesn’t seem to be agreeing immediately, she uses them. As a result, any exchange with her drags on for way too long, making her all the more miserable. 

  • Renata makes excessive eye-contact while smiling hopefully. At everyone. All the time. She induces existential anxiety and fear of disappointing her just by being around.

  • Finally, Felix’s mannerisms are larger than life, generally speaking. He telegraphs all of his moods, most of his actions look like the embodiment of swaggering confidence, and he couldn’t pull of the sneaky, sly, I’m-A-Vampire act if he was paid to do it. Aro knows. He’s tried an incentive system, and yet, Felix remains big and loud and happily obvious. 
BNHA Drama CD #5

rIGHT so apparently someone uploaded the full version of the 5th Drama CD of BNHA! The characters included in this one are Aizawa, Present Mic, and All Might. 

I tried translating this the other day for Tandem, but I thought some of you guys would want this too!

YEAH SO I’m!! Not at all fluent in Japanese, I’m self-taught so like. Some of these might be wrong/inaccurate and a fewwww stuff I p much skipped AND also I got pretty lazy towards the end lmao, please forgive me

ANYWAY!! I’ll be putting this under a cut for length! Sorry @ mobile users if the read more doesn’t work hfjsf

Ok so they’re having their orders taken and

Aizawa: Oi! What are you drinking?

Mic: Extra large beer!

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eridansquared  asked:

I dont usually get into other peoples business or private life, but because Im non binary too and I know how difficult can be be a male when you have a vag, I feel very bad for you. Why do you say its a faded dream? I understand how painful is to live a life pretending to be someone you are not, so I cant really get why would you prefer to ignore who you are. Sorry if this comes too personal, I just feel very... helpless

Oh please don’t feel bad for me!! Ahaha, it’s purely my decision to stay where i am now! I really don’t want to get into details as in why i was convinced out of it (it’s a bit too personal for me to share online), but I’m finally content where i am with my body and appearance. I’m not completely unhappy where i am, so it’s okay! 

Don’t be sorry, thank you for your advice and nice message! I appreciate you trying to help c:

I don’t know what’s happening with me but lately I’ve been feeling so needy, like I want a boyfriend to cuddle with me and kiss me and hug me and watch movies with me and have randomly rood trips but at the same time I’m perfectly fine being single and independent 

Mark's Brother

Request: May I request a nct scenario where Taeyong is Mark older brother and gets overprotective/jealous as Mark starts to date the reader. Luv your blog❤️

Genre: Fluff
Words: 1223


You were sitting next to Mark in maths class waiting for the bell to ring. You had started dating Mark about a month ago and today he said there was something he wanted to do with you.

The bell rang and you were about to get up when the teacher shouted to stop moving.

“Don’t leave before I can set homework!” Ahh you finally thought she had forgotten for once. But no luck when did teachers ever forget about homework.

You and Mark looked at each other and groaned. The teacher stood by the door handing out homework shueets as everyone left.

You reluctantly took one from her as you left. As you walked out of the school you turned to Mark.

“So what did you want to talk to me about?” You asked him grabbing a snack bar you had been saving for now out of your bag. Taking a bite as he began to talk.

“Well we have been dating for almost a month and it’s going pretty well right?” He half said half asked. You nodded.

“I think we go together better than well personally.” You replied nonchalantly, still snacking on your snack bar.

“Yeah better than well. Well you seem um well…” he seemed pretty nervous. That was a lot of ums and wells for one sentence.

You nodded at him to carry on, you would have said so but the snack bar gave you an excuse not to talk and make things any more awkward.

“My brother Taeyong wants to meet you,” he finally said. You looked up a bit surprised.

“Why is that such a big deal?” You asked taking his hand. “Lets go meet him now, at your house I assume,” you said leading him off. You were a bit nervous about meeting Mark’s brother but you reckoned if he was related to Mark then he must be nice.

Mark refused to move. He sighed and swallowed.

“This may seem weird but he is a bit protective over me. Like a lot protective over me. He wants to meet you and he is kind of intense sometimes and I’m just worried he might freak you out.” Mark said to you.

