sorry about all the selfies i like to take

I’m sorry but uh.. need I remind you fans of this beautiful official art?? Of uh, I don’t know.. sHIRO talking a group selfie?? Like.. HE IS TAKING THE SELFIE. So just want you all to know.. Lance isn’t the only boy who likes to take them.


listen i wanna see hunk and shay in a long distance relationship pls im beggin

  • What if hunk makes a communicator for her so she can talk to him whenever she wants and vice versa?
    • Shay sends mostly texts because he knows Hunk can be in a battle somewhere or on a mission so she knows that Hunk won’t respond right away and he can read those texts when he’s out of danger
      • Her texts are all lowercase with several exclamation points because she’s incredibly happy and bright! She also tries to use emojis but when she DOES look through them most of them are earth stuff and she asks about them
      • Shay: hunk, do you know what this is ???
      • Shay:  🥞
      • Hunk: Those are pancakes, a delicacy on Earth!
      • Shay: oh !!! pancakes !!! they sound delicious !!!
      • Hunk: They absolutely are!
      • Shay: you can cook, right ??? do you wanna make me some pancakes next time you are visiting ???
      • Hunk: You can’t see these tears but I am crying and I love you
    • Hunk prefers video calling! Shay prefers that too but she knows that she doesn’t know exactly when to call him because of obvious reasons
      • They talk about stuff that’s happened in their lives! Fighting, ceremonies, etc.
        • Hunk loves talking about maths and engineering and earth and food, and Shay loves learning about new things! Since her people have been freed from the Galra, she’s been learning about the Balmeran culture and history, and she LOVES to talk about her going on adventures and exploring the surface of the Balmera
        • She high-key loves it when Hunk rambles on and on about maths because she loves learning and she loves Hunk and Hunk explains things so simply and passionately and she thinks it’s so CUTE
      • They can talk for literally hours on end
      • Shiro: *knocking on the door politely* Hunk, you’ve been talking to Shay for like 3 quintants. Please go to sleep.
      • Hunk: Sorry! Shay was just telling me about the Balmeran history and-
      • Shiro, who LOVES history: Wait what? why didn’t you tell me I love history!
      • *insert montage of Shiro learning about the Balmera, to the tune of the Mii Channel music*
  • When they DO meet up, they’re just together all the time like omg they missed each other so much
    • They take like, 3209489024 pictures, mostly selfies and stuff of their lil adventures on the Balmera, or just chillin in the Castle of Lions
    • Shay loves snapchat filters
    • In fact, they both love trying to get filters on the other’s face without them realising it
      • Their stories essentially become competitions for how many candids they can take of the other with filters on their faces
      • Shay is incredibly good at sneaking up and taking those photos tbh. She usually wins

for all of you who have seen the photo of dan and phil “holding hands”, im sorry but it is fake. It’s a conveniently timed screenshot from a video where they are meeting a fan and are moving their arms (and hands) to make room for a girl to fit in the middle so they can take a selfie. that’s all. so please DO NOT:

-harass dnp
-question them about it
-constantly tweet it at them
-send hate
-spread the false rumour
-or do anything irrational bc even tho I very much ship phan, people following dnp and starting false rumours about them is an invasion of privacy and all confidence dan just gained may be thrown out the window if stuff like this continues.

sorry for the rant, this has been a psa, respect dan and phil, ty all


My Ib costest I did today! I’m only missing the rose and my cosplay is fully done!

Yes, I don’t look like myself at all but I hope I look like Ib just a little bit ;v;
Also I used brown lenses instead of red ones because they looked cuter…

I’m sorry about the lighting, it’s pretty dark in Finland righ now and my apartment has really bad lights.. Also because I live alone I didn’t have anyone to take my photos so they are just selfies… :D I’m gonna take better photos when my sister comes here.

I sew the skirt and tie by myself ^^

anonymous asked:

the fact that Jungkook wore an already huge bomber and said he would take it off to basically 'confess' to someone and Jimin suddenly started wearing it (and drowning in it because he is tiny in it) will wake me up at 3am screaming ;-; This isn't even a question I just wanted to cry about it to someone, sorry~

don’t worry i’m crying too. even when he said that he would take his jacket off to confess he was looking right at jimin like right at his face. 

then jimin is seen in public wearing it??? then in hobi’s selfies he’s wearing it???? idk i’m getting vibes here. mr. i-hate-sharing-clothes sharing his clothes with jimin a lot lately??? it all seems pretty gay to me. not that they didn’t seem pretty gay before. it’s just enhancing lately. ANYWAY i love how small jimin looks in jungkook’s clothes i’m just crying over it every time it happens, my heart. 


