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[private] Hi Kelsey—sorry for putting this on you, but if & only if you have a free moment, I was wondering how you felt about this. A chem prof at my uni has a vague reputation for being a 'creep', but others speak of him highly & he is only prof in the department whose research matches my interests for grad school. Should I apply to work in his lab or stay away?

yeah defs stay far away from that

trust me, every creepy professor has people who speak highly of him (also, be wary of men who speak highly of him and have never heard any of the rumors because of course they haven’t heard anything about it, why would they?), and you should trust the vague rumors and whispers. Those don’t come from nowhere. 

As for research interests, try looking outside of your department for people with similar research interests (especially in chem it’s usually not to hard to find people doing similar things in different departments) and if you absolutely can’t find anyone, consider trying something else out. For grad school usually it just matters that you have research experience, and you never know, you might end up finding out that you like something else more than you thought you would.

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Well, Lucy and Sinner are pair, aren't they? So, how did they meet? Did they love each other at once or in time? Does they have a baby or babies (I know, that they is guys, but still)? Does Lulu have any enemies? (And sorry for my bad English, but I really love you and your characters(and your friends's characters) and want to know more about they.)

Yes~! I love talking about the Sin Ship <3

They met cause Lucy is a little shit and basically tracked Sinner down cause he was interested in becoming a villain like him.
He managed to find him, cause he’s a sneaky little fuck, and pretty much fell in love the second he realized that yes, in fact, Sinner could beat the shit outta him and was like, super powerful.
Lucy sees Sinner as a god pretty much.
Like, before meeting Sinner, he was mostly aromantic, and wasn’t interested in any sort of romance(since the poor kid has some issues trusting people).

And they do eventually have a bab! Sinner has children from previous flings,  but they DO have one daughter together~
(As for how she comes about, it depends on the AU. Sometimes its genetic fuckery and she’s basically a test tube baby. Or, if we’re talking A/B/O dynamics. Well. Preggo Lulu)

Lucy is lucky enough to not have too many enemies. He’s friendly and gets  along with people well. Sinner has enemies, that in turn sort of become Lucy’s enemies through association. But sweet Lucy makes up for his big grumpy hubby :3

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Speaking of antis, I saw this post yesterday that was like "tired of larries claiming to be true fans when they think his son isn't real and his team is shit." And like... I honestly don't care about the first point, it's whatever. I think what I think. But like.... thinking his team is shit is not 'being a true fan'??? I'm sorry but how is wanting better for your fave horrible? I don't owe pleasantries to crusty or cinnamon (Simon) so like... ???

bye jdkdkd that’s exactly what they think. they think his team is great and is doing the most for louis when they couldn’t care any less about him or his career. like honestly?? one look at liam and niall’s team will tell you everything you need to know​

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how DARE u talk shit about my country, the only civilized country 😤🇺🇸🦅

i’m sorry i disrespected the civilised eagle, gabs 😣😣😓😓😭😭😭🤧🤧🤧

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I can't look up hanzo and genji anymore.... all that pops up Incest... THEYRE BROTHERS PEOPLE!!!! BROTHERS!!!!!!!!

That doesn’t matter to quite a few people on Tumblr and it’s pretty horrible. I’m sorry you can’t even go through the tags anymore without being scarred. We’ll get more shit for talking about how disgusting it is than people get for actually shipping it. Utter bullshit.

Let me tell you something funny… a certain someone who claims I am a stalker and some other shits…

Okay? Who is the REAL stalker? Are we friends? Clearly NOT! But how do you know what is going on with my life??? Do I even tell story time with you? NO!!

Oh wait! You clearly are the STALKER, coz the only reason you have to know what’s going on with my life is when you actually have to read through my post. Wow! I feel honored that you would take time to go through all my post just to get info about my life…

I’m sorry that my fave knows me and recognizes me but probably isn’t the case for you (and before anyone else bitches at me saying I’m boasting about it, I AM NOT) I am simply trying to make a point! I worked hard and did everything I can to get noticed by my fave and NO I didn’t have to stalk them. You can say whatever you want that my fave doesn’t like me, at the end of the day I know what the truth is and you can keep spatting out whatever makes you feel better.

Point is: whenever I post an INFO, you clearly cannot accept the FACT and yes you don’t have to, but to slander and say all other crap of BS is definitely UNACCEPTABLE. Please look at your OWN self first before you start criticizing someone else.

