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Sian you're the MVP of the Richonne fandom. You respect and reassure us. You always stan for Richonne. You do your best to spread positive vibes in the tag. I'm sorry all this worry about Andy's interview was brought to you. It's just that you give a lot of thought to your answers and they're always on point. I hope you're not to tired from the discussion. We appreciate you even answering the asks. We're grateful that you take time interact with us. Thank you.

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Thank you! I’m not worthy, but thanks.

I really don’t mind answering the Asks and helping people with their concerns. I’ve been here long enough to know how to deal with it. With our ever-growing fandom *waves at new followers*, it’s nice to have someone to reach out to; as long as people continue to engage with me, I am happy to share my thoughts with them. I don’t fault people for that when they are after reassurance; we all need it sometimes. I guess I was a little tired of having to explain the same thing over and over again. But thank you for the love and concern.

Richonne is canon! Richonne is love!


handwriting tag!! everybody who does these has really nice writing and then there’s me ??? LOL i wrote so much about music bc i was thinking about it all day sorry

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it’s been a week since YOI has ended and all i had to contribute are these bad genderbend doodles :’) 
I’m doing a lil’ explaining below about my thoughts n headcanons about this au. 

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Can’t we just put aside our differences and all agree that whether you love ice-skating boys or esper kids that what we’re all really excited for is another season of an egg and a toaster in domestic bliss?

CS JJ Day 29: Hearth

Summary: In which Emma is always cold, and Killian is always warm.

Rated: M

Warnings: Smut, angst

Words: ~6k

Notes: Much love and gratitude to the organizers at @csjanuaryjoy! Inspired by a prompt from @seethelovelyintheworld, who requested a fic where Emma is cold and Killian is warm, and by the beautiful sketch she drew, which you may find below.  Also tagging @icecubelotr44.

Also on ff and ao3

It’s only when she’s taken everything out of the satchel twice – packing it carefully back in after the first, and tearing it right back out – that Emma allows herself to pout. She treats Neverland like a place of action. Whenever she’s still, it’s a place of mourning, eternal youth and sorrows, and she can’t hardly stand it. Can’t hardly sleep either. There are sounds echoing through the forest – grating, unnatural noises that belong in the winding, industrial alleys of poorly kept city blocks.

That, and she’s sure she’s never been this cold in her life. So she searches for the sweater she’d brought along, with no luck.

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Hey just a reminder that Haikyuu!! isn’t queerbaiting for the simple reason that Furudate didn’t plan on making it look gay to get more readers.

I feel like Remus is the type of guy who would have his hands all over you during sex, always. His touch is everywhere.

Meanwhile, Draco, I think, would have his mouth everywhere possibly imaginable. And I do mean everywhere, again. He’d start off with your neck, then your chest, then he’d travel down your stomach, to your navel, before flipping you over and sucking and nibbling at every inch of your back until your spine is arching, begging him for more.

  • Some random ass anti in the sheith tag: CALLOUT POST! This person posts NOTHING but SHEITH and some of it is even NSFW! I'm telling you so you can blacklist this person and their tags and NEVER see their problematic-ness EVER in your life.
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