hello! i’m eli and i’m 16 years old (in the first pic i’m 7!)

when i was 2 years old, i began to develop an eating disorder and no one knew the name or anything about it, it is now known as avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder or ARFID. it’s different from most eating disorders in that it’s sensory linked and has little do do with body image. basically, most of my life i’ve only been able to eat very few different kinds of foods. i’m still harassed and teased for my eating disorder by my family and by random strangers today.

when i was about 13, i began to hit a downward slope. i stopped doing homework and i stopped studying and would be beyond exhausted from school. i was diagnosed originally with a depressive disorder unspecified and an anxiety disorder unspecified

after rounds and rounds of med changes and therapist after therapist, it was evident that nothing was working. i was then diagnosed with ADHD and OCD. this was about a year ago

and then i began to get very ill, with extreme migraines nearly everyday and constant nausea. every illness is always blamed on my eating disorder, so that is what happened there. i was basically told that i was going to die if i didnt get rid of my eating disorder. it was terrifying and no one believed me when i said i felt like i literally couldnt physically eat foods that werent ‘safe’ for me.

about a month ago i was put into an impatient program for my eating disorder in which i was abused (i’m not going to go into details, but if you’d like to know more, you can message me. sharing what happened to me in a way helps me feel better, especially with those who can relate). i was so lucky to get out of the program after a week, when our insurance stopped covering the program at the claim that i’d had ARFID for so long that i would never be able to get rid of it (what the insurance company said saved me but was also very crushing). i’m still suffering trauma from the abuse and i have nightmares nearly every night about it and i have an extreme fear of being locked up and my thought broadcasting paranoia has worsened

i discovered that i might be autistic about 6 months ago, when i first learned how comorbid my eating disorder was with autism. however, i was unable to tell anyone due to the fact that i usually go mute when having to talk about hard subjects and after my trauma, i worried that a professional autism diagnosis would have me locked up in a hospital even more easily.

last week after visiting my doctor, i learned that they have found out that i am most likely autistic. i have to go back to the hospital in which i was abused for an autism assessment. i am relieved to finally have a diagnosis but beyond terrified to return to that hospital.

so yeah, a lot of stories on here end in nice closure but i’m still getting there. my school situation is still very bad and i still have chronic migraines as well as prediabetes from my ARFID. i’ve not always been confident about my disabilities and disorders, and i now feel like i am on the inside, even if it’s hard for me to show on the outside. 

i hope you all wish me luck, i love hearing all your stories you are all so incredible and help me to move along so much. #noshameday


i was tagged for selfies & bias selcas stuff like that nd guess what sdkjfndskjf this is me woa

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Bidders taking a group selfie

a/n: Yeah, Voltage Selfie Week inspired me to do this  ヾ| ̄ー ̄|ノ ! If only there were a group CG with all of them (including the MC) taking a selfie. Once again, sorry for the erasures and bad lighting ┐(‘~`;)┌

Eisuke: This is a crappy selfie. You’re terrible at taking photos, Ota.

Ota: Aww, really? Are you sure you don’t like it because my hair blocks part of your face?

Baba: Now, now. At least your entire face was shown. Poor Soryu, his eye couldn’t fit in the picture…

Soryu: Better having a part of my face cut out than being a tiny speck in the background.

Mamoru: Eh? Not my fault I couldn’t care less about a dumb picture. The photographer just plain sucks at his job if you ask me.

Ota: Hey, not you too, Kishi! Oh, well. What do you think, MC?

MC: The selfie’s fine, you rich bastards…

Eisuke: What was that?

MC: Nothing.  (◠ω◠✿)


JUST under four days till surgery! Excited for that

Not happy about the shave I did. I basically only have chin hair now… It’s not a great look. I originally just shaves my jawline and kept my chin the same and didn’t cut my head hair. But I didn’t like that so I started shaving my head, but I messed up the top so I ended up having to shave it all down with a #1 extension… I couldn’t take a full face pic sorry guys

@matildaswan tagged me on the 10 facts about me thing so here it is:

1. I work as a nurse in a neurology ward and have worked here for almost 5 years.

2. I recently bought glasses but I’ve not really worn them properly yet. I really should.

3. I’m ambidextrous. I write with my right hand but do most other things with my left.

4. My favourite colour is pink, I love nearly all shades of it besides magenta.

5. I love eating and am hungry about 90% of the time.

6. I’ve lived in Helsinki my whole life.

7. I’ve never been on a date or kissed anyone, or anything like that.

8. I’m obsessed with taking selfies and not sorry about that.

9. I speak three languages. Two fluently and one ok enough.

10. I’m a big old mess of anxiety and fear about a lot of irrational things.

I’m sort of really boring and average though 😂 sorry about that.

