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A concept: you and Shawn are sitting in a hotel room, he's strumming on his guitar creating minor melodies, you make a joke of a song lyric to fit into the little tune he's singing, he likes your little lyric, and puts it into the song

Yes yes yes, and then every time you hear that song on the radio, you know that one part was yours. You and Shawn are the only people who know where that one lyric came from and about that night in the hotel room that sparked it.

I published this ask by accident earlier without answering it, sorry about that! My poor boys D’: let the heartache commence.


– He acts as if it doesn’t faze him when he finds out, but his soul has dimmed a little. It feels like just another reminder of how he isn’t good enough, even though no one is really at fault.

– He’ll get along all right with his crush’s S/O, bearing no hard feelings towards them. He’ll joke and be chill like usual, though it’s going to sting when he sees you two together. If it gets too much, he’ll excuse himself and shortcut to the living room of his home, where he’ll turn on the tv and try not to think of how much he wants to be in their place.

– He’ll randomly become really distant and you’ll never know why. He’ll never tell you that there are days when he can’t even look at you without feeling a pain in his soul. He’ll never say how close he’s come to just confessing to you on a whim, how desperate he becomes. He’ll suffer in silence because he wants you happy. He doesn’t want you to know about his feelings at all, if he can help it.


– It takes all of him to maintain his passive expression when you introduce your datemate. He’ll smile a little and shake their hand, but that will be all unless they try to start conversation. He’s not trying to be rude, he’s just having a difficult time trying to keep himself together. It really was too good to be true.

– He’s still happy for you, of course. He trusts that you’ve chosen an S/O that treats you right - but he probably asks about them from time to time to make sure that’s the case. Other than that though, he tries to avoid being in the same room with both of you. He’ll make up some excuse about having to go help his brother with something and then shortcut just as the other person walks in.

– Hound doesn’t become distant with you. In fact, he tries to maintain your friendship as best he can at all times. Even though he can’t be there for you as your S/O, he still thinks that you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him and he wants you in his life.. No matter how badly it may hurt him.

Grey page 1


here’s the first page of the superhero comic I was talking about like a month or two ago. really sorry it took so long, I was trying to get outlines of the first chapter before finishing and posting this but then decided it was taking too long. so…….yeah……..I’ll get the second page done a soon as I can.


So I know it´s later than usual but I was out with friends tonight so I didn´t have time to publish earlier. This is just some fluffy Cas AU because I missed writing Cas and I needed some true happy stuff.
Please send in more Cas requests so I can work on getting more stuff about him online.

Imagine being Castiel´s soulmate 

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Warnings: super, duper, mega fluffy. soulmate!AU (Also I´m seriously so tired I can´t even see straight so if there are mistakes, I´m awfully sorry)

