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thαt’s mч σвsєssíσn, dσn’t lσσk αwαч   ||   @247soobin

Relationship Aesthetics- Leander (@sxnned​) & Amelia

                                   Yes, I am a witch and I have conjured you for my bidding….
            ,                                    How could I know my spell was broke?
                                   I am nothing like the girl you thought I was without your love.
                                                 How could I haunt you & keep you close,
                                   When you can see my seams, the fraying of my dress?
                                                                 I am defenseless.



first of all, merry christmas! it’s still early december but i’m putting this up now just in case more of you change your urls i probably forgot tons of people cause i don’t recognize some people anymore OTL
so this is it, thanks to all of you for this year, it’s been better than the last one, still i hope it’ll get better soon~ i wish all of you a wonderful new year, merry christmas and all the happiness in the world ♥ ;v;/

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please listen to this and this, and have a wonderful december, don’t stress out too much and spend time with those who make you happy, don’t let anyone ruin anything for you!! thank you again. - hanna


This game is nightmare fuel to me, having had nightmares of a beloved Canadian children’s mascot from a very young age so of course the only way to get over my fears is to draw ridiculous crap from it.

(Mostly drawn without reference and sorry about the crappy pictures… took the pictures on my phone and edited with some online editor..thing.)

EDIT: proper scans uploaded yay!


The Wanted after performing at The Voice Australia