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in which adrien & marinette attend a wedding reception and marinette notices how adrien looks at the bride and groom wishfully.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

//sorry for the lack of art lately! i’ve been swamped with work but i’ve been thinking about my whole wedding au and the events leading up to it….including proposal *stuffs my face in a pillow and screams while thinking about their proposal scene*

The Morning After

Request: I would love a Bucky smut where him and reader have to go undercover as a married couple.

Summary: You were supposed to go on a undercover mission with Steve, not the man you despised- James Buchanan Barnes.

Warnings: smut, sexual tension, fluff

A/N: I have another draft of this written up but it was all over the place and I didn’t like it so I switched to this one.

“I know you were expecting to go on this mission with Steve, but we have a job to do.” Bucky threw a towel over his shoulder, heading toward the door of the hotel room.

“Well, once you took Steve’s place this mission just got exponentially harder.” You stepped out of the bathroom, towel and sunscreen in your hand.

“How so?” He smiled, cocking an eyebrow at you.

You jutted your hip out, rolling your eyes at him. Your bikini was nothing special; it had a pushup top that accentuated your breasts perfectly, but that was about it. The top and the bottom matched with blue and white stripes. You topped the outfit off with red sunglasses; the suit was meant to get a chuckle from Steve, not Bucky.

“Because now I have to pretend I’m head over heels in love with you, not Steve.” You flipped the light off. “Let’s just go check out the damn pool.”

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From Friends to Lovers

Request:  Bucky x Reader, Fucking them bend over a big and high bed (so her feet don’t even touch the ground)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, unprotected sex (wear condoms), oral sex female recieving), 1 NSFW gif

A/N: So sorry I haven’t posted much today, It’s my birthday so I’ve been trying to finish this story, and spend time with my family. I haven’t had time to post ‘Tasha Tuesday stories today, but I’ll post some on Thursday to make up for lack of content today! Thanks so much for understanding!

Originally posted by sithlordalice

As the early morning rays of the sun peek their way into my room, I slowly open my eyes. I’m usually up and about before the sun rises, but this seemed like a special enough occasion to sleep in.

Turning to face the warm body lying next to me, I admire his handsome face. Strong jaw, stubbly chin, and long thick eyelashes lay against his cheeks, as he is still asleep.

Bucky had had another nightmare last night, and snuck his way into my room. He does this when he has night terrors, he says he can only sleep in peace when someone is next to him. Reaching forward, I push some strands of hair out of his face. He stirs, pursing his lips and squeezing his eyes shut. A groan escapes his lips as he wraps his arms around me and pulls me towards his warm body. I try not to squeal, I don’t want to wake him. The man doesn’t get enough sleep as it is. He groans into my ear, and presses his lower body into my backside. A deep blush covers my face, burying my face in my pillow.

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Some enjoyable HxH moments:
  • “That’s a good question. The answer is give me the phone.” - Morel Mackernasey
  • Ging running to tell Gon about Kite’s secret ability while holding two guys in a headlock (after fighting an entire auditorium full of hunters, no less)
  • Killua and Gon fighting over who gets to die for the other; and Nobunaga, who is holding them captive, just laughing. 
  • “Squidderific” 
  • Leorio punching Ging in the face
  • Leorio eating the phone
  • Pouf overdramatically playing the violin
  • Killua’s shitty cat faces
  • Knuckle crying over dogs
  • Hisoka’s goddamn face when Chrollo told him about his sealed nen.
  • “I have my issues but you’re just as bad” - Hisoka, of all people, calling out Illumi on his shit.
  • Killua and Gon unexpectedly finding Phinks and Feitan in the auction hall and running for their lives.
  • Biscuit wanting a piece of Hisoka.
  • Meleoron not trusting Shoot because of his lack of eyebrows.
  • Morel running, tripping and calling out for Gon and Killua after finding out that Kite was alive
  • Basho’s character introduction
  • “Act natural” *Leorio and Gon proceed to look entirely unnatural*
  • “Sorry, I lied” - Phinks calling Kurapika back after the latter had hung up on him for saying something Foolish. 

