sorry about her mouth

 “ Woah! Down boy, down!

as MATT jumped at a random stranger.
That was rather unusal of the puppy as,
he didn’t jump on anyone without
HAL’S consent or approval to do so first.

off the other girl when he heard his owner.
He sat obediently as HAILEE approached.
The girl ran up to the pair, panting heavily.
After a second of catching her breath,
she opened her mouth to apologize to her,

 “ Sorry about that, miss. He’s not like this.
I- I don’t know what came over him there, ” 


Sprinting for the train with only seconds to spare, Remus was two steps away when he slammed into the closed carriage doors and groaned loudly in frustration. Then looking down he saw a very small child standing inside next to her mother giving him a wide eyed look and immediately felt bad about it. Sorry, he mouthed to her, feeling a little silly as he did so but was gratified when instead of looking afraid or continuing her look of ‘mummy there’s an angry man trying to get in’, she gave him a slow, toothy smile.

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Her mind was swimming with thoughts, her mouth tasting like a liquor cabinet. Sara loved parties, she loved people, crowds… But tonight was different, she was plagued with her own problems. Soon she had excused herself away from her friends and taken a bottle of wine off the rack for herself to help pass the time before she found herself on the roof, peering down at the Cloverbook ants. She wasn’t unwell, she was simply bored so she balanced up on the toes of her feet, wobbling before regaining her height. The last two months of her life had been so peaceful in Italy, Sara only waited for it to end with a text message. 

“Not so stupid now huh,” She muttered to herself. “You can’t get me, I’m practically invincible.”