sorry about crappiness

I’m having too much fun with vampire!Percy. Also a good opportunity to practice teeth.

And apparently I need to draw the Briarwoods because I just realized wow do Percy and Cassandra resemble them in this AU. Which is kind of fitting.


My first real ML fanart
Plus two little closeups because tumblr doesn’t always do justice to small details when it comes to quality. 

I aged them up a few years, updated outfits, post-reveal dating.
Rising star fashion designer heroine and her part time model boyfriend slash crime fighting partner.

I’m very proud of Adrien’s hands. I love his hands.
Sorry about the crappy transformation effects. It was just for funsies.

Natural Motd Lookbook:

Hair: @wingssims ❤️
Brows: @maccosimetics ❤️
Eyes: @sims3melancholic ❤️
Lipstick: @pralinesims ❤️
Piercings: @pralinesims ❤️
Earrings: @ephiny-asunder ❤️
Top: @jordutch ❤️
Nails: @quen2n ❤️

Pose: @sweetsorrowsims ❤️

Sorry about the crappy editing I tried lol!

Freezing manga cap redraw ♥