Soo I’ve seen a lot of complaints lately about a sheer lack of Jearmin hair ruffles and I was compelled to remedy it… Enjoy! 

Stay tuned for color (–hopefully!) 

No Sleep Till Brooklyn, Part 2

Heartmate Series: Steve Rogers x Reader

Characters: Steve Rogers, Deadpool, Falcon

Warnings: language, violence - Deadpool’s in it guys, it ain’t PG.

A/N: This is my take on the soulmate trope. It’s not necessarily an AU, because technically heartmate is canon in the Marvel world - at least with Wade’s comics. 

Summary: You’re a mutant turned mercenary, working with the best merc around - Wade Fucking Wilson aka Deadpool. You are also someone who doesn’t believe in the whole heartmate crap. How could two people solely be made for each other? Steve Rogers is Captain America,  Avenger extraordinaire. Call him old fashion, but he believed in heartmates and knew he had one out there. The two of you cross paths one day and things get set in motion. Can Steve get passed the jaded wall you built or would things just crash and burn? And will Wade Wilson finally learn to put the seat down after taking a piss? Who knows.

Part 1

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This Entire Time

 summary- The Winchester’s took you in when your mother was killed by a Demon, during a hunt, Crowley accidentally lets slip about who your real father is.

Warnings- Angst, Swearing.

A/N- I’m not sure about the way this turned out, I kinda feel like it was rushed but I haven’t posted a fic yet this week aha<3


You stared at the small British man in front of you with your eyes furrowed in confusion, “I’m sorry.. What?” You asked, shaking slightly. You looked at Sam and Dean, “what’s he talking about?” You asked them, Crowley narrowed his eyes Sam and Dean, “she doesn’t know, does she?” He asked, but the lack of eye contact he was getting from the boys answered that question.

“What don’t I know? Sam, what the hell is he talking about?” You spat, glaring at him, he sighed and ran a hand over his face.

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ok so sorry if this is super annoying but i saw you going off about the sjm books and i was wondering if you could explain why they're problematic? i only ever read the 1st ToG book and then had to stop because i did n o t like it, but aside from a lack of representation (which let's face it, is in a ton of YA lit and which i'm sadly kinda used to), i don't remember anything super offensive in that book despite my dislike of it. it was a while ago tho so i could be mistaken?

everything wrong with throne of glass:

  • toxic & hyper masculinity
  • shitty writing
  • white feminism
  • no consistency
  • literally zero poc
  • shitty world building
  • makes the characters “tan” even tho they are literally white as fuck
  • bare minimum of LGBTQ+ rep
  • slut shames aedion & compares him being bi to being a prostitue
  • thinly veiled misogyny
  • justifies the fae culture even though it’s blatantly sexist & racist & homophobic
  • celaena is special. she isnt like other girls. she’s better than the other girls.
  • every girl has to be lesser than celaena except for manon (but she doesnt show up until book 3)
  • ableist as fuck (see: chaol westfall)
  • every character has to be in a straight, white, het relationship
  • killed off/sidelined all the woc
  • forces women who hate men to be in het relationships (see: manorian)
  • excuses actual physical and emotional abuse because rowboat is so hot!!!
  • changes characters’ personalities halfway through the series/inconsistent character development (see: aelin, chaol, dorian)
  • pits two characters against each other just to make the audience hate one of them (see: chaol in qos)
  • doesnt know what character growth/development looks like
  • changes the genre from ya to na 5 books into the series (see: the motherfucking beach scene)
  • does a poor job of showing not telling
  • has no regard for her younger audience and instead writes horrible sex scenes for her own pleasure (that arent even realistic)
  • drops characters when she gets bored of them (see: chaol in eos oh wait you can’t because she wrote him out of it)
  • in sum: please don’t read throne of garbage & a court of whites and racism :)))))

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Drarry. "It's just bubblegum!"

