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When technically you’re the chill friend but your best friend for whatever reason refuses to accept the happiness he deserves smh

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Tried drawing they toys’ responses to a couple of gifts you guys have given to Sproing…

The bow tie was a gift from @icetigerkitten

The sweater was a gift from @peachdalooza


But I know what to say now. I have thought about you and I like you, and I like being with you. And..maybe I feel the same way. So the next time you tell me you love me, if there is a next time, I’ll say I love you too.



GUYS, HOW!?!? I WAS FLIPPING OUT WHEN WE PASSED 150, BUT 1,000!?!?!? (I also gained 13 followers, which puts my follower count at 18 :O). I’m just borderline crying over here, huuuge thank you to everyone who liked and reblogged this post!!

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doctor who + magpie electricals [the idiot’s lantern] references

More, anyone?

I’ve got drunk Drarry on my brain, and I don’t quite know what to do with it.

Here’s what I’m thinking: Draco has seen Harry drunk twice in his life. Once, during fifth year, in the midst of the Ministry’s play for Hogwarts. The second time, it’s at The Leaky Cauldron a year after Voldemort’s finally gone forever.

They start coming across each other more and more frequently, usually out, almost always at a pub of some sort or another.

Apparently the Weasley and Blaise are subscribed to the same gastro mag that publishes weekly articles on the best wizarding pubs and clubs (he keeps it to himself, because while the thought of watching Blaise blowing his top off over having any similarities with Weasley is hilarious, he’s saving it for when he really needs it).

They keep running into each other, and despite them being in a house of alcohol–despite watching Potter sling back lager after lager–he has yet to see him drunk outside of those two events. Draco doesn’t get it. Does Potter have some sort of Drunk Me Not spell in his arsenal? Is he impervious to the effects of ethanol? Is his tolerance level so high that he can outdrink even Hagrid?

Once, Draco tries to match his drink with Potter’s all night, and when he stands up to head to the bog, the world sloshes around him and his head is light and spinning, and his legs don’t seem quite as sturdy as he would like them to be. He’s well and truly drunk, but Potter doesn’t even look affected, and that’s unacceptable. Instead of going to the lavatory, his legs take him straight up to Potter, where he very drunkenly and mostly incoherently accuses him of being a cheat, and warns him that he’ll learn his secret if it’s the last thing he does, and promptly vomits all over Potter’s shirt.

Harry sighs, and tells the bar Draco’s done, and that he’s making sure he gets home safe. Ron, already three sheets to the wind, mutters some very explicit things about that not being all Harry wants to do.

Of course, Harry has no idea where Draco’s living these days, and as Draco is of exactly no help in this department (he presses his face against Harry’s neck and passes out like the uncooperative bugger he is), Harry makes an executive decision and ends up taking him home with the intention of forcing a glass of water down his throat and putting him to bed.

He would, if Draco wasn’t some kind of constrictor and refused to let Harry go when he tries to tuck him under the sheets and fuck off to his own room and shower. So. This is the grand lead-up to Draco prying his eyelids apart the next morning, face smooshed against, to his growing horror, Harry’s very naked chest.

It’s not like he can even blame Potter for being the secret cuddler and accosting him, because it’s very, very apparent that Draco is the one to have rolled Harry over to the very precipice of the bed where Potter wouldn’t have been able to escape him except to topple over the side, and somehow, wormed himself into Potter’s embrace.

He doesn’t even get the dignity of trying to extract himself stealthily, because Potter’s blinking blearily down at him, cocking an eyebrow as if to say “your move, mate”.

Except, he doesn’t say that. What does say is, “So, you said want to find out my secret.”

As Draco recalls, yes, he did say that, and groans in embarrassment at himself. Christ, it’s like fifth year all over again. All he can do is try to save face, so he says, “It was all part of the plan, you see. I’ve got you exactly where I want you”, and prays to whatever beings that be that Harry can’t see through the flimsy excuse.

This is, of course, barmy, and Potter’s eyebrow inches higher. Then, he’s craning his neck so his mouth is alongside Draco’s ear, and he says right into the shell of it, “And what if I’ve got you right where I want you?”

And Draco… well. Draco doesn’t quite know what to do about that, but he’s got some idea where to start.


You just know when you’ve seen something special, and nobody was ever more special than Brando. He had this extraordinary physical beauty and a power that was hard to define but completely undeniable. — Jack Nicholson on Marlon Brando
Chalk Hearts, a hetalia - axis powers fanfic | FanFiction
The world is full of lovers and fighters. And while France is happily on the side of the lovers, don't think for one second that he can't be a fighter. The French Empire might be gone but that didn't mean he wouldn't fight for what was his. FrUk Gift Exchange 2016 for Blackrosegirl666.

Sorry about the wait, my mother freaked me out. My cousin has already moved most of her stuff in and I was told last night that she would be moving in. So i had to clean my house and blah blah, anyway, here is your fic. 2.8k words exactly. I hope you enjoy it, @blackrosegirl666 ( @frukgiftexchange )

©zhufastzhufurious  Not the love of my lyfe #butreally


©love_life2792  In total awe, he’s absolutely beautiful!  Sorry for creating a crowd! @jaredpadalecki #jmhs #classof2000 #classof2010 #aclfest #supernatural #jaredpadalecki

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  ©meg_mcphee   Highlight of my weekend! Maybe even life! Finally got to meet one of my biggest idols! So amazingly nice when I had a mini fan freak out and ran away! Such a great person and a light in the darkness! #loveyourselffirstakf #jaredpadalecki @jaredpadalecki
Help replace my (very important) workstation

My computer is busted and I’m freaking out a little about it cus it’s literally my biggest means of financial and emotional support and I’m so sorry to be making this post asking for money but I don’t really know where else to turn. I’m pretty desperate at this point.

I just wanna be able to keep making art for you guys. 

My paypal is if you have money to spare.

More info under the cut really so I don’t clog up your dash or annoy you.

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  • New Moon (The Meadow) (piano cover)
  • Alexandre Desplat
  • New Moon Score

Just overworked. How’s it going, guys? I’ve seen the spoilers for chapter 21 and I am fucking pumped. TWO COLORFUL PAGES OF BLOWJOB, 31 PAGES TOTAL, THOSE CONTACTS BETTER STAY IN DOUMEKI’S POCKET.

I guess the big announcement here is that I will not be releasing chapter 20. Why? Because another group already did it, because I still get anon messages thanking me for scanalating chapter 20 why do you guys think that’s me?, because everyone has read it and knows what’s happening, and especially because I’ve been working 60+ hours a week and have little free time and I”m usually braindead in that time.

I’ve also been considering a Major Career Change and, well, I’ve decided to take the plunge. While things aren’t happening for a bit, it’s been kind of a weird/scary/frustrating month for me and just realizing that I have to make the change and deciding to make it was rough. I’m excited about the future though! I will certainly post here about it when things start taking off.

And do not worry, I specifically took vacation to coincide with the release of chapter 21, which means yes I will be scanalating it.