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Hey! What are your thoughts on the discourse surrounding Malec in the new promo? A lot of people are just defending Magnus or just defending Alec, but who's to say that they both didn't say something stupid that they'll regret? Who' to say that just one of them is at fault while the other is completely innocent? The best bet is to wait to see the episode to hear those lines in context, I think. Sorry this was kind of long 😊

Honest and short answer? People need to fucking chill.

I mean… let’s be real. This fandom is simply wild. When you look at it, we have four(?) teasers/trailers until now. We have seen (and I am not exaggerating here!) maybe like 5 Magnus/Alec/Malec bits in total. Magnus had 2 lines, Alec 1 if I am not mistaken. So basically that makes like what… 5 seconds? 5 seconds of 10 new episodes, each a ~42 minutes.

I don’t think you need to be a magician to get that we pretty much know nothing when it comes to Alec’s and Magnus’ plot in 2b. We have theories, yes, and I am all here for speculating and all, don’t get me wrong, but you have to understand that they are just speculations from about 5 seconds we have seen so far. We haven’t even gotten stills yet. And yet people are going crazy, running around like some headless chickens with these wild theories. Which wouldn’t be even that bad. What makes it bad is that they act like they know it all. 

Like… I have lost count how often I have read that either Alec is wrong. Or that Magnus is wrong and needs to apologize asap. Or my personal fave: Malec will break up. Exactly where did you get that from??? From 1 line? Just because Magnus tells Alec to “get out”? I mean… are you okay??? They are a couple. They are in a loving and healthy relationship. But they still come from totally different worlds (shadowhunter/downworlder). Of course that circumstance will “cause some problems” sooner than later. It’s okay. It’s normal and realistic. But they will talk. They will get over this. Because that’s what they do. Or did you not see the Malec relationship in s1 and 2a?

And yes, I am not mentioning the word “apologize” in this case because we fucking have no context. We can only guess that Alec maybe said something hurtful that made Magnus angry. But we don’t know what exactly!!! Because we have no context! 

So can people just calm down and stop turning everything into a discourse, blaming person x or/and y when they don’t know that the hell is really going on? Stop bs like “that person is cancalled” or “problematic”. You can discuss all these things after you have watched the damn episode and see how it all played out in the end. But until then… just shut your mouth for a start.


For @ancestors-lullaby since you wanted to see the other drawings I did that I didn’t post

when Louis called Niall to hangout with him
  • Louis: Hey, Niall I was-
  • Niall: Yes.
  • Louis: ahaha, let me finish mate!
  • Louis: I know you've been hiding out and doing your own thing for a few months but I was wondering if you wanted to-
  • Niall: Yes.
  • Louis: Niall, you don't even know what I'm-
  • Niall: The answer is YES Louis.
  • Niall, whispers: I would Die for yOu.
  • Louis:
  • Louis: See, this is why I never call you guys.