sorry :(((((

Y’know what? I’m mad tonight. I’m writing this cute ass request but I can’t help thinking about the plot line, a couple with different body types sharing clothes. Okay.

Me, a very tiny teenage girl with a big chest, wears a men’s size medium. My best friend, a 6′7 dude who literally looks like slender man from a few feet away, wears a men’s size medium. My 5′8 father, absolutely ripped, wears a men’s size medium. My ftm friend on T with a body going under changes everyday has worn a men’s size medium for the past two years. Everyone on the planet with a healthy body could squeeze inside a men’s size medium. 

But thing is, you go to the girls section, nobody fits in a medium. Medium doesn’t even exist in the girls section. Medium is a consistent thing in men’s clothes, its literally not too small and not too big. Just in the middle. Medium for girls is like… “Could our size small fit on a 3rd grader? Good, make our size medium an extra small.” And if I do find a shirt in the female section that does fit, its too thin. It shows the outline of my bra and shows too much cleavage or tummy and its too tight in all the wrong areas. But if I were to drop those female shirts and go grab myself a nice men’s fucking medium shirt from the other side of the store, the mantra has blessed me. The herald angels are singing. Jesus is born again. It’s soft, it fits, I don’t feel like foie gras. It actually looks good and not like an intricately cut sheet of parchment paper. I’m living in a men’s medium. 

Moral of the story is, go look at a store online, it doesn’t matter what store, whoever’s your favorite, and look in the men’s section. I don’t care if you’re a guy or a girl or both or neither or an alien viewing my blog from a fucking planet where you don’t have to deal with shitty clothes. Find a shirt you like (notice how its a good ten dollars cheaper than the fucking wrapping paper shit you find in the girls section) and order it. Go ahead. Best shirt you’ll ever own. 

Good night