Length: 1808 Words

Originally posted by animarecrafter


The night before a battle was always something that fascinated you.
You had lived trough thousands of those nights with the Winchesters, but of course they had somehow changed during the last years.
At first it had been just minor fights, like when you knew you were going to take a vamp nest down the next day or when it was time to approach the werewolf you had been hunting the past couple days.
But now, in the middle of the friggin apocalypse, things were different. Those nights were more intense, felt more final and somehow everyone approached them differently.
Dean would usually drink. You knew that it was a bad habit, but you couldn´t blame the man, it wasn´t as if there was much else to do.
Sam for example would read, try to find something that would help you the next day, even though he probably knew that it was in vane.
Bobby was pretty much the combination of the boys: He drank and did research at the same time.
You on the other hand would just sit somewhere, stare into the sky and think about life and what it meant to you.
Castiel was mostly gone, doing who knows what who knows where.
You had only known the angel for a little over a year, but still he somehow had managed to get into your heart and feel like a huge part of you.
It was weird, because you usually had pretty heavy trust issues and it took years for someone to settle down in your life and with him, it just felt as if you had known him forever, as if he were a part of you in a weird way.
A semi-cool breeze blew around you and you looked up into the trees to see the leaves rustle in the tree.
You had always enjoyed the sound of that as a kid and a small smile appeared on your face, when you thought about the times you had played outside in the backyard, pretending to have someone who would run around with you.
Suddenly you felt a little cold, despite the fact that the May day was rather warm and you pulled the leather jacket that was draped loosely around your shoulder closer in order to keep you warm.
For a second you thought about going back inside, but you weren´t ready to talk to any of the others just yet and you enjoyed the feeling of being outside way too much.
This could might as well be your last day on earth, who knew?
You sat in silence for another ten minutes or so, when you suddenly heard a fluttering sound beside you and turned your head to look at the angel who had appeared beside you.
“Cas”, you said and smiled lightly.
He attempted a weak smile back and even though it looked forced and a little wryly, you knew that he tried to be nice.
“You are never startled by my appearance”, he sated matter of factly and looked back at the trees before you shrugged: “Maybe it´s because I always hear the sound of your wings.”
He didn´t answer to your statement and you half figured that he had left already again but when you looked back, he was still standing there.
“Do you wanna sit down? It´s nice out here”, you offered, completely forgetting about the fact that you had wanted to be alone just minutes ago.
He hesitate but obviously figured it was the right thing to do, so awkwardly sat down beside you on the steps of the porch.
His knee was touching yours and somehow that little touch felt so intense you shifted a bit to avoid it.
“So”, you started and looked into his cold blue eyes, “are you ready to kill the devil?”
The angel didn´t move, not even shook his head, but his voice was full of doubt: “I still think the idea of killing the devil is ridiculous and reckless. But Dean seems to be certain we can do this, so I believe him.”
You chuckled a little: “Who would have known that an angel would once put all his trust into Dean Winchester?”
Cas tilted his head a bit: “What do you mean? Do you think I shouldn´t trust Dean?”
Of course he wasn´t getting the irony and you even kept yourself from rolling your eyes when you said: “No, of course you should trust Dean. Believe me, the crazy plans of that man have saved our asses so many times by now that I lost count.”
Obviously he figured that there was nothing to add because he looked away from you and up into the trees and you followed his lead.
Sitting here in silence with Cas, was really nice. You felt protected for some reason and yet you felt incredibly independent.
“I like it so much to hear the wind blow trough the trees”, you whispered, not sure why you were giving him this useless piece of information, but he immediately responded:
“Yes, I enjoy that too. I really enjoy earth in general. If the planet isn´t just threatened to be blown away, it´s actually a nice place.”
You laughed: “Yeah, that´s a way to put it.”
When you looked at him, he was still looking up and you felt somewhat excited and yet awfully calm, the two features that typically went together at one of those nights.
But there was one other feeling too, one that you had never felt before at such an occasion and it somehow made you uneasy because it was so unfamiliar:
The feeling of being completed.
It was as if a connection radiated between you and the angel and then it hit you that this really wasn´t the first time you felt this.
In fact you had felt it lots of times in the last year, always when Cas was near you.
He just had never been so close to you for such a long time and maybe that was why it took you so long to figure this out.
Of course one could probably figure that it was some kind of weird crush, but it felt rather physical than emotional, even though you also felt an psychological bond towards the angel.
You must have stared at him for a long time now, because he suddenly turned his attention away from the trees and focused completely on you:
“You are feeling it too, right?”
Totally taken aback, you opened your eyes widely: “What?”
He sighed: “I always thought that I was imagining it but apparently it´s true.”
His cryptic talk was starting to irritate you and you frowned: “Could you please stop talking in riddles and tell me what you are talking about?”
His eyes sparkled in a weird way and you knew that whatever was about to come was pretty intense but you didn´t care, because you somehow suddenly died to know.
There was silence for another minute, before he started talking: “Somehow, I really have no idea how this could have possibly happened, we are bonded. I never came close enough to you to prove the theory and I also never could figure out if it was really a bond or if…”
He stopped and you sensed this was important: “Or if what?”
Suddenly he faced away from you again: :”Well, it could only be a real bond if you could feel it too. And I was never sure if you did, so I figured that it might as well be my absurd feelings for you.”
Your heart was beating really fast and your hand somehow searched for his without you even really telling it to.

