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So I’m rewatching Fairy Tail and in the first few episodes, Natsu is so sarcastic towards Lucy and Lucy just seems really unamused by his antics.
But Natsu asks Lucy to be on his team, yes it was at first because he needed a blonde, but it became more. Natsu, Lucy and Happy became a team (along with Gray and Erza).
During the Phantom Lord arc, Lucy is kidnapped and held in a tower, Natsu upon hearing this, grabs a random member and demands they take him to her. Lucy meanwhile, manages to distract Master Jose and run out to the edge of the building where she finds she’s many feet above ground. Lucy then proceeds to throw herself off the building because she hears Natsu in the distance, if this doesn’t truly show how much faith she has in him idk what does!? Natsu catches her and you can clearly see him turn so that he crashes through the wall and not Lucy.

In the battle of FairyTail, it’s the first time we see Natsu having faith in Lucy’s abilities, whilst Gajeel expresses shock that Lucy beat Bickslow, Natsu shows no sign of being surprised or that he doubted her power. But this still doesn’t mean he’s not stupidly protective of her, to name a few moments: In Edolas, he knew that he had to save his Lucy from the guards even though he had no Magic and no plan and he threatened to burn Hughes to ashes if he touched Lucy, on Tenrou Island, he yelled at Lucy to run away to avoid being killed by Kain, and watched in horror when she didn’t and was almost crushed and he gave Lucy (and the others) the will to get up and keep fighting against Hades. I could go on but it’s a long list.

And it’s not just Natsu, Lucy has also protected Natsu many times and has not left his side and believed in him over and over again. She trusts him so much and it’s clear she would do anything to protect him, even fight against her friend, Brandish.

Also so many people in the guild ship them:
Happy, Mirajane, Cana, Levy, Juvia, Lisanna, and many others.

Their relationship development is so beautiful and they have so many amazing moments together that I could talk about for hours.
If you don’t believe Natsu cares about Lucy, please remember he ripped up a tree, put it in a boat (when even the sight of transportation makes him nauseous) and sailed it right past Lucy’s house just because she couldn’t go and see it herself. And if you think Lucy doesn’t care about Natsu, please remember all those tender looks she gives him, and how much trust she has for that boy.
Natsu and Lucy love each other and no one can convince me otherwise.

I’m having too much fun with vampire!Percy. Also a good opportunity to practice teeth.

And apparently I need to draw the Briarwoods because I just realized wow do Percy and Cassandra resemble them in this AU. Which is kind of fitting.

i can’t say the words out loud

Fridays at Pantheon High School during football season are a nightmare. Fridays at Pantheon when the games are against Legion are simply hellish. The hallways around her as Annabeth saunters to her locker are abuzz with anticipation and nervous energy. Their teams are usually evenly matched, and the night has the promise of being interesting at least.

She’s thumbing through her calculus notes and mentally preparing for her upcoming quiz when she hears the familiar screech of the locker next to her. She withholds a sigh and turns to face her friend. Will is a grinning mess of floppy hair and a giant blue HOSA sweatshirt as he shoves his school bag into his locker. She really has no idea how his locker is next to her when they’re supposed to be arranged alphabetically, but she isn’t complaining. He’s always been a steadfast friend and she’s glad to have him around. What she is not always glad for, however, is the melodrama.

“Annabeth I’m like 97% sure that I’m in love. Love, Annabeth. Love” She smiles slightly at that and leans against the wall.

“The date went well, I take it?”

“It was amazing. He’s so cute and funny and cool and nice and cute and- “ he pauses and a thoughtful look passes over his face “you should meet him. He said he was probably going to come to tonight’s game.”

“Sure, kiddo.” she reaches out with the hand that isn’t gripping her binder and ruffles his hair.

“Chase, I am one year younger than you.” he groans. She grins at that and his accompanying scowl.

“You’re adorable. I can’t believe you’re all grown up and have a boyfriend. William, I have never been so proud of you.” she coos

“My name isn’t even William!” he yelps “and speaking of boyfriends, Piper sent me a very interesting text last night about your not-so-secret admirer. I didn’t think you’d be one to fall for the enemy.” This. This is what she had been trying to avoid. She made a mental note to find a quaint closet to murder Piper in after her first class.

“I talked to a guy for a couple minutes at a store. It’s not exactly Romeo and Juliet, Will.” she said, exasperated.