Tagging @travelerontheedge17 @starscythe @angievonasgard @littlevoiceswhispering @merylstreeeps @gracefullyclumsy and anyone who would like to do it.

Picture Perfect

“Is this good!?” You shouted out to him as you posed by a tree. You still felt uneven about this new revealed hobby that Yoongi enjoyed.

He stood some distance in front of you concentrating hard on the camera he held in front of him. You started feeling self-conscious when he didn’t answer you, thinking you weren’t in a good position for him to take the picture.

“Yah, Min Yoongi!”

You would have smiled at the way he got startled with the call of his name as he looked up at you and broke into a cute grin.

“Yes jagi?”

“Are you going to take the picture or not?” you asked shifting where you stood. You were starting to get uncomfortable with all the posing as people stared at the two of you in the park. They probably thought you were some Instagram ulzzang when you it was quite the opposite. You and your boyfriend enjoyed the simplicity of life while lazing around. Moments like this going out were special, but you didn’t want to spend it taking selfies all day long.

“Sorry, I just need the lighting to come out better.” He looked back at the camera with a frown as he held it up towards you trying to capture a perfect snapshot. You huffed out an annoyed sigh as you continued standing and being paranoid about eyes watching you.

An idea popped in your head making a hopeful smile spread across your face. You made your way over to your boyfriend, almost skipping along the way until he looked up at you with a curious expression.

“What are you-”

Unable to finish his sentence you had grabbed the camera out of his hands and began scrolling through the pictures he had taken of you.

“Babe give it back,” he whined reaching out for it. You held out one arm blocking him so he wouldn’t take it from you. Analyzing the gallery, most of the pictures looked all the same to you. 

“Why did you take so many pictures of me?” you asked a little irritated. His arms stopped reaching and instead wrapped around your torso as his lips leaned close to your ear.

“Because you’re beautiful.” You rolled your eyes and scoffed while pushing him away hearing him laugh aloud.

“What, I can’t take pictures of my beautiful girlfriend?” he chuckled.

“Not to the point of being stalkerish.” You retorted back. “You know it’s amazing that this is your camera and you take pictures of everything else but yourself.”

He shrugged while rubbing the back of his neck. “Not much for being the one in front of the camera.”

“Well me either,” you replied back. “But I’m still here being your personal model. How about we take a picture together?”

“Nah, I’ll probably ruin it.” He said playfully making you roll your eyes again but with a smirk. You grabbed his arm pulling him closer to you and he didn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around your waist.    

“We’re not picture perfect,” you said holding up the camera in front of both of you. You gave a genuine smile towards the camera as he stared at you with a cute smile plastered on his face. 

“But I think we’re worth the picture still.” 

Radio City Music Hall


Word Count: 1944

Rated: PG

Preview: You surprise Shawn at his big Radio City Music Hall Show and you help to calm him down in his nervous state.

Authors Note: I actually went to this show and it was amazing. There were no screens to see his face, but I feel like that made me focus on the music a little more. He also sang the last half of Aftertaste acapella with no microphone. 

From the second you stepped into the entrance of the Radio City Music Hall to the second you got in your seats you were bombarded with fans trying to take pictures with you. You and Shawn don’t hide your relationship per say, but you don’t flaunt it either. You stop and take some pictures, but once you get in your seats you decide to take a break. 

Your seats weren’t amazing, but they were exactly what you wanted them to be. Shawn didn’t know you were coming so you decided that getting some seats in the first balcony level would be best. Of course, because you are dating Shawn you usually just get a couple of tickets in the first few rows for free, but you wanted to experience Shawn’s concert from a fans point of view. 

You brought three of your friends with you. Today was a good day. You all packed up and drove to NYC this morning. You got a hotel room so you wouldn’t have to drive home afar the concert. 

“Hey you’re (Y/N) right? Shawn’s girlfriend?” A random teenager asks you. She was interrupting a conversation you were having with your friends. She had a group of about six or seven other girls behind her. 

“Yeah I am.” You say while turning to them.

“We were wondering if we could get some pictures with you?” The girl asked. As soon as she said this about fifteen other girls started to line up behind her.