He didn´t pull away when you found it, he just let you touch him but still faced away: “But when I noticed you looking at me with this stunned look in your eyes I knew that you could feel it too.”
You nodded, even though he could probably not see that.
“This is really … strange”, you stated, not sure what else to say, this was new territory for you and you had no idea how to approach it.
That was when he looked at you again: “It really is. Usually angels bond with each other like this. Not with humans.”
This information was completely new for you and you frowned: “So you do know what this bond usually means?”
He nodded but remained silent and you sighed: “Would you mind telling me?”
As if that had never occurred to him, he looked at the ground and somehow took the hand you had placed on his and interlaced your fingers:
“Usually it means that the angels are soulmates.”
The news should have shocked you, but they didn´t. It just felt like something that had to be said.
“So, do you think we are soulmates?”, you whispered and you were sure you saw him blush a little: “Well, there´s one way we´ll know for sure. At least it works with other angels.”
You nodded eagerly: “What is it?”
He smiled shyly: “We could kiss each other. If you are my true soulmate, a bit of my grace will go over into your body and usually you would give me a bit of yours, but since you don´t have a grace, you obviously have nothing to loose.”
This was his attempt of make the situation easier with a joke, and somehow it worked because you could feel yourself smiling: “Then do it.”
His eyes grew wide: “You really want me to do that? There´s no way of going back if my grace really rubs of on you, we´re bond forever.”
And just because this revelation didn´t shock you at all, you knew that you wouldn´t regret kissing Cas right now.
“Do it!”, you whispered and he immediately leaned in, placing the most perfect kiss on your lips. It was soft and he tasted like coffee, which you didn´t even know he drank.
And then the nice warm feeling turned into something intense, something real strong and powerful and yet not painful in any way.
You parted and you whispered: “It´s happening.”
He smiled: “I know, it´s happening to me too.”
And then you felt it, the way something closed around your heart. It felt perfect and you knew it was Cas´ grace.
“I have a bit of your grace”, you said, totally stunned and he still smiled: “And I have a bit of your soul. I hope you don´t mind.”
You smiled back: “Of course I don´t. Where would it be safer than with my soulmate.”
You leaned back in and kissed him again, this time just because you wanted to and because you knew he did too.
“We are going to win”, he said confidently after the second most perfect kiss in the world and you grinned: “I know.”

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*whispers* I don't know if you're still going to be writing minifics but would you consider 33. Shouto x Deku?

I AM!! Sorry, I have like 40 drafts in my inbox and I publish one every couple days.  But yeh! I’m always taking requests :D feel free to send as many as you want and I’ll get to it as soon as I can. or keep bothering me about one you sent in earlier and i’ll probably reach it faster…

33. “wait what did you just say you love me?”
        — send me a pairing and a prompt and I’ll write a minific!

His heart is pounding in his ears, an unsteady, wavering thump thump thump thump thump that’s making it hard to gather his thoughts. 

He can’t even seem to focus on Todoroki’s face, his gaze trying to escape every time he comes close to meeting the other boy’s eyes. Anything but those eyes. 

“You said it first. Should I not have said it?”  

“N-no! That’s not—” The word tugs itself from his lips and he almost immediately regrets it, because the way Todoroki smiles in relief makes a whole flash of heat creep up Izuku’s skin, making his collar feel tight and his knees start to give. 

“It’s okay?” he asks, and Izuku fumbles his response so badly, he ends up just nodding his head so hard he gets dizzy, leaning against the wall behind him and as far away from Todoroki as he can. 

“Ju-just give me a second—”

Breathe, he tries to remind himself, because the over stimulation of the heart will only have adverse affects and his head is getting all woozy. He presses a hand against his chest, wiping away sweat with his sleeve, and trying to run down his usual list of calming thoughts (used generally for battles and difficult situations, but desperate times call for desperate measures). 

  1. He has to live up to All Might’s legacy. 
  2. He can’t lose to Kacchan. 
  3. He wants to make his mom proud. 
  4. He’s a professional hero. It’s his duty. 
  5. If he succeeds, Todoroki might give him that small smile and tell him “welcome back, Midoriya”—

“T-T-Todo-Todoro–um. Nevermind. Um, I’m not…that good and I’m clumsy and I can’t keep up with you. And I’m not…” To his credit, he starts out strong. But then he makes the mistake of meeting Todoroki’s eyes again and he feels like he just got knocked off his feet. His knees finally give out, and he finds himself sliding down to land on his butt, face so hot he wonders if snow will steam when it touches his skin. 

Are you lying? he wants to ask, but Todoroki doesn’t lie. Wouldn’t lie. He wouldn’t be cruel, 


“Y-yup! I’m fine!” But his voice cracks unconvincingly and he buries his face in his arms. “I’m just…confused.” 


“You don’t—you didn’t even think about it—”

“I know what I know.” 

“Ngh. Why are you so…”



“Aren’t you?” 

“I-I know I am—! B-but I was just being se-selfish and—”

The other man frowns. "Are you taking it back?” 

He jerks his head up, horrified. “N-no! Definitely not!” 

