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Can we talk about pirates for a second?

There are so many undiscussed great pirate related whump scenarios that no one has really talked about! 

First of all sword-fights, there’s so many potential injuries that could come from that! Plus you know those swords aren’t hygienic to be stabbed by,… And pirates just replace whatever limbs they lose. Peg legs, hooks, wooden eyes. 

Seasickness! Maybe a beginner pirate or a captive held aboard the ship?

Gun wounds? People shot each other then too but it was V DRAMATIC 

Drowning! When you’re surrounded by water there’s many potentials for drowning or almost drowning. 

Slipping and falling/getting knocked out- everything on a boat is wet and slippery. I’m sure this happened often, plus pirates are drunk and wobbly. 

Getting whipped- remember that scene from Pirates of the Caribbean 2 where Will Turner gets whipped aboard the Flying Dutchman? Good shit. 

Being generally drunk- pirates are drunk a lot of the time! This leads to drunken fist fights, and also I just think drunk people are really good in a whump. It sort of adds delirium to the whole thing without that person needing to be sick. 

Also an opportunity for ocean related whump like JELLYFISH STINGS! So underused but so promising

we talk about beauty, history, culture,
la madre tierra, the impact of our actions,
el sol y el mar y los bosques y las montañas,
talk with wide eyes of the world we wish to see.

conjugate verbs, yes, but also trade secrets
in fragmented spanish; that which we are
unable to trap within a single set of words 
becomes infinitely more valuable.

somos seres humanos, criaturas del lenguaje, 
and this is iron around our ankles, chains
binding us to mortality, yet also icarian
wings on which our thoughts fly.

somos seres humanos, y esta es nuestra canción.
we are humans, and this is our broken bridge,
both everything and never enough,
no matter how many tongues we learn.

—  thoughts from ap spanish class | megan kim

30 days of volleyball: day 28 - favourite video: osmany, matteo and filippo singining el perdón, while massimo is watching everything and judging them

So suddenly I have this headcanon where Franziska and Miles have a daughter called Victoria (so Franziska, I know) and she’s a precious german baroque cinnamon roll with freckles, blue hair, deep brown eyes who loves cakes, perfumes and Alexander McQueen.

The thing is, despite both of her parents are prosecutors, Victoria decides to become a defense attorney like her grandpa (Gregory, of course) and Franziska is like “SCHEIßE WHAT I DID WRONG”, Miles is “…” but internally he’s: “lol I love this” and Manfred in hell is screaming for the eternity because he has a grandaughter which last name is EDGEWORTH and she is a defense attorney now.

Karma is a bitch, Manfred

Lately I have been seeing people saying that Dan was upset/tired of phannies for shipping him with Phil and all that because they’re are not in a relationship and that phannies needed to understand that and i just wanted to say something I think and probably nobody cares but well (?

I think that, if he is tired of it, it can be not just because he isn’t in a relationship with Phil, but also if he actually IS in a relationship with him.

I mean just think about it, being with someone and everybody looking for your relationship and expecting things about it, making theories about it, trying to be part of the relationship, writting about you having sex, making stereotypes about the relationship, stablizing a Top/Bottom, putting you as a person by a side to just care about the ‘ship’… Something  that usually is intimate is now… public. People are expecting things about a relationship they are not part of (and that’s why he said “and with I lived the way you wanted”, for me it can work in both ways, if they are dating and if they are not).

And if he isn’t in a relationship with Phil well, I think obviously he’s gonna be tired because he can’t  name him without people freaking out (and I’m part of the people that freak outs tbh -even if I just scream in my bedroom and/or cry and reblog things to save them on my profile- so I’m not judging) and he can’t (if he has) be with a pontential gf without being worried about people harassing her (also they have said a few times that there’s things they wouldn’t like to share bcause it’s private, and that also can work with them being or not romantically together)

But I also understand shippers (not the ones that are agressive with them, or girls near them, or the ones that JUST want Phan to be real)! Because I’m one! And shipping them doesn’t mean that if they are not together I’m not gonna follow them anymore, or I’m gonna hate their gfs (at first I would probably be sad but that’s gonna be my problem, not theirs). It’s not because they are two hot guys and gay gay gay, it’s because I see something pure there, something happy, maybe it’s the kind of relationship I would like to have with my boyfriend someday,i don’t know. And, about the phanfictions, that’s art too. Sometimes I think people forgets that writting IS art too. You’re putting your soul in that thing, you put love on your story, you’re disconnecting yourself from reality for a while, or expressing yourself with those words, and yeah, writting about Dan and Phil, because they inspire you to do it, because you want to write about them, just as people wants to draw them (and the draws of them are just So AMAZING I DONT KNOW HOW PEOPLECAN DRAW SO GOOD I LOVE PHANARTS SO MUCH) and…. yeah. I understand people disliking phanfiction, and “they are real people!!!” “why you write those things!!” but I also know the happy feeling when you write/draw something you are proud of, when people tell you that that thing you made is great, or beautiful, or it made them cry, or just enjoyed, AND also know the sad feeling when people say  “you disgust me” “you shouldn’t write those things” “stop writting about real people”, because it’s something you like to do, something you want to share with other phangirls, something you wanted to write for yourself and just thought it was so cute that you needed to post it online…