“It’s just bubblegum,” Harry said. He stuffed the pack back into his jacket pocket where he was sure Sirius had kept cigarettes.

Draco looked blankly at the foil-wrapped stick. Though he tried to never ridicule Draco for his lack of knowledge on muggle culture, Harry did make a big deal about the oddest of things. One eyebrow raised, Draco said, “It’s the same color as my cousin’s hair, are you sure it’s safe?”

“Yeah, so long as you don’t swallow it, then it’s stuck in your intestines for seven years!” Harry noted the horrified expression on Draco’s face and quickly said, “That’s a myth, I’m sorry, I promise it’s harmless!”

Send me a ship and a sentence and I’ll write the next five


thank you for the birthday wishes my loves ;-; i really appreciate every message i got, tbh i can’t believe that many ppl actually care about me LOL you guys are always so amazing and i’m infinitely grateful for you 💘  here’s what i did yesterday and if you’ve never seen my face well here it is (idk how to take non-winking selfies lmfao)

love u

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Ty, could you rec me some movies and/or tv shows you like? :)

YEAH i’m totally down!! I don’t really watch TV though, so this will be a movie rec list! (Also I haven’t watched a lot of movies recently, so a majority of these are from my teenage years)


  • The Fountain (2006): a layered story that interlocks three different timelines/worlds. One takes place during the 16th century where a conquistador is trying to find the Tree of Life in central America, hoping to save Queen Isabella, the second takes place in the 2000s, about a doctor coming to terms with the impending death of his wife, and the third is in the far future, where a lone man is traveling through space with a magic tree. All three timelines star the same two actors, Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz, and the significance of that can be interpreted in multiple ways. The movie doesn’t have a solid Hollywood story, so the ending may feel rather unhappy, but the visual themes, music, and acting are amazing. It may seem like a typical “middle age white man pain” story on the outside, but it’s executed well and I personally really enjoy it.
  • The Hours (2002): based on a novel of the same name, this movie is another triple-layered story. This story revolves around Virginia Wolfe and her novel Mrs. Dalloway: one timeline follows Wolfe trying to write the novel, the second timeline follows a 50s housewife reading the novel, and the third is a 2000s re-telling of the novel. This movie could very likely be considered slow and is practically made up of all soliloquies, but again, superb acting and an overall very emotional journey. There are quite a lot of gay subthemes, with the modern Mrs. Dalloway character (played by Meryl Streep) in a long-standing and committed relationship with another woman, and there are one-sided feelings in the 50s housewife story (the housewife is played by Juliane Moore). There is a weird, potentially incestuous, kiss between Virginia Wolfe (played by Nicole Kidman) and her sister(?), so warnings for that and also lots of talk of suicide (as per accurate of Wolfe). It’s also unfortunately another all-white cast.
  • The Tale of Two Sisters (2003): a Korean horror movie about two sisters who return home after an extended stay in a mental institution. Their home suffers under a subtly oppressive and supernatural energy, and there are a lot of mysteries creeping about. Complicated relationships are slowly revealed between the sisters, their father, dead mother, and step mother. This story has a lot of twists, and in its center, I actually think it’s more of a tragedy rather than a true horror. I know the surface level of “psychologically troubled sisters in a horror movie” seems very cringe-worthy, but surprisingly the psychoses are treated as a separate entity from the supernatural elements (even if the lines are a bit ambiguous and blurry, there is still a line). The acting in this is amazing and makes much, much more sense when watched through a second time.
  • Doubt (2008): the screen adaptation of a stage play, Doubt is a very thematic story revolving around a Catholic boarding school and a molestation allegation. The lead nun (played by Meryl Streep) is suspicious of the main pastor (played by Philip Seymour) because of the close relationship he shares with the first Black child to be integrated to their school. The story is fairly simple, but the amount of psychological tension really drives the story, and the viewer’s prejudices are really put to the test. The actors deliver incredible performances, with an amazing, surprise role from Viola Davis as the child’s mother. The movie really leaves you questioning yourself by the end.
  • Unleashed (2005): my favorite American Jet Li film, and one of the few US movies that actually takes advantage of his incredible acting skills. This story is about a mentally disabled cage fighter, who is kept like a dog by his gang boss. Through circumstances, he gains his freedom and is saved by a blind pianist (played by Morgan Freeman), who teaches him how to live an ordinary life. Of course, his past comes to haunt him and there’s a lot of action scenes, but the core of the movie is very sweet. I also personally have a soft spot for Asian/Black co-leading actors, and movies that focus on positive relationships between the two groups (which Jet Li has also done in Romeo Must Die but the story in that one is kinda lacking). I think what’s incredible about this movie– as a childhood Jet Li fan– is seeing how his acting and personification of the character translates into the martial arts choreography. For someone who rose to stardom as “the elegant fighter,” Jet Li delivers amazing emotional impact as an unhinged and almost beast-like fighter.
  • Saving Face (2004): I realize most of my movies are heavy I’m so sorry, so here’s a light-hearted movie to balance things out lmao. Saving Face is a Chinese-American lgbt film, starring Michelle J. Krusiec as a lesbian surgeon. Out to her friends, but closeted to her mother and their general Chinese community, the main character falls into the responsibility of caring for her aging mother– who has mysteriously become pregnant. The mother-daughter duo must learn to live together, reconcile their relationship, and deal with losing face together in the light of their unconventional relationships. While the story is mainly focused on the parental relationship, the main character does have a relationship with another woman that receives significant screentime and development. A feel-good film that does have a lot of bilingual scenes, so watching with subtitles will be needed for non-Mandarin speakers.

