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MOODBOARD GIF HUNT: crime/bad influences/police/punishment

under the cut are a bunch of gifs i’ve collected that could pertain to crime/bad influences/police/punishment/etc that should all be approx 160x160px in dimension, perfect for rp moodboards!!! some gifs may crop up in more than one hunt.

none of these gifs belong to me and i do not claim to have made any of them. credit goes to their original creators - if you want something removed, just let me know. please like or reblog if you use (◕‿◕✿)

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Okay!! I’m closing up the requests rn 

I really have to thank you all who got interested in all this, really makes me happy!!!

I’m really sorry if I didn’t get to yours in time!! I’m just absolutely marveled at how you all really love my opinion on things and how I see the characters :,D 

I’ll be sure to definitely do this again!!

A master post of all the characters I’ve done is going to come up as an answer to an ask because I’m still getting asks for characters I’ve already done so that way you can see all of them!!


Happy birthday (master post number 3) 
Saying that I am late for some birthdays would be an understatement , and even though I feel so ashamed for presenting those gifts I will still do it . I aspire to bring everyone joy and happiness and make them valued , even though it’s a bit late I hope you will understand . So those gifts are for :


anonymous asked:

Hi Amy! I was wondering what art program do you use for your drawings? or is it possible to upload drawings without using a scanner? I use a mac pro!

hello friend! for my drawings i use paint tool sai! and hm, in regards to the drawing i posted as both paper drawing and digital, all i did was take a photo of the image on my phone and send it to my PC to then draw over using sai! i’m not 100% sure, but is there an application that can use your isight on your mac and frame drawings as if they were scanned? (i had a quick search and found this, i’m sure there will be similar apps too!) hope this helps a little, friend!


I was tagged to do the whole six selfie thing by smallbirdgardens (thank you very much😘😘) In most of these I look knackered sorry. I tag the beautiful: ging3rprinc3ss artificialiboy arewetheiryet slugs-notdrugs lunarfixation panicatthepenicillin hellalujahs …and the not so beautiful… textbookeatingslut

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Just curious: Tseng/Hojo ship???


Who was the one to propose: Neither. Hojo did the whole marriage thing once, and it was a meaningless label then and is a meaningless label now. 
Who decorated the house: Both. And it’s less ‘decorated’ than just slowly collecting all the work they bring home with them. They do keep it tidy though.
Who does the cooking: Neither makes time to cook, so they tend to eat a good amount of take out. Every once in a while Hojo will bust out a pan, but he tends to get too caught up thinking about nutritional values and the nature of the ingredients and loses sight of actual taste.
Who is more organized: It is one hell of a fight, but Tseng still comes out on top. He pulls ahead when it comes to showing up to obnoxious and largely pointless meetings on time, despite having other work to do.
Who initiates bedroom fun: Hojo. Just let that one sink in.
Who suggested kids first: Also Hojo. Tseng politely reminded him where his last major relationship ended up because of children.
Who’s more dominant: They’d both like to think they are, but deep down Hojo’s got a weak spot for that whole sexy dark suit thing.
Who’s the cuddler: Neither. they both like to maintain a professional air about them and there’s no way to do that and be snuggling at the same time.
Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Tseng is the little spoon.
What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Doing paperwork, compiling data, going shopping for highlighters
Who comes home drunk at 3am: Does drunk off the power of science count? Otherwise there was really just that one time Hojo came home a bit loopy after a (former) lab tech made a mishap that sent noxious gas spewing everywhere
Who kills the spiders: Hojo
Who falls asleep first: No one has ever seen either man sleep, leading to rumors about wheher or not they are either robots, or Hojo has genetically modified them so they no longer require it.
A head canon: Hojo hasn’t discovered how to make the human brain function properly without sleep but if he ever does, Tseng will be there for human trials.
Their relationship summed up in a gif: 

space-soap asked:

i DREW YOU A THING thank u for existing, thnk uu, hopefully i can draw more later

Admin Ella: OH LORDY

babe thank you so much you are literally a beautiful pure cinnamon roll let me hold you and protect you for eternity I’m gonna write here instead of on your art because no one needs to see my screaming on your majestic art.

In all seriousness though, when I saw your art, I was getting my schedule at school, and I actually started crying because nobody’s done that before and it made me so freaking happy. I was totally emotionally wasted. (I sung the National Anthem solo in front of like 700-1000 people today okay BE PROUD OF ME) 

Like, the art was so cute, the colors were perfect and the expressions made me so happy. In the meantime, I’m just staring at my phone with tears coming down my cheeks and all of my friends were like “Ella, what’s wrong?” and I was like, “Just look at this! Somebody drew this, for a blog I help run and write for. Somebody drew art, from my writing.” like, I was so freaking happy and proud. The art is totally beautiful, and all my friends were like “Wow!” and I’m just sitting here because I can’t function.  I literally hugged one of my friends for like 5 minutes trying to calm down.

Basically, you have made this day one of the proudest days in my life, and considering all that happened today, I still can’t believe I got art out of it. You have really made me feel really happy, one of the best moments of my entire life. I know this sounds lame but I’m serious.  I hope my future OiSugas live up to your expectations. Thank you, for all the work you have done, making the art, and making me one of the happiest people today.

Also I set it as my phone background, I hope that’s okay.


Admin Ella


Two kinds of Rebel

The weather was fair, air cool under the hot sun of the summer island, and the people seemed happy. If things went the way the Pirate hiding among them had planned, then it would probably stay that way for a little longer yet.

He was masquerading as a Marine again, but this time he was better. After all, he wasn’t just there to deliver a letter, he needed to sneak into an office and burn a report before it was read. Someone had seen him, and he wasn’t quite ready for his existence to be reknown among the ranks of his enemies.

Makeup covered his freckles, and his hair was in a pony tail sticking out the back of his Marine cap. With his shirt and coat done up properly, no one who hadn’t known him well would be able to recognize him. Probably. He hoped.

Still, no marine stopped him on the way through the Base, and no marine stopped him from entering the records room with the excuse of retrieving a file for ‘his’ commanding officer. What did stop him, however, was someone out of place among the uniforms. 

“I don’t think you work here.”


I love you. I’m sorry I keep having to apologize. I’m sorry I keep doing things that make me have to apologize. You’re absolutely incredible and I’m scared.

Fallout Week 2015, Day 4: Favorite weapon

Sawed-off shotgun

Settle down, friends, and let ol’ Festus Diana tell you a story…

I’ve always been partial to shotguns in all video games, but I never really considered them my specialty or anything. I’m not even sure if I had one or not on my first run of New Vegas–that is, at first.

When I was doing the Ultra-Luxe quest, I got some of Mortimer’s cronies after me that I simply could not kill because I did not have a gun. I tried for so long to continue the quest by saving Ted Gunderson and outing Mortimer to the rest of the Luxe, but I simply could not do it with all those employees chasing after me. I even left the quest for quite a while, but eventually I came back and realized, defeated, that all I could do was tell Heck that I knew what happened to his son, which I thought would end the quest.

Imagine my surprise when what he did was provide me with the one thing I had needed all this time: a gun. And not just any gun, but a shotgun. A really, really sweet shotgun. With that gun in hand, I was able to save Ted, out Mortimer, and complete the quest just the way I had wanted to in the first place.

From then on, I knew that shotguns were meant to be my specialty. That sawed-off shotgun has never left my pockets since.

I fell asleep on the cough and when I woke up I almost skipped my treatment

But I pushed myself to do it.
My oh my how I have changed.
A few months ago I would have gone right to bed without a second thought.