sorry about my bad pics

“I like your face”

frozen-gravity said: I saw that you’re taking requests, if so can you draw Shoto and Ochako as a couple! #todochako #shouchako 

Ochako’s bright smile and flushered cheeks are Shouto weakness~


i’m already late for carat selca day but i was tagged by my lovely pals @indigyu @caratbyun @supersuperroa so here it is a day late!! (fantaken creds)

i tag: YOU, you unsuspecting carat hehehe (only if you want to do this of course)

anonymous asked:

I love your art/works and when I saw lil raptor sculptures I wanted to try making one myself but I failed miserably. I thought if you had some free time and no idea what to create next you could do a little tutorial maybe? (No pressure, just an idea)

I’ll do a tutorial on the really tiny clay raptors since the larger ones take up a lot of time and supplies to make. Sorry about the bad quality pics, my camera has a hard time focusing on small things. :P

So I used 3 different colors of clay for this one; one for the body, one for stripes, and one for the eyes. You can use whatever colors you like when you make them :)

So I start out with a small ball of clay for the body.

Then I gently roll out both sides of it until I can make a head and tail out of it. Keep a bit more clay towards the middle so that you can make the arms/legs for it.

Next I start pinching out the 2 arms and legs to how I’d like them to be. I continue on forming and smoothing them out until I can get it to stand on its two hind legs.

Next, I take a tiny pinch of the second color for the stripes and then roll it out really thin.

Next, I cut up the thin pieces of clay to apply to the back of the raptor. I usually use my fingers for this, but you can also use a toothpick to make it more precise.

Finally, I roll out some black clay to make the eyes for the raptor and stick it firmly on top of the head.

There you have it, a tiny raptor! Now into the oven she goes for 30 mins of baking time }:)

Feel free to experiment with this however you’d like! This is just my personal preference when I make them, but explore your own imagination when making these as well :)

fun challenge: draw friend’s ships that you know nothing about and stick them in boring t-shirts to make it look like domestic au (for leigh)


Here’s a drawing of Rapunzel I did with water colour and copic markers, this was basically a test to see if I like water colours and using copic on paper specifically for water colour. Sorry about the bad quality, I took a pic using my camera so the colours are off and everything is all grainy

Rapunzel’s hair and dress just killed my copic markers and look, I gave Rapunzel her mother’s necklace!