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I had an idea, but idk how it should play out... Headcannon or prompt: THEY ARE AGED UP. (even though the Losers may know of this, let's pretend they don't) Richie sneaks around to smoke. No one knows about this. One day, Eddie finds Richie on the cliff the Losers jump off of into the lake whenever they go swimming. Richie is sitting there smoking, not noticing Eddie. Eddie sees the cigarette and smoke and he gets mad and yells at him, and is close to tears.

i making this into a lil headcannon! sorry if its lowkey shit i tried ah i love you though anon thank you

- bev is the only loser who knows richie smokes 
- she obvi don’t agree with it bc like canCER
- eddie hates smoking
- stan sees anyone he knows with a cig he will literally smack that shit out of their hand because it’s gross
- they all cringe every time they see an adult with a cigarette hanging from their mouth 
- except richie
- he thinks its ‘cool’ and ‘for the aesthetic’
- so one day he steals one of his dads and goes to the quarry by himself
- and he gets hooked on them but like??? no one notices
- they all lowkey assume he smells like smoke bc of his dads smoking habits
- but when they are all at the quarry swimming one summer day the losers are all drying off and laughing and listening to music and its great
- then they all start to pack up and leave after a while
- richie stays back and tells them he will meet up later or tomorrow
- eddie gets nervous that richie is staying out late by himself but the others say he will be fine
- richie just sits on the edge where they all once spit loogeys and pulls out a cigarette
- eddie keeps texting him and calling him but richie’s phone is currently sitting next to him dead
- richie is oblivious and is already on to his second cigarette 
- eddie figures he can just bike down to the spot and find him
- so he does
- and when he sees what’s between richies lips and what the situation is he flips
- richie has headphones in and doesn't notice the angry eddie walking up to him
- until the earbuds are ripped from his ears and he turns around quickly
“eddie what the fuck-!” 
“Don't ‘eddie what the fuck me’ why the hell are you smoking! why didn’t you answer your fucking phone?!”
- richie honestly didn’t realize the cigarette between his lips until eddie takes it rather violently and put it on the ground and smooshing it
“Eds that was my last one!”
- eddie is already angry and he is on the verge of tears
“don't ‘eds’ me! this can kill you! you know we all hate it!” 
“eddie i-” 
- and eddie just snatches the box from richie’s shirt pocket and chucks it into the water
“I'm serious about this richie! you could die! and i won’t kiss you!”
- richie’s heart lowkey breaks and he never thought eddie would say that so he just vows to stop smoking altogether
- eddie ends up walking away while crying and hopping on his bike to leave
- richie just stares in shock

this was really bad ahhh!! im sorry!!! i have been staring at this ask for days!! i hope it’s okay and i realize i went lowkey off of the prompt but yeah i hope you like it aH

thank you for sending it in!! <3

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I don’t even know wtf I’m doing here. I guess I just need to say that idk why but there’s something wrong with me lately. I just feel so exhausted and out of touch. Not really sad, but not numb. And I feel like I can’t do anything? I don’t really know how to put it in words. I don’t really know what I want by saying this, I just kinda need to vent. Sorry for taking your time for random bullshit!

ooc: hey love! i’ve felt very similar things to you and i feel like that quite often sometimes too, and i find it best to spend more time with friends and family and people that love me, talk to them about it, and try to not give up on anything? i know it feels like shit now but trust me, things do get better x - not richie

I know everyone is busy screaming about history, but I would like to casually remind everyone of the gift that no one has talked about enough. this is magical and amazing and none of you have appreciated it enough so HERE now you can watch/listen on repeat like me

Your two complicated sons



So we are talking about 76’s A.SALT RIFLE and DIET HEAL UP® can.
But there is more…

I wondered what the small font says, and - hey, thanks reddit!


I know a lot of Hollywood actors like to brag about “doing their own stunts” but you wonder how smart that is. Isn’t it just better to, eh, leave it to the people with the best training?

Tom Cruise should not be hanging out of the side of an air plane at 50 years old, let’s be honest. 

It’s unfair on the stunt people in the industry too.

 I remember Harrison Ford telling Parkinson about how he loved doing all his own stunts for the first Indiana Jones movie…until his stuntman came up to him and asked him, very nicely, not to do it anymore. Because while Harrison wasn’t getting extra money for doing that stuff, the stuntman relied on this to make a living. 

