sorry about all the sketches


So many tomatoes in this strip

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read all avaiable chapters of watercast by fishwrites yesterday, ugly sobbed in the office bATHROOM, came home and immediately got to my tablet and this is only a crop of the full drawing bc i’ve decided TO KILL MYSELF and put EVERYTHING into this piece holy shit

but honestly, thank you @fishwrites for this fic. i’ve been struggling with horrible HORRIBLE artblock for the past few months, feeling sooo miserable everytime i forced myself to draw and this was the first time in MONTHS i had fun sketching and planing out a drawing and AGH i’m just so happy i came across this fic!!! THANK YOU!


a while back i saw some photos of a lady surrounded by ketchup bottles, and it was at that moment i knew what needed to be done. imho sans would make a pretty good posterboy for ketchup and other condiments.

this may very well be the worst thing i’ve ever drawn, but i don’t regret it, not one bit lmao.

I KNOW THIS QUOTE IS OLD BUT I STILL LIKE IT anyway i hope you had a merry christmas 

Demon AU verse in which Bill has a permanent claim over Dipper’s body, and demon!Dipper is forced to share with Mabel. Sin ensues.


SORRY about all this messy sketches I couldn’t sleep and I wanted to draw something about Flowerfell (more like flowerFEELS), yesterday I read Overgrowth and oh my god my soul is still crying

Flowefell belongs to @siviosanei / @underfart-snas

Ruallia is gonna eat yo soul, and look fabulous while doing it.

Entirely in green? Yes. Why?

Because Necromancer’s made me fall in-love with “putrid” shades of green.


working on drawing all the poth children,and this is just part 1,i have saved references of other poth children and then i will draw part 2,but im sure there are much more children out there

so if you know or have a poth child that isnt here yet,why not send me an ask or anything about the poth child,they must have a full body reference,fully colored and i must know the name

i will properly credit all the creators once i finish all parts