“Yeah, but you like him.” he prods “how long has it been since―”

A shrill chime echoes throughout the building, signalling that it was time to get to class. Saved by the bell. Literally. She smiles at him in mock frustration and makes her way to her math classroom.

Her quiz is much more challenging than expected, but she’s pretty sure she did moderately well on it. She turns her phone back on as soon as she walks out of the classroom, and moves next to the bannister in order to read the messages she collected.

Pipes: will says we’re going to meet his guy at the game maybe annabeth’s will be there <3

Reyna: Piper’s making us do social things can we at least get food?


Leo: do we HAVE to spend time watching annoying jocks? -_-


Will: Yes we do. Kids these days smh


Annabeth quickly types out a response.


Annabeth: We should hang out at argo’s first also he’S NOT MY GUY


Leo: uh huh. very convincing

Piper: not yet ;))))))))))))))

Annabeth: Ugh. Piper…

She shoves her phone into her pocket and slips through the horde of students in order to make it to her next class on time; AP US history, which she thankfully shares with Reyna, who was probably the one person she could stomach talking to no matter the circumstance.

As soon as the school day ends, she heads over to Piper’s locker where her friends usually gather. She has one class with Reyna, two with Malcolm and Leo, and none with any of her other friends. Save lunch, she usually doesn’t see them all day.

Piper grins and calls her name as she approaches, and as usual she’s the easiest person to spot in a crowd. Her dark hair is braided on the sides, and she’s wearing a neon orange Pantheon Spartan sweatshirt and shorts. While Annabeth and Reyna and most of the people in their friend group are relatively neutral to the rivalry, Piper is… not. She’s the type of person that makes posters and brings airhorns to football games. She started cheerleading during sophomore year and hates the stigma surrounding it.

Piper grabs her hand as they walk out to the parking lot, and starts swinging her arm like a child. The main entrance of their building is surrounded by handmade posters advertising the game. Will’s phone chimes with the Grey’s Anatomy theme song. He smiles as he reads the screen, and gestures at them.

“Nico says that he wants to hang out this weekend.” Will gasps frantically “Does that mean hang out as friends or another date? Do you think he actually likes me?”

Annabeth mentally drops her head into her hands as Piper swoops over and loops her arm through Will’s. She zones out when they begin to analyze emojis and the enthusiasm of different amounts of exclamation points. She and Reyna have a theory that they both secretly participate in a two-man drama troupe during night hours.

The walk to Argo Cafe from the high school was short. It lies a couple blocks away from Chiron’s and is nestled deeply into their side of town. Leo waiters there most days after school, and a couple of her older friends work there in between classes at the local college. It’s the absolute epitome of the stereotypical small town diner, with peeling vinyl siding and 90s style booths. It’s Annabeth’s absolute favorite place to study and hang out. Piper picks a booth near the back of the building, and they all slide into the seats: Annabeth and Reyna sitting opposite the other three.

Annabeth manages to join the conversation unscathed for the first couple minutes, but as soon as Piper orders her usual strawberry milkshake she scoots closer to the table with a predatory gleam in her hazel eyes.

“Have you texted him yet?” she presses. Will winces in sympathy. Once Piper gets on one of her matchmaking quests, she turns into a lion stalking her prey. Impossible to defeat, and absolutely terrifying. In all honesty, Annabeth had dealt with the issue of Percy Jackson’s number in the same way she dealt with everything else of emotional importance. She ignored it’s existence and avoided thinking about it. She was about 50% sure the note was lodged at the bottom of her backpack. Now, all she had to do was find a way to get her friends off the blood trail. She sighs in exaggerated despair.

“Alas, I seem to have lost his number. Now I’ll never know what might have been.” she drawls. Reyna looks at her in obvious disbelief. Piper huffs.

“Well. Fortunately for you, I took a picture of the note while you weren’t looking!” she says “you have zero excuses for not talking to the cute guy you have a crush on.” Crap. She should’ve burned it when she had the chance. Annabeth takes a pointedly long sip of her milkshake before shooting Leo an expression that hopefully conveys her SOS. Leo returns a small nod in her direction.

“Hey, Pipes?” he ventures “What did you think about that last chem quiz we had?” Piper scoffs and shakes out her braids.

