sorry about my handwriting as well

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hi! i love your art, it's so pretty ♥ and you draw feet really well, do you have any tips?

thank you a lot anon!! (  /)w(\) here, i made a few notes about the steps i follow while drawing feet:

^ that’s assuming you’re not drawing from a low perspective, as if the camera was on the floor or something like that!

SORRY MY HANDWRITING SUCKS and i’m not really good at explaining things bc i don’t really follow a guide and stuff so yeah BUT I HOPE IT WAS HELPFUL TO YOU!!


Well, some details and info about my last fanart.

For anyone who doesn’t understand my handwriting (sorry), here are the flowers and their meanings:

White violet: Let’s take a chance on happiness
Moss Rosebud: Confessions of love
Christmas Rose: Tranquilize my anxiety
Garlic flowers: Courage, strength
White Lily: Virginity, Purity, Majesty, It’s heavenly to be with you
Bluebell: Humillity
White Heather: Protection, Wishes will come true
Acacia Blossom: Concealed and chaste love, beauty in retirement

Stock flower: Bonds of affection, Promptness, You’ll always be beautiful to me
Viscaria: Will you dance with me?
Lavender Heather: Admiration, Solitude
Spider Flower: Elope with me (lol)
Iris: Hope, Faith, Wisdom & valour
Pink Camellia: Longing for you
Forget me not: True love, Memories
Aster: Daintiness, Love
Stephanotis: Happiness in marriage


I went to William’s apartment to get his old Thanksgiving tapes. I was about to go and I saw this envelope. I said, I know that handwriting. That’s my mother’s handwriting, but how-how could that be? That… it doesn’t make sense, right? So I… “Dear William, I’m sorry I had to leave in such a hurry. But it was wonderful to see you looking so well after all these years.” After all these years.

Drabble- Before I realised I had begun

In which Klaus writes a letter to Caroline after hearing about recent events in Mystic Falls.

AN: The piece of writing in quotation marks is not my own, but is an absolutely beautiful quote written by the wonderful Jane Austen. 

Let’s see if this one gets plagiarised as well ;)


I’m not sure if this letter will make it into your hands, or if you’ll tear this up before even reading it. I would hope that the familiar handwriting would pique that ever present curiosity that made you such a delight to be around.

I was sorry to hear about the recent events in Mystic Falls. I received scattered reports from my hybrids, one of whom reported a disturbance of some sort while he was just passing through some time ago.

I had no need to keep tabs on you, especially after seeing Stefan in New Orleans and recognising that the depth of his affection for you went far deeper than I had ever realised. I could accept that you had moved on from our perfect afternoon in the woods, that you had found someone to love and respect you and put you first like you had always hoped for.

I had my reservations, but I also hoped. For you. That Stefan could be that person for you.

Stefan and I have a long and at times complicated history. I’d be acquiescent to telling you everything you’d like to know, especially now with the memory of his passing still so fresh, the wounds still deep.

People grieve in different ways Caroline, and I would never begrudge you yours.

I was surprised to learn that Stefan had been given the cure. Although it might not seem like it, the Bennett witch made the right choice. Her life in danger, her partner dead, it was the only option that she had, especially with her magic gone.

Self preservation is one of our most base instincts, both as a human and as a supernatural.

Don’t blame your friend, Caroline. You’ll want her around in the coming years and ensuing decades, especially when she starts to age and grow.

I’m sorry that you never got to have your June Wedding. I’m sorry that you lost Stefan in such a tragic way. I’m sorry.

If you are concerned that my feelings and desires for you have changed, they have not. I know the enormity of my affection and respect for you is a scary thing, and I understand the reservations that you may have had all those years ago when we first crossed paths.

And permit me to borrow a quote from one of my favourite writers, because sometimes I realise that my own words are never enough. But you are. You always have been enough, and more for me.

“I cannot fix on the hour, or the spot, or the look or the words, which laid the foundation. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun.”

I made an offer to you years ago to show you what the world had to offer. You weren’t ready then, and I suspect that you still aren’t ready for that. And that is okay.

Our time apart has changed us both, and you may not recognise certain parts of me, things that have come about only through hard times and a steep learning curve.