You laughed it off. “I’m sure it will be fine,” you insisted, but you weren’t so sure now. Meeting new people wasn’t always your forte and you weren’t sure if you were quite prepared for whatever interrogations you might be about to get from his brother Taeyong.

You arrived at their house a few minutes later, it was only a short walk from your school. You had been here once or twice before with Mark but his brother had usually been at work.

Mark pulled out his key and opened the door. You walked in and at first you thought no one was home. Mark guided you into the kitchen and poured you some water. You thanked him as you took it.

“Hey,” a voice said from the door frame. You jumped around startled. Who you thought must be Mark’s brother stood at the door. He looked nothing like Mark so you were not a hundred percent sure. You stood awkwardly not knowing what to say.

Mark scratched the back of his head.

“Hey bro, um Taeyong this is my girlfriend y/n, y/n this is Taeyong.” You gave him a little wave.

Taeyong didn’t smile though.

“I ordered pizza for us,” he said walking into the kitchen.

You loved pizza but Taeyong was scary, instinctively you moved closer to Mark. This caused Taeyong to narrow his eyes, so you moved further away from him.

Mark rolled his eyes.

“Hey Taeyong!” He shouted clicking his fingers in front of his face.

“Stop doing that, it’s really mean and creepy. Don’t freak out my girlfriend, I really like her.” Mark said defending you.

“That’s my main issue here.” Taeyong replied taking Mark’s water from his hand and sipping it.

“Taeyong stop!” He protested again, “you are talking like this is some crime drama, your embarrassing.”

The doorbell rang and Taeyong shrugged leaving to get a pizza.

Mark whispered to you, “I wouldn’t have let you come if I knew he would be this bad. When you have gone home I will throw him out the window.”

Taeyong returned carrying two pizzas. He places them on the table and motioned for you both to sit down.

“I have some questions,” Taeyong said eating a bit off pizza. You nodded still smiling at him but the apprehension you felt was obvious.

“How old are you? Why do you like Mark? What’s your favourite food? Can you fight bears?” He asked.

You went through all his questions and answered them.

“I’m 17, four months younger than Mark, he is really nice to me and funny, my favourite food is ramen and of course I can’t fight a bear. It’s a bear.” You replied.

“Mark how can you date a girl who can’t fight bears?” Taeyong asked with mock outrage. Mark gave him the ‘are you crazy?’ look.

“Why would I need to fight a bear? That’s a stupid requirement,” You told him. Taeyong smiled for the first time. You knew he probably wouldn’t like you for questioning him but you were fed up with how dumb this all was.

“You don’t, need to fight a bear. I was seeing what I could say until you questioned me. I only have one little brother and he hasn’t had a girlfriend before so I wanted to have fun. Also I wanted to see what kind of person you are to make sure you will be good for my little brother.” He explained.

“You didn’t have a go at me too quickly which shows good temperament and that you have respect but you also stopped me when I was being ridiculous which shows you are not afraid to stand up for yourself. I like you y/n.”

You smiled a bit. Taeyong still sort of scared you.

“But seriously,” he said forcing Mark to hug him. “If you make my brother cry I will hunt you down.” Mark shoved him away and shook his head.

“There will be no hunting down and no crying, Taeyong stop please.” He asked moving back to sit next to you.

“Ah but Markie you are my only little brother I have to make sure you are okay. But with this girl I think you will. Also I trust you judgment.” Taeyong said.

He gave you the thumbs up and stood up to leave you both alone.

“Welcome to the family y/n, but I will still hunt you down. Just you wait my friend.”

When Taeyong left the room Mark released a breath and turned to you.

“Y/n I’m sorry about him. Ahhh he is such an embarrassment.” You giggled at Mark’s complaints.

“Taeyong is actually very interesting. But I like his little brother a lot better.” You said kissing his cheek.

“I’m very happy to hear that,” Mark said giving you a quick kiss on the lips before you both got up to throw the pizza boxes away.

“NO KISSING, YOU ARE TOO SMALL CHILDREN!” Taeyong shouted from what sounded like upstairs. How he knew you didn’t know. But Marks family certainly was interesting. His brother was just a bit overprotective that’s all.

Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 49

Sitting on the floor, me in his lap and nessled in his warm embrace, I realized this wasn’t about how well I didn’t fit in his life, it was about how well I DID. Initially, I was so shocked by what was happening I could see past it to figure out the ‘why’. All I saw was the action especially because is was so not like him.

Seeing that now, I was filled with regret. I wish I had taken another moment to step outside of my emotions and see the truth but I couldn’t. Even with Shannon’s advice to ignore it, I just didn’t put it together.

“You’re here now.” I said softly, my arms holding him close as my hands soothed his back.

We were both quiet for a moment, savoring the comfort of being in each other’s arms again. I could feel his nose buried against my neck and each exhale he took, it fluttered across my skin.

“I would only have myself to blame you if you left, I’m fucking up left and right today.” Jared said, pulling back slightly, our eyes connecting.

I couldn’t let him finish, I interrupted, “I couldn’t leave you like that…” I insisted, “Not ever.”

“I’m so sorry for how I acted, Vivie. I was way out of line.” Jared whispered against my lips before softly kissing me, “Thank you for not giving up.”

Cupping his cheek in my hand I whispered, “Thank you… I’m sorry too.”

“You have nothing to be sorry about, baby.”

“I disappointed you.”

“You didn’t. I just…. It was just…ahhh.” he said, trying to gather his thoughts, “I don’t know..”

Looking away, he was struggling with what to say. He was searching for a reason to explain away his behavior. To do that, he knew he’d have to tell me how he feels and it was clear he wasn’t ready for that. I couldn’t fault him for that. I wasn’t exactly ready either.

“It’s okay…” I said, not wanting him to torture himself any longer.

Weaving my fingers into his damp hair, I gently pulled his lips to mine. Kissing him softly, I tried to express how much he means to me. I felt his true emotions as each kiss got deeper and deeper. With his tongue buried in my mouth and our hands gripping each other’s body, we finally felt connected again. This moment gave us a chance to reset ourselves and close the distance between our hearts.

Pulling his lips from mine, “Did you hear that?” He asked.

“Hear what?” I whispered.

A split second later, there was a knock on the door. This time we both heard it.

“Someone’s at the door.” He said, shifting me in his lap, “Probably Emma.”

We were still crumpled on the floor in front of the couch so I used the seat of it to lift myself off his lap. Slipping from under my legs he stood up then went to the door, pulling it open just as the person on the other side started to knock again.

“Hey..” Jared said, opening the door.

“You forgot your phone.” Shannon said, handing it to Jared.

“Thanks man.”

“Everything okay?”

Opening the door just a bit more, Shannon peaked around Jared to see me sitting on the couch, “Yeah, it will be.”

With a nod to his brother, Shannon said, “Good. See you guys in the morning.”

“Okay, good night. Thanks Shan.”

Closing the door quietly behind him, Jared came back to the couch and sat down next to me. Pulling my legs across his lap, he took my hand in his.

“Shannon?” I asked.

“Yeah. He dropped my phone off.” Jared said quietly, “About Shan….”

This was the other elephant in the room that I knew we needed to talk about but I wasn’t going to bring it up. Jared really lashed out at me after he saw Shannon and I talking and it was so upsetting. I could only imagine what he actually said to him concerning all this.

“I know he was trying to help and honestly, he knows me better than anyone so if you’re going to take advice from someone about me, he’s who you need to take it from. I was so wrapped up and pissed off about the whole day. It was just building and building. When I saw you guys talking and laughing and I just felt…. I don’t know, dismissed and it set me off.”

“I’m so sorry you felt that way, Jared.” I said, my heart clenching at the thought of him feeling like I dismissed his feelings, “When you looked over and Shannon and I were talking, it was only a few minutes and I don’t think he realized teasing you would upset you so much.”

“He told me I was overreacting and I didn’t want to hear it. Then the whole throwing his arm around you and the little wave… I saw red.” He said, “I’ll apologize to him tomorrow but I’m saying it to you now. I’m sorry.”

