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I know I shouldn’t be salty about this but damn boi. I am … 

So the FFXV Royal Edition got announced. Like, wow - so much content, much hype. But … I’m sooooo salty about the fact that we bought the base game back then for nearly 70 Euros - SEVENTY (!!!) PLUS the season pass for 25 Euros which are nearly 100 Euros we spent on that game and now you get EVERYTHING for only 50 dollars (which won’t be 50 Euros ofc but STILL cheaper) like …. ??? And we still have to pay an additional 20 or even 25 Euros to get the content of the Royal Edition … or let me call it Season Pass II although we had already purchased the first season pass …

I know this game has been out for a bit longer than a year but damn, I feel so pulled over the barrel I just can’t right now. 

Edit: I’m so glad that I’m not alone with this opinion :,) Thanks for the comments everyone!

*comes out of the quiet box after hyping this morning* Ya’ll still screaming about the trailer of the Royal edition? Because shite I am still for sure!!!! 

Sorry for dropping off so suddenly, but I actually got the excuse of making those quick gifs at my internship because I freaking fangirled and they laughed and were scared at the same time xD I sacrificed my lunch hour break for that shit, but totally worth it. More gifs incoming and then I’ll give it a break.

BUT GUESS WHAT? I still got a 40 euro voucher, I am considering buying the actual royal edition, since it will only cost me like 10 a 15 euro’s :DDDDDD.

Anyways… *calms down and fans herself* I am waiting for it to happen. I am also so glad the royal vessel can be used to travel the seas at your own will. Not so long ago I was at that sea part again and wondered about it, I hope it goes al long with some deep side quests, because the main game was severely lacking that. But I have good hopes! 

I STILL CAN’T. So much older Noctis people HNNNNNNG!!

So I found @kanoii-chi ‘s Dad!Au and I couldn’t stop myself