sorry about all the selfies i like to take


Okay so I was tagged for the 2016 six selfies (ft. One of my kitties) by some of my faves: @zoenightstars @percyyoulittleshit @bananannabeth
Thank you! I love you beautiful people!

Okay I’ve been nervous about posting selfies but I thought it was time y'all knew what I looked like! I don’t take a lot of selfies so I’m surprised about this XD. (Also the short hair one is fake lol)

And I’m going to tag some of my other faves bc y'all are beautiful: @grimreapercy @paulblofish @preatorpercy @annabethistheannabest @ohgygia @jsongrace @riptidescap @softpercy @son-of-rome @lesbabeths @meganjeongwriting @vithcytries @drizzledrawings and @charmspeak and my bff @nescottie

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the fact that Jungkook wore an already huge bomber and said he would take it off to basically 'confess' to someone and Jimin suddenly started wearing it (and drowning in it because he is tiny in it) will wake me up at 3am screaming ;-; This isn't even a question I just wanted to cry about it to someone, sorry~

don’t worry i’m crying too. even when he said that he would take his jacket off to confess he was looking right at jimin like right at his face. 

then jimin is seen in public wearing it??? then in hobi’s selfies he’s wearing it???? idk i’m getting vibes here. mr. i-hate-sharing-clothes sharing his clothes with jimin a lot lately??? it all seems pretty gay to me. not that they didn’t seem pretty gay before. it’s just enhancing lately. ANYWAY i love how small jimin looks in jungkook’s clothes i’m just crying over it every time it happens, my heart. 


My Ib costest I did today! I’m only missing the rose and my cosplay is fully done!

Yes, I don’t look like myself at all but I hope I look like Ib just a little bit ;v;
Also I used brown lenses instead of red ones because they looked cuter…

I’m sorry about the lighting, it’s pretty dark in Finland righ now and my apartment has really bad lights.. Also because I live alone I didn’t have anyone to take my photos so they are just selfies… :D I’m gonna take better photos when my sister comes here.

I sew the skirt and tie by myself ^^

  • <p> <b>Me (before finding out Anish Kapoor is a massive douche):</b> You know, I'm going to call the bean by its real name "Cloud Gate" because that's what the artist wants and I support artistic integrity<p/><b>Me (After finding out Anish Kapoor is a massive douche):</b> Dude I just love the Bean. Don't you just love the bean? Man I can't stop thinking about the bean. Let's all go to the bean and take selfies with the bean. The bean is so great dude I love the bean!! I'm going to go shove beans up my ass!<p/></p>
Bidders taking a group selfie

a/n: Yeah, Voltage Selfie Week inspired me to do this  ヾ| ̄ー ̄|ノ ! If only there were a group CG with all of them (including the MC) taking a selfie. Once again, sorry for the erasures and bad lighting ┐(‘~`;)┌

Eisuke: This is a crappy selfie. You’re terrible at taking photos, Ota.

Ota: Aww, really? Are you sure you don’t like it because my hair blocks part of your face?

Baba: Now, now. At least your entire face was shown. Poor Soryu, his eye couldn’t fit in the picture…

Soryu: Better having a part of my face cut out than being a tiny speck in the background.

Mamoru: Eh? Not my fault I couldn’t care less about a dumb picture. The photographer just plain sucks at his job if you ask me.

Ota: Hey, not you too, Kishi! Oh, well. What do you think, MC?

MC: The selfie’s fine, you rich bastards…

Eisuke: What was that?

MC: Nothing.  (◠ω◠✿)


Hey babes, it’s Brandi!
I don’t EVER post photos of myself on here (and I don’t like taking pictures of myself) but I decided to give up n just post two w #babe #actual loml.
I’ve been tagged in a bunch of these in the past n I don’t want y'all to think I’m some creepy person bc I never post pics n just crazy tags on their reblogs lmao…😅
(I don’t wear makeup EVER either so excuse my face pls 😭- look at coups!)
I guess this is the bias selfie tag???
Tagged by the wonderful @cheolsgirl 😘💞💘💗💗💗💗💕💝💘💕💓

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This is the first time we get Sanvers shooting pics, the FIRST. It actually never happened before. The other characters are shooting the musical crossover, that's why there are only Chyler and Floriana shorting for SG right now. And how are things Sanvers centric when they got 5 min of screentime in the last three episodes. A little objectivity wouldn't hurt.

Well Anon, I am not only talking about the bts scenes pics. And no, it is not the First time. You got all the bts pics from Chyler and Floriana, the Sanvers selfies. And I won’t even go there with the screentime.  So I think I am more than objective. Just take a look at Twitter, you get drowned in Sanvers pics from all those episodes. And even Tumblr is full of it. So sorry, I won’t change my mind. And I think all those positive responses I get here make me right. If you don’t like what I write you are free to unfollow me. Really!! I won’t get mad.

[FROM. Target] 24/11/2014

Hello. This is K.een.

I’m sorry for my first letter being like this, my heart hurts…
You all must be worried about the reason why I haven’t been able to stand on stage with the members lately.
(It was because) the members said I couldn’t go on stage with a cold.
While I was getting treatment, I got the notice that my throat situation was getting worse…
The cold has gone, but the throat treatment takes more months.
Being unable to be a Target member, I made a decision…
The members and the company respected my decision after talking…
I’m really thankful towards the fans who cheered on Target and me…
I wanted to convey better my apologizes words…
In the future, cheer a lot on Target…I will also give my best to recover soon.
I promise someday I’ll go on a Target performance to cheer on them~
Thank you and I’m sorry.