I don’t know. I hope I didn’t offend anyone, because if I did it absolutely wasn’t my intention. I just try to understand everyone. And also I don’t think Dan was being TOO serious about the shipping thing, and he said it because people didn’t let him take out his flower’s tattoo as if they have power over what he does (and.. well, he didn’t take them off, so..(?) I just wanted to said that ^-^

And I’m also sorry about my English I swear I can express myself properly in Spanish, the only Engish I studied were 6 years on High School (and DnP helped a lot too) and I can’t afford classes right now I’m so sorry and thank you if you read this whole thing :)

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What tool do you use to do the lineart? YOUR ART IS REALLY GORGEOUS! And I love all of your juvia style 😻😻 Thanks for all you do. I ADMIRE YOU SO MUCH!!

Ahhhhh this makes me very happy to hear >///< I don’t tend to receive this kind of compliments about my linearts thanks so muchhh  >///< ♥

Sorry my Sai is on spanish! I use this pen/brush mostly:

Whichever is fine, they are very similar at the end :D


Recently when I listen to this song I imagine my beloved Lance singing it… maybe is just all the Langst I’ve been reading and my interpretation of the song lol… Well if some non-spanish speakers wants to know what it says I’m adding a translation under the cut… Enjoy :3

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I'm following your blog from France and I honestly love it. Thank you for keeping Leverage alive specially Parker/Hardison whom(who) I think are the cutest couple in tv show ever. And I also love your hair, you are a princess I'm so jealous we don't have prom here 😤Anyway keep the good work. Merci beaucoup et à bientôt. Love

FRANCE?!?!?!? That’s crazy! I’m seriously so happy that you enjoy my blog!!!! Pardison is the ship i will die defending lol there can never be enough pardison 

you are so nice omg! de rien! je t'aime <3 :)

EDIT: sorry i just re-read this (bc i answered it on mobile) and I am so sorry to have left out that prom actually isn’t that fun, the most fun part is getting ready (which is actually really fun. I did it last year by myself (because none of my friends wanted to get ready with me lolololol) and it was still super fun. this year my friend abbey did my makeup and it was extra fun. At least, at my school where no one know how to dance but everyone knows how to grind, prom is not fun. Me and my friends were the last people to leave and go to after prom and that was honestly the most fun i’d had all night) Do you guys have homecoming? 

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Hello! love your blog! Sorry my English is bad I try. I sent asking about Spanish before! I showed it to sister and she laughed because I said it wrong. It's supposed to be "do you speak Spanish?" That's better? I feel like Renet! When she says "cold" not "cool"

Nah, it’s okay. I got what you meant. English is a difficult language, but generally you can get the idea. It doesn’t have to be perfect. There are native speakers who aren’t good at English.

My Spanish is so un poco that soy comprendo not much at all. It’s basically baby talk. I know that the words have genders and that there are different tenses, but that’s about it. Languages are not my strong suit. 

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Do you know more words or phrases in spanish? Sorry for my English ><

Don’t worry about your English I think its fine :D English is not my first language either I made ton of mistakes in my comic Holy shit

ummm I can’t speak any Spanish I only know how to say bueno dias, senor, senorita…and that’s it

I'm so sick about the "cultural appropiation" thing
  • Hello. I am Spanish. I've been studying Social and Cultural Anthropology for 4 years. And most of all, I love tumblr.
  • But in here I use to see a fashion that describes the act of dressing, acting or sharing a fest like "cultural appropiation". And it grinds my gears.
  • The culture is not a thing one person or one society can own like his/her treasure. You can like or not the fact that we live in a globalized world, so we must accept there has to be a mix between different life forms.
  • For example, here, in Spain, you all must know we have got bullfights (puke) and sevillanas. Well, in Japan there are a lot of people playing sevillanas and flamenco. I don't consider them as "cultural appropiatiors" because I don't fucking own a thing about sevillanas. In this world, with te mass media, it's easy to see anything from other societies you aren't used to. I think it is not a bad thing to want to participate in some events you like around the world.
  • There is a big mistake I see when we talk about this "cultural appropiation" that is: we confuse enjoying a fest or a event with the act of colonialism. The oocidental countries have a debt to all societies for what they did, and for what some companies are still doing. There is a unfair relation of power that puts the occidental things on the top desirable things while the non-occidental things are exotized and MERCANTILIZED.
  • And thats the point I want to talk about:
  • Thank you for reading me. I'm sorry about my bad english. Like every spanish person, I had to "appropiate" that language to comunicate with you.

