sorry 10 galleons then

draco and harry making a bet against each other on who could survive the longest without sexually touching each other.

a week in, draco almost catches harry sneaking glances at his lips the next lesson they share together, likewise draco packs his bag as slow as he can to catch a glimpse of harry’s ass as he walks out the classroom. 

two weeks in, harry thinks draco licking his pudding like that should be illegal. draco doesn’t return harry’s gaze but leaves the great hall with the biggest grin on his face.

three weeks in, harry decides “fuck it” and tells goyle to scram as he sits next to malfoy during transfiguration. draco doesn’t bat an eye at the suspicious looks they’re getting from the class because harry is gripping his hand so tight underneath the table and the faintest of smirk is on draco’s face because “Potter best have his money prepared.

four weeks in, draco didn’t know harry could be such an exhibitionist as he walks into potions class with his tie loosened, hair messier than it initially was, shirt untucked and is harry wearing contacts?

on the fifth week, harry completely forgets about the bet as he eats lunch with ron and hermione in the great hall but can’t ignore the sudden sound of muffled whispering followed by people pointing to the gryffindor table when his gaze finally lands on the blonde mop of hair making its way to where harry was sitting. “shove over.” draco sneers as he plomps himself down in between harry and ron. “what do you think you’re doing here?” ron says appalled at his abrupt proximity to malfoy. the hall was quiet by now and draco simply says “what, weasel? a boy can’t sit next to his boyfriend?” as he locks his fingers in harry’s hair and reels him in for a kiss.

draco owed harry 10 galleons.