Todoroki sinks to his knees, crouching in front of Izuku’s crumpled form. His expression is hard to read, hair falling in his eyes. “Then trust me.” 

Izuku groans, burying his face in his hands again. His heart is hammering, or fluttering is the better word maybe, going so fast it sounds like a hum. 

“Midoriya? Are you okay?” His voice gets softer. “Do you not believe me?” 

“I do,” he mumbles, behind his hands. “I just—” He stifles another groan, stiffening up when Todoroki rests a hand on his shoulder. “Is it okay to be this happy, Todoroki-kun?” 

He hears a soft sound and when he looks up, the other man is stifling a laugh behind his hand. 

“Are you laughing at me?” he asks anxiously.

“No,” he smiles, “I was just wondering the same.” 

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hi. the 1st time i heard bastille's songs was in april (i think). but i wasn't a fan. now, i'm in love with the band, but i don't know anything about them, i only know the names of them, and i just know who is dan and woody, i always get confuse with kyle and will. also, i didn't understand the videos (only bad blood). i'd like to ask you to explain to me the band, the videos (if you know), 'cause i don't want to say "i'm a bastiller" without knowing anything about the boys... pls

i’m really sorry for not answering this earlier mate but i only noticed i got this message at like 4 am and i went to sleep right after i finished writing it (and also my power went out just as i was about to publish this and stuff so i’m sorry if you thought i was ignoring you)

(disclaimer: i wrote everything at like 5 am so if nothing makes sense it’s because i was really just sleep deprived, also it’s really fucking long because i got a bit too excited)

kay so for starters this is daniel campbell smith (but he just goes by dan smith as everyone knows i dont even know why i’m saying this), he’s 27 years old, his birthday’s on the 14th of july and he’s 6’1 (1,85 cm?) tall if you were wondering, and he’s awesome (even though he doesn’t really think so)

he’s the lead singer and the person who writes/composes all the songs and stuff and he plays the piano/keyboard like a damn fuckin pro (cos he is one) and during live songs he bangs like 2 drums and its just hella cool. just to sum it all up he used to be a solo singer and all of a sudden he just decided he wanted to form a band cos apparently being a solo singer didn’t really appeal to him so he grabbed woody and will that were already on his live band and later kyle and then made bastille a thing

some funfacts about him: the band’s named after bastille day which happens to be the on his birthday, he’s a hUGE david lynch fangirl (see: his entire fucking wardrobe, that one song he wrote about laura palmer, his hair???, etc), he really really likes movies (he studied english literature because he wanted to be a journalist so then he could write about movies), he’s also a pessimistic little shit and he’s like negative about everything but he’s really humble and kinda shy and stuff and basically just a really nice guy i’d totally go out to have a drink with him sometime

anyway moving on this is kyle johnathan simmons(apparently his middle name is johnathan according to like some sites??), he’s 25/26 so he’s like the youngest person in the band which is really weird to me?? either way, his birthday’s on the 5th of february, he’s like 6’3 (1,90 cm) and he’s also awesome

he’s the guy that plays the synths and the keyboard and the bass in some songs and does backing vocals and bangs the drums with dan like at the end of of the night and he also shakes that weird egg thing i don’t know the name of and fuck it he basically plays a lot of shit there you go. he was like the last person to enter the band. legend tells that one day he was on a houseparty dan was also on, and at some point dan got kinda (i mean really) drunk and he just started to go around inviting literally everyone that even held an instrument to join the band and kyle was literally the only one that said yes, and thus bastille was formed

funfacts: he’s got like the best moustache in all the land, all the fans give him weird cat apparel because he has an “obsession” with cats, he’s pretty much a 6 year old child?? i mean like according to some of the other members he watches a lot of disney movies and stuff like that and like until a few months ago he’d never drank coffee in his life???; he’s got a lot of bling like hella son and he doesn’t like fish. dont make him eat fish.

anddd here we have woody. his name is actually chris wood but no he’s woody. dont call him chris because nobody is gonna know who the fuck ur talking about. anyway he’s 29, born in july 6th, he’s 5’6/5’7 (1,70 cm?) (EDIT: APPARENTLY HE’S LIKE 5'10 BUT WELL) which makes him the shortest in the band, and he’s less awesome. he’s also awesome. no he’s more awesome.

