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Can you imagine if someone who’s completely new to dgm decided to watch Hallow?

“ Ooooh, the characters look so nice! “

“ I’m sure so many cool and epic adventures will happen! “

“ It’s definitely a feel-good manga! “

“ it’s all about happiness and friendship, let’s go! “

So they Jump into Hallow and…


Things that are spiritually abusive
  • Telling people that if God isn’t answering they’re prayers it’s because they aren’t praying properly
  • Forcing people to conform to gender roles for their eternal benefit
  • Saying that one living person has all the answers to spiritual/religious questions and must be obeyed
  • Telling people that God will eternally punish them if they don’t do/believe what you tell them to
  • Telling people that God will eternally punish other people and that you are responsible for that if you don’t evangelize to them
  • Hell in general, really, but those two forms are the most toxic
  • Expecting people to fast to the point where it threatens their lives
  • Teaching people that they must reject science in order to believe in God

bokuaka extras, extras, adult au 

Akaashi breaks his promises.
Neutral Female Armor (Medium and Heavy edition) at Dragon Age - mods and community
Replaces vanilla meshes for Medium and Heavy female armors for all races with more unisex ones. Includes edited armor textures to match. No more boobplate.

So, uh. This happened.
I made a thing.
This is a thing now.


24 HOURS AND COUNTING of no sleep. Damn it…. I was too inspired by the two strangers with this little kid, I saw at the milk tea place. DAMN IT– I was already shipping two strangers and I barely contained myself (nearly choked over the pearls I was sipping). JUST STOP ME FROM DRAWING THIS– JUST– damn it– I’m in too deep–

ANYWAYS………….. just think about these two dorks as roommates. And Jean has yet to come out, and was about to confess to Marco, when he was interrupted. And BOOM! MARCO’S DAUGHTER. 

Excuse me… while… I just… curl up in the corner. I need to sleep. Can you guess who I picked as her mother? And what name do you suggest for the kid?