Animated Movies:
(obviously I’ve seen more animated movies than the ones on this list but I don’t see people talk about these films often so I’m gonna rec them)

  • Wolf Children (2012): the story of a mother who’s left with raising her two, half-wolf children. The movie follows her meeting a werewolf, falling in love with him, losing him, and raising the kids from infancy to middle-school age. The animation house is the same group that produced The Girl Who Lept Through Time and Summer Wars, so the quality is top-notch. The story, while generally slice-of-life, obviously has some supernatural elements to it due to the kids being werewolves, but is still able to retain the evocative nature of a parental coming-of-age story. There are a lot of themes of love and loss, so it’s not a very feel-good film, but the ending leaves quite the impact on the viewer.
  • Tokyo Godfathers (2003): a dramedy movie from Satoshi Kon, this film follows the story of three homeless people: a teenage girl and two middle-aged adults, an alcoholic father and a former drag-queen (who now identifies as a trans woman). During the Christmas holiday, the three stumble on an abandoned baby, and more or less decide to find the parents. Their journey takes them across Tokyo, through unbelievable and hilarious circumstances, and also through each of their unresolved pasts and motivations. The animation in this movie is amazing, and the story is light but human enough to strike at your emotions. Hana-san, the trans woman, may come across initially as a caricature, but she is treated with respect and humanity just like the other two characters.
Turn It Down

(A/N: so this was requested by @justapieceofsimstrash . They said they wanted an Alexander x Reader fluff and I am going to deliver. This will be another modern AU. I can do canon era and I will do the actual actors x reader such as Lin Manuel, Daveed Diggs, Leslie Odom, and Anthony Ramos all you have to do is request it. I think after I finish ‘Your Distracting’ I will start a series with Leslie Odom or his character Aaron Burr because I feel like he doesn’t get enough love. Anyway remember that my asks are open and you can request anything at all and I will respond as soon as possible.)