“You can’t distract me from uniting Annabeth and her soulmate!” she barks “Reyna, please,”

Reyna shoots Annabeth an apologetic smile before swiping Annabeth’s phone from her hand and tossing it into Piper’s waiting ones.

“Treachery!” Annabeth squeaks. Reyna just shrugs and places her chin in her hands.

“She said she’d pay me five bucks. Take it up with the psycho.” she says dismissively.

The sight of Piper furiously typing on her phone is.. something out of her nightmares to be honest. She has no idea when she had the chance to add her fingerprint to Annabeth’s phone but it doesn’t surprise her. Piper’s passion for her friends is one of the reasons Annabeth loves her so much, but also one of the reasons she is terrified of her.

“aaaand, send!”

Piper taps the screen in satisfaction, barely missing Annabeth’s attempt to dive across the table and take it from her. Their glasses clatter all over the floor, and Annabeth’s hand is dripping with maple syrup from Will’s plate of waffles. The staff barely spare them a glance. It’s quite concerning how regular this is. She slides back into her seat and wipes her hand off with a napkin.

Piper tilts the screen towards Will who nods in approval.

“It’s honestly not as bad as I expected.” he states in an attempt to reassure her.

Knowing Piper, that could range anywhere from a simple hello to three paragraphs of heart eye emojis and cheesy pick up lines. Annabeth groans and drops her head in her hands.

“I’m going to murder you to death, Mclean.” she mumbles.

“You wouldn’t have to if you’d just man up and do it yourself.” Piper yelps “You obviously like him, so what’s the problem?”

The problem was, that Annabeth liked him. He was sweet and smart and while she hated the nights that Piper forced her into watching rom-coms, it was like something shifted into place as soon as they met. She had absolutely no idea how to approach the situation and it warranted at least another week of avoidance. Her phone chimes and if Piper’s squeal is anything to go by, Percy Jackson has horrible timing.

She lifts her head and clasps her phone before Piper can do further damage. She sighs in relief once she sees what Piper sent him. It just says “Hey, it’s Annabeth from the store. What’s up?”  

Annabeth’s Mans: hi! I wasn’t sure if you were going to text but it’s super cool that you did. Apparently Nico’s bf is going to come to the game so I’m on babysitting duty to make sure he doesn’t pass out from lovesickness. Should be a blast.

She smiles and changes the contact name to something more fitting, before typing out her response.

Annabeth: Will’s super excited about it. Hopefully I’ll see you there??


Percy: yeah!! A few of my friends are on the team so I usually have to go to every game


Annabeth: same. Piper quit cheer after last year but she still makes us fill our social quota through school events


Percy: yikes. I’ve never understood why football gets so much attention. There’s just not enough.. I don’t know.


Annabeth: Water? I guess land sports are boring for half fishes.


Percy: STOP you can’t let the NSA know about me being a merman, Annabeth!

She huffs out a laugh at that and Piper makes a screeching sound that sounds concerning. Annabeth sighs and flips her phone over so the screen is facing the wood of the table in front of her.

“What’d he say?” Piper presses. Annabeth raises one shoulder in a shrug and rolls her eyes at the idiot she calls her friend.

“He’s coming to the game with Will’s boyfriend.” She replies, jerking her thumb across the table. Will ducks his head and blushes and Piper beams at the both of him. Leo leans over and steals a bunch of her french fries while she’s distracted. She claps her hands together in finality.

“Great!” Piper chirps “We can meet both of them tonight.” Her voice contains her usual air of excitement but beneath it there’s an edge of firmness, which let’s her know exactly how serious Piper is about the whole thing. Reyna signals for the waitress to give them their bill. Today it’s their old friend Silena who’s majoring in Public Relations a town over. She thumbs through her phone again as the rest of her friends make conversation.

Annabeth: my friends want to meet you when they meet nico. prepare for insanity!

It’s about a minute before he responds

Percy: they can’t be more intense than my friends *shudder* but i can’t wait to see you there :))

She can’t help but smile at that. A warm feeling spreads throughout her as she imagines him curled up and typing this with his dumb eyes and furrowed brows. It’s not just him, it’s her idiot friends curled up around her, forming a steady backdrop of people she loves. It’s this pulsing feeling of contentment that she’s never felt before. She leans her head on Reyna’s shoulder as she types out another message.

Annabeth: I can’t wait either <3

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