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“I love you more than Sherlock loves ginger nuts.”


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The last song I listened to was ‘Fukai Mori’ by Do as Infinity. I have a few others songs by them actually and ‘Kimi Ga Inai Mirai’ is my ringtone, which ALSO is the opening theme to the Final Act!

My lockscreen is my fiances’ and mine prom picture the my sister took our senior year.

and my selfie. xD oh the selfie, the infamous dog filter. Well, what can I say, I felt like doing it! sorry not sorry yo! c:

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“I would tell you that I love you even if Eurus didn’t say there was a bomb in your flat.”

sad sing thought

Really depressing thought here:

What if in sing, when the theater goes down, what if a few people (well animals but you get the idea) actually did get hurt, and one of them was Johnny, and then we just had big daddy sitting in prison watching the news story about it and when they say who got hurt he just feels immensely guilty because the last thing he said to Johnny was “How did I end up with a son like you?”

You know, I really hate it when my dad seems to make it out like he is taking care of our turtle all by himself when the reality is, is that he has only done a few minor tasks. Yeah, nevermind that I personally feed Toonie every day and that my mom and I are the ones who clean his tank every few months or less, and take pains to fill up his tank a proper amount when the light has evaporated too much of his water; but noooo…just because you added a little bit of water to his tank on occasion and re-started his filter a few times after a power outage, you’re the one who is mostly taking care of the turtle. Screw you.