Title: Turn it Down

Summary: The reader is studying music and the professor started them on a project to remix two songs using the remix style of their choice. Alex started noticing the reader wasn’t listening to them and always had their headphone in on max volume. Alex gets put out. Alex’s friends decide to intervene

Rating: G

Warnings: maybe a little cussing, It has very little angst

Word count:

*Alexanders POV*

“-and then John flipped Thomas’s tray of mac and cheese,” I laughed playing with your hair as I stared out the window smiling. I felt your head shift in my lap but I received no response. I looked down and noticed your eyes were closed with your headphones in and if I listened hard enough heard the slight hum of high pitched voices coming out of them. I sighed and tugged on one of the cords making them fall out. Eyes flickered open and looked up at me with a confused face. “I was talking and you weren’t even listening.” I chuckled with a sigh.

You looked at me sheepishly. “Sorry you know I am stressed about this project I am learning new software and I have never remixed music before.”

“I know, did you decide on the style yet?” I asked running my fingers through your hair again as you leaned back into my hand and smiled.

“No I am still trying to figure it out. I should be able to decide soon.”


Everyone in my group and a lot of people outside of it know my lack of patience. I believe the word my friend Burr used to describe me was ‘non-stop’.  They said the only time I ever seemed to slow was when it came to my relationship. They all loved you and said you probably supplied some much needed stability that wasn’t in my life before. I suppose I would have to agree considering I was a mess from not seeing said ‘stability’ for a full week.

I trudged onto the quad not even stopping to start a debate with Jefferson on how wrong his opinion was on the current political situation he was talking about to Madison. I slumped down at the table with my friends. I went to pull out my computer to continue writing when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“No. Good Afternoon Ladies and Gents Seems a little odd for you Alexander. Not to mention, you look so tired.” Lafayette said, worried. I noticed everyone giving me the same concerned glances behind him.

“Yeah, Y/N normally makes sure I get to sleep instead of working all night but she hasn’t been around this week. She has that big project and we have barely been able to talk.” I sighed resting my head on the table.


Later in the afternoon I left the quad and chose to go back to my dorm to continue working. However, when I got there I was surprised to find you sitting on my couch with a worried look on your face. As soon as you heard me you stood up and gasped.

“Oh my God. They were right!” You said. I gave her a confused look as you grabbed my arm and dragged me into the bedroom before grabbing my jacket off me.

“What’s going on?” I asked with a yawn muffling my last word.

“You’re going to take a nap.” You said and shoved me on the bed motioned for me to toe off my shoes.

“No! I haven’t seen you in days, and now you show up and expect me to waste my time with you sleeping. Sleep is stupid there are better things to do.”

You sighed, “Alexander … I noticed you glance me up and down with an exasperated look.” What if I stayed here with you and then after you sleep for a while I can make dinner for us?”

I knew you were trying to compromise but I didn’t want to give up any time with you until I noticed a few things. Things that in my tired state I wouldn’t have noticed without being 100% focused on you like I was now. Your hair was down and flat looking compared to smooth looking curls or high ponytail you normally put it in. The bag under your eyes were a slightly darker shade than normal. The thing that really stood out though was your makeup. Instead of the normal precise crisp lines that lined your eyes it was smudged as if it was just left over from a previous day.

That moment was when it hit me, you hadn’t been sleeping either.

It was normal for you to get stressed and lose sleep or composure over your problems. I sighed and nodded crawling under the covers and motioning to you. “Fine but you have to come lay down with me.” I watched as you seemed to debate with yourself but then climbed under the covers with me.

Wrapping my arm around your waist to pull you close and nuzzled my face into your hair. I felt you slowly relax and slumped against me humming. You slowing turned around and I leaned down to place a few slow lazy kisses on your lips. As soon as you buried your face into my neck I felt sleep beginning to drag me down. I wrapped my arms around you tighter and let sleep over power me.