Even as light skinned as I am, going to a basically all white school made me feel like an outsider. I don’t even know how many times I cried over my hair when I was younger, never feeling beautiful until I took the hours to straighten it.
I’m a black/puerto rican/white mix
I’ve always felt like an outsider because of this; I’m the sort of middle ground that leaves me to be accepted by neither. But that’s okay, because maybe I’m not white enough, or black enough, or hispanic enough, but I’m all woman, and I am beautiful.
Sometimes it’s easy to forget this, but today is the day for all women to realize that they are all amazingly strong goddesses.
(P.s: I’m cuter in person)

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Hi! I love your work and I want to ask you for something, my sister saw your doujin "After War" and she likes the last page with the credits, that cute draw of Naruto and Sakura hugging, she wants to make a colored and post on my tumblr account, obviously, with the respective credits, I asking if we have your permission :) Sorry about my bad english, I'm a native spanish speaker so, it's a little hard to express myself xD thank you for your time

Hi! thank you very much! And sure no problem, here you go! :)

Reasons to watch the English dub:

  • Nathanaël’s voice
  • cat puns
  • Nino unironically used the word “swank” and I don’t even know what that means but it sounds swank so I’m gonna start using it
Precious Brazilian Boi: Lúcio Headcanons
  • This precious boy has loved music ever since he was a baby. Seriously, music and dance was his life and now spreading that same joy he feels from it is also his life.
  • He’s a genius when it comes to technology, not just music. Seriously, he managed to hack and fully convert Vishakr - a big company with alternative agents that likely have some good security in everything - technology to work against them and help his people.
  • This boy doesn’t get mad very often (and even when he does, it’s not much and you probably won’t even be able to tell), but when he does, you’ve really done something to get him to be so upset.
  • He cares so much about other people, being so positive and wanting others to be happy. If you’re upset, know that he’ll be there immediately to cheer you up. Heck, his positivity goes so far as his faith in people; he has faith in everyone having some good within them, even if it’s hard to see, though this will only go so far with whatever you’ve done. However, he does believe in forgiveness for everyone.
  • Lúcio is one of the best hockey players you’ll meet. He used to play in a team as a kid and you know his mom proudly displays pictures of him from those days and all sorts of trophies and medals. (Side note: opposite teams probably never got mad about losing because he’s a little ray of sunshine and always means it when he says “good game”)
  • So. Much. Frog merchandise. Frog umbrella, frog pajamas, frog plushies (dozens), frog boxers, everything. If it’s got a frog on it, he probably owns it. He thinks they’re adorable and wonderful and absolutely loves them.
  • This boy takes the best selfies
  • He’s an amazing dancer. Not just a DJ, singer, and hockey player, but also fantastic dancer. 
  • Besties with D. Va and they’re the biggest fans of each other (he’s been on her stream before and you know she’s gotten backstage passes to a concert)
  • He’s such a pure, good guy. Seriously, he’s that guy who helps old ladies across the street and volunteers at the local hospital and saves stray puppies and literally everything that makes him an angel.
  • He talks to himself in Portuguese when he’s really focusing and in the process of making his music. Cute side note: he’s sung himself and others he’s close with to sleep  in Portuguese.
  • He’s so comfortable with who he is and being in his own skin that you know that he’ll wear whatever he likes or is comfortable in without caring what you think about it. Dude, if he has makeup on, he’d be pretty chill about it.
  • He can cook… and he’s great at it. (Perfect boy probably brings baked goods and full meals to the homeless shelter)
  • He’s that guy who slides across wood floors with his socks

Quick edit!: Super sorry about my confused languages (not kidding, my Spanish teacher (and Latina mother) told me Brazilian was a language) in one of those headcanons! Thanks for pointing this out!

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I really love your blog, is one of mi favorites! So I want to ask if you could do a Big Bang and/or BTS reaction of you using drugs? (Sorry for my english, I speak spanish >.<)

¡Gracias por el amor y el apoyo! Te amamos también~ 💚 Here is your request! Sorry it’s so short. And don’t worry about your English, it’s wonderful. Sorry if my Spanish is bad! I’m not good at it yet (teaching myself since school classes didn’t stick too well…), I had to use a translator to make sure I was right 😅😅

~ Admin Silver

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Both Oscar and Lupita speaking spanish 😍😍