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Hey, peeps! If you want to help me put the first calendar for the dinosaur project thingy together, here’s a chance.

I have basically three years worth of thumbnails stashed that I can pillage, but if there’s something specific you’d like to see on the very first one, I’m open for suggestions.

There’s 12 full color illustrations, each with additional b+w sketch/drawing to accompany them, plus cover (and possibly an extra b+w page for extra stuff like character profiles or something). So twelve themes to fill!

So far things that will happen anyway:
- Naming the new matriarch-celebration (January)
- Meeting/trading with groundwalker tribe
- The ginger siblings join the family (these two will be back to back, though exact months aren’t decided yet)

Other possible illustrations:
- Meeting with a wild bull
- Hiding from roaming dragons (pterosaurs)
- Culture things??

What would you like to see/be introduced to first?


Original mini cards made for the preorders of the Wendigo comic-books, they are all sold and sent. I have scanned all of them (a hundred. yes. 80 were made for the preorders, 20 for the sale of the remaining stock) but I will spare you, this is only a selection of the most unusual requests. Besides them I drew a TON of Wendigos, Wills and Hannibals. Description list below:

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occasionally (lets be real more than occasionally) there’ll be a part of an episode that just blows me away, where im just really in awe of griffin’s storytelling and acting capabilities. there were many lines in this episode that really struck me but you know what my favorite one was? it was john’s line, and it was so… cold, and calculating, and menacing, and it literally gave me chills. 

‘i feel… sad.’

alliecatstrophe  asked:

Im with you, while the gay part of me appreciates some aspects of the skin, it leaves an awul taste in my mouth that Widow gets like, no autonomy on different layers. On one layer she already doesn't have autonomy as she's given a sexualized design by the writers. "BUT SHE CHOSE THAT OUTFIT", uhm, she's a character, written and designed by males. She doesn't have autonomy. And on ANOTHER level, her autonomy as a character was taken by talon? So like... she really has NONE at all, on any level.