When I woke up I noticed my head was in your lap and you were sitting up with your headphones in your ears. I smiled and tugged at the cord making them fall out. You jumped slightly put smiled down at me. I took your phone out of your hand set it aside. You gave me a confused look until I got a good grip on your hips and pulled you down. You squeaked and I leaned over you to give you a kiss.

“How much sleep did you get?” I asked quietly leaning down to brush my lips over your collarbone lazily.

“I don’t know maybe a few hours?” you sighed.

“No, I mean like this week Y/N,” I laughed. Until I felt her tense.

“I don’t know maybe a few hours?”

I snapped my gaze up to you and found a nervous and sheepish smile on your face looking down at me. “Y/N …” I nuzzled my head back into your neck and took a breath. I ran my hands down your sides as I came back up to kiss you lightly. “I will call in some food and we can watch a movie and get some more rest.”

“I don’t know–“

“You promised.” I chuckled at the look of defeat on your face knowing I wouldn’t let you go. I leaned over and grabbed my phone to call your favorite pizza place and ran my hands over you as I placed my order. When I was finished I set my phone down and went back to running my lips over the skin on your neck. “What movie do you want to watch?”

“Let’s watch some episodes of that show we were trying to finish.” You said softly and I grinned.


I kissed you again not quite ready to get up and away from you. You slipped your tongue across my lips and I opened up willingly lazily kissing you. I didn’t expecting anything else from you knowing that we were just enjoying basking in each other’s affection.

“I love you.” I heard you whisper as I pulled away.

I stuttered in my line of kisses on your neck. You had never said that before. I grinned as I felt you tense when I didn’t respond.

“I love you too.”

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Reaction to 'The Talk' (sorry if you've already done this!!)


“Timmy, Dami, as the growing boys you are, and for the lack of parenting in this house, I believe it is in my responsibility to inform you about safety… regarding physical partnership” 



“The only physical partnership we will be talking about is my fist on your face, if you don’t stop this nonsense this instant, Grayson” 

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I feel like you would go to that Kurdish teen student attacked by white chavs (and yes they were majority white English trash) and be like oh well white people are racially attacked too! Stop feeling sorry for yourself and think about how to help the whites who attacked you feel better! You seem like that shitty type of human being.

just because you “”feel like”” i would do this or that doesn’t make it true outside of your fevered imagination

i can’t even tell what this post is about and if it’s about my discussion of European racism, if you’d noticed…i’ve never suggested white English people lack racial privilege in the UK for being English. what i have said is people like Eastern Europeans can face discrimination because Europe differentiates based on ethnic lines and whether or not you have racial privilege depends on measuring up to the ‘default’ which is the majority european ethnic group of that country. Ergo, some dude from Poland gets constructed as ‘not one of us’ because of ethnicity (not their skin colour) I get constructed as ‘not one of us’ because of skin colour, ethnicity, general idea of being non-white and the legacy of the british empire. You’re trying hard to make it look like I ever said that hogwash in your ask when re: intra-European racism I’ve always meant real solid things like the Polish cultural centre in London getting vandalised the day after Brexit. 

good day. 

Sorry about the lack of updates the past couple of weeks! All my stuff is finally moved out of my old place so I will be getting back into the gym tomorrow, and I have started eating more fruits and veg again 😊 thanks for sticking around during my absence! I hope you’re all doing lovely. I’ll start tagging for Selfie Sunday again this weekend!

angry tears and regret- hector bellerin

héctor bellerín x reader ft. alex oxlade chamberlain

request: I LOVED YOUR HECTOR IMAGINES can I request one where you are best friends with chambo and you ofc know his friends and hector is in a relationship but he keeps on calling you, taking you to road trips, is flirty and probably dirty around you, comes to your place without a warning but yeah he’s dating someone else. The ending is up to you ❤️ thank you

a/n: tell me if you guys want a part two! and i would appreciate likes and reblogs if you enjoyed. love you guys

Originally posted by wojshere

y/n and alex were huddled around the table in alex’s living room wrapped up in an intense game of uno.