Wanting to be closer to him, I skootched myself up onto his lap. Laying my arm across his shoulders, I took his other hand in mine.

“I understand and I apologize for my part in it too.” I said, folding my arms around him I pressed my chest against his as I whispered in his ear, “I never want you to think your feelings are dismissed. I wouldn’t ever do that.”

“I know…”

We stayed like that together, holding onto each other. Comforting each other and at least for me, hoping these were just little growing pains every relationship has. For now, we seemed to be on the same page again and I desperately wanted it to stay that way.

“It’s getting really late, you have to be exhausted, baby.” Jared said, pulling back to cup my cheek in his palm, his thumb caressing my skin.

“I am tired.” I said and as if on cue, I started to yawn.

“Me too.” He replied, yawning himself.

With my arm across his shoulders, I suddenly noticed his shirt felt damp. I hadn’t noticed that before.

“Was it raining?” I asked, rubbing my hand gently down his back.

“No, why?”

“Your shirt feels kinda damp.”

“Ah, yeah, it is. I told you I left as soon as I walked off stage. I didn’t take a shower or change.” He said shyly, “Didn’t want to waste any time.”

I didn’t know what to say. Even though he was wrong, I felt terrible for both of us that things went the way they did. He seemed genuinely sorry and I accepted that. As when I make a mistake, we talk about it, apologies are made, then we move on. Lesson learned.

“I’m gross and need a shower.” He laughed, “I probably smell too.”

“I don’t care.” I said as the mood in the room lightened once again.

can I just say how pissed i am that “smartness” is measured by how well you do math????
like you could be *amazing* at music and art (which is hard!!!I tried piano for like 3 months and I was mentally exhausted!!!!) but you’re not good at math so you’re “dumb”. you could be greAt at writing essays and literature (amazing talent, 10/10 will need in the future) but because you’re not mathematically inclined, you’re “dumb”. If you’re good at history (amazing!!!! So much knowledge and so much memorizing!!! So much brain power, will, and self control is needed!!!!) but you’re not good at math, you’re “dumb”. If you’re good at science (amazing subject, so much intellect and curiosity is needed) but you’re not good at math you’re “dumb with good intentions”. If you’re good at math (also an amazing subject!!you need lots of mental control and a good memory and an understanding of things, nothing against math((maybe a little against math but iM tRyInG!!!))) you’re a frikin genius and I just ?????they’re so many types of smart and we only acknowledge one of them????we don’t recognize the others as genuine intellect????what????why????


haPPY BIRTHDAY @chocoholicfangirl !!!!!!! screams omg i’m gonna write a long sappy thing later in the package you will get soon bUT as of right now pls have some kagehina based on the hogwarts AU we were talking about hehe//

so sorry that this is rushed ahHH I WILL DRAW YOU BEttER HAIKYUU IN THE FUTURE 

cant believe that it’s been idk like 10+ years since we first met thank you for always crying about haikyuu with me and writing the best fics ever I hope you had a good birthday with a lot of cake and kenma pics !!!!

lichthime  asked:

Hello Yona-chan :3 how are you? I really like your new blog design! I don't know if it's new but it is my first time seeing it so yeah... new for me! x) and! I MISS your fanfics so much T.T I understand that maybe you have no time or inspiration (completely understandable!) but yeah... I just miss them a lot! hugs! <3

Hi Licht! I’m great, thanks for asking ^ ^ Hbu?

I’m glad you like the new design!! I just spontaneously decided a little while ago that I was bored of the old theme and changed it all up ;) I hope it looks good on everyone’s monitors and that all of the links and stuff work, so lemme know if there’s anything iffy I need to fix~

Sorry about the complete lack of fics in the last long while ;__; I guess my head-space for AnY has been a little off as of late, so hopefully it comes back to me and I’m able to write something again soon. Ngl, last year was a mess of finishing uni and now I’m trying to prepare for a new job which is actually overseas, so I’m moving and eufhapjlivlvh;aifhli there’s just a lot to sort out XD But, who knows, my inspiration kind of just shows up outta nowhere most of the time, so maybe I’ll get back to 100% soon. I hope so!