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Jeff Crockett of the University of Washington competed a double twisting layout jaeger at the 2006 Winter Cup new skill competition (because apparently that was a thing?). Unfortunately it is not named after him in the COP as he never competed it anywhere else and no one else has successfully completed the skill at an eligible competition. It is currently valued as a G.

Here is the skill at 30% speed:

It’s been ages but I have reached a follower milestone, so I thought I should do one of those legendary follow forevers… Why not? 

It’s been quite a year so far. Wish it was better for many of us. I myself cried and grieved and some days didn’t want to wake up. But there were times where I laughed and felt like the world isn’t so heavy for a moment. Anyway, I’d like to thank you and wish you all happiness, health and a lot of strength. Be forgiving and kind to each other. Unless someone’s piece of shit to you, then fuck them up! 💕

A special thank you goes out to my friends, some of whom I have just gotten to know, you’re all wonderful people and I’m happy I had the chance to meet you:

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And thank you all of rest of you for filling my dashboard with content to reblog, whether it’s beautiful graphics or memes or funny animal pictures, as well as anyone who has ever sent me a nice message or supported me in any way, wrote me when I was feeling down and just liked and reblogged my posts. Stay awesome!


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Wow! So this year I hit a personal milestone of 500+ followers!! I wanted to do a follower forever before 2015 ended- so here it is! Whether you’re a new or a long time follower- I wanted to include as many of you as possible!! i honestly never thought i’d get this far, so thank you all for following my blog which usually consists of me being thirsty for video game characters

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^^ I consider you guys my friends and I wish you all an amazing 2016;;; I wish I had more to say but aaahhh;;;; ilysm

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“Every time I go back to Rome, I go back to that one spot. It is still alive for me, still resounds with something totally present, as though a heart stolen from a tale by Poe still throbbed under the ancient slate pavement to remind me that, here, I had finally encountered the life that was right for me but had failed to have.”
André Aciman, Call Me by Your Name


Happy Birthday Lucy  August 6, 1911 - ∞

Most comedy writers consider themselves lucky if a star realizes 60% of the values they’ve written into a script. Lucy, somehow, returned about 125%. Unexpected qualities appeared out of nowhere. Little, human, ordinary, recognizable values. Inflections that were exactly the way your mother, or the lady bus driver used to sound. She was everywoman. Ask her to be a tough showgirl and you got back a broad who simply could not look and move like that unless she’d been pumping bumps and grinds in a burlesque house for twenty years. Ask her for royalty and she became a queen. And she kept astounding us that way. The audience never had the feeling that they were watching her act. If you looked carefully, you would marvel that every fiber in the woman’s body was contributing to the illusion. Her hands, her feet, her knees, every cell would be doing the right thing. This was an exceptionally talented young lady, and I don’t know enough superlatives to do her justice.”

— Jess Oppenheimer, writer, I Love Lucy