anyway he’s the drummer and a professional clapper when they have to do acoustic sessions and stuff, and like everyone else that isn’t dan he does backing vocals. back in the day when bastille wasn’t a thing and dan had his little solo project his mum gave him a flyer she found about some drum teacher and she was like “you should call him, he might have some students!!” so he marked a meeting with the guy thinking he was some 80 year old bloke with a beard but he turned out to be woody and as he didn’t have any students he just offered playing for him and dan was like lol k

facts: he has some nice ass hair i’m seriously jelly of (though he’d switch hairstyles with anyone else in the band because he bumps into things a lot because of the long hair though apparently cutting it isn’t an option), he’s from plymouth and i dont know why that’s relevant but they always seem to bring that up in a lot of interviews so yeah and he’s muse’s number 1 fan and i can’t think of anything else to put here i’m writing this at 5 am don’t blame me

and last but not least we have my fav member of the band william farquarson. he’s 30 years old, his date of birth is on the 22nd of september, he’s 6’1 (1,85 cm) as well and he’s awesome. like real awesome.

anYWAY he plays the bass and the guitar and sometimes in some live songs the keyboard aaaanndd he does backing vocals. as far as i know one of his friends told him to check dan out and he went to one of his gigs and he was like “oh he’s really good” and then he kinda became obsessed with the idea of joining his band so he just started to talk to dan and basically just lie about every single thing like how he could play the keyboard and sing and how he disliked jazz while he loved it just to make a good impression and join the band (which worked out in the end go will)

and for some facts about him: he’s got the best fucking beard in the entire planet (hashtag tru confirmed by me), he’s an actor, like a decent one, he does the art thing like really well too, he’s a suave motherfucker, maybe a tiny bit gay, and he’s the only one in the band with tattoos (he’s got a spider, the parker pen logo or whatever the hell that is and ‘bad blood’ written on the most embarrassing font possible which he got while really fucking drunk in texas on the release date of their album), and as stated before he lies a shitload so i wouldn’t believe a thing he says

also by the way bastille fans aren’t called “bastillers”, they’re “stormers” which is a reference to the storming of the bastille and stuff and i think that’s kinda cool tbh

and if this wasn’t really enough for you there’s this post that like has a lot of links to other guides to bastille and such

i’d try to explain the vids to you but man i don’t understand like half of them so i’m not even gonna attempt, i’d recommend asking other people about it if you really wanted to know though.

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hello! I was wondering if you had any recs for books with nonbinary characters? It really makes me sad that I can't find ANY books where nb people are protagonists... thanks!

Yes, we do! No where near as many as we’d like, i’m afraid, but I can point you in the direction of a few at least. As someone who is cis and not non binary I apologize if I get anything wrong in the following recs. The recs below are a mix of non binary and genderfluid, I hope you don’t mind.

First is Static, with a genderfluid main character who can literally shift between male and female genders, we’ve written a review on it here if you want to check that out. There is also a trans character who’s in it pretty often. Make sure you pay attention to the trigger warnings because there are quite a few. I’m not 100% sure if this is what you want because the main character goes between identifying as male and female rather than being non binary. 

According to riptidepublishing “Blacker than Black by Rhi Etzweiler is a non-traditional vampire novel (they eat chi) set in a sort of dystopian future, and that features non binary characters who tend toward androgynous.”

Wallflower by Heidi Belleau is a new adult self-discovery/contemporary romance novel that features a genderqueer character. Again, not precisely non-binary, but the character explores being both male and female and ultimately does not put a label on anything. (description of this and blacker than black taken from Riptide’s tumblr.)

Every Day by David Levithan has a non binary character who switches bodies every day though I don’t think the fact that the character is non binary is touched on much, I haven’t read it personally so if anyone else knows let us know.

Xavin from the Runaways graphic novel series is an alien who doesn’t see gender in the same way as humans, while she uses her female form most she does take male form pretty often too. Xavin becomes romantically involved with Karolina who is a lesbian. 

Compared to the rec list I published earlier this is so short, and I’m sorry about that, I wish I had more for you. I’m opening this up to any followers who might know more so keep an eye on the tags in case they reblog this with suggestions.


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Forgot to add: I've been referring to myself as agender or NB mostly because I'm unsure, but it's a "tumblr gender" so it's not taken seriously. Which I understand based on current political stuff. But still.

Since I’ve now got permission to publish (sorry about the earlier slip-up), I’ll just go with this post to keep things simple (and in case you’d rather not have many people hearing the whole story):

I wouldn’t consider agender and non-binary to be “tumblr genders”.  They’ve actually been around for much longer (I know I had heard of them prior to tumblr, same with asexuality).  Unfortunately, they’ve been abused as terms to the point where people such as yourself find it harder to be taken seriously.  This is a hard concept to get through to these teens that are so eager to create superfluous labels for attention and popularity points.