This was all beginning to get a little overwhelming so you say, “I’m sorry girls, but I am just hear to watch Shawn’s concert, just like all of you are. I don’t think I am going to be taking any more pictures. I am so sorry.”

They all walk away. You hear a few, “What a bitch!”, but you could care less. As some time passes you decide to send Shawn a text with a selfie of you and your friends in your seats to let him know that you are here. You are hoping that you will get to stay and see him after, but you never know. 

You caption the photo by sending, look where we are!:)

Almost immediately Shawn replies, Are you here? If you are can you call me please?

You begin to get a little nervous as you dial his number. He picks up on the other end by saying, “Hey (Y/N).”

“Hey Shawn are you okay?” You ask. You are still nervous because even though only said two words, you can tell there is something wrong by his voice.

“Yeah I’m okay. I’m just really nervous.” He pauses for a second before saying, “Do you think you could come and see me?”

“Like backstage?” You ask confused.

“Yeah. I’ll tell my mom to tell the security to let you past. She’s in the seats. She will get you guys some of the all-access passes.” Shawn says. His voice is monotoned.

“Yeah, of course. I will be right there.” You say before you hang up. You turn quickly to your friends and say, “Hey guys, Shawn needs me backstage for a few minutes. Do you mind if I go run and see him?” They all nod, but you barely even notice because you are already out of your seat and on your way to find Karen. 

You run quickly down the stairs, dogging many teenage girls in your path. You speed walk down the aisle until you see the back of Karen’s head. She is in the third row. You walk up to her and tap her shoulder so she notices you.

“Hi (Y/N)!” She says as she engulfs you in a hug.

“Hey Karen!” You exclaim. You wave quickly to Aaliyah before you say, “I would really love to stay and chat, but I think I should go and see Shawn.”

“Oh yes of course. He is really nervous.” Karen begins, “We can catch up after!”

She hands you the passes and you practically run off. You walk up to one of the security guards and show him your pass. You don’t really know your way around Radio City Music Hall very much so you just climb right onto the stage. As soon as you do this you immediately hear the screams from all of the girls. They know its you and they can guess that you are going to see Shawn. 

You march up to one of Shawn’s bandmates and ask, “Where is Shawn?” They choose to answer by simply pointing to the bathroom across the hall. The door is open ajar and you can see Shawn. He has both hands resting on the countertop in front of him and he is staring at himself in the mirror. You slowly open the door. Shawn looks at you in the mirror before he actually turns around and looks at you. 

You can see his sigh of pure relief before he pulls you into his embrace. “You have no idea how good it is to see you!” Shawn whispers.

“I missed you.” You whisper back. It has been about five weeks since you have last seen each other. Way too long.

“How are your seats?” Shawn asks. He is obviously stalling from his real problem.

“They are in the first mezzanine.” You reply.

“You should have let me get you tickets.” Shawn whines. “Then I could actually see you when I play.”

“Well at least you know I’m out there.” You reply, “Besides I wanted to pay for my own tickets to my boyfriend’s concert!”

“Well you are just paying my paycheck!” Shawn laughs.

“Good! Then I know I’m going to get a really good birthday present this year!” You say. Shawn laughs but you can still see the desperateness in his eyes. “You’re nervous aren’t you?” You ask as you sit up on the counter. Shawn stands in-between your legs and plays with the hem of your shirt. 

“Yeah.” He sighs, not making eye contact with you, “I guess I am.”

You place your finger under his chin and lift it so he is looking at you ,”Listen to me. There is no need for you to be nervous. You have played in stadiums way bigger than this and you were only the opening act. You should be excited. This should be a breeze. This is the first show of your world tour. This is huge for you! I am so proud of you. I have been so fortunate as to watch you grow not only as a singer, but as a man through the past few years. You are so talented. You have a gift. You are meant to do this.”

“Mmkay.” Shawn whispers, your kind words put a smile on his face. “Can I get a pre-show kiss?” You give him a quick peck on the lips. “That’s all I get?” He asks.

“If you have a great show you can get more than a kiss!” You smile, ”Its a little incentive for you!” You hop off the counter and walk towards the door. 

“I love you.” Shawn says. 

You turn around and say, “I love you too.”, before you swiftly close the door and sneakily head back to your seat. You can do this, you have no doubt in your mind. 

There are only a few minutes between the time you sit back into your seat and the time Shawn steps onto the stage. You watch him with pure joy. There is nothing that makes you smile more in the world than watching Shawn do what he loves. The minutes pass by  and Shawn does not stop smiling. You sing along and your friends make fun of you because you cannot take yours eyes off of him. He is doing what he loves and you can only hope to find the happiness in your future job as much as the one he holds now. 

