sorry about my horrible writing xd

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Hey, again! When I asked about your OCs I wasn’t expecting such a long response XD but I’m so glad you explained everything. I have some OCs myself and I understand why you were so excited - it’s like being a proud mama talking about her lil babies <3 (Btw Takeru is my favourite - he seems like a right cinnamon roll ^^) Okay sorry I kinda went on a rant but I do have a question - are you writing a story based on these characters?? I’d love to read it!! Thank you - have a nice day! *hugs back*

its true motherlove haha xD Maybe I should put some drawings of them in my purse and show it to everyone just like real parents lmao

yes, he is! a pink cinnamon roll tho

hmm not a complete story. my writing would be horrible but sometimes I do draw little comic strips. They are really dumb and only in a “chibi”-style but if you wanna give them a try you can ckeck it out HERE.

I post them on tumblr too but they are not in chronical order and the tumblr search option on blogs is kinda stupid? (tag: comic strip)

nonono thank YOU my beautiful friend TvT

{ Last ooc post before I write those starters, but Happy New Year! I just wanted to say that I am sorry for my negativeness as of late, but I feel truly thankful for the kind people on here. <3 This year was hard for me– Twice, there were moments I lost ‘friends.’ The latest was the most recent, actually. Sadly, it was at the con I went to but I just never talked about it. xD It’s really hurtful to get long, essay-length messages from people numerous times about how i’m apparently a horrible person when i did nothing wrong. both instances made me feel shattered. but, i come on here and am reminded that it’s not true! i am glad to have cut those toxic people out of my life. i don’t need that. for, when people on here tell me they like my writing & call me a friend, that warms my heart. I feel like I belong somewhere. It’s cheesy but it’s how I feel haha. So, thank you. Even if we don’t interact or talk much. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for following me and supporting me. Thank you for being my friend. <3 }