As I’ve said before, your brain is who you really are: Everything else can be changed and rearranged in order to match (as much as possible, anyway).  Non-binary is indeed the correct term for your situation, as you don’t feel connected to any gender, and dislike sex-linked traits.  GLAAD has a site explaining the various terminologies here.

I did find a resource for guiding medical professionals in providing care for non-binary patients here, which may provide insight on how to interact with your doctor so that your visits are meaningful and mutually understanding.  There’s also, and this list which provides further info (some very interesting glimpses into terminology from around the world), and book recommendations on the subject.  Sadly, there don’t seem to be as many resources that are nation-wide as there are for specific states and campuses.

I would definitely think of it as a form of dysphoria by definition.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any personal experience with this, so it’s hard for me to say much more than what I already have.  If there are LGBT resource centers in your area, they may be able to hook you up with doctors that have experience with non-binary patients, and can help you work through your feelings, and fully understand who you are as a person.

I hope this helps!

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Imagine SouGou's first kiss being all because Gou wanted to know what a kiss was like. And Sousuke being like "I can teach you," and Rin finding out later somehow and being confused about how he's suppose to feel! X3

this is wonderful I wanna write this someday.

Okay but it could go two ways and I like both:

1.) Platonic SouGou where Gou is genuinely curious about it and she can’t have a boyfriend yet because everyone is scared of Sousuke + no one is hot enough (or as awesome as her brother) for her excuse you she has high standards. So she really just wants to know, and she sees Sousuke as this big brother who would teach her anything. Sousuke sees her as a little sister so it’s just a peck on the lips that he does as long as she promises to tell him whenever something is bothering her. (++ “At least my first kiss is with someone who honestly loves me a lot”)

Fast forward 5 years, Rin finds out about it and is ready to kill Sousuke. But Sousuke’s like “huh?” And Gou’s like “Nii-chan, what are you thinking?” and she kisses him on the cheeks. And everything is beautiful in niichan land.

2.) Romantic SouGou with Gou asking that because she’s had a crush on him forever and she thinks it’s probably not going anywhere so she jokes about it. And Sousuke allows himself this one moment to kiss her once in the pretense of teaching her despite also liking her but feeling like dating your best friend’s sister is the worst kind of offense. And then when Rin finds out, he’s all “TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!” and Sousuke’s like “Can I?”

And then they clear up the misunderstanding and everything is beautiful.

prompt inspiration:

“So how do you know this guy again?” Felicity murmurs, scanning the crowd of well-dressed people, a heavy air of superiority weighing the room. Glitzy vases on pedestals are meticulously placed on the shiny wooden floor of the spacious ‘living room’.

“Carter Bowen,” Oliver grimaces, snatching two glasses of champagne from the tray of the waiter who walks by. “I went to high school with him. He’s a doctor and author.”

“In other words,” Diggle mutters from her other side, “the perfect Starling City elite clone.”

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Request for anonymous part 2!

**Y/B/N means your brother’s name**

“Harry. I…I’m…I’m pregnant.” You cry into the phone.

“Holy shit. Are you serious?” Harry says while gripping tightly to the arm rest.

“Yes I’m serious!” You shout in tears, “Why would I lie about something like that?”

He doesn’t answer you but you hear voices through the phone.
“Harry, where are you going?”
“I have to leave.”
“Sir, please take your seat.”
“No, I have to get off the plane.”
“I’m sorry, but the gate is already closed. Please take your seat.”
“No, let me off!”
“Sir, please…”
The phone hangs up suddenly and the tears stream down my face faster.
“Y/N, shhhh. Calm down.” Your best friend says while rubbing your back in an attempt to comfort you. “It’s going to be okay.”
“No! No it’s not!” You shout getting upset.
“Shhh. Yes it is. Come on. How about you take a shower and calm down.” Your best friend gets up and turns the shower on for you. “I’ll be waiting in the living room.”
You nod as she leaves the bathroom and you get up to get in the shower.