But I think that I would keep you safe. Keep you happy. Keep you loved.

You always have, and always will have a place in my home, my bed, and my life should you choose it.

Yours, Klaus

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Hi! I love your art and use Procreate to draw as well! I'm not to good at using it tho lol. There's so much stuff to use! I was wondering what brush you use to do he shading for skin, and if you had any other tips for someone struggling with this app? Thanks so much!


Hey! I’m not sure I can explain everything, but you can find the brushes I use and some other tips in my ask tag! (just search up ask in my blog) 

Here’s a list of things I learned about this app, hope it helps! (I USE THE OLDER VERSION SO IF YOURE USING THE NEW ONE SOME STUFF MIGHT BE DIFFERENT)

1. Get a stylus. It makes thing easier at the beginning. A cheap one from dollarama should be fine. If you have the newer iPad then get the Apple Pencil and save. Your. Life.

2. The blend tool is really helpful for making nice paint like affects (just don’t blend your lineart. embarrassingly enough that was a mistake I made consistently before)

3. Flip your canvas during different stages of your drawing! You’ll see all your mistakes and can fix them (BEFORE ITS TOO LATE)

4. Alpha locking the layers! (That’s when you slide a layer from the drop down layer menu to the right and the corners get lined with white ) this helps when you’ve drawn/ coloured a certain area cleanly and don’t want to “colour outside the lines”

5. Procreate doesn’t give you shapes or straight lines. To do that, fill a layer with the color of the shape you want, then transform it (the lil arrow tool) to make it into a straight line or a rectangle.

6. Expirement with the layer modes! They have some very helpful and neat effects.

Good luck!


3-27-17 | 46/100 Days of Productivity

today was a really nice day! i got a lot finished and i think i did really well with my vietnamese writing test :D

i actually got a lot done for apes so i’m very glad - just need to work on notes! chemicals and diseases are really interesting, tbh :o like i’m just vERY INTERESTED in learning about them. i’m sorry if my notes are too minuscule and illegible, really i am

hope all of you have a lovely lovely day! keep that chin up :’)))))

🎶 currently listening to : I Wait - DAY6 (april’s only a few days away and i’m so excited for what they have in store (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧)

{Hey guys, sorry for OOC… yeah, if you can’t read my terrible handwriting, I’m going on a short hiatus. I just haven’t been feeling too well even if I look enthusiastic through text, my grades are dropping, everyone’s sad, and I am completely unmotivated to draw. I’ve basically been forcing myself to draw for the past few days. so until I get my shit together this blog might be kind of inactive. (enjoy this drawing that I pushed out because I felt bad for just leaving a text post.)}

You can still text me and everything like normal, but for awhile there’ll be no updates on this blog, definitely any that involve art.


Yayyy some art before I go to my convention!

This quote isn’t mine and I’m sure it’s talking about marijuana weed instead of.. bad weeds.. but I thought it fit pretty well with Tree Hugger~

Also reference to Discord because I’m clever. Sorry for my horrible handwriting ^-^”

Edit: Added Tree Hugger alone in case anyone wanted that or something idk.


sorry for the messy handwriting @_@;;

here’s a general tutorial on how to draw something you haven’t drawn before.

(ty to @the-adventures-of-kpop and a few anons that have asked me for this)

i’ll try to work on tutorials about my own specific processes for anatomy, headshape, eyes, coloring, etc on a later occasion. 

this is my first tutorial so this is a learning experience for me too xD

hope this helps. feel free to send in any questions!


Hey everyone! Bc people are starting to collect their bts supplies and are asking me how I take my notes in college I decided to shoe you all how I take all of my lecture notes!
**sorry about my handwriting oops
I take all of my notes initially using the Notability app on my iPad and I write using a stylus pen.
With the notability app you can change your paper, pen, highlighter, font (yes you can type using a keyboard), and most importantly for a large lecture, RECORD THE PROF.
I organize everything by subject and date as well as by section number. My notes are also set up to automatically upload to google drive also, that way I never gave to worry abt deleting a note.