“add four alex!” she exclaimed loudly, her laughter piercing through his flat.

“no, you are cheati-“ he defended, before he was interrupted by the knocking on his front door.

alex jumped up off the couch, as y/n quickly grabbed his deck of cards. she glanced over all the numbers and colors, trying to remember all of them.

“red 2, blue 8, pick four.” she mumbled to herself, but her train of thought was lost as she saw the man who was standing at the front door.

her mouth was ajar at she glanced at what might’ve been the hottest man she has ever seen. his thick, black hair was slicked back deliciously. his cheekbones had prominently stuck out, highlighting his gorgeous face. and that accent was so sexy. he wasn’t english, but sounded cockney. the words slipped off of his tongue, making y/n heat up at the thought of him.

she rubbed her legs together for friction, trying to ease away the heat in her cheeks and calm herself down. the two boys had edged closer to the living room, and y/n eyes had gone wide. she looked down at her outfit, which only consisted of one of alex’s old t-shirts and underwear. her cheeks had burned crimson red as hector smirked at her as he propped his arm against the couch.

“this is y/n, my best friend.” alex giggled, noticing her lack of clothing as she stood up to greet them.

“hi, sorry about having no pants on.” she drawled shyly, making sure to toss the embarrassment out of the way before he did.

“its cool, i don’t mind.” he winked at her, as y/n stood there flustered at his flirtatious comment. “hector.” he introduced himself, y/n smiled back in relief that she could finally match a name with that gorgeous face.

of the next couple of week, hector and y/n had become closer friends. she found out that he had played at arsenal with alex and that he was from spain. but she also found out hector had a very flirtatious personality.

whenever he had the chance, he also had a witty remark that sent goosebumps all over her body. or a hand resting on her thigh on their way to lunch that made her mind fill up with ideas.

or when he would leave the slightest breath along her neck as they were watching a movie. leaving her wanting more than just his breath all over his body.

“i am soooooo bored.” she moaned as hector’s head laid in her lap. she braided his long, thick hair as he watched a basketball game.

“let’s go on a road trip.” he spoke up earning a confused glare from y/n. “a road trip? to where?” she giggled, thinking he couldn’t be serious.

“anywhere. just want to drive around?” he asked with a hint of excitement in his voice. y/n nodded her head as she ruffled hector’s hair and waited until the game had finished.

the two had driven for hours around the outside of london.  hector hummed along to y/n to every drake song. y/n swayed her hips and held your hands outside to window to every shakira song. they laughed at their own stupid jokes and admired the change of scenery together.

y/n was tapping her fingers to the beat of the song against the window when hector had slowly stopped the car along the side of the road. y/n looked at him with a smirk on her face as he opened her door.

“why did we stop?” she asked him as he climbed on top the hood of the car and sat down.

“to talk. and look at the sky. get away from london.” he said calmly as he grabbed her hand and hoisted her up onto the hood.

“alex is going to kill you.” she giggled as she laid down next to hector.

“and why would he every do that to his best friend?” he teased to earn a reaction from y/n.

she turned her eyes away from the stars and turned on her side to look at hector.

“first of all, i’m his best friend. and he always thinks you’re going to steal me away from him.” she breathed out, rolling her eyes. she turned her eyes back to the stars as she followed the moon.

“no need for that, i have a girlfriend.” he drawled, making y/n’s head spin quicker than ever.

her body grew cold and goosebumps ran up her spine. she froze at his words. tears filled the brim of her eyes and she wanted to shrivel up and cry. worst of all, she felt her heart fall at his words and break into millions of shards.

“you have a girlfriend?” she whispered, as hector’s eyes glared into hers. she couldn’t look at him, not after this.

“yes.” he said softly, his voice wrapped in concern.