Harry’s POV
“Sir, please take your seat. You can’t get off the plane.” The flight attendant says while trying to usher me back to my seat.
I turn around angrily and get back in the seat.
“What’s going on, Harry?” Paul asks as I buckle my seat belt and turn my phone off.
I turn and look around to see everyone staring at me.
“I can’t tell you now, but I need to get back to Y/N.”
“Is she okay?” Paul asks concerned.
“I don’t know.” I say shaking my head with tears brimming my eyes.
How could this happen? We were always so careful. And, I can’t believe I just left her without really saying goodbye. I let my fear and anger get the best of me. Ugh, why can’t I do anything right?
“We’ll get you on the next flight back.” Paul assures me as the flight attendant starts her speech on safety.

Your POV
*A few hours later*
You’re laying on the couch just watching TV. Your best friend just left for work but not before you had to fight with her for about 30 minutes to make her leave. In all honesty you just want to be alone right now. You are so hurt with everything that has happened with Harry today.
You hear the front door swing open. You turn around and see a concerned Harry standing in the doorway. He spots you and quickly closes the door and rushes toward you. He kneels on the floor next to you and wraps his arms around you.
“I’m so sorry, Y/N.” He says his voice cracking into the nape of your neck. “I’ll be here for you, baby. I love you and I’ll never leave you again.”
You run your hand through his hair and wrap the other around to his back.
“I’m so sorry I left like that earlier.”
You open your mouth to speak but Harry kisses you.
“Shhh, baby. Let me talk.” He stares you right into your eyes and you can see the tears welling up in his. “I love you so so much. I’m so sorry about earlier. I was just scared and I let that fear take over me.” You raise your eyebrow in confusion and he continues. “Do you remember last week when we went out together and there was all those paparazzi?”
You nod.
“Well the next morning I got a call from management saying all those photos were published. I was really confused at first because they have so many photos of us out there so I didn’t know why this was different.” He looks down and you stroke his face. “Well one of the photos shows your phone and you had a message from Y/B/N. And if you look close enough it you can see the message and it says I love you and some other stuff. So, after everyone saw the text they all freaked out saying that you were cheating on me and I was getting a bunch of messages from my fans.” A tear streams down his face.
“What did they say, baby?” You ask swiping your thumb across his cheek wiping the tear away.
He sighs and looks up at you, “They were death threats to you and they were saying really mean things about you. I tried to set them straight but they wouldn’t listen.”
“So you thought it would be a good idea to go out by yourself which makes me look even more guilty.”
“Well…yeah. But, I only did that because I didn’t want anyone to hurt you.”
You giggle.
“Why are you laughing?”
“I don’t know. It just seems ridiculous to me. But I forgive you, baby.”
He smiles and kisses you.
“You are so weird, Y/N.”
You laugh and kiss him. “But you love me anyway.”
“Too damn much.” He laughs and kisses your stomach. “And I love you too.”
You smile at him and he smiles back.
“I’ll always be here for you two.”
“What about tour?” You laugh.
“Umm…yeah. We’ll figure that out.”
You kiss him and you couldn’t be any happier. You had your Harry back.

Yay! There is part two for y’all! I hope you like it because I’m supposed to be doing school work right now but I got so many requests last night that I had to finish it and I didn’t want to keep y’all waiting. I hope it doesn’t suck because tbh I didn’t really know why Harry was mad in the first one so I just had to come up with something lol. Well, have a nice day and continue to leave requests!

When I was looking for all the times Monster is used in Part & Parcel for this edit, I found myself curious about it’s usage in other books which lead my to stumble across this passage in Crash & Burn:

Nick fought the urge to turn away from her. He had taken this woman’s husband, and now he was standing in her home, pretending to be someone who intended to help. Still, he couldn’t manage more than passing guilt. Don’t marry a monster, and you won’t be as likely to become a widow.

 - Abigail Roux. Crash & Burn (Cut & Run, #9) (Kindle Locations 2016-2018). Riptide Publishing.

Now this isn’t so much about Nick being a monster but it did remind me of this bit earlier in Crash & Burn 

“Why wouldn’t you say anything? Why would you let me think …”

Kelly’s words were like sandpaper against Nick’s conscience. He stayed silent, unable to raise his head.

“You didn’t say anything because you knew he was coming for you,” Kelly realized. “You figured why marry me if you’re just going to disappear and die on me.”

“I’m sorry,” Nick said without looking up.

 - Abigail Roux. Crash & Burn (Cut & Run, #9) (Kindle Locations 1518-1521). Riptide Publishing.

It’s sort of the same sentiment. Nick didn’t want to marry Kelly because he didn’t want Kelly to marry a monster.