Harrison was basically: “Oh, shit. Sorry.” He was embarrassed.  

Gotta stay in your own lane sometimes. 

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #33
  • Phil: ChiCKEn

I fell down a hole of reading stuff about this movie but omg I am LOSING MY SHIT that apparently Taika Waititi actually genuinely wanted to have a flashback scene with teenage Thor and Loki where everyone would have tacky 80s outfits with shoulder pads and mullets and and Loki would be “a little goth kid sitting off by himself like Draco Malfoy” [DIRECT QUOTE] ????? We were robbed

“im sorry, the old david can’t come to the phone right now. why? oh, cause he’s dead!”

B.A.P at the Supermarket

-Jongup is in the cereal aisle

-Daehyun is upset that the kids seat on the shopping cart is too tiny for him, Himchan regrets bringing him already

-Youngjae is frustrated. He has managed to pull every door that says ‘slide to open’

-Junhong is upset at the lack of spongebob boxers for adults

-The slowest man in Korea has managed to piss off people in the fast lane, he smiles to apologise, they melt

-Jongup is still in the cereal aisle

-Himchan and Daehyun are fighting about who will pull the cart

-Youngjae stares at the hair dyes available for 15 minutes, picks brown

-Yongguk is explaining why buying water is important to a couple of 3 year old kids

-Junhong has somehow managed to lock himself in the dairy freezer

-Daehyun has eaten at every taste test counter and now Himchan refuses to buy him dinner

-Youngjae has distanced himself from those two

-Yongguk is still with the kids, now advertising tigger plushies and gum care

-Jongup takes a break to get nesquik and returns to the cereal aisle

-Himchan and Daehyun are now fighting about who will handle money

-Junhong takes the money, there’s too much loving yelling for HimDae to notice

-Youngjae momentarily returns to remove the salt from the cart, assuring HimDae he has enough

-Youngjae also hides the last packet of chicken so Daehyun can’t get it, but it’s turkey, he failed.

-Junhong is now talking to the staff, he has strong opinions about tomato being a fruit

-Daehyun sees Jam and starts to sing “That’s My Jam”, Himchan has given up

-Jongup can’t decide on cereal

-HimDae are now fighting about who can yodel better, a crowd has gathered around them

-Yongguk walks straight past them, grabs Youngjae and leaves

-Junhong has spent all the money on dog treats for Mochi, frowns at shirts because ‘who wears those’ on his way out

-Al*kpop publishes an article in the next hour with footage, “B.A.P’s Himchan and Daehyun leaving group to pursue yodelling careers”

AFTERWORD: The store has shut. The manager is just ensuring all lights are off and no one is here. It’s dark, he’s manoeuvring his torch, but he can feel a presence. “Is anyone there?”, he calls, his voice trembling. There’s a sudden noise, and his eyes are now on a small boy dressed in white, with razor sharp features and light hair. The boy takes steps towards him, clearly armed with something. The manager is about to flee, but the boy….squints. “Where do I pay for the cereal?”

“I always love working with Ryan.”

“I’d like robron to be back on ‘cos I like kissing Ryan.”

“I’d love to work with Ryan for many years to come!”

“Ryan is just great to watch on screen isn’t he?! So good!”

“I try to find different words for Ryan ‘cos of the amount I’ve said about him in the past because he’s just great to work with.”

[Talking about robron success] “I think its down to Ryan coming in and so strongly playing this character, which was already a recognized role. Its more of a credit to him than me.”

“Ryan is a very, very talented actor- particularly in the emotional stuff.”

“Ryan was the only one who was amazing enough to steal your eye at the audition stage. I knew he was the one.”

“I could never imagine anyone else playing Robert. Ryan has done a great job and I’ve enjoyed watching us develop.”

“Ryan’s a good kisser, I quite like it!”

“As corny as it sounds, the relationship between us has come on- not just with Robert and Aaron.”

“Ryan’s given his own edge to Robert, which I am so proud of him for, as a colleague and a mate.”

“It’s a testament to Ryan. I’m very proud to work with him. He’s been amazing and he’s a good lad.”

“Credit where credit’s due, Ryan Hawley’s come in and he’s been absolutely amazing. He’s kept his feet on the ground and his head above sea level.”

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{Long live Danny Miller… The #1 top fan girl of Ryan Hawley}