Another awesome thing with the recording feature is that you can select text you write or tutor for highlight and skip to that part of the recorded lecture and listen to that section, this has saved me SO much time.

I highly rec this app, they also gave it available on your computer!!!!

i actually did do something today lol i drew a comic about dads sending their sonphews money to make up for the fact that he couldn’t go to his wedding because he was worried about maintaining his uncle facade.

My handwriting isn’t the best so here’s what Stan’s note says:


Hey buddy.  I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to yours and Michelle’s wedding.  There was just a lot of things my end.  And you know your mom & I don’t get along.  I hope you understand.  I got you guys a little something.  Use it well, put it towards school or something.  Your dad would be proud, Champ.  I I know I am.

-Uncle Stan


You’ve always got a home in Gravity Falls.

He sent money.  Always send money to poor newlyweds.


ilsan hyundai department store fansign ♡ 160530

fan pov: i gave the present and said my greetings and told him to please write my name prettily then jonghyun said that he couldn’t write it like that (ie: prettily) because of his handwriting. hearing that, i immediately tried to dismiss this and told him: no, it’s not. that his handwriting right now is very pretty. he wrote it well why. ㅜㅜ for making awkward / difficult, i’m sorry. ㅜㅜ when i told him about having read my text on the radio.
jonghyun: ah!
fan pov: with this, he suddenly raised his head and stared at me. his eyes were too big and beautiful. ㅜㅜ then, when i told him to write my name …,
jonghyun: [name here]-ssi seems like a pretty name.
fan pov: me too, i like my name. with a thankful heart, i said: “jonghyun is also pretty.”.
jonghyun: thank you~.
fan pov: suddenly, a silence settled in. i had a feeling that i should say something so, with a frenzy mind, i blurted out this question: “in the buseo buseo video, why did you enter the waiting room with that angry / steaming face?
jonghyun: in front of the waiting room, before i even entered, i already heard the guys’ singing sound. ㅋㅋ that’s why i went in and danced…, but then i fell down with the sprinkled water. ㅜㅜ
fan pov: only talked about it ‘til this point. jonghyun’s voice when he said he fell was so cute. giving off a bit of an unfairness feeling. he told me to stay healthy / take care of yourself (ie: health) and exchanged greetings and i left. on the message (on the album) too, he wrote: “stay healthy / take care of yourself.” ㅋㅋㅋ (source: fantaemsie via ha1see2)


Rules and Guidelines

  • No R18, gore and commission requests with offensive content please!
  • If I feel like my skills aren’t enough for your request, then I have the right to refuse.
  • I will upload a lower res and watermarked version of your commission on this blog unless requested otherwise.


  • Paypal only please and in USD as well!
  • I will send you the sketch through e-mail and once approved, please send the payment over.
  • I will not continue said sketch if payment has not been received.
  • Please do not pay me upfront because it gets really messy when I cannot commit and you have already paid!
  • Please select “goods and services” and choose “no shipping necessary”, otherwise paypal will expect me to send you something!


Please send me an e-mail at kjvdeguzman[at] with the following information filled up:

Name/tumblr url:

Commission Type:

Character Name(s):


Additional Details (eye color, pose, personality, expression etc.):

If you have inquiries, please do not hesitate to leave a message on my inbox or at my e-mail! (Especially for when you wish to commission me something that isn’t included in the 4 types above!)

you know what I really loved about the new episode?

From episode one, the author has been implied to be this shady person who has really horrible trust issues, even with people he knows very well. This was even shown very clearly in AToTS when he met up with Stanley for the first time in Gravity Falls (”Have you come to steal my eyes” “Sorry, just checking to make sure you weren’t…..nevermind”) He even scribbled in large handwriting all over one of the pages in Journal 3 the line “TRUST NO ONE”


when Ford was telling Dipper about the rift, he didn’t say “I have a secret to tell you” or the “if I tell you this you have to promise to never tell anyone”. Sure, he did tell Dipper never to tell anyone, but do you want to know what his exact words were?

I trust you with this secret”


Stanford Pines, Mr. Trust Nobody just told Dipper, this kid who absolutely idolizes him, told him that he trusts him and idk about you but I think that’s really sweet