Cr. Kor-Eng: tns-target

yo this is another description of the signs based on people i know

Aries: cute af. become jealous easily. care about people and want them to be happy. always tired. when they’re angry they’ll make sure others notice, in one way or another.

Taurus: somehow always end up with all responsibility. make quality jokes. disappointed in the world. quite edgy. their eyes are SO PRETTY

Gemini: take the best selfies. always occupied with something. they might look like they don’t like you but that’s just what their face look like when they’re thinking, and they’re ALWAYS thinking about something. have a lot of secrets. will do very, VERY weird things when drunk.

Cancer: they want to save the world and they probably will. not many get their jokes. somehow they always know how to help you with your specific problem. bitter about their past. radical.

Leo: dirty minded. if someone fucks with their friends they will fight them, no questions about it. complains a lot but will eventually fix the problem. when something is interesting, the rest of the world doesn’t exist. love being out in the sun.

Virgo: their headphones are their most important possession. love singing, talented or not. try to make everyone feel included. creative. will do almost anything for money.

Libra: think a lot about the purpose of their lifes. might come across as a bit prude. changes opinions and body language depending on who they’re with, but it’s not intentional. they have big hearts that are easy to break. crave success.

Scorpio: red lipstick looks great on them. their hugs are the best. forget to think before they speak. will probably break your heart tbh. they love expensive things.

Sagittarius: can’t handle alcohol, no matter what they say. huge nerds. won’t take shit. others don’t get it when they’re flirting. society makes them sad, or angry. Mostly both.

Capricorn: hurt to the core. want to fix everything, even when there’s nothing to fix. love to travel. talented bastards. mostly joke about themselves.

Aquarius: would rather tell the truth than keep the peace. love gossiping, but can be hard to get to know. know stuff about things that makes you wonder why the hell they know those things??? cry easily.

Pisces: to innocent for this world. their jokes aren’t funny but they don’t care. rebels. if you touch their phone, you’re dead. nice butts.


I think I might cry from excitement. The first pictures are from 3 months ago when I decided to shift from a cardio only life to weights. I’ve felt like I’ve made no progress and have been feeling really despondent so decided to take some photos. The lighting in my room is awful so sorry about that! But I am actually so thrilled - I know it’s just baby steps but it’s something. My weight didn’t change AT ALL in between these photo sets. Can’t wait for what the next few months will do to my body! 💪🏼💪🏼

Hey so i’m doing these drawings again. Sorry, i know it’s been a while. School. You know how it is. But, all that matters is i’m back drawing these again. There's a bunch on my blog you can check out. So, if you want one:

  1. please be following me (obviously)
  3. reblog this post
  4. either have a tagged/me or similar on your blog or submit to me a selfie u want me to draw

It takes about an hour to do one of these, and I’m gonna prioritize mutuals, so I’m sorry in advance if it takes like 30 million years (a couple days?) to get it to you.

Okay, I’m pumped to stare at your faces.


the strawhats if they had blogs

Luffy - mostly vines, any kind of meme that can possibly be posted. personal fav is dickbutt. mourns the loss of the tumblr glitch, is also the greatest shitposter of all time. his sidebar img is a picture of “thwomp” with “rest in piece” in black cursive letters with a faded white border (usopp made it for him). takes selfies and vines with random people on the street. has 4 fake about pages and the real one just says “im luffy the pirate king” and redirects to Never Gonna Give You Up after 10 seconds. usopp helped him with this. tumblr claim to fame is eating a bathbomb

Zoro - a blog with the basic theme titled “zoro”. theres 3 posts and theyre all pictures of his swords

Nami - aesthetic blog. generally only posts ocean pictures and orange things. buys a lot of bath bombs and posts pics

Usopp - fashion/art blog. makes custom themes and mostly just reblogs from the other strawhats. has one of those weird statcounter things that says who from where is on your blog

Sanji - food pics. lots of food pics. sidebar is something similiar to “Sanji. 21. Cook. Fighter. Stuck eternally in the friendzone.”

Chopper - uses his as a diary, talks about medicine a lot. has a ~cute~ theme with little pixels on it. likes to reblog cool anime graphics even though he hasn’t seen most of the shows theyre from

Robin - mostly literary analysis. pictures of book covers and reviews of book stores that she’s been to. also likes to liveblog horror movies and review them. sometimes posts nature sketches. sometimes reblogs posts making fun of john green

Franky - posts pictures of things hes built and takes selfies w everything. his theme is that old Plaid theme that tumblr removed even though usopp offers to make one for him because his blog looks fucking awful

Brook - only has his official Soul King blog. answers all of his fanmail personally tho

okay this is just sort of something i’d like to say and it’s really been on my mind for awhile now

so for the past couple of years especially in highschool, i’ve been really uncomfortable with my appearance and acne and my facial structure and just everything about my face in general, so i tried to take selfies that looked more attractive than i actually am to cover up the fact that i didnt think i was really attractive in real life. and it’s been making me feel really dishonest with everyone because when i read messages complimenting my appearance i feel like it’s not really me getting that compliment.

so yea i’m taking new selfies and just trying to be more of myself, so thank you guys for all the nice messages and compliments and everything and sorry for this little rant, have a nice day everyone xx


Sorry for the ridiculous, unannounced hiatus. 

I heard the Kingsman fandom needed a bit of a pick-me-up, and so we are back, out of the blue!!!

All you need to do to participate is

-Take a selfie of yourself feeling awesome (like a kingsman)

-post that selfie (or selfies!) and tag it with KingsmanOrNah, all one word

and that’s it!!! If you’re interested in learning more about the project, please check out our about page!

Most importantly, please reblog this to spread the word, and please participate if you’re comfortable with it. <3