sorry about everything it just imploded on itself

iodicoche  asked:

for the prompt: se we know Neil is a represser, he bottles his emotions as long as he can. what would happen if he just reached the tipping point? would he explode? would he implode? doesn't have about anything big, it could totally be something completely minor. ((sorry if it's vague))

The thing about Neil is that he’s so repressive that even his tipping point manifests itself in the form of self censure.

By which I mean Neil just. Stops functioning.

Evermore is an example of this. When Neil hits his threshold, his mind simply refuses to accept any more input until it sorts out everything it already has. He will stop moving, stop responding, an almost complete separation between person and surrounding.

The foxes only see this happen once in his second year. A recently graduated Raven tried to get back at Neil by sending him the gear Riko used to further him at Evermore, and Neil shut down for two days. When he came back to it, he had no memory of the time he missed or the package (and he never found out, because Andrew threw it away). This was the one and only instance where Wymack insisted Neil go see Betsy, who diagnosed him with a form of dissociative disorder.

Those two days were the most terrifying experience in Andrew’s life, because this wasn’t like Baltimore where Neil was taken. This time, Neil was right there and he was still helpless. With time and research, Andrew learns how to best take care of him in this state (low lights, no music, on the bed but over the covers, as little sensory input as possible) whenever it happens.