The hour passes by and you can barely even notice the time difference. Once he picks up a new guitar he takes and extra step towards the microphone, signifying that he is going to talk for a minute. 

He lets the guitar rest on his body as he says, “You guys are amazing tonight!” The crowd screams even louder than they had before. “I just want to take a minute and tell you how special this night is to me. I have my family and my friends right down here.” He points to the third and fourth row on front of him. “I also have someone else who is very special to me tonight.” He pauses and the crowd screams. They all know that he is talking about you. Shawn places his hand over the top of his eyes, shielding the light from the spotlights right above him. He smiles as he searches in the first mezzanine for you. “I don’t really get to see her very often, so when we get some time together, I want to spend every moment together.”

“Oh shit.” You whisper to yourself, knowing what he is getting at.

“My girlfriend (Y/N) is here.” Shawn pauses as the crowd screams, “I can’t seem to find her so can you guys help me out?” The crowd screams and all point to you. “There she is! (Y/N) Come down here! Come sing a special song with me!”

You quickly shake your head no, hoping that he would see you.
“As many of you may know (Y/N) and I released a cover of my song Never Be Alone earlier this week on youtube.” Shawn says and the screams only get louder, “How would you guys like it if she came and helped me song?”

"No no no no no.” You whisper. You place you hand over your mouth in disbelief. After the sweet pep-talk you gave him he repays you like this? Yes, your did post a rendition of Never be Alone on youtube, but it was just for fun. You were bored and wanted something new to do. It was a mistake. A huge mistake.

Then everyone starts chanting your name. You best friend next to you began to push you out of the aisle.

“Alright I think she is coming! While she walking down I just want to tell you all that (Y/N) surprised me tonight by coming! So yeah, that is pretty cool! Here she is!” Shawn says. 

You don’t really know how to get onto the stage so you just push one leg up on top. Shawn grabs your arms and helps pull you up. Once you are standing he wraps one arm around your waist and kisses your cheek. “Thank you.” He whispers.

“I’m getting you back for this.” You whisper once he ear is close enough. Shawn laughs and the crowd screams. You see Geoff walking up to you out of the corner of your eye. He places a microphone stand in front of you and adjusts it to your height. You mouth a quick “Thank you” before Geoff walks away.

“Isn’t my girlfriend gorgeous?” Shawn asks, the crowd continues to scream. Shawn begins to play the first few cords of Never be Alone.

“So this is our cover of Shawn’s song Never be Alone.” you say into the microphone.

Hey so i’m doing these drawings again. Sorry, i know it’s been a while. School. You know how it is. But, all that matters is i’m back drawing these again. There's a bunch on my blog you can check out. So, if you want one:

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It takes about an hour to do one of these, and I’m gonna prioritize mutuals, so I’m sorry in advance if it takes like 30 million years (a couple days?) to get it to you.

Okay, I’m pumped to stare at your faces.


Opening Scene of Far Cry 4
  • Pagan: I distinctly remember saying, stop the bus. Yes stop, the bus. Not shoot the bus.
  • Pagan: I'm very particular with my words. Stop. Shoot. STOP. Shoot. Do those words sound, the same?
  • Royal Army Soldier: But it got out of control.
  • Pagan: I'm sorry I didn't hear your what'd you say?
  • Royal Army Soldier: It got out of control.
  • Pagan: Got out of control. I hate when things get out of control. *stabs soldier*
  • Pagan: One fucking job and you couldn't fucking do that!
  • Pagan: And I got blood on my fucking shoes.
  • Pagan: At least there's a silver lining, you didn't completely fuck it up.
  • Pagan: Get up boy. I'd recognise those eyes anywhere. *chuckles and hugs Ajay*
  • Pagan: I'm so sorry about all this. This was supposed to be, well not this.
  • Pagan: We have a party, waiting for you. But I don't think I know your name. Who is this? Hm? Is this your +1? *laughs* Strong silent type, I like it.
  • Pagan: I am terribly embarrassed about all this, this was supposed to be very simple but you know if you feed the monkeys they just throw their shit at each other.
  • Pagan: Oh! Would you hold this for just a moment? I just want to get a little a picture right into the camera there we are! *takes selfie* Awesome.
  • Pagan: Don't you worry about a thing my boy this'll soon be behind us and we'll be off on our grand adventure because I have CLEARED my calendar for you. You and I are gonna TEAR SHIT UP.