“why would you-you,” she stuttered out, so in shock she couldn’t form coherent sentences. “lead me-me on?”

hector turned his head to face y/n, who now had tears streaming down her cheeks. someone who was so strong and independent, broken by four simple words. hector never saw her like this.

“i didn’t mean to.” he breathed out softly.

“you didn’t mean to? you didn’t mean to?” she yelled angrily on the side of the road with hot, angry tears rolling down her face.

“you didn’t mean to play with my feelings and act like you had any for me? fuck you.”

“you don’t mean that.” he defended himself, or tried to.

“i fucking mean it. fuck you. this road trip. your stupid, idiotic perfect existence. and most of all fuck my stupid self for thinking you would ever, ever love me.” she yelled out into the empty road, pulling her hair in anger as hector watched in pain.

“take me home. please just take me home.” she pleaded with so much hurt in her small voice. she was so broken inside, she had given up. hector stared at her crumbled image, knowing he was to blame.

the ride back to london was quiet. y/n stared out the window, twiddling at her thumbs and ever so often, looking at hector. hector, on the other hand, kept his eyes on the road, clenching the steering wheel angrily.

“drop me off at alex’s please.” she whispered as hector looked at her softly. he nodded his head and drove towards his flat.

“goodnight y/n.” hector called out from his car as y/n proceeded to the entrance of the darkened apartment building. she looked back at him and smiled softly, but painfully. hector didn’t know what to say. he knew words couldn’t fix anything at this point.

y/n walked to alex’s flat in the late hours of the night, and prayed to god that he was there. she needed him more than ever. she knocked at his door. once. twice. three times.

alex opened the door, wondering who the hell was at his door this late. with anger plastered on his face, he slid the door open to reveal y/n.

y/n, who’s face was smeared with running makeup. with tears running down her stained cheeks, slowly pouring down her sore eyes. her hair tugged and tangled all over the face. she looked up at alex, who pulled her into the apartment.

“who did this to you?” he yelled, shaking her shoulders.

“please y/n. who did this you.” he said once again, but softer now.

hector drove along the empty streets of london. his hand clenched around the steering wheel, his knuckles white from anger. he wanted to scream, but he couldn’t even breath a word. how could he? after breaking his best friend’s heart on the side of the road. and leaving her to go to someone else, to be wrapped in someone else’s arms. and driving away stupidly, instead of grabbing her arm and telling her everything.

trying to cover up his feelings for her by finding someone else. he was so stupid. so stupid to think he could break someone like that, and not even try to explain himself. he drove angrily around the city, thinking about her. her perfect dimples and smile. the way her hair was wavy and curled after she showered. the way she ran her fingers through his hair while he drifted to sleep. her beautiful curves. her silly laugh that filled his mind with happiness. thinking about her was the hardest part.

and soon enough, hot tears were streaming down his cheeks and neck. they brimmed his eyes, making the road blurry. he angrily tried to wipe them away, but they kept coming. they wouldn’t stop. he couldn’t stop thinking about he just did. that he had broken her just like she was breaking him now.

and there y/n sat in the early hours of the morning in alex’s arms, telling him everything. and there alex was, wasting his hours of sleep, listening to y/n as he cradled her and wiped the hot tears off of her soft cheeks.

“don’t worry y/n.” he cooed her. “i’m right here. always.” he whispered into her ear, as she fell asleep on his shoulder, her tears falling onto his sweater.

alex knew exactly what he was going to do. he knew exactly what he was going to say to hector.

I Didn’t Jump

Summary: Elliot Alderson x Reader. Elliot is sitting on top of the Brooklyn Bridge ready to jump off when (Reader) comes by asking him if he’s there to see the sun rise. He immediately runs off before she can say anything more, and out of regret he spends the rest of his days searching for the girl who saved his life. Told in the perspective of Elliot.

(Y/N) = your name (Y/E/C) = your eye color (Y/H/C) = your hair color